"Sanford and Son" star Demon Wilson talks about his new book.

Conan O'Brien jams with Will Ferrell and guests on "Freebird" for his farewell.

John Travolta talks about flying a plane down to Haiti.

Conan O'Brien looks back at his time on "The Tonight Show".

Glenn Close and cast of "Damages" hit the red carpet.

Conan O'Brien's fans speak about his "Tonight Show" exit.

Andy Dick arrested for sexual abuse.

Everyone is singing "Pants on the Ground".

Stars unite for Haiti relief telethon.

Pants on the Ground guy will be replacing Michael Jackson in new "We are the World"....according to Kimmel.

Video: Behind the scenes of making the Victoria's Secret Swim Catalog 2010.

David Letterman presents "The Late Shift 2: Jay Leno vs. Conan O'Brien".

Steve Carell gives Conan O'Brien his NBC exit interview.

Lindsay Lohan goes back to being a brunette.

Beyonce performs on the Hope for Haiti Now telethon.

Anderson Cooper talks with George Clooney about the "Hope for Haiti" telethon.

Jared Leto reflects on life in Haiti.

Jaywalking at the Conan O'Brien rally.

Sarah Palin and her daughter "say no to sex" on Oprah.

Donors Pour Their Soles (Shoes) Out for Haiti

Jon Hamm, James Franco and the stars of "Howl" speak at Sundance.

Happy 61st birthday Steve Perry!

Dude! Jorge Garcia talks about the final season of "Lost" and the evil numbers.....

Dennis Quaid, Kate Walsh and the stars of "Legion" talk about Haiti at the film's premiere

Conan O'Brien produces the most expensive segment spend NBC's money.

First footage from the final season of "Lost"!

David Letterman and Harrison Ford tell each other "I love you".

"Jersey Shore: The Movie" starring Craig Ferguson, Mila Kunis and Nick Lachey.

Robert Redford reflects on Haiti.

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Miley Cyrus, Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler appear in suicide prevention PSA.

How to stage your own groundhog day....with your dog.

Ben Stiller shows his favorite Conan O'Brien clips from the last 7 months.

Danica Patrick spoofs "Weird Science" for Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial.

Jennifer Lopez talks about Leno, Letterman and "Glee".

Pee Wee Herman helps Conan O'Brien explain the NBC mess. Genius!

Kim Kardashian boxes for charity.

David Letterman reveals the "dastardly deeds" of Jay Leno.

George Clooney talks about his Haiti telethon.

Hayden Panettiere dyes her hair red & looks cute.

Jimmy Kimmel's documentary on the Conan O'Brien - Jay Leno war.

Charlie Sheen talks about his wife after visiting her in the hospital.

Female TV host tries to grab David Beckham's crotch.

Peter Gabriel talks about the possibility of performing with Genesis at the Rock and Roll HOF.

Peter Gabriel releases a stirring version of "Heroes" for the victims in Haiti.

Rosie O'Donnell bashes Jay Leno again.

Video: Conan O'Brien's future was predicted by Artie Lange and Howard Stern.

The cast of "Dexter" talk about Michael C. Hall's cancer battle.

Heidi Montag's album sells less than 1,000 copies, after she spent $2 Million making it.

"American Idol" moron gets taken away in handcuffs.

Adam Sandler tries to get Conan O'Brien to cry by singing to him.

Hip Hop Monks in Japan? Word.

Simon Cowell says he is organizing a charity single for Haiti.

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The most important movie of our time: "Piranha 3-D" trailer.

Sneak peek of "Welcome to the Rileys" starring Kristen Stewart.

Ed Helms reworks his "The Hangover" song as a Conan O'Brien tribute.

Drew Carey, David Arquette and David Hasselhoff talk about their support of Haiti.

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John Edwards admits that 2 year old girl is his daughter.

Alleged photos of Tiger Woods at sex rehab are discussed by panel.

Octomom bares her bikini bod.

Metallica rocks Peru.

Jennifer Aniston is living single and happy.

Jimmy Kimmel summons Johnny Carson's ghost...and gets Carson Daly.

Scarlett Johansson auctions herself off for Haiti.

Heidi Montag says she almost died after surgeries.

John Mayer calls himself an A-hole for breaking up with Jennifer Aniston.

Conan O'Brien bad mouths spanish.

Oprah and Rihanna team up for Haiti.

"MacGruber" Red Band trailer. NSFW, but very funny.

Charlie Sheen's hearing postponed due to wife's emergency surgery.

Kevin Bacon, Julie Bowen and more weigh in on the Jay Leno - Conan O'Brien situation.

Highlights from the CNN Haiti Tweet Suite with Ryan Seacrest, Alyssa Milano, Jeff Probst & More.

David Letterman blasts Jay Leno & mocks his "Don't blame Conan O'Brien" statement.

Harrison Ford hits the red carpet for "Extraordinary Measures".

The latest Miranda Kerr photos made me faint.

Conan O'Brien shows his audience why he should have seen his end on the Tonight Show coming.

Chelsea Handler tells Jay Leno that she decided whose team she is on, Conan O'Brien's or his.

Orianthi performs "According to You" live on Jimmy Kimmel.

Kung Fu fight between Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien.

Couple give their wedding money to Haiti.

Despite reports, Chris Pine and Olivia Munn are still an item.

Whitney Port's bikini body has jaws hitting the ground.

Megan Mullally talks about her perfect husband on "The View".

Kim Kardashian clears up engagement rumor.

Jimmy Fallon races bumper cars with Ashley Judd and Jimmie Johnson.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sing a duet to Simon Baker. Too funny.

Larry Kings's Haiti fundraiser with Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Alyssa Milano and more is a smashing success.

Conan O'Brien lists himself on the Craig's List casual encounters section.

Justin Bieber is met by screaming fans in London.

Water skiing squirrel thrills crowds.

Victoria's Secret unveils the topless bikini. Seriously.

David Letterman responds to NBC's Dick Ebersol and continues to mock Jay Leno.

Stunning Christina Hendricks from "Mad Men" wants you to vote on what dress she wears to the SAG awards.

Adam Lambert talks to Oprah about Simon Cowell.

"I'm with Coco" rally for Conan O'Brien attracts screaming fans.

Excited goat crashes into strip club.

Larry King's fundraiser for Haiti raises over $7 Million with the help of many celebs.

Sexy Kristen Bell tells David Letterman about getting stung in her ear by a bee.

David Letterman shows NBC's plans for Jay Leno in the 23rd century.

Jane Lynch from "Glee", reveals 9 things you don't know about her.

Jay Leno gives his side of the NBC - Conan O'Brien situation.

Seal sings for Haiti.

Chelsea Handler mocks Giuliana Rancic screaming for George Clooney. :)

Pete Carroll's trip to Seattle delayed by USC Superfan. LOL

President Clinton speaks from Haiti.

Conan O'Brien's expensive exit.

Disabled high school student shines on basketball court.

"Glee" stars Kevin Mchale and Jenna Ushkowitz take you behind the scenes of the Golden Globes.

Wyclef Jean defends his Haiti charity.

Brett Favre sings "Pants on the Ground" after Vikings win.

George Clooney explains his Haiti benefit, while at the Golden Globes.

Snooki from "Jersey Shore" is mocked on "The Dish".

"Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet is gracious and wonderful at his first Golden Globes.

Mo'Nique, Leona Lewis, Kevin Bacon and others encourage giving to Haiti, while at the Golden Globes.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie skip the awards and spend time with their cute kids.

"Mad men" star Christina Hendricks is jaw dropping gorgeous at the Golden Globes.

"Glee" star Lea Michele talks about the Madonna episode, while on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Diddy and other talk about Haiti at the BET Honors show.

Jeff Bridges talks to reporters after his Golden Globes win.

James Cameron and the cast of "Avatar" talk to "Today" after their big Golden Globes win.

After Golden Globes win, Kevin Bacon talks about how "Taking Chance," affected a U.S. military policy change.

Mo'Nique can't stop smiling after her Golden Globes win.

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The jubilant "Glee" cast talk about their Golden Globes win.

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"The Hangover" cast talk about their big Golden Globe win.

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Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep "Make Out".

"Avatar" beats "The Book of Eli" and remains #1.

Jackie Chan is interviewed for "The Spy Next Door"

Sigourney Weaver stars in Avatar sex spoof on SNL.

Sigourney Weaver's SNL monologue.

Little girls sell hot cocoa to raise money for Haiti.

MLB star Miguel Tejada travels to Haiti to help.