Why vote in the elections? Do it for Justin Bieber.

Where are Michael Vick's dogs now?

Shoplifter jumps in dumpster, gets picked up by garbage truck & calls 911 for help. Get that?

Kitty Is a Squeaky Door

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Eddie Fischer - Larry King Interview 1996: "Liz Taylor was the love of my life".

MTV goes into the studio with Miranda Cosgrove.

Gwen Stefani gets a wax figure.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore stand strong and united against cheating rumors.

Michael Lohan blames Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence on her lawyers for not giving her enough time in rehab.

Preview: ‘Glee’s’ Britney Spears Episode!

Lindsay Lohan get her bail revoked, is handcuffed & put pack in jail.

Woman uses a giant zucchini to fight off bear.

Woman stabbed 20 times by "40 Year Old Virgin" actor speaks to TODAY.

Snooki to pose in Playboy?

Is a Cher musical in the works?

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Watching TV helps cows produce more milk.

"Kate Plus 8" getting cancelled?

Bret Michaels to have heart surgery.

Katherine Heigl Helps Raise Money & Awareness For Pet Overpopulation

Michael Douglas: Stress Brought On Cancer

Owl Movie Mania NSFW

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Complete "Real World: New Orleans" reunion episode hosted by Maria Menounos.

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Students set dodgeball world record.

S'leb Suit spoof starring Kim Kardashian, Adrian Grenier, Ke$ha, Ashton Kutcher & more!

Taylor Momsen: It’s ‘Such A Pleasure’ To Work With Madonna & Lourdes

Puppy swallows 113 pennies.

"You Again" blooper reel with Kristen Bell, Betty White, Kyle Bornheimer & more!!

Kristen Bell answers questions about her "You Again" character at the premiere.

Tom Cruise scouts the Czech capital of Prague for "Mission: Impossible IV" locations.

Bristol Palin talks about dating, dancing and diapers.

"No Ordinary Family" cast interviewed at ABC's premiere event.

Katy Perry & Elmo song pulled off of Sesame Street for being too hot.

Homophobic comments on "Survivor" shock Jeff Probst & contestants.

AH interviews Kristen Bell, Odette Yustman, Betty White & more at "You Again" premiere

CNN covers the "You Again" premiere with Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver & Betty White.

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Really? Lady Gaga is reportedly being told to put on the pounds by execs at her record label.

Miley Cyrus Talks to Fans About Rumors of Living with Boyfriend

Man selling counterfeit bags arrested after calling police to report being paid with counterfeit money.

iPad app helps Mom deliver baby.

‘American Idol’ Hopefuls Hit The Season 10 Los Angeles Auditions

"The Office" cast sing to kick off their new season.

Legal papers have been filed against Sandra Bullock by Jesse James' ex-wife alleging Bullock called her a liar.

"True Blood' star Ryan Kwanten’s Busy Schedule: ‘I Love My Life’

Satan invades couple's bathroom.

Massive pumpkin tops 900 pounds. Good grief Charlie Brown!

Cameron Diaz & Alex Rodriguez work out together.

New "American Idol" judges introduced LIVE

Michael Bolton is interviewed at a "Be Aware Foundation" event.

Nancy O'Dell talks to William Shatner about his career and "$#*! My Dad Says".

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Scene from "Dexter" season premiere. Dexter at the Funeral Home.

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Parrot detained as drug cartel watchdog.

Maria Menounos’ Day Of Beauty AT Children's Hospital in LA.

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Will you buy 'The Situation' iPhone app?

Never Say No To Panda!!!!!

Anthony Hopkins loses 75 pounds.

DJ Kitty!!!!!!!!

Did Florence Henderson Flash The Situation?

Orlando Bloom on set of The Three Musketeers.

"Glee" Porno clip "This Ain't Glee" - "Knocked up at 18".

Alumni of a Texas college are asking Lindsay Lohan to stop wearing a shirt with the school's name on it.

Ally Sheedy says Lindsay Lohan is an incredible performer and believes she will be fine.

Hayden Panettiere to play Amanda Knox.

Amy Yasbeck Talks Memoir For Late Husband John Ritter & being proud of Jason Ritter & "The Event".

Worm eats through man's retina. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Elizabeth Moss officially files for divorce from Fred Armisen.

ET goes on the set of CSI with Justin Bieber.

James Lipton On Betty White’s ‘Inside The Actor’s Studio’ Appearance: ‘She’s Divine!’

Robert Pattinson admits he'd love to trade places with Simon Cowell and be a judge on The X-Factor

Katy Perry sings "Hot N Cold" with Elmo on Sesame Street.

Best music video ever: OK GO: "White Knuckles".

Miracle dog survives after falling of a cliff in a car as his owners watched in horror.

Firefighters get in trouble for cooking naked.

David Hasselhoff is drained from "Dancing with the Stars". I love The Hoff!!

Behind the scenes of Lucy Hale's US Magazine photo shoot.

Officer who arrested Charlie Sheen, says that photos of Brooke Mueller's injuries should be made public.

Michael Douglas at 'Wall Street' Premiere

Tori Spelling talks backstage at TODAY about how hard it is to leave her children.

Justin Bieber loves Hooters.

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Controversial and wild interview with President Obama's Aunt. "Heaven pays my bills".

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