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2 Red Sox security staff members fired in steroid investigation.

I winced when learning Remy's involvement. The family doesn't need this right now.....

Boston Globe:
Major League Baseball opened an investigation into performance-enhancing drugs inside the Red Sox clubhouse at the height of last year’s pennant race after two members of the team’s security staff were implicated in steroid use.
Both men were fired in a case that speaks to both Major League Baseball’s new intolerance for steroids and its inconclusive efforts to investigate suspicious cases.

The security staffers said they were dismissed after what they termed a cursory inquiry by Major League Baseball, and very limited questioning by the team - even though one of the guards says he swapped advice about steroids with David Ortiz’s close friend and personal assistant.

Both men said they told investigators they had no direct knowledge of steroid use by Red Sox players, including Manny Ramírez or Ortiz, both of whom were named in a New York Times report last week as having tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.
But, in interviews with the Globe, both revealed clubhouse details that could have fueled a more zealous inquiry. And the investigation did not even resolve the basic question of where the steroids the security staffer was caught with came from.

“I’m sure they were hoping I didn’t know anything,’’ said Jared Remy, one of the security staffers who lost his job. “It’s like they didn’t want to know. It’s like: Do we really want to know or do we just want it to go away?’’

The major league inquiry began after State Police confiscated a vial of steroids from the car of Nicholas Alex Cyr, a security staffer who was returning from a Red Sox-related event just before last year’s All-Star break in mid-July. Cyr told police he had bought the drug from Remy, the son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy..................

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