"The Soup" mocks "Yo Gabba Gabba".

9 year old blind boy, can now see.

Jimmy Kimmel spoofs "Saw VI".

Michael Jackson's guitarist Orianthi reflects on Jackson and "This Is It".

Charice and David Foster perform the amazing "Note To God" on CBS Early Show.

Arsenio Hall translates Fox News and Kanye West on Jay Leno.

Miracle baby has verses of the Koran appear on his skin.

Metallica aids in search for missing fan.

Rod Stewart talks about his new "Soulbook" album.

What makes Julie Benz, Kristen Bell and more hide under the covers?

Behind the scenes of "The Office" web series "Subtle Sexuality".

Sienna Miller hits Broadway.

Outrage over whether Michael Jackson's "This Is it" misleads the public.

"The Soup" mocks "Gossip Girl".

Michelle Obama tells Jay Leno about Barack Obama's most annoying habit.

Charlize Theron makes out with a woman to make $140,000 for charity.

Ashton Kutcher's Broadway debut.

Pam Anderson fights the slaughter of baby seals in Canada.

Miley Cyrus says she doesn't have the H1N1 Swine Flu.

"New Moon" introduces the Volturi Clan.

Burger Kings' Windows 7 Whopper features 7 patties. BURP.

Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon have a shuffleboard rematch.

Disfigured Iraq veteran's portrait on display in Washington.

Nicole Richie gives back.

Michael Lohan and NeNe Leakes battle it out on TV.

Matt Damon's family emergency.

"Cheers" star George Wendt talks about his new beer book: "Drinking With George".

Jerry Jones talks about Brett Favre, Jessica Simpson & Rush Limbaugh on Jay Leno.

A very bad (Or good!) week of TV bloopers!

Judge orders retrial in John Travolta extortion case.

Nicole Kidman speaks out about Hollywood's influence in violence against women.

Tyler Perry responds to Spike Lee's criticism on "60 Minutes".

Jimmy Kimmel and friends help Habitat for Humanity.

Jay Leno interviews Hilary Swank about "Amelia".

ESPN sex scandal includes vivid details.

Clarence Clemons talks about his new "Big Man" book.

Carrie Underwood calls Twitter "Organized Stalking".

2nd grader who lost his leg, rejoins his football team.

Clive Owen walks the red carpet for "The Boys are Back".

"Season of the Witch" trailer starring Nicolas Cage. EEEEEEEEEEEE

Madonna teams up with "Glee".

"New Moon" stars walk red carpet in Rome.

Grandparents of 6 year old girl being evicted speak out.

Details on mistrial in John Travolta extortion case.

Woman upset that animal control officer gave away her dog.

Jon Gosselin says he misses his dogs.

Stars talk about their love of "The Simpsons".

Second "Wolfman" trailer starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. EEEEEE

Pregnant woman hit & killed by runaway car. Her baby is delivered & faces a tough road.

"New Moon" star Ashley Greene talks about her new short hair at a hot In Style photo shoot.

Paul Schaffer gets naughty when talking about Kim Kardashian.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews the sexy Salma Hayek about her movie beard.

Julia Roberts films in Bali with Javier Bardem.

Jennifer Hudson says Motherhood is the best gift ever.

One armed basketball player beats the odds.

Behind the scenes of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's sexy photo shoot.

New Robert Pattinson is bothered by Snickers video. Jimmy Fallon parody.

No trouble in paradise for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Interview with the stars of "Paranormal Activity".

"American Chopper" moustache health spoof video.

Adam Lambert checks out his sexy magazine photos.

New Michael Jackson "This Is It" clips released.

"Family Guy" spoofs Putin.

Video: Peter Criss talks about his battle with breast cancer.

Rosie O'Donnell reveals that her relationship is on the rocks.

Queen's Brian May releases a 3D book.

Jermaine Jackson talks about what to expect from "This Is It".

Firefighters wear bras to raise $ to fight breast cancer.

Hilary Swank and Richard Gere shine at the "Amelia" premiere.

Woman vanishes at Metallica concert.

Kristen Bell talks very kindly about Megan Fox.

"The Cove" premieres at Tokyo International Film Festival with the media facing confrontations.

Katie Holmes talks about Suri's fashion & Tom Cruise's movie stunts.

Martha Stewart blows Jay Leno's mind.

Taylor Lautner says it's nice that fans like to see him shirtless.

CNN panel discuss Rihanna's racy new CD cover.

Gerard Butler admits to having a threesome in the past year.

George Clooney reflects on his past loves.

Charlaine Harris discusses her best selling "Sookie Stackhouse" and HBO's "True Blood"

Octomom has a crush on Jon Gosselin. She says "I think he's hot".

Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page look adorable while filming "Inception".

Tracy Morgan says "If I can make it, so can you" on Today.

Joy Behar and Janeane Garofalo talk about Sarah Palin posting her resume on Linkedin.

Craig Ferguson and Salman Rushdie party at "Elton John's" house.

Kate Gosselin says her kids are acting out........I won't say it.

New "Paranormal Activity" Trailer. EEEEEEEE

Cute pictures of George Clooney growing up.

Tracy Morgan is a riot on Jimmy Fallon.

Women only parking spots!

Megan Fox accepts an award at Scream 2009 and says the "Transformers 2" rumors about her are false.

Kristen Bell looks beautiful at the "Astro Boy" premiere.

Kanye West's new Spike Jonze short film is......very very strange.

Text messages between Steve McNair and his killer are released.

Robert De Niro settles a bet with Jimmy Fallon.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand smooch.

Co-workers call Balloon Boy Dad "Ballistic".

Julianne Hough shows off her new darker hair.

Julie Andrews and Katie Holmes interviewed at the 16th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute.

Serena Williams drives Jay Leno's Green Car.

Balloon Boy asks "Who the hell is Wolf (Blitzer)?".

Rihanna shoots new music video.

Anvil's Drum Master video. Anvil teaches you how to play the drums, while they rob your house.

Suzanne Summers talks to Ann Curry about her book about cancer, "Knockout".

Katherine Heigl takes her precious baby on an outing.

Colbie Caillat talks and performs in the CNN studio.

Matt Damon talks about the financial crisis.

Whitney Houston doesn't let a dress malfunction.stop her from wowing on "X-Factor".

Elizabeth Hasselbeck talks about accidentally sending a photo of her nipple to family & friends.

Video: Fight erupts outside of Balloon Boy's home.

500 seniors compete in Wii bowling championship.

Jon Gosselin shows affection for Hailey in public.

Follow speed skater Apolo Ohno via Twitter for a chance to win a trip to the Olympics.

Video: In the studio with Adam Lambert.

New documentary shows how easy it is to dupe the tabloids.

Britney Spears looks great in a bikini.

Balloon Boy video game takes the web by storm.

Great "60 Minutes" segment on Drew Barrymore with Anderson Cooper.

The latest dish on who may be let go from "Grey's Anatomy".

Michael Jackson's children go to Universal's Halloween Horrors with Elizabeth Taylor.

Video: "Balloon Boy" family lawyer is a good attorney with a lot of hot air.

The lovely Christina Applegate explains why she would never do "Dancing with the Stars".

Gorgeous Kristen Bell talks about staying healthy and "Astro Boy".

"Law & Order" episode in Manhattan eerily resembles the car crash that killed 8 people.

Clueless Justice who refused to marry an interracial couple, defends himself in interview.

Video: A close look at the Balloon Boy's Balloon.

Dan Abrams examines the charges that the Balloon Boy family will face.

New evidence raises questions about Steve McNair's death.

Michael Buble says he's happy and bony.

Sela Ward tells Barbara Walters how big an influence she was on her.

"New Moon" hottie Ashley Green discusses her past fashion choices.

Beagle Puppy playfully attacks Rottweiler.

"Where the Wild Things Are" is #1 at the Box Office.

"Balloon Boy" family's bizarre music video.

David Alan Grier talks to CNN about his book "Barack Like Me".

Kareem Abdul Jabbar gets a question about himself wrong on "Celebrity Jeopardy".

Video: Car ends up wedged in roof of house.

Drew Barrymore's interview on Rove. She claims she will NOT die from pneumonia.

Minnie Driver calls "Jon & Kate Plus 8" grotesque.

Heartbreaking video: An officer prepares to say goodbye to his K-9 partner, who has cancer.

"Dear John" trailer starring Tatum O'Neil and Amanda Seyfried. (From the author of "The Notebook".)

Reporter grills his adorable 2 year old daughter about poop in her pants.

Legally blind high school boy scores TD for football team.

Gerard Butler spoofs "300" on SNL.

Gerard Butler appears in "Beauty and the Beast" sketch on SNL.

Body-language expert analyzes the Balloon Boy family on CNN.