Saturday, April 18, 2009

Julia Louis-Dreyfus says the "Seinfeld" reunion on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" has been a blast!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I must have patience!

E!: The Seinfeld reunion has begun.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus says that she and her famous costars—Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards—began shooting their multiple-episode appearance on Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm last month.
"It was really fun to get together with everybody," Louis-Dreyfus told me today. "Frankly, it was as if we never left."
And there’s more fun to come. "We're shooting again this month and in May," she said. "We have a lot more work to do."
No surprise, everyone has been sworn to secrecy...
Louis-Dreyfus can't even reveal if they're riffing on their legendary Seinfeld characters. "I really can’t say," she said. "I'm sorry. I would if I could, but I’m not allowed."

Video: Stolen library book returned 145 years later!

Video: Michelle Pfeiffer plays a sexy cougar in "Cheri" trailer starring Rupert Friend and Kathy Bates.

Video: Mandy Moore says husband Ryan Adams can audition for her band if he needs a job.

Hugh Jackman says Robert Deniro was his inspiration for getting into shape for "Wolverine".

Video: Interview with "Star Trek Online" game producer.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Video: Tori Spelling answers fan questions about her kids, her mother and her diet.

Video: Anne Hathaway talks about guest starring on "The Simpsons".

"Moon" sci-fi movie trailer starring Sam Rockwell. See what the buzz is all about!

Video: Cheerleading coach talks about getting fired after posing for Playboy.

Exclusive: Lauren Hildebrandt interview! Hildy talks about her new album, Danity Kane's Shannon Bex, a Nick Carter duet and her crush on Zac Efron!

Lauren, it's so great to chat with you today on Geno's World.

You, too. Thanks for having me.

I see that your nickname is Hildy. Can I call you Lauren?

No, how dare you call me by my real name. Just kidding, of course. Most people do call me Lauren.

I am a big fan of yours and LOVE your debut CD "Not Really a Waitress." How much work went into writing and recording this album?

It took close to a year and a half. Lots of people were involved in the project from Atlanta, LA, Scottsdale. Mostly it was because of scheduling problems due to my waitressing jobs and the long hours that made it difficult to spend time in the studio.

Why are you calling it "Not Really a Waitress?"

Because a lot of people can relate to having to work at something while pursuing a dream...not just artists and actors in LA but students, mothers and others working to make ends meet. When you wait tables, people see you as just a servant and don't care what's inside or underneath...just how quickly they can get their order. I felt invisible in my uniform that covered up who I really was. But every table and every tip help pay for another track.

Geno's World LOVES your music video for BOYSHORTS. Very sexy stuff! What was shooting the video like for you?

So much fun! A whole two days centered on me and I loved the attention...ha ha. I love making videos because seeing the visual helps people relate to the song. I want fans to relate to me and have something memorable. Gotta give a shout out to Andrew Will, the director, and his crew for an incredible video.


Do you have any "behind-the-scenes" stories from the shoot?

The scenes with me dancing in a black dress with a light shining through were shot in my parent's garage! Also, we didn't realize we needed a permit for the beach scene with Thor (my love interest). The lifeguards came just as we were finishing. They were cool about it and let us continue for the last 15 minutes because they said it was okay to shoot our 'student' film.

You were on Debbie Allen's "Fame" on NBC and lasted until the finals as a "triple-threat." Did appearing on that show help you in Hollywood?

Not really. Hollywood doesn't care about triple threats -- Broadway does.

Shannon Bex from Danity Kane came in Second Place on "Fame." You have any dirt on her for us?

No dirt. Shannon is one of the sweetest girls ever. She is a motivated, talented girl and I was so happy to see her success in Danity Kane because she deserved it.

What do you think of Lady Gaga, who seems to be trend setting everywhere she goes these days?

I love Lady Gaga. Her style is different and her image is out there. I love her theatrical background and musicality that makes her such a unique performer.

What designers are you currently working with?

None...please come forward and dress me! Actually, I just worked with the talented Erin Hirsch, who designed 2 costumes for my shows. But I'd love to meet some up and coming designer who wants to dress me for the red carpet.

Have to ask, are you a natural blonde?

I feel like one. But Ashley Livesay, my hairdresser at Chromo in Hollywood, reminds me every 4 weeks how dark my hair really is, especially when I want her to make me even blonder.

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

Zac Efron. Come on, he has great hair and he did such an awesome job on SNL and who doesn't love "High School Musical" movies. Wish I went to his high school. Also, Penn Badgley. I'm a huge fan of "Gossip Girls" and I'm not sure if I have a crush on him or his character, but definitely a crush. Last, Justin Timberlake....doesn't everyone?

I heard somewhere that you were possibly going to record a duet with Nick Carter. What is going on with that?

Growing up, I always loved the Back Street Boys. We've reached out to Nick and hope to get something going.

What can we expect to see from Lauren "Hildy" Hildebrandt in the coming months?

A few performances back East and then into the studio to work with a few different producers. I'm in talks to duet with a few people as well as do another single that is a bit different from those on my album. I love being in the studio.

Best of luck to you! It's been a pleasure to chat with you. Come back to Geno's World anytime!

Thanks, Geno. Love your blog and all the best to you!!

Lauren Hildebrandt first rose to celebrity when she competed on Debbie Allen's triple-threat reality series "Fame". Hildy made it all the way to the top twelve appearing on national television week-after-week and winning fans nationally. Hildebrandt made a huge splash in the dance world with her debut single titled "Burnin' Out," which hit #5 on the Billboard club play chart which led to a coveted nomination as "Best New Dance Artist" in 2006 against Rihanna and Cascada at the International Dance Music Awards. Soon after, Lauren released the Top 20 Billboard club hits "Dance With You" and "My Life Again" in succession. Today, Hildy's poised to make her splash on the mainstream scene with her first pop single titled "Boyshorts," from her forthcoming debut album "Not Really a Waitress," released on Red Wallet Records. The full album drops mid March 2009. Watch out for Lauren "Hildy" Hildebrandt as she tours internationally to support her new release. With her sassy edge, stunning glam look and legs to give Tina Turner a run for her money, Hildy's got the talent, drive and ambition to hit the big time. For more information: or

Video: "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels drops the F bomb and calls the contestants half dead in between interviews!

Video: Kim Kardashian shows off her hot new workout video.

Video: Ali Larter looks stunning at "Grey Gardens" premiere.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Katy Perry says that writing Kelly Clarkson's hit "I Do Not Hook Up" gave her enough money to buy a house in Malibu!

MTV: Perry wrote "Hook Up" with new "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi and producer Greg Wells and "Long Shot" with noted songwriter/producer Glen Ballard and Relient-K frontman Matt Thiessen. So how did a pair of her songs end up on Clarkson's album?
"Kara and I and one of my producers, Greg Wells — when I was writing for this record that took five years and [encompassed] all these songs — we got together in a studio and we wrote a song for my record called 'I Do Not Hook Up,' but it didn't make it on my record," Perry said. "Just because there were so many different songs and there were only 12 slots allotted for the record, so ... it was kind of one of those songs that was just, like, still there. And Kelly Clarkson heard it. I guess she liked it, and she recorded it — and another song too."
So does Perry harbor any hard feelings toward Clarkson for snatching the songs away from her? Not exactly. Seems things have worked out pretty well for all parties involved.
"I'm so excited," Perry laughed, pumping her fist. "House in Malibu! Thank you, Kelly!"

Video: Hitler's paintings to be auctioned off.

Video: Panel discusses Hulk Hogan's comments about understanding why O.J. Simpson killed his wife.

Video: Humane society to fight planned squirrel bombings.

Video: Zooey Deschanel sings and stars in a commercial for cotton.

Spencer Pratt talks about running for President.

Video: Hayden Panettiere makes a trench coat look sexy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video: Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about her new sexy Maxim photo shoot.

Mandy Moore gets sexy for Details!

Details has an article accompanying the pics if you can tar yourself away from them.....

Video: Dave Matthews Band rocks Madison Square Garden!

Video: Caveman attacks robber with ladder!

Video: Jamie Foxx apologizes to Miley Cyrus on the Tonight Show.

Video: Woman attacked by Polar Bear in zoo.

Tori Spelling says she's not anorexic.

Video: Janice Dickenson says she'd prefer to adopt a child from America than abroad.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Video: Billy Mays the infomercial guy is the most irritating McDonald's customer ever.

Video: Kathie Lee Gifford returns to "Live with Regis and Kelly".

Is Adam Lambert a future star or a boring wannabe?

Interesting pair of MSNBC articles debate the future career of Adam Lambert. In my opinion, Adam will be a huge star for years to come. The guy has mad talent and likability.....

Adam Lambert is the guy who everyone wants to see, because he is willing to take risks and able to make them pay off. Every week, he walks that high-wire, and every week he emerges as the star of the night.

Adam Lambert will probably win "American Idol," will probably get a ton of attention, and then will probably not become a huge star. There is a reason why melodramatic cast albums do not generally top the charts.

Video: Two middle school students are expelled and arrested after putting poison in their teacher's coffee.

Video: Panel discusses Oprah Winfrey confessing her mistakes regarding her girls school.

Chickenfoot announce intimate "road test" shows!

Having a chance to see a powerhouse band like this in a small venue should not be missed!
Melodic Rock:
Chickenfoot will take the stage for a limited number of live shows, featuring music from their self-titled debut album, Chickenfoot, set for a June 9th release.Playing a series of intimate venues, this initial tour is set to launch on May 14th at the El Corazon in Seattle, WA. The shows will conclude at TLA in Philadelphia, PA on May 29th, with tickets prices throughout averaging $50 per show. The new album will be released through major retailers and digitally on June 9th and will be available for pre-sale through Best Buy beginning April 19th at"We spent a lot of time together in the recording studio working long hours to make Chickenfoot live up to expectations," said Satriani. "We really feel like we've mastered it and recorded a great album but now we're especially excited to take the show on the road and see how the fans react to it live. I think we are really going to feed off of the fan's energy. We're really that type of band."Upcoming North American DatesMay 14 El Corazon Seattle, WA On Sale 4/18May 15 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC On Sale 4/17May 17 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA On Sale 4/19May 19 The Roxy Theatre West Hollywood, CA On Sale 4/18May 22 Park West Chicago, IL On Sale 4/17May 24 The Mod Club Theatre Toronto, ON On Sale 4/18May 26 Middle East Upstairs Cambridge, MA On Sale 4/18May 28 The Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza New York, NY On Sale 4/17May 29 TLA Philadelphia, PA On Sale 4/18

Eliza Dushku poses nude and talks about eating lunch in her underwear!

Underwear, Ugg boots and lunch? That sounds like a good photo shoot opportunity.
ALLURE: Are you comfortable with nudity?ELIZA DUSHKU: "I grew up with three brothers, and I was never shy about covering up. It got to the point where my mom was like, 'OK, honey, it's time to put some clothes on now.'"
ALLURE: What about these days?ED: "I'll strip down to my underwear and my Ugg boots when I eat lunch in my trailer."
ALLURE: How would you compare this to filming a love scene?ED: "Love scenes are much more multidimensional, because often you have two people who have just met and you're rolling around, and it's more awkward than when you're posing alone."

Natalie Mejia confirms that she is Chris Brown's new mystery woman.

Video: Samantha Ronson runs away from the paparazzi!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Video: Sneak Peek of Johnny Depp on "SpongeBob Squarepants".

Poor dumb woman locks herself INTO her least she thinks she's locked in.

I heard this on Howard Stern last week. It's great enough to pass along.....

Video: TMZ's Harvey Levin talks about Mel Gibson's impending divorce.

Video: Britney Spears asks Sacramento how they are San Jose concert. Whoops...

Video: Behind the scenes of Kristin Cavallari's new photo shoot.

Former reality TV star, Kristin Cavallari, talks about her blossoming acting career and the downside of fame while at a photoshoot in Los Angeles.

Video: Behind the scenes of Green Day's new "Know Your Enemy" video.

Video: Jessica Simpson has Easter dinner with Ashlee Simpson, Tony Romo and her parents.

Video: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles star Leven Rambin gets annoyed signing autographs. happy that people know who you are.

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