Outrageous & funny parody of Lady Gaga & Beyonce's "Telephone" video.

WARNING! Watching video of Nadia Bjorlin may turn you into a lifelong fan.

Teen wants Joe Biden to apologize for dropping the F bomb.

Pierce Brosnan & Carey Mulligan talk about "The Greatest".

Beyoncé's YouTube Page Blocked by Sony

Video: "Bridge Ocer Troubled Water" live by Josh Groban and Brian McKnight

Anderson Cooper talks to Sinead O'Connor about the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.

Iconic Hollywood Photos Including Angelina Jolie & Marilyn Monroe Up For Sale

Pete Wentz campaigns for clean water for children around the world.

Nicole Scherzinger is scared about her next "Dancing With The Stars" routine.

Video: Woman "held hostage" by massive swarm of bees.

More drama for Jesse James.

Ryan Seacrest tells Oprah that Simon Cowell is a sweet person.

Woman found guilty of offering sex for Phillies tickets.

Dennis Hopper gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Robert Pattinson's wax statue gets mobbed by teenage girls.

ABC announces premiere date of Alyssa Milano's future smash "Romantically Challenged"!

"Heroes" star Greg Grunberg speaks to CBS about epilepsy awareness.

Unbelievable Video: Police car vs. dog. Dog wins!

Angelina Jolie shows off her adorable twins while filming in Venice

Vatican takes stand against "smear campaign". Apparently, they still don't "get it".

Video: "All I Ask Of You" live by Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman.

Jimmy Kimmel's "Blind Side" trailer shows Jesse James getting his rear end kicked.

Nanny saves 5 year old boy from burning house.

Bar Rafaeli opens up about dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

Victoria's Secret models promote new items on a rooftop pool.

Video: Larry King drives Snoop Dogg's car.

Octomom signs a deal with PETA.

Video: Kirstie Alley jabs Conan O'Brien "I have a show and he doesn't".

Donny Osmond slams Lady Gaga & Beyonce's new video.

Gloria Allred talks about her client and Jesse James.

Rob Corddry and Clark Duke's outrageous & deadly promo for "Hot Tub Time Machine".

The Unconventional Acting Career of John Cusack

Video: TV anchor falls of chair.

Are Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner an item again?

Joy Behar talks with Jennifer Love Hewitt about "bedazzling" one's private area.

Behind the scenes look at John Cusack and Rob Corddry's "Hot Tub Time Machine".

"South Park" kills off the Kardashians.

Katherine Heigl goes back to being blonde.

Emma Thompson returns with her magic stick in 'Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang'.

Touching video: Adorable 4 year old Haitian boy tries his new prosthetic leg.

GMA reports on thieves using your Facebook and Twitter updates to know when to rob you.

Chelsea Handler and Abigail Breslin team up for amusing photo shoot.

CNN breaks health care coverage to report on John Cusack & Rob Corddry's awesome "Hot Tub Time Machine".

"Boogie Woogie" trailer starring Heather Graham, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Seyfried & more.

America Ferrera joins Vikings and their ship to promote 'How To Train Your Dragon'.

Looney Glenn Beck responds to being called an a--hole by James Cameron.

Man saves neighbor from throwing away $10,000 winning ticket.

Video: "To Where You Are" by Josh Groban

Tina Fey does a great Tracy Morgan impression on David Letterman.

President Bush wipes his hand on President Clinton's shirt.

ET interviews John Cusack & Rob Corddrey about "Hot Tub Time Machine".

Jesse James is called the new Tiger Woods.

"Modern Family" star Ty Burrell stars in new Chris Gorham directed FOD masterpiece. :)

Robert Pattinson gets a wax figure.

Kim Kardashian politely declines Reggie Bush questions.

Our dogs are worse for the environment than SUVs?

Video: OMG Cat

Taylor Swift's cute bowling date with a "Glee" star.

Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf are set for "Transformers 3".

Update on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Jennifer Lopez talks to ET about "The Back-up Plan".

Children create a "Toy Story" mural out of Legos.

Kara Dioguardi says Simon Cowell is up to something.

Oprah settles defamation lawsuit.

"Ugly Betty" reveals her million dollar smile.

Screaming girls are causing Robert Pattinson to go deaf?

New "Pedators" trailer starring Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne.

Man finds a screw in his cheeseburger. Ewwww

Sofia Vergara reminds Gerard Butler that he owes her $60 on Jay Leno.

Still makes me laugh: Josh Groban on "Glee".

Cute Video: Dog's howls soothe screaming baby.

Ben Stiller tells David Letterman a great story of talking to his daughter's school.

Curt Schilling and his wife talk to TODAY about their family's struggle with Asberger's.

More info revealed about the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James situation.

Cute pictures of Renee Zellweger before she was famous.

Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry talk to ET about infidelity and their new movie.

Miley Cyrus mentors "American Idol" contestants.

Video: "Shape Of My Heart" live by Josh Groban, Sting and Chris Botti.

CNN takes a funny approach to Joe Biden's F Bomb.

Vegas oddsmaker reveals his DWTS predictions.

Tom Brady in the boxing ring???

Discovery nears deal with Sarah Palin.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush break up again.

CNN reports on high costs sending California entertainment jobs to other states.

Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning's 'Runaways' Tour

"Get Him To The Greek" red band trailer starring Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and Diddy. NSFW

Brad Pitt attends "Kick-Ass" premiere in London.

Jimmy Kimmel presents an interview with Tiger Woods.

Betty White feels for Sandra Bullock.

Kate Gosselin talks about her DWTS debut.

Jimmy Fallon has audience members throw hot dogs into mouths of healthcare heroes.

Woman who won $9 million lawsuit against husband's mistress talks to GMA.

Sandra Bullock divorce report is false.

"The Vulva Scent" ad is bizarre and......real??? Really???

Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis have a blast promoting "Due Date".

Gerard Butler talks about his mother meeting Jennifer Aniston.

Dakota Fanning gets a "tattoo" on George Lopez's show.

Harry Smith does a Top Ten Colonoscopy list on David Letterman.

Jennifer Love Hewitt talks to "Today" about her new book and dating John Mayer & Jamie Kennedy.

Video: "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban

Sheryl Crow on Water Conservation

Behind the scenes of Olivia Munn's new sexy Complex photo shoot.

FOD's Trailer for "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" starring Al Yankovic, Olivia Wilde & more.

Ben Affleck talks to CNN about his work in Eastern Congo.

Jennifer Love Hewitt unveils her new shorter hairdo.

"Dollhouse" star Enver Gjokaj stars in great FOD Soap Opera spoof.

Amanda Seyfried says having sex with Julianne Moore was scary.

Nathan Fillion and Dana Delaney talk to ET about working together on "Castle".

Elizabeth Gilbert talks to CNN about "Eat-Pray-Love" and dealing with divorce.

Mo'Nique tells Sandra Bullock to call her if she needs her.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg get heated discussing healthcare on "The View".

Nude man arrested for trying to lift a taxi.

Gerard Butler, America Ferrera & Craig Ferguson attend "How To Train Your Dragon" premiere.

Reese Witherspoon and her new man look adorable holding hands.

Boy George reflects on his prison time with CNN.

Kristen Stewart's style evolution

Kim Kardashian looks stunning in a bikini.

Church members shave their heads to show support for their pastor, who has cancer.

"American Idol" judge Kara Dioguardi explains her $10,000 Claritin contest.

Video: Jesse James gets questions from the paparazzi.

Video: "Eclipse" scene featured on "New Moon" DVD.

Video: "Machine" live by Josh Groban with Herbie Hancock.

Watch last night's sexy "Desperate Housewives" episode with the HOT Julie Benz!

Janet Jackson and Tyler Perry talk about their new film and MJ's death.

Video: TODAY fan takes a spill on the plaza.

"Alice In Wonderland" still No.1, "Runaways" disappoints.

Video: Tiger Woods Tells Golf Channel: "I Hurt So Many People"

Tila Tequila's garage sale attracts a large crowd.