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Britney Spears goes to a gymnastics class with her kids dressed like......Britney.

Second "Paranormal Activity 2" trailer. EEEEEEEEEEEE

Alicia Keys is pregnant and beautiful.

Jenny McCarthy talks to Larry King about her great new book & her lust for Geno.

"Let Me In" Red Band clip. NSFW EEEEEEEEEEE!!!

"Morning Glory" trailer starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton & more.

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Teases 'Saw 3D' Role

Do NOT rob houses & pose for pictures with suspicious neighbors while holding another neighbor's stolen Cheeze-its.

Mom hears late daughter's heartbeat in another person.

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September 8 interview: Jamie Lee Curtis talks to Joy Behar about her father, Tony Curtis.

I call bs on In Touch report that Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez are fighting.

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World's fastest lawnmower goes 96 MPH.

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Greg Giraldo tribute.

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Image on door looks like Jesus....or Einstein.... or maybe Josh Groban.

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Bristol Palin On Sarah Palin’s ‘Boo-Gate’: ‘It’s Not A Big Deal’

Kitty Prom!!

"Sesame Street's" is questioned for its busty character "Polly Darton" after pulling Katy Perry's appearance.

Seal talks about his seventh studio album titled 'Commitment'.

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene look very cute & very in love.

Strip club continues its annual free flu shots for the elderly program.

Woman caught picking her nose on live newscast...OMG did she eat it???

Man and crocodile are best friends? Ya, this will end well.

Kellan Lutz says ‘I Love Animals’ at PETA awards ceremony.

Holly Madison appears on "CSI" in a bikini.

Shocking. Bed bugs are bad for dating.

New Julie Benz, Michael Chiklis & Romany Malco interview about "No Ordinary Family".

Every Little Step with Mike Tyson, Wayne Brady & Bobby Brown

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Elmo assaulted at music store.

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