NHL game delayed after puck goes missing.

Tim Urban from "American Idol" says he wants to be on "Glee".

Mel Brooks gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Erik Estrada shows the ancient art of the Sex-Strada.

DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli appears on "The Soup" with no pants on.

Salma Hayek & Ted Danson are interviewed at auction for the environment.

Cameron Diaz talks about working with ex Justin Timberlake.

"High School" trailer starring Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis & Colin Hanks. NSFW

"It's Complicated" deleted scene with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.

Tim Urban talks to CNN about "American Idol" and his future.

The Kardashain sisters talk dirty secrets, stripping & being pampered.

Sharon Stone interviewed on the set of "Law & Order: SVU"

Lane Bryant model Ashley Graham talks to ET about the lingerie ad everyone is talking about.

Michael Lohan talks to HLN about his concern for Lindsay Lohan.

Gorgeous Alyssa Milano talks about her NFL arm, Rebecca Mader talks "Lost", Jerry Rice talks DWTS at NFL party.

Michael Lohan talks to Billy Bush about his visit with the police to Lindsay Lohan's home.

Hayden Panettiere shows off her new sexy short hair.

Jennifer Knapp talks to Larry King about being a gay Christian singer.

Great interview with "Romantically Challenged" star Kyle Bornheimer.

Jennifer Lopez dresses as Marilyn Monroe & sings Happy Birthday to George Lopez

Hugh Hefner talks about Kim Kardashian's Playboy regrets & "Pirates" saying no to breast implants.

Gabourey Sidibe's fantastic SNL promos.

George Clooney engagement rumors hit web.

Video: Newly discovered TV episode features James Dean and Ronald Reagan.

Was lovely Kim Kardashian the victim of brutal domestic violence?

Video: Dog leads police to burning building.

Britney Spears banned from going bra-less.

"Glee" season finale secrets.

Final "Eclipse" trailer released.

CNN discusses the Lane Bryant "Boob"Gate controversy.

Gabourey Sidibe talks about rehearsing for SNL.

The Carpet Brothers w/ Will Ferrell, Tim Meadows & David Spade

Rihanna takes a fall on stage.

Sneak peek of Russell Crowe & Cate Blanchett's love story in "Robin Hood".

Cooking with "Glee"

Demi Moore and Rachel Bilson are especially gorgeous this week.

Jon Gosselin fires his attorney.

Dennis Quaid talks to CNN about his quest to fight medical mistakes.

Crazed fan jumps on stage during a Lady Gaga concert in Japan.

Lane Bryant controversial full figured lingerie ad.....seems fine to me.

Paulina Porizkova blasts Kate Hudson, Madonna & Heidi Montag for their plastic surgeries.

Naomi Campbell walks out of ABC interview & punches TV camera.

Mom thrown in jail after son skips school.

Jennifer Lopez speaks to CBS about "The Back-Up Plan".

Julianne Moore helps raise $200,000 to support the environment....and looks HOT!

Richard Simmons promotes physical fitness in the most awesome purple suit EVER!

Melanie Griffith opens up about her stay in rehab.

Alyssa Milano talks NFL & the ratings success of "Romantically Challenged" at the NFL pre-draft party.

Katy Perry says she is marrying Russell Brand under the ocean.

Video: Alligator knocks on family's front door.

Chevy Chase goes green.

Sigourney Weaver testifies for Earth Day.

Jennifer Lopez is interviewed at "The Back-Up Plan" premiere.

Kourtney Kardashian gives hot body tips.

Nicole Richie talks about how to live a greener life.

"Shrek Ever After" premiere attended by Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy & Cameron Diaz.

Mary J. Blige performs "Stairway to Heaven" live on "Idol" with Steve Vai, Orianthi, Randy Jackson & Travis Barker.

The world's greenest celebs.

Pierce Brosnan talks to CNN about saving whales.

Billy Bush's AH panel say to "get" this week's People magazine.

"Brothers and Sisters" says goodbye to Rob Lowe.

CNN debates whether Lindsay Lohan should be forced into rehab.

Kim Kardsahian gets her rear end grabbed by Australian talk show host.

Russell Crowe talks to ET about "Robin Hood" and fails to mention co-star Scott Grimes. :)

Rosie O'Donnell says she hasn't talked to Donald Trump.....ever?

Justin Bieber fever hits Japan.

Preview of William Shatner singing with Lin Yu Chun on George Lopez's show.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon get married again.

Rober De Niro talks to CNN about the Tribeca film festival.

Bomb squad called for man with vibrator in his pants.

Preview of "Glee" star Jane Lynch on "Party Down"

Rob Thomas sings for water.

Baseball player flies like Superman over catcher to score a run. AWESOME!

Denise Richards gets a goat placenta facial.

Jeesica Alba talk to CNN about her push for universal education.

Eddie Vedder perfoms on Conan O'Brien's tour..

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria have a blast filming an ad.

Demi Moore takes a Twitpic with David Letterman after Ashton Kutcher tweets her on the show.

Justin Bieber talks about trying out for "American Idol" if things had been different.

Charice talks about her inspiration, her idols and her rising fame.

Scarlett Johansson bakes out of love.

Turkey seeks adoption.

Video: Jennifer Lopez works out in 1995.

Sarah Silverman talks to Larry King about her new book.

Sexy Tricia Helfer is interviewed on the set of "Dark Blue".

Some days, you must start your day off with Wham Rap!! You're welcome.

Susan Boyle inks book deal.

Kate Gosselin talks to CNN after getting kicked off DWTS.

Esmée Denters & Justin Timberlake talk about her new video.

Valerie Bertinelli finishes Boston Marathon.

‘Furry Vengeance’ Stars Rave About Billy Bush’s Cameo

James Cameron explains how "Avatar" inspired him to become an environmental activist.

Jennifer Aniston heads for new direction.

The "Glee" cast talk about their favorite Madonna songs.

Video: Behind the scenes of TV Guide's NCIS "Rat Pack" photo shoot.

Alyssa MIlano talks to Joy Behar about her family's attempt to help Corey Haim.

"Sex and the City 2" music scoop.

Simon Cowell says his Larry King interview was uncomfortable.

Betty White says she's scared to death of hosting SNL.

Kate Winslet's new role.

Sheryl Crow & Mariska Hargitay talk about Sheryl possibly appearing on Law & Order: SVU.

Mom with disability changes diapers with her feet.

Kim Kardashian defends controversial kitty picture.

Nicolas Cage buys a tomb for himself.

Cory Monteith talks about the "Glee" $10,000 contest.

David Letterman and Jennifer Lopez taste her new perfume.

Sarah Silverman talks to Harry Smith about her new book.

Video: Behind the scenes of Stephanie Pratt's nude PETA photo shoot.

CNN interviews "Dancing with the Stars" contestants after last night's show.

Alyssa Milano and Neil Patrick Harris are funny and gracious, backstage at The View

Tina Fey jokes about clashing with Sheryl Crow.

Video: Alyssa Milano talks to the Associated Press about "Romantically Challenged".

"American Idol" stars Simon, Ryan, Ellen & Randy talk to Larry King about the Simon/Ryan feud.

Charlie Sheen shaves his head.

Christina Hendricks named sexiest woman alive.

Security camera shows panty theft.

Katie Couric and Ben Affleck talk about volcano travel troubles.

Betty White likes hers naked!!!!

Alyssa Milano talks to EXTRA about "Romantically Challenged".

Oprah Winfrey cracks jokes about her controversial biography

Octomom slams haters, sets record straight on Oprah.

TV Land reunites casts of "Bosom Buddies" and "Charlie's Angels."

Mo'Nique's brother confesses to molestation on Oprah.

Alyssa Milano talks about "Romantically Challenged" on "The View".

Lady Gaga needs 3 private jets for her wardrobe.

Stranded couple has webcam wedding.

Country stars win big at the ACM Awards.

Paula Abdul is interviewed backstage at the TV Land Awards.

Pope falls asleep in church.

Carrie Underwood is interviewed backstage at the ACM Awards.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are still an item.

Adam Lambert is interviewed at the GLAAD Awards.

"Glee" stars are interviewed at the TV Land Awards.