Video: Clinic offers free Botox injections for the unemployed.

Video: "The Final Destination" trailer

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Video: How to look hot when you get out of the ocean.

David Carradine wants the FBI to probe his death.

"Land of the Lost" pronounced the first bomb of the summer after dismal ticket sales.

Video: Who will have a bigger comeback, Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson?

Video: Tila Tequila does a sexy and hot webcam grind!

Movie Studio defends Sacha Baron Cohen against "Bruno Bingo Brawl" lawsuit!

Video: Police Officer tries to save dog from canal and needs to be rescued himself!

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Oprah Winfrey defends her show against Newsweek's article.

Video: Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and Joe Simpson go to the Lakers game.

"Shrink" trailer starring Kevin Spacey.

Video: David Duchovny refuses to comment on renewing his wedding vows.

Video: Denzel Washington reveals that he will be starring in "Unstoppable" with Star Trek's Chris Pine!

Video: Jimmy Fallon introduces the Dave Matthews GPS system.

Video: 12 year old boy dies after getting struck by lightning while playing baseball.

Linda Hogan is drug-free.

Video: Larry King interviews David Carradine in 1991. RIP David.

Video: Conan O'Brien debuts "In the Year 3000"!!

Denise Richards tells Howard Stern that she swallows and enjoys taking it from behind.

Sacha Baron Cohen sued for Bruno Bingo Brawl!

Video: Reporter asks Will Ferrell and "Land of the Lost" cast questions while using a fart machine.

Video: Ryan Seacrest has dinner and comments on Eminem/Bruno.

Sexy Bar Refaeli poses nude for Esquire.

Video: Cat hides in couch cushions. AWWWWWW!

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Kyra Sedgwick has "Footloose" advice for Chace Crawford.

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Video: Huge stash of guns, drugs and beer found at daycare center.

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LeAnn Rimes is called a stalker!

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Video: 5 foot long alligator ends up in swimming pool!

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Video: Barack Obama's dog Bo bites reporter's microphone and will not let go!

"Toy Story 3" trailer!

Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez's relationship is getting serious.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt "threatens" Jamie Kennedy with a wedding deadline.

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Adam Lambert and his interior designer boyfriend have people talking & staring!

Alyssa Milano says that Geno's World's tweets are her favorite!

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Creepy "Pandorum" trailer starring Dennis Quaid.

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Mel Gibson explodes at his Catholic Church and threatens the congegation!

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Watch the Dave Matthews Band live in concert tonight!

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt try to quit "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" on Day 1!

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Betty Weeps As Archie Picks Veronica

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