Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sponsors aren't bailing on Lance Armstrong.

Hard to know who to believe anymore. I'm sticking with Lance and it looks like the big boys are too......

Wall St. Journal:

Major marketers such as RadioShack Corp., Anheuser-Busch InBev NV and Nissan Motor Co. are sticking by seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong despite the emergence of new allegations against the cycling pro.

Former Tour de France winner Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour win for doping, provided The Wall Street Journal more details about his use of performance-enhancing drugs and made more claims of doping by Mr. Armstrong. In a statement Saturday, Mr. Armstrong broadly dismissed the allegations and questioned Mr. Landis's credibility. He did not address specific allegations.

Several advertisers say the new details have not caused them to rethink their sponsorship deals with the well-known athlete.
"Our agreement with Mr. Armstrong and the Team remains unchanged," said David P. Reuter, a spokesman for Nissan. Earlier this year, Nissan signed a two-year sponsorship agreement with Mr. Armstrong and Team RadioShack, the cycling team that includes Mr. Armstrong.
The 38-year Texan is currently being used in ads to pitch the Leaf, Nissan's new electric car. "These allegations remain unsubstantiated and we don't intend to discuss the details," added Mr. Reuter.

Jimmy Kimmel's advice for the smoking baby.

Janet Jackson speaks about the difficulty of being a child star.

World's ugliest dog visits TODAY.....I think she's cute!

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AP Source: Eagles may cut Michael Vick

Never should have signed him in the first place......

AP: PHILADELPHIA — A person familiar with the team's thinking says the Philadelphia Eagles are strongly considering releasing Michael Vick.
The person says the team might cut Vick no matter what police conclude during their investigation of a shooting that followed the quarterback's birthday celebration in Virginia Beach last week. The person spoke to The Associated Press early Saturday on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.
The Eagles issued a statement Saturday saying "any report or speculation that suggests the Eagles are considering releasing Vick are not true. We will continue to gather information and monitor the situation and we will not have any further comment until that process is complete."
Vick has said he had nothing to do with the shooting. He also said he reported the incident to the Eagles and to the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell told the former Atlanta Falcons star after reinstating him last season that his margin for error was "extremely limited."

First look at “Hugh Hefner,” a new documentary about the 84-year-old founder of Playboy.

Could Mel Gibson’s Alleged Racist Rant Cost Him His Daughter?

John Travolta thanks his hometown for demanding "Grease".

I love John, but I may be the only person on the planet that doesn't like the flick.

AP: OCALA, Fla. - John Travolta is thanking his adopted Florida hometown, Ocala, after residents waged an online campaign to bring a limited rerelease of his hit "Grease" to the area.
The 1978 classic is being shown in select theaters nationwide as the "Grease Sing-A-Long," with karaoke-style subtitles for the songs.
Ocala wasn't on the distribution list. So residents swamped an online poll that allowed the city with the most voting fans to get the film. Ocala topped the poll by hundreds of votes.
Travolta released a statement through JTP Films thanking residents and promising to buy free snacks.
"Wish I could be there with you," he said.
Travolta and wife Kelly Preston bought an $8 million home in Ocala in 2003 with a landing strip so Travolta, an avid pilot, can fly.

Bob Barker's fight to save the whales.

Miranda Kerr's new Victoria Secret lingerie shoot is jaw dropping sexy.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Paris Hilton cleared of charges of smoking marajuana at the World Cup.

I'm happy for her....I know others are disappointed.

USA Today: Paris Hilton appeared in a South Africa courtroom today for allegedly smoking marijuana at the World Cup.
Hilton was briefly detained outside the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium, where she had been watching the World Cup quarterfinal match between Brazil and the Netherlands.
AP reports that a police officer said she was in possession of some "dagga," the local name for marijuana.
But a rep for Hilton tells she's been cleared of any wrongdoing and that "it was actually another person in the group who did it."
The rep also says, "The case has been dropped against Paris and no charges will be made. The authorities have apologized for wrongfully accusing her since she had nothing to do with the incident."

Steve Carrell and "Despicable Me" cast answer video questions by CNN viewers.

"The Soup": "Twilight E! Clips" makes me giggle.

Paris Hilton arrested in South Africa.

Oh lordy......
JOHANNESBURG — Two South African police officers say that Paris Hilton was detained in the city of Port Elizabeth, while in possession of marijuana.
The officers spoke on condition of anonymity Friday, since they were not authorized to release Hilton's name before she appears in court.
One officer said Hilton was caught with an unspecified amount of marijuana, and was appearing in court.
A spokeswoman for police at Port Elizabeth, Brig. Marinda Mills declined to confirm the name, but said a high profile person was appearing in court on drug-related charges.

Waitress who punched Lindsay Lohan in the face, will most likely be fired.

Hang out at the library, the movie theater or at church. Boring? Maybe....but you probably won't get punched in the face.

E!: 27-year-old Jasmine Waltz allegedly caught (Lohan) canoodling with her ex, Danny Cipriani.
"There was an altercation between Lindsay and Jasmine at Doug Reinhardt's table over Jasmine's ex Danny," the source said. "Danny and Lindsay have been dating and Jasmine was obviously upset about it."

While Lohan was there to celebrate her 24th birthday, our source said she arrived "relatively solo," didn't have her own table, and instead mingled with other celebs at the club.
Perhaps she should've skipped Reinhardt's table, however, since that was where the drama began.
Lohan, according to our source, didn't instigate the altercation.

"Lindsay was visibly rattled after the incident," the source said. "It's kind of sad because Lindsay didn't really have any friends with her. No firing has been made yet but I think Jasmine probably knew when she threw the punch that that was her last involvement with Voyeur."
A rep for Voyeur would not comment on the incident but confirmed to E! News that Lohan did indeed celebrate her birthday there Thursday night.

Woman charged with DUI for vanilla.

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ET covers the fun & crazy "Eclipse" premiere in London.

Alicia Keys talks to Harry Smith about life, NYC and her new album.

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Kara DioGuardi clears up rumors of her pushing Paula Abdul out of Idol.

"Glee" star Jane Lynch to guest star on "iCarly".

I'll watch Jane in anything. Love her.

OMG: Jane Lynch will guest-star on iCarly, Entertainment Weekly reports.The Glee star will trade her villainous barbs for motherly advice as the mom of Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) on the Nickelodeon hit. The actress' episode will air during the show's upcoming third season. Lynch's 8-year-old stepdaughter is a huge fan of iCarly, according to EW, and the series was referenced in her wedding vows to Dr. Lara Embry in May.

Touching story of a man saving a dog from a canyon.

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The best oddball moments from 25 years of Larry King.

Adrien Brody: ‘Predators’ Is A ‘Dream Come True’

Audrina Patridge talks to E! about her recent breakup.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

David Letterman jokes with Taylor Lautner about never wearing a shirt.

Police arrest man for 154th time.

Angelina Jolie’s Spy Movie ‘Salt’ Plays Out In Real Life

Father & Brother of Harry Potter actress in court for threatening to kill her.

And you thought you had family issues?
E!: Did Afshan Azad's own family threaten to Avada Kedavra her?
The father and brother of the 23-year-old actress, who plays Padma Patil in the Harry Potter films, were in a London court Tuesday facing charges of threatening to kill her during a fight at her Manchester home last month.
Azad's brother, Ashraf, 28, is also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, according to the U.K.'s Sun.

Jimmy Buffett tells Anderson Cooper he's angry about what has happened to the oil-soaked Gulf states.

Justin Bieber brings fireworks to NY City.

Reason #101 why I love her: Joy Behar on Jersey Shore cast: "They are idiots."

Sting talks to CNN about reinterpreting his greatest hits on tour and in a new CD called "Symphonicities."

Havin' a Summah w/ Zooey Deschanel

Mel Gibson should really count to ten.

Think about how the angriest you have ever been. At that point would you ever say something like this? Nope. Me neither.
In a series of expletive-laced outbursts caught on tape, actor Mel Gibson reportedly told his baby mama that the way she was dressed would get her "raped by a pack of n------," according to a new report.
The jaw-dropping tapes, obtained by, are the latest chapter in the couple's bitter legal feud. Gibson's vile comments, caught on audio tape, are a mix of racist and misogynist statements aimed at former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, RadarOnline reported.
"You're an embarrassment to me," Mel told her at one point. "You look like a f---ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n-------, it will be your fault."

In another tirade, Gibson, 54, reportedly shouted, "How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f----ing nice."
He then warned her: "I am going to come and burn the f---ing house down ... but you will [have oral sex with] me first," according to RadarOnline.

Police: Vick not ruled out as suspect in shooting

Trouble just seems to follow Mr. Vick.....

Yahoo: Police say Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick has not been ruled out as suspect or person of interest in a shooting investigation in Virginia Beach.
Police spokesman Adam Bernstein says police did not look at Vick or anyone else as a possible suspect immediately after the shooting early Friday because detectives had not begun their investigation.
Bernstein says police will not discuss specifics of the investigation and says no one has been named as a suspect or arrested in the case.
Police have not identified the shooting victim, but Vick's attorney, Larry Woodward, says it was Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in the dogfighting case that sent Vick to federal prison.
Vick was interviewed by police on Monday.

"Glee" star Jane Lynch takes ET behind the scenes of her VH1 "Do Something Awards" PSAs

New "Paranormal Activity 2" trailer. EEEEEEEE

Joran van der Sloot attempting to sell prison interview for $1 million.

I beg the media....please don't give him a dime.

Joran van der Sloot may be behind bars in an infamous Peruvian jail on murder charges, but that didn't stop the 22-year-old gambler from trying to strike it rich yet again – this time through a potentially lucrative television deal.
According to sources within the Castro Castro prison where van der Sloot has been held since his early June arrest for the murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores Ramirez, the Dutchman has attempted to sell an on-camera interview for $1 million. No deal has been made so far, the sources said.
Though he's in prison, a $1 million payout could still be extremely valuable, former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett said.
"It gives him more power in prison, his ability to buy things, his ability to manipulate other inmates to get whatever he wants – being a taker," Garrett told "Good Morning America" today.

FAA approves flying car.

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Police reopen Al Gore sex assault case. No word on whether Sarah Palin will get arrested for being irritating.

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Teresa Giudice poses in a bikini & looks oh so sexy.

Jeffrey Jones arrested for failing to update his registration as a sex offender.

My Mom dressed me up as a bunny when I was 1, can I have her arrested?

LA Times: Actor Jeffrey Jones, best known for his portrayal of a high school dean in the 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," has been charged with a single felony count of failing to update his registration as a sex offender, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Jones, 63, was arrested June 23 on suspicion of failing to renew his registration with the state within five days of his last birthday, Sept. 28, 2009, said Sandi Gibbons, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. He was released on $20,000 bail.
In 2003, he was ordered to register as a sex offender and undergo counseling and was placed on five years' probation after pleading no contest to inducing a 14-year-old boy to pose for sexually explicit photographs.

Jones paid a Fontana boy twice to pose nude for photographs he took at his Hollywood Hills home, according to court records. During the sessions that began in 2000, Jones persuaded the boy, identified in court records as Steven C., to pose naked with a cowboy hat and a stuffed animal and as an Indian.

"Eclipse" has incredible box office numbers already.

Christina Hendricks has kind words for Jessica Alba's body and says she feels like Ralph Macchio....kind of. :)

Let me raise my hand and count myself as a Christina Hendricks fan. I love her, her attitude and yes...that hot bod! As much as I'm a huge Ralph Macchio fan, I'd love to see her doing a Karate Kid workout more than him. :)

OMG: ...The newlywed admits she's surprised to learn she's often cited as one of the most desirable bodies in Hollywood.
"Really? They don't say Jessica Alba? 'Cause that's what I say!" she laughs. "It's such a compliment, because of all those times I had agents who were like, "You have to lose some weight," and all of a sudden, people are celebrating it."

"I get kind of bored on the treadmill, but I do it. And I do a little bit of weight training," she says. "I'm really into the BOSU ball. You have to balance on it, and I do weights and squats on it. I'm pretty good at it -- I feel sort of like a 'Karate Kid!'"

Jeffrey Donovan talks to Access Hollywood about the new season of "Burn Notice".

Sneak peek of Jake & Vienna's "Bachelor Breakup" interview on "The Bachelorette".

A convicted murderer must wear a diaper and mosquito net over his face in court after spitting on the jury.

Kristen Stewart juggles on George Lopez's show.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maggots fall from overhead bin and force plane to return to gate.

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On The Set: Maria Menounos Has A ‘Riot’ With Kevin Dillon On ‘Entourage’

Sneak peek of Betty White's "Hot in Cleveland" romance.

Is Lady Gaga dressing in drag?

Bill Cosby talks about Twitter on the TODAY show.

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Is Ozzy Osbourne's DNA the key to immortality?

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The Bachelor breakup blowup, Eminem's fully recovered and at number one, and Justin Bieber stands up for his mom.

Larry King On Ryan Seacrest Possibly Replacing Him & His Ideal Last Interview

Madonna's family business.

Donald Trump speaks about Larry King stepping down.

Wolf Pack talk to E! about getting in shape for "Eclipse".

Cat In A Vase Vs. Dog

Elizabeth Edwards speaks out against her husband & his mistress.

Virginia Madsen tells ET that Joy Behar or Kathy Griffin are great choices to replace Larry King.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar jokes with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan about the new "Twilight" film.

Kate Gosselin looks tight, fit and....and....I'll say

Man gets hit in the face with a baseball at Yankees game, while on his cell phone.

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Bryce Dallas Howard is interviewed by Chelsea Handler about "Eclipse".

Montel Williams says he'll use pot until he dies.

Lindsay Lohan's dramatic photo shoot.

David Letterman's Russian Spy Top Ten

Kate Flannery - I’m ‘So Sad’ Steve Carell Is Leaving ‘The Office’

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Awesome little girl talks about her Pretty Little Liars dilemma.

Meet the powerful woman responsible for turning the "Twilight" books into Hollywood scripts.

"Eclipse" choas continues.

Animated "Rango" trailer starring Johnny Depp.

Joy Behar talks to woman who didn't know she was pregnant until giving birth.

ET takes a look at Jessica Alba's "The Killer Inside Me".

M. Night Shyamalan talks to Access Hollywood about "The Last Airbender".

Woman tells police she crashed her car because a vampire was chasing her.

Access Hollywood interviews Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner at "Eclipse" NY screening.

Competetive Belly Flopping.

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Emma Watson appears in boyfriend's music video.

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & "Eclipse" cast answer questions from CNN viewers.

Craig Robinson, Clark Duke & Hugh Hefner at Playboy Mansion for "Hot Tub Time Machine" DVD release party.

George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis is a vision in a bikini on a boat.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner talk about her cooking skills.

Geena Davis promotes gender equality.

Jennifer Hudson talks for the first time about her family's murders.

Kristen Stewart is interviewed outside with screaming fans on TODAY.

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Michael Douglas sued by ex-wife for "Wall Street" money.

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New trailer for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Catholic priest arrested for groping a man trying to urinate in the woods.

ET interviews Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner at NY screening of "Eclipse".

Tapes show Rod Blagojevich calling Oprah a "kingmaker".

Monday, June 28, 2010

Video: Kristen Stewart talks to David Letterman about her thing for wolves.

Al Gore sex scandel goes virtual.

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Dakota Fanning and Eclipse vampires talk to E! about being bad.

Jessica Simpson goes vegan.

Maria Menounos talks to Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard & Joseph Gorden-Levitt about "Inception".

Marie Osmond talks to ET about coping with her son's suicide.

Black Eyed Peas say breakup rumors are false.

Video: Joe Biden calls ice cream store manager a smarta$$ after he asks for lower taxes.

Katy Perry poses topless for Esquire UK.

I posed for a similar picture in the same outfit. I get a different reaction than Katy does.

Chris Brown's tears, real or staged?

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Mel Gibson accused of hitting ex.

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E! interviews sexy Kristen Stewart at the "Welcome to the Rileys" premiere.

Lady Gaga's tour bus driver talks to CNN about his unique talent.

Prince Harry falls of his horse during polo match.

"Covert Affairs" provides a great mix of thrills and drama. A surefire hit for USA Network.

Sydney Bristow is alive. No, Jennifer Garner is not reprising her fantastic "Alias" role. But watching a preview of USA Network's "Covert Affairs" pilot, I remembered watching "Alias", falling in love with Garner & being excited for each new episode. Yes "Covert Affairs" is that good. Piper Perabo plays the part of new CIA operative to perfection. Perabo is easy on the eyes and her character is a great mix of a likable smart ass and a vulnerable woman that is easy to care for. Did I mention that she's hot? Her smoking looks will lure many folks into watching the show. Her great acting and well written storylines will keep them coming back.
Piper's character Annie Walker is aided by blind CIA agent Auggie Anderson played by Chris Gorham ("Ugly Betty", "Harper's Island"). Now this is where I must make something clear. Chris Gorham and I are the best of friends. We're tight. Buddies. Pals......O.k. I kid. But we do follow each other on Twitter and I'm a fan. Gorham handles playing a blind man admirably. It's not an easy task, yet Gorham pulls it off very well. A nice touch is that Auggie is a bit of a ladies man and the scene of him picking up women in a bar in priceless. The blind community should be proud that an actor of Gorham's caliber is portraying a blind person so well.
Rounding out the cast are acting veterans Peter Gallagher ("The O.C.") and Kari Matchett ("24", "ER") who play a married couple that are both CIA directors. The interplay between the two is perfect and a great subplot that I'm sure will provide quite a bit of material for future episodes. A highlight for me from the pilot was a great marriage therapy session which had Gallagher and Matchett tearing into each other with abandon. Annie Dudek ("Mad Men" "Big Love") plays Annie Walker's sister. The accomplished actress adds a much needed stable family element to Walker's character. And yes, we all can relate to a family member who is always trying to set us up with Mr. or Mrs. Right. Sendhil Ramamurthy ("Heroes") joins the cast starting in the second episode.
The "Covert Affairs" pilot was filled with a great mix of action, car chases, humor and drama. Is the show perfect? No. But it's pretty close. And this was just the pilot. I look forward to watching "Covert Affairs" for many years to come. Sydney Bristow would approve!

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