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Catholic Priest accused of stealing $83,000 from parish to pay for porn addiction.

Ok. Seriously. Show of hands. Who has spent $83,000 on porn? Anyone? Anyone?

Eagle Tribune:
The Rev. Keith LeBlanc is charged with stealing $83,147 from St. John the Baptist Church when he was pastor there. Much of the money was spent on a pornography habit, police said.

LeBlanc had a credit card that he used for online pornography, and the card had a $25,000 balance, according to a police report on file at Haverhill District Court.

"Father LeBlanc admitted to Dunderdale that he has an addiction and needs help," police Detective Glenn Fogarty wrote in the report, referring to Mark Dunderdale, an attorney who directed the Archdiocese of Boston investigation that led to LeBlanc's removal as St. John's pastor in June.

Comcast bills from the church rectory were reviewed, according to the police report, and "adult" movies "started the day Father LeBlanc came to the parish, at a total of $4,021.14."

The police report on the investigation became public after LeBlanc's arraignment on charges of forgery and larceny over $250 by continuous scheme. He has been released on personal recognizance bail.

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