Saturday, March 07, 2009

Video: Clock shops working overtime with Daylight Saving clock at a time!

Video: Deleted scene from "Twilight"!

Video: Bret Michaels and Phil Collen talk about the upcoming Cheap Trick/Def Leppard/Poison tour in a amusing interview.

Video: Oprah tells Rihanna "(Chris Brown) will hit you again!"

Video: Mickey Rourke confirms he's starring in "Iron Man 2"!

Friday, March 06, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: American Idol's Adam Lambert is STILL seeing his boyfriend "Cheeks"!

Radar Online has reported on Geno's World's exclusive revealing of American Idol's Adam Lambert's boyfriend's identity. "Cheeks" had no comment to Radar's request for a quote......But Geno's World is hard at work talking to "Cheeks" friends convinving him to tell his story exclusively here at Geno's World. And Geno's World has an exclusive response to an Access Hollywood report from 1 hour ago. Adam had talked to AH about his kissing photos that hit the web of him and "Cheeks". The report says Adam is currently single.....NOT SO says a close associate of "Cheeks". "Oh no, they still see each other.".....Stay tuned.......

Video: Hindu organization introduces soft drink with cow urine as the key ingredient! They hope to outsell Coke and Pepsi.

A hardline Hindu organisation is testing a soft drink with cow urine, which many Hindus believe is sacred and has medicinal properties. The RSS, which opposes Western imports, wants the bovine beverage to outsell the likes of Coca Cola and Pepsi. It is the latest attempt of the RSS, which has been accused of violence in the past, to cleanse India of Western influence.

But seriously.........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mila Jovovich's sexy new nude photo shoot!

Video: Bernard Madoff is close to pleading guilty and accepting a plea deal!

Brody Jenner and Joe Francis get into a bar fight over Francis elbowing Brody's girlfriend in the head!

My money would be on Brody in a first round knockout...............

US: Girls Gone Wild honcho Joe Francis and Brody Jenner were involved in a bar brawl at a Los Angeles club Wednesday evening.
Sources tells that the argument broke out at the hot spot My House after Francis accidentally hit Brody’s girlfriend, model Jayde Nicole, in the head.
"Francis reached out to grab Brody and ended up hitting Jayde in the head," one source says. "Brody defended her, and it turned into a massive fight."
Adds another, "Security dragged Francis out. Joe hit Jayde and was making death threats against Brody. Brody filed a police report."
In an exclusive statement, Francis tells "I went to give Brody a hug, and I guess my elbow accidentally bumped the back of his girlfriend's head. I didn’t even know that happened until this morning. I was shocked."
"Brody and I are longtime friends," Francis goes on. "I think he was a little drunk, and he started yelling at me, but it's all okay. He was angry. Brody's girlfriend is the type of girl that gets off creating drama. She was winding him up. There was no physical altercation. I would never threaten to beat him up and I would never get in a fight. The whole thing was 20 seconds."
Francis also denies that security kicked him out of the club.

Video: "Watchmen" review. Is it as good as the hype?

Shocking Video: 16 year old charged with beating school bus driver.

Video: Rihanna's relatives speak out against Chris Brown!

Video: Take a look at Michael Vick's impressive mansion that is being auctioned off!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Seinfeld" cast to reunite on "Curb Your Enthusiam"!

Woohoo! I've missed both shows terribly. Reruns are great, but new episodes of "Curb" with guest spots by the gang is fantastic news!

The Seinfeld cast is making another must-see appearance. EW has learned exclusively that the four stars of NBC's long-running comedy -- Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards -- will be featured in a multiple-episode story arc on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm this fall. The cameos will mark the first time that all four actors have appeared together in a scripted TV show since Seinfeld went off the air nearly 11 years ago. No date has been set for this event, or for Curb's seventh season, which will run for 10 weeks. Curb, of course, was created by and stars Larry David, the cocreator of Seinfeld.
The episodes, which are currently shooting in Los Angeles, appear to represent a continuation of David's relationship with the Seinfeld stars. As Curb fans know, Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus, and Alexander have made individual appearances on the award-winning series over the years

Official "American Idol" site bans all talk about Geno's World's exclusive Adam Lambert post!

This is 2009 and "American Idol" is afraid of a contestant being gay???? What? I got an e-mail from an Idol fan who said that threads about Geno's World's exclusive post about Adam Lambert's boyfriend were immediately getting deleted. I went there, signed up and started a thread myself. Sure enough, it was wiped out within minutes. What in the world are they afraid of???

Video: Spinal Tap say they would welcome Joaquin Phoenix as a new member!

Rihanna fans who are prison inmates can't wait to get their hands on Chris Brown!!

It looks more and more like there is a real possibility that Chris Brown may do some jail time for beating Rihanna. You've read all the awful details, looked at the pictures of blood, seen Chris smiling and jet skiing......So I asked myself. What kind of fresh perspective can I give Geno's World readers about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation? A light bulb went off in my head recently and I called a friend of mine in the Los Angeles area. Tina has a cousin Ray who is currently serving a life term for murder. (I know, I have the best connections.) Anyway, Tina was kind enough to act as a Geno's World correspondent for the day and ask Ray how inmates would react to Chris Brown being incarcerated there....

"He better come prepared for some fun. That's all I gotta say. What do I mean? There's a lotta fellas here who love Rihanna and her music. They ain't too happy with what went down. I mean, you can't treat a princess like Rihanna like that. You gotta show some respect for a goddess like that. The guys here would love to show Chris how to really treat a woman. And you know what I mean, Chris would be the woman. That man is too damn pretty. He'd be very popular in here."

So there you go, not too surprising and only one man's opinion.........

Video: Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz have a dance off!

Video: Behind the scenes of a sexy new Britney Spears photo shoot for Candie's!

Heidi Klum talks about her "Dancing with the Stars" dreams!

Video: Michelle Rodriguez answers Community Service question by asking paparazzi "How is the d**k sucking going"? LOL

Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and other celebrities LOVE Twitter!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: American Idol's Adam Lambert's boyfriend is....."Cheeks", a music star called the boy Madonna!!

Adam Lambert has made it to the final 12 of this year's "American Idol". The guy has got tremendous talent and will go far. Pictures of Adam kissing another man have recently surfaced all over the web. The question remained.....who is the mysterious man? Well the man is............ Brad Bell aka "Cheeks" a music star in his own right! Geno's World has been in contact with Brad's people and is hoping for an interview soon. One of Brad's people told me that "Brad doesn't want to mess with Adam's chances in Idol. His main concern right now is to support Adam and give him his 100% support and love!" Awwwwwwwww. How cute! Remember to bookmark Geno's World and check back for more Cheeks updates along with more Celebrity Exclusives from around the globe!

Pictures of Rihanna's blood in Chris Brown's car released along with rumors of the pair getting married!

Radar Online has photos of the infamous car and Rihanna's blood stains. So sad. Ever sadder and scarier are the rumors floating around via Star that the pair have gotten hitched!

To the shock of many, Rihanna reunited with Chris Brown over the weekend — but they did more than that!
In the March 16 issue of Star — on sale now! — we report that the couple had a tearful face-to-face meeting at Diddy's $14.5 million Miami mansion, during which an emotional Chris apologized, begged for forgiveness and proposed to her on the spot.
"All she's ever wanted was to be with him forever," a source tells Star. "Rihanna is looking for the husband-and-two-kids deal before she turns 25. She believes in fairy tales, and she wants to live hers with Chris. She was totally up front and confessed to him, 'I can't live without you.'"
The pair wasted no time making Rihanna's fairy tale come true. They even called a minister to the mansion on exclusive Star Island!

Good God. She can't be that naive.....Can she?.................

Video: Brian Austin Green is trying to steal Megan Fox back from me!

No!!!!! She's mine!!!!

Video: Footage from Britney Spears' "Circus" concert in New Orleans last night!

Video: La Coacha "interviews" Britney Spears in funny spoof!

I Loooooooooooooooooooove La Coacha! Seriously, will you marry me? :)

Video: Paris Hilton leaves restaurant in a huff after not getting a table!

Katherine Heigl is called an unliked diva after numerous problems on set of her latest film!

I need a few assistants to fetch me my coke classics........

Katherine Heigl is quickly earning the reputation for being one of Hollywood’s most difficult divas.

The Grey’s Anatomy star has come under fire on the set of her latest movie Five Killers for being “extremely unprofessional,” flaking on meetings and making ridiculous demands.

Apparently the 30-year-old star has been demanding that she be flown by private plane to and from the film’s international locations, and has also requested “crazy amounts of security."

But the rumors hardly end there.

According to an extra on the film 27 Dresses, "Heigl reportedly refused to film any scenes until her pregnant assistant ran around and got her a Coke Zero. She refused to eat lunch next to anyone or have anyone speak to her once the cameras stopped rolling."

“No one on the crew likes her,” an inside source said.

“She has a sense of entitlement that is really off-putting,” another source learned. “Many directors that she’s worked with in the past do not want to work with her again.”

Video: Priceless exchange between Judge and douche who was sentenced to 120 years for shooting at Police.

Disney gives go ahead to "High School Musical 4"!

Video: Eva Longoria Parker is sweet and fantastic with her fans!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Video: Jimmy Kimmel destroys "The Bachelor" in amusing interview!

The last two comments are pure gold!

Video: Britney Spears kicks off her "Circus" tour!

Video: Scarlett Johansson shines as the face of Dolce and Gabbana's new makeup line!

Video: Woman swallows engagement ring her fiancee put in her Wendy's milkshake!

Never mind swallong the ring. The guy was using a Wendy's shake as part of his proposal???? Bwahahahahahahahaha

Video: Jennifer Love Hewitt pays US Magazine $2.2 Million to publish photos of her baby!

I love the Onion! Funny stuff.....

Video: "Octomom" jokes that she should be paid for a photograph with a fan!

Video: Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner are all smiles!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bruce Willis calls lawsuit filed against him absurd!

Video: Elizabeth Banks brings you behind the scenes of her new L'Oreal commercial with Beyonce and Eva Longoria!

Links! Jennifer Aniston's new sexy cover! Jessica Alba feels her melons??

Erin Hamilton tells her story of overcoming drug addiction.

Jennifer Aniston Covers ELLE UK April 2009. Bitten & Bound

Jessica Alba shops for melons. Celebslam

Britney Spears isn't popular anymore. Fatback Media

Ticketmaster pays up for Bruce Springsteen ticket scam. Gabby Babble

Visit The Daily Column. Tell 'em your pal Geno sent you!

Video: Sneak peek of "The Bachelor" finale!

Video: "Watchmen" cast says there won't be a sequel or prequel to the film. "Fans would kill us!"

Video: Chelsea Handler talks about being recognized by President Obama!

Video: Cheap "fake beer" sells like crazy in Japan!

Chris Brown is laying down new beats for a new album.

I can only imagine the lyrics.......

E!: Chris Brown has been doing more in Miami than reconciling with Rihanna. He's been recording.
E! News has learned exclusively that, in addition to riding a jet ski daily in the waters behind Diddy's manse, where he has been trying to patch things up with his girlfriend following their Grammys eve blowup, Brown has been laying down tracks for a new album.
Brown, 19, has been in Miami for about a week and has been recording late at night at Miami's famed Hit Factory studio. There has been no sign of Rihanna, 21, at any of the sessions.
Meanwhile, despite reports by People and Extra, Brown was not out partying solo Saturday.
Those outlets were among many that claimed Brown was kicking it up in South Beach with Young Jeezy, Reggie Bush and Khloe Kardashian (sister of Bush's girlfriend, Kim).
Sources tell E! News that Bush has a friend who bears a resemblance to Brown. Apparently some fellow revelers at the Gansevoort South Hotel mistook the Bush pal for Brown, who was absolutely not in attendance. Neither Bush nor Khloe Kardashian have ever met Brown, our insiders say.
Indeed, speaking to Celebuzz, Kardashian confirms the mistaken identity. “I find it so silly that so many media outlets picked up our story with no truth behind it."

Video: Gary Busey tells Ed McMahon to keep the faith!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Video: First look at Taylor Swift on "CSI"!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson shock elderly couple by making out on a plane!

No word whether any men on board shouted "YA BABY!!"........

Mirror: On our Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to London, we were just a few seats away from the loved-up couple – and we didn’t know where to look as they kissed, cuddled and giggled their way through most of the 10-hour flight.
At one point we even caught 22-year-old LiLo texting sweet nothings to DJ Sam on her in-flight entertainment handset – despite sitting eight inches away from her.
We weren’t the only passengers to witness their amorous antics. An elderly couple celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary were stunned when Lindsay gave 30-year-old Sam a passionate kiss.

Video: Cutie Rachel Bilson refuses to talk about her engagement.

Video: Woman charged with child endangerment for breast feeding her baby and talking on the phone while driving!

Video: "Octomom" uses Barack Obama mask to hide her face from cameras!!

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