Amy Grant performs "Better Than Hallelujah" on "The Early Show".

Ozzy Osbourne wins booby prize.

Luke Wilson AT&T animated spoof

"Harry Potter" movie script found at pub. Someone is gonna get a talkin' to.

Erin Andrews is receiving death threats.

Doctor tells President Obama supporters to seek care elsewhere.

"The Soup" mixes "Clash of the Titans" with "The Hills".

Nathan Lane shows David Letterman his "Eclipse" cameo.

OMG Video!: Hungry puppy's special dinner dance.

David Letterman's Bad Baseball Team Top Ten

Bradley Cooper suits up and runs the streets of NYC for his latest film The Dark Fields.

"Playboy" announces Sexy 100

John Barrowman talks about his juicy role on "Desperate Housewives".

Jeff Probst talks to Dr. Drew & Adam Carolla about infidelity on Larry King.

Video: Jesse James' paparazzi altercation.

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt??

Can Oprah save Oprah?

Hot DJ Tracy Young gives HER SIDE of the story of her relationship with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak.

ET gives a sneak peak of a new "dirty" episode of Kirstie Alley's "Big Life".

"Single Ladies" family talk about their viral video smash.

Lovely Jessica Alba talks about plans to adopt, while on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition".

Heartwarming video: Puppy watches after kids with autism.

Chris Rock talks about "Death at a Funeral" with ET.

Alice Cooper speaks about the Eryka Badu controversy.

Kelsey Grammer is inerviewed on "TODAY" about his new Broadway role.

Rescued dogs star in stage musical.

Justin Bieber has flirty fun with Chelsea Handler.

Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to Rachel Ray about love.

David Letterman's iPad Top Ten list.

Jimmy Kimmel asks viewers to dump water on a sleeping person for April Fool's.

Janet Jackson talks to Oprah about Michael Jackson's drug use.

Donald Trump talks about Jesse James and Tiger Woods.

Chelsea Handler talks to Larry King about Sandra Bullock.

George Lopez talks about his Twitter spat with Lindsay Lohan.

Is Charlie Sheen leaving "Two and a Half Men?"

Man steals newspapers to hide his own arrest story.

Man climbs through McDonald's drive through window & attacks worker over 3 minute wait for Filet-O-Fish.

HOT new "A-Team" trailer starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper & Jessica Biel.

New sexy "Salt" trailer starring Angelina Jolie.

Native American group is angry at Speidi. Gabourey Sidibe may host SNL!

"The Expendables" trailer starring Sylvester Stallone with Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Video: Justin Bieber performs at Disneyland

Anna Paquin reveals she is bisexual.

Jimmy Kimmel calls a friend about Jesse James.

Video: TV newsanchor has his co-anchor locked out of the building on April Fool's.

Carrie Underwood talks to CNN about saving homeless dogs.

Ryan Seacrest gets lifted over Big Mike's head on "American Idol".

Video: 3 year old boy cries when Dad tells him he is not a "Single Lady" like Beyonce.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Bad grenade toss nearly kills recruit.

"Glee" cast hits the cover of "Rolling Stone".

Video: Justin Bieber takes over Funny or Die.

The paparazzi descend on Sandra Bullock.

Valerie Bertinelli interviews Mackenzie Phillips, David Faustino and other fellow former child stars.

LL Cool J slams Sarah Palin

Sneak Peek of Betty White on "The Middle".

Michael Lohan says he's not going to let daughter Lindsay Lohan die.

Man lets his cat in his house...bobcat follows & chaos ensues.

Jesse James Nazi photo makes me ill.

Ellen Degeneres and Madonna are related.

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her hot bikini bod.

Lady Gaga is being asked to write & record a song for the new James Bond film.

New "Eclipse" photos released.

McDonald's Chicken McNecklace??? LOL

Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga, Thomas Calabro & Josie Bissett reunite on "Melrose Place".

Video: Dog spins wildly whenever cars pass by.

Jay Leno tells Joy Behar that Conan O'Brien got screwed.

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are mobbed by adoring fans in rain soaked London.

Shannen Doherty talks to GMA about her DWTS exit.

ET's coverage of Shannen Doherty's sad & stunning exit from DWTS.

Tiger Woods called sex crazed and cheap. In other news, the sun is hot.

Chris Hemsworth says "Thor" movie will be true to the comics.

Luke Wilson talks to David Letterman about the joys of working with Tracy Morgan.

Geno's World Celebrity News Links 3/31/10

Video: Houston TV anchor falls off her chair. Ouch!

Sexy Olivia Munn hits CBS primetime.

Behind the scenes of Janet Jackson's new music video.

Erin Andrews denies DWTS romance.

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have fun at Matt Damon's award ceremony.

Tiger Wood's caddie doesn't expect hostile reception

Fleeing suspect accidentally breaks into prison

Barenaked Ladies talk to CNN about becoming a foursome.

Tina Fey and Steve Carrell answer video questions from CNN viewers.

Is Russell Brand a Bridezilla? :)

James Franco goes back to school.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Bulter promote "The Bounty Hunter" in Spain.

Morgan Freeman presents "BOOM" on "The Electric Company".

CNN talks backstage at DWTS with Kate Gosselin, Shannen Doherty & more.

Video: Adam Lambert parody. Adam wants you to stop filming him!

Robin Williams goes sailing. Hilarity ensues.

Carrie Underwood talks about her tour, her upcoming wedding & her love of animals.

Madonna talks to ET about her new fashion collection.

Outrage over Japanese rape video games.

Tim Tebow helps man propose to his girlfriend.

WOOF!! "Marmaduke" trailer starring Owen Wilson.

Sandra Bullock denies adoption plans.

Hockey coach fined for wild outburst.

Karl Rove is heckled at book signing & fights off woman trying to handcuff & arrest him.

David Letterman's "Obama in Afghanistan Top Ten".

Preview of Kirstie Alley, Jimmy Fallon & Sheryl Crow on "The Marriage Ref".

Simon Cowell answers "American Idol" questions as he shops for a car.

James Franco is hilarious doing a reading for "Jimmy and the Cop" NSFW language

Shannen Doherty performs on DWTS with Holly Marie Combs cheering her on.

Jimmy Kimmel comments on the Kim Kardashian - Demi Moore "Big Pimpin" Twitter conversation.

Kate Gosselin's DWTS tantrum.

Avatar scoops Empire Awards

Carrie Underwood's wedding details.

The Grateful Dead are being studied at business schools.

Cameron Diaz looks smokin' hot in short shorts!

Behind the scenes of "Karate Kid" with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

Fighting over Farrah Fawcett, "24" movie news & more.

Robert Pattinson films "Bel Ami" in Hungary

Nathan Fillion's tattoo revealed!!

Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison look sexy in Vegas.

"The Dish" gently pokes fun at Kirstie Alley's great "Big Life" show.

Baby Skypes with soldier Dad.

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have dinner in Paris. Web goes insane.

Sexy Miranda Kerr kindly asks photographer to delete unflattering photos.

Shaq's Mother, Lucille O'Neal talks about her new book on GMA.

The Barenaked Ladies peform the fantastic "You Run Away" live on "TODAY"

Video: Boobies and Kittens. NSFW but oh so cute.

Fergie takes a fall onstage.

The lovely Jessica Alba takes you behind the scenes of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition".

"TODAY" host Jenna goes to baseball umpire school.

Rush joins Songwriters' Hall Of Fame

Video: Marlee Matlin & other stars have fun at the Kids Choice Awards

Katy Perry talks about her wedding & Justin Bieber talks about the past year.

Video: Michelle Obama's speech at the Kids Choice Awards