Leonard Maltin's Oscar picks.

Ben Stiller presents Best Picture Winner at Spirit Awards with porn stars.

Video: CNN talks to the young man behind Chat Roulette.

I love you Peter Gabriel. Now please don't be a douche.

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New book claims Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger had an affair in 1997.

New "Runaways" trailer with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

KISS set to rule the world.

Matt Damon wears a Saints jersey on Letterman to pay off a bet.

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Andrea Bocelli receives Hollywood star

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Cloris Leachman video that is disturbing, NSFW and very funny....

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Ron Howard directs Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Dana Carvey & more in FOD's excellent Presidential Reunion video.

Ashley Madison ad banned by ABC for Oscars telecast.

Evan Lysacek does an Olympic Top Ten list on Letterman.

The best video about elevators....ever! :)

Angry "Spiderman" talks about getting fired to Jimmy Kimmel.

Control your TV with a "remote on your skin thingy" looks cool and creepy.

Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke & Wesley Snipes attend "Brooklyn's Finest" premiere.

Sarah Palin does Jay Leno's monologue & "tries" to tell jokes.

"Bachelor" says he can't keep his hands of his fiancee.

"American Idol" contestant gets a Standing O.

Kid directs planes at JFK.....people aren't laughing.

Video: Trampoline dog!!!

Audrina Patridge's shows off her hot bikini body.

Mitt Romney calls Sarah Palin terrific on Letterman & gets groans from the audience.

Kellan Lutz says he wouldn't want to watch "Breaking Dawn" in 3-D.

Spiderman (Peter Parker) gets fired.

Chynna Phillips withdraws divorce papers.

Johnny Weir talks about criticism that he was "too gay" for figure skating.

Donnie Osmond's first interview since the passing of Marie's son.

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Video: College Basketball coach swears at opposing player after game. NSFW

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Oh lordy. New cheaters app makes text messages self destruct.

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"Precious" sweeps Image Awards.

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Jim Carrey shows off his grandson.

Tips to win an Oscar.

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William H. Macy, Fred Willard and more star in great Independent Spirit Awards spoof.

Danny Devito, Andrew Agassi and Holly Madison attend Keep Memory Alive charity gala.

Undercover Celebrity Boss skit on SNL.

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Woman talks about receiving a Fedex package containing 33 pounds of pot.

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Robert Pattinson says the thought of making "Breaking Dawn" a 3D film gives him a headache.

Fantastic! SNL Digital Short: Flags of the World

"Amazing Race" star is an inspiration giving 400,000 shoes to the needy.

Emilie De Ravin and Robert Pattinson discuss who's more critical of their onscreen performances.

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SNL presents "We are the World 3" with Jennifer Lopez playing Rihanna.

Colossal kitty is named world's tallest.

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Funny & adorable dog eating dinner video.

Marie Osmond releases statement about her son's heartbreaking suicide.

Jessica Simpson's new show discussed.