Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel.

Kirk Douglas honored.

Guster tries to playfully steal Whitesnake and Judas Priest fans.

Is Oprah going to move her TV show to her own TV network?

Breezy talks about how DJ AM changed her life on "Gone Too Far".

Andy Richter's podium collapses during Conan O'Brien's rehearsal.

Jon Gosselin does holds its breath.

Alicia Keys launches lecture series.

Sarah Jessica Parker talks about her surrogate decision.

Woman's soccer game gets violent.

Ricky Gervais tells David Letterman the 1,001 things that annoy him.

Australia official tries to warn fans of Britney Spears lip syncing in concert.

New hilarious Taylor Swift SNL promos.

David Hasselhoff is mobbed by fans in Berlin.

Matthew Morrison's "Glee" quiz.

Two legged puppy defies odds. Heartbreaking, cute & inspiring!

Matt Lauer look-alike robs bank.

New "Brothers" trailer starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman.

U2 and Jay-Z perform together in Berlin.

Rachel Ray tells Jay Leno that hot dogs and hot buns lead to hot sex.

Paramore discuss fame, touring and "Twilight".

Sneak Peek at Andre Agassi's "60 Minutes" segment with Katie Couric.

Taylor Lautner vows to keep his shirt on.

Cameron Diaz walks the red carpet at "The Box" premiere.

Conan O'Brien apologizes for having William Shatner read fake Levi Johnston Tweets.

Fans go on a mad rush to see U2 in Berlin.

Video of Fort Hood shooting suspect at a 7-11, hours before incident.

William Shatner immortalized in wax.

Sneak Peek of next week's "V" episode.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews "Fringe" star Joshua Jackson.

Lady Gaga talks about working with Adam Lambert.

Was terrorism a motive for Fort Hood shootings?

President Obama talks about the Ft. Hood shootings.

Mariah Carey films her new music video in a bikini on the beach.

Cameron Diaz playes charades with Jimmy Fallon.

Man earns his living by selling space on his t-shirt.

Disney's "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" trailer starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

KISS show their support for wounded warriors.

Conan O'Brien's excellent interview with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Rihanna talks to GMA about the Chris Brown incident.

Jennifer Hudson says "I have no choice, but to be strong."

Anderson Cooper talks to Oprah about the "Say You Are One Of Them" book.

Cat in Iowa is the first cat treated for H1N1 flu virus.

Kristen Stewart answers the Robert Pattinson romance question again and kids that she may be a lesbian.

Foo Fighters warm up for MTV's EMAs.

Conan O'Brien and fisherman in Maine discuss the recent vote over gay marriage.

President Obama....the weatherman???

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Big Bird.

Behind the scenes of Rihanna's Glamour photo shoot.

The cast of 30 Rock and Brian Williams talk about his upcoming stint on tonight's episode.

Robert De Niro, Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore attend "Everybody's Fine" premiere.

George Clooney and Bill Murray talk about "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

Rihanna trailed by photographers upon arrival in Los Angeles.

Bill Cosby catches David Letterman watching the World Series during his interview.

Kim Kardashian boxes for charity and gets a black eye.

Baby Deer uses pet door to enter home. Cute as all hell.

Joy Behar and Dr. Drew Pinsky talk to recovering sex addict Nicole Narain. "It was exhausting."

Cute dogs help fend off burglars.

Katy Perry takes on Hans the Puppet in a singing competition.

Quentin Tarantino offers a full refund if Japanese moviegoers find "Inglorious Basterds" boring.

Behind the scenes with Taylor Swift, Pete Wentz & more, as they record promos for "Band Hero".

CNN reporter combines movie report with Iceland's closing of McDonald's. Pure genius.

Taylor Swift's hilarious SNL promos.

Dennis Hopper tells the paparazzi that he's doing well.

Jay Leno talks to a psychic with the stars of "Paranormal Activity".

Jennifer Lopez eats Pizza.....and looks fabulous!

Student says he ate a fly because his teacher promised him an A.

Bon Jovi talk to Matt Lauer about their 25 year career.

Casino tells $166 Million winner that he's a loser.

New "Sherlock Holmes" trailer starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Great new footage!

The Pointer Sisters perform "Neutron Dance" on "The Early Show".

Conan O'Brien tries to lure Michael Dukakis, Adam Ant and Dolph Lundgren with birthday cake.

Amazing guitarist Orianthi talks about performing with Michael Jackson in "This Is It".

Weezer sells their own.....snuggies. LOL

New York University's Art School gets a boost from film director Ron Howard.

Michael Buble sings David Letterman's Top Ten.

President Obama's half brother talks about abuse he endured from his father.

"2012" premieres in Los Angeles with John Cusack and Amanda Peet

Sexy Molly Sims goofs on herself in her hilarious dramatic acting reel.

Mariah Carey talks to Larry King about emotional abuse that she endured.

Rihanna opens up about the infamous Chris Brown incident.

Michelle Obama tells Katie Couric her dating advice.

"Salt" Russian trailer starring Angelina Jolie.

Iggy Pop, Ronnie Wood honoured at London awards.

Dennis Rodman sues a former assistant on Judge Jeanine Pirro and talks about Kobe/Lebron in court.

Nicolas Cage says he's broke.

Danielle Fishel plays with her "Twilight" cardboard standups....and it's awesome!!

"CSI" star George Eads tells Craig Ferguson about his recent engagement.

The lovely Julie Benz talks about "Boondock Saints 2" and "Dexter".

Woman finds dead frog in bag of greens she bought from Walmart. EEEEEEEEE

Taylor Swift talks to Jimmy Fallon about preparing to host SNL.

"Mammoth" trailer starring Michelle Williams.

Kristen Stewart says she's not a fan of fame.

Andy Richter feeds the Conan O'Brien audience from his candy coat.

Aerosmith hits the Middle East.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Angela Lansbury hit Broadway for "A Little Night Music".

"The View" discusses the controversial Taylor Swift picture.

"Murphy Brown" cast reunites on "The Early Show".

Sandra Bullock talks about going blonde for "The Blind Side".

Mariah Carey's sexy perfume performance makes Jay Leno miss his desk.

Ted Danson says Rush Limbaugh pisses him off.

Victoria Beckham gushes about Emma Watson's fashion choices.

Jennifer Love Hewitt pole dances on "Ghost Whisperer".

Peter Graves from "Mission Impossible" gets a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

See and hear the stories behind the items associated with the Michael Jackson auction.

Billy Burke talks about "New Moon" and whether Tom Cruise will appear in "Eclipse".

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get affectionate.

Katie Couric's new interview with Al Gore.

CNN panel discuss celebrity stalkers.

Mel Gibson is named Octo-Dad after the birth of his 8th child.

Kelly Clarkson performs in a "Stewie" costume from "Family Guy".

Rockers Creed release reunion album.

222 pound meatball breaks record.

"Full House" star Jodie Sweetin talks to Matt Lauer about her past drug abuse.

Robert Pattinson is mobbed by women in Japan.

"Southland" goes to TNT. "24" to see the return of evil President Logan!

Ralph Macchio talks about "Ugly Betty" and The Karate Kid" on "Today".

Oprah and Mariah Carey attend the "Precious" premiere.

Sherri Shepherd talks about Twitter Sex with Joy Behar.

David Beckham, Jim Carrey, and Sting are just a few of the celebs sporting beards these days.

"Shake Hands with the Devil" trailer. Intense indie drama about Rwanda.

"Glee" November promo.

"Dallas" stars reunite on "The Early Show".

Interview with the Mother of the baby who was run over by a train and survived.

Jon Gosselin talks about family values at a synagogue.

A look at the box office numbers inside Michael Jackson's "This Is It."

Excellent "60 Minutes" segment on movie pirates.

"Weird Al" Yankovic talks about his new "Essential" series CD set of his greatest hits.

Insane Priest gives terrifying wedding advice.

Walter Payton's family speaks about honoring him at Soldier Field on the 10th anniversary of his death.

"New Moon" stars Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed & Edi Gathegi answer fan questions.

Conan O'Brien interviews "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Susie Essman.

NBA player Manu Ginobili talks taking out the bat that flew on the court.

Robert Pattinson (Jimmy Fallon) is bothered by Halloween.

DUI La-Z-Boy is getting crazy bids on eBay.

10 year old boy killed while trick or treating, when a tree snaps and falls on him.

Author Sapphire talks about the new movie "Precious" inspired by her novel "Push".

Disney stars turn out for Aids charity.

Touching story of a blind man and his wife who adopt a blind, abandoned boy.

NBA player Manu Ginobili kills a bat on the court during a Halloween game.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Paris Hilton, while dressed as Big Bird.

CNN panel discusses if Oprah is a hypocrite.

Jeremy Piven meets his paparazzi look-a-like.