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Xbox saves lives????

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High School Sex Reality Show spoof. NSFW language.

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New "The Book of Eli" trailer starring Denzel Washington.

Michael Jackson called Hitler a genius. Oh Lord....

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Strangest movie trailer ever! "Symbol".

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Don't call these celebrities fat, they look fantastic!

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Chynna Phillips talks about Mackenzie Phillips' claims.

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Paramore singer Hayley Williams shows off her car. The same car she's driven since high school. So cute, so cool!

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Ellen Pompeo gives birth. Congrats!

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Intense "Van Dieman's Land" trailer

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Eva Longoria and Tony Parker raise money for terminally ill children.

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Newsman tells weatherman to keep f*****g that chicken??? Wha?

Author defends his book which describes alleged marriage problems the Obamas have experienced.

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