Saturday, January 31, 2009

Download Win Marcinak's HOT cover of Bryan Ferry's "Kiss and Tell" featuring Expose's Gioia Bruno. Perry Twins Collision mix!!

Kiss & Tell / Money Talks Dirty Cash Perry Twins Collision Mix - Win & Gioia Bruno - The Perry Twins
This song is fantastic!!! Dance music isn't my thing, and yet I can't stop listening to this masterpiece. Enjoy!

Video: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt shop at the 99 cent store!

Suzanne Somers injects estriol vaginally and takes 60 pills a day to stay young!

Celebs can be quite........insane.....
Suzanne Somers has always been preoccupied with staying fit and looking young.

But has the former Three’s Company star gone too far?

On an appearance Thursday on "Oprah," Somers, 62, invited cameras into her home to watch her daily routine of hormone injections and supplement popping.

She begins with rubbing a syringe of estrogen on one arm, every day. For two weeks out of the month, she rubs progesterone on the other.

After that, she injects estriol vaginally, which she graciously spared the audience from watching.

But it doesn’t end there.

She can’t start her day without taking 40 pills, 15 of which she downs in a thick, yellow smoothie her husband makes for her (she says it's the secret to their marriage!). Then she ends her day with an additional 20 pills at night before bed.

While she admits the routine makes her seem “like some kind of fanatic,” she says it has helped her beat the “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause: Itchy, B**chy, Sleepy, Sweaty, Bloated, Forgetful and All Dried Up.”

“I wanna be there,” she said, pointing to her head. “Until I’m 110. And I'm going to do what I have to do to get there.”

And she isn't kidding. Somers has also been the spokeswoman for the fitness device ThighMaster, has admitted that she is “not against going under the knife,” and has released several exercise DVDs and books.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Video: Ellen Degeneres grills Alyson Hannigan about her baby's gender!

Video: John Turtorro's Super Bowl ad for Heineken!

Video: Bruce Springsteen has his first press conference in 20 years to talk about the Super Bowl halftime show!

Links! Megan Fox won't play Lara Croft! Bar Rafaeli getting ready for Valentine's Day with Leo!

Hall & Oates performing "Method of Modern Love" in 2007.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Trouble in Paradise? (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Lauren Conrad Is Outta Here. Fatback Media

Bar Refaeli Getting Ready For Valentine's Day With Leo! The Bastardly

Megan Fox won't play Lara Croft. The Blemish

Michael Lohan needs help protecting Lindsay from Sam. Yeeeah

Video: Jessica Simpson refuses to comment on her weight!

Evan Rachel Wood says Mickey Rourke is too old for her and she's not attracted to him!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Expose singer Gioia Bruno is back in secret negotiations to replace an unhappy Paula Abdul on "American Idol"???

Gioia was in Los Angeles this past week for a big Expose' concert at the Nokia Theatre Saturday night, the same venue where American Idol held their finale last year. While in town Gioia was super busy with a lavish photo shoot with celebrity photographer Matthew Cooke, working with producers on new tracks for her upcoming album, taking meetings with several mysterious studio execs, giving press interviews and even scoping out potential new neighborhoods to buy a home. A close friend of Gioia's had this to say, "The woman never stops - she even made time to go to a Lakers' game with a major entertainment exec before she went into the recording studio this past Sunday. I just wish I knew who all of these execs were. She would not tell me. What I do know is that she turned down a lunch meeting with an ABC casting director and a "Dancing With the Stars" producer, when invited. I felt that was very odd, because she has wanted to do that show. Who knows what she's got cooking?! I am sure we'll know more soon. One thing was apparent, she sure was happy while in town this time."

As long time Geno's World readers know, Gioia was very close to getting a spot on "American Idol" as the 4th judge, but lost out at the last moment to current judge Kara DioGuardi.

Gioia has not given up on her dream to become an "American Idol" judge! Paula Abdul blew up on Tuesday night's "American Idol" program and left the show in a huff over not being utilized enough due to the 4th judge. Idol producers are thrilled with the new 4 judge format and have tapped Gioia as the heir apparent to Paula. Gioia was busy all week in L.A. and had quite a number of photo shoots for potential "American Idol" press releases or other upcoming reality projects.

Gioia sat down with Denise Ames and "Rock of Love 2" winner Ambre Lake. Gioia was open about her interest in joining a reality TV program:

Singer Gioia Bruno during her “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames” TV interview
in Los Angeles this month with TV Host Denise Ames (far left) and Co-Host/Vh1’s Rock of Love II Winner Ambre Lake (far right) (Photo by Barbra Porter)

Excerpt from TV Interview:

Ambre Lake: I’m from the reality world [Vh1's Rock of Love II]…Are you interested in doing a show?

Gioia Bruno: Do you? I do too!

Denise Ames: I saw you with the moves dancing on stage [with Expose] back in the day so I thought Dancing With The Stars would be perfect for you!

Bruno: It would be a lot of fun. We’re working on it, aren’t we Jim? (referring to her publicist Jim Strzalkowski of Media Giants)

Ames : Are you up for any type of reality show?

Bruno: I was thinking more like Survivor.

Lake: I would love to do that!

Bruno: No bug eating though! (Laughs)

A photographer contact of mine just sent me a hot new promo shot of Gioia! The photo may be used for Idol promotions or one of Gioia's upcoming reality projects in negotiations:

Video: My Chemical Romance covers Bob Dylan's "Desolation Road" for "Watchmen" movie!

There's plenty of action in My Chemical Romance's brand-new video for "Desolation Row," the Bob Dylan song they covered for Zack Snyder's hotly anticipated "Watchmen" film. Unfortunately, they seem to be on the losing end of most of it.

In this exclusive clip of the video — which was directed by Snyder — MCR frontman Gerard Way sports a mean shiner and a butterfly bandage over his eye, the result of some unseen altercation. Just what did the damage? Well, you can find out for sure when the full "Desolation" video premieres on the iTunes Music Store Friday.

Keen eyes should already be able to pick out a few nods to the "Watchmen" film in the video — check the smiley face on drummer Bob Bryar's kit, and the massive Rorschach symbol the band performs in front of — but according to Way, the tie-in doesn't end there. When we spoke to him a few months back, he revealed that the song now plays a huge part in Snyder's much-discussed new ending to the film.

"I don't want to say too much, but as far as the placement right now it's integral to the ending of the film," Way said. "And that gave me goose bumps, and not because we did the song, but because it works that well, I feel."

As for the song itself, it keeps in line with the "fast and loose" ethos MCR have adopted for their still-in-the-works new album, one that Way says is going to shock a lot of longtime fans.

"Well, it was interesting, because it's punk but not in a modern punk sense. We really went for that Sex Pistols-type sound. Some people that I've played for, their first reaction was that it's British, it almost sounds like Slade," he explained. "So that was really interesting — I guess we're never really going to shake some of that British glam. But [especially on 'Desolation Row'] we're going for that Sex Pistols-type sound. In fact, when we did the guitars, we brought in Marshall heads and '50s Les Paul customs. So basically, relative things set up as the Pistols to get that sound. And the mixing was done accordingly as well. It's very distorted and it's very trashy."

Links! Hooters girl sues Hawaiian Tropic for racism. Jessica Biel shows off her rear on the beach! Fergie goes lesbian?

Ray Wilson's video for "These are the Changes".

Hooters girl, is suing Hawaiian Tropic Zone in New York City, citing “racism.” Bitten & Bound

Michael Lohan is an angry blogger. Fatback Media

Christina Aguilera's cleavage is abundant. NewsToob

Jessica Biel shows off her rear on the beach. The Bastardly

Fergie goes lesbian on stage. Yeeeah

Video: President Bush attends Basketball game in Waco Texas.

Kim Kardsahian tells everyone to leave the new chunky Jessica Simpson alone!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video: Bruce Springsteen is still bashing President Bush.

Kelly Clarkson breaks Billboard's record for leap to #1! I WANT MY CUT!!!!

I think I deserve 1% of the profits due to Geno's World covering the controversy of her CD single cover. Fans were outraged and bought multiple copies to get back at Betty and support their beloved Kelly. Congrats Kelly! Now about that 1%............

Kelly Clarkson will make history on this week's Billboard Hot 100, to be posted tomorrow (Jan. 29) on, with the largest leap to No. 1 in the chart's 50-year history.

Her new single, "My Life Would Suck Without You," is set to rocket 97-1 after selling 280,000 digital downloads in its first week of availability. The song is also faring well at radio, jumping 58-38 on the Hot 100 Airplay chart and 27-18 on the Mainstream Top 40 list.

"My Life" introduces Clarkson's March 17 RCA album "All I Ever Wanted." This is the second time the artist has set the record for largest jump to No. 1. She took her "American Idol" victory song, "A Moment Like This," 52-1 on the chart dated October 5, 2002.

That mark lasted nearly five years until Maroon 5 soared 64-1 with "Makes Me Wonder" in May 2007 and had been broken four more times since, most recently by Britney Spears' "Womanizer" (96-1).

"My Life" is Clarkson's first No. 1 since her debut single, though she has placed six other songs in the top 10 during this time, including the No. 2-peaking "Since U Been Gone" in April 2005.

"Never Again", the first single from her last set, the relatively poor performing "My December," opened at No. 8 on the Hot 100 in the May 5, 2007, issue, starting with 107,000 downloads, and spending a total of two weeks in the top 10.

Video: First interview with Hugh Hefner and his 3 new girlfriends!

Video: Mickey Rourke says his dog is sick and to pray for it!

Links! Madoona and A-Rod back together! Sexy Rihanna pics from GQ Mexico! Hilary Duff plays with dolphins!

Genesis performing "Firth of Fifth" live in 2007.

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez Together Again. Bitten & Bound

J-Lo May Be Coming To Broadway. Fatback Media

Rihanna in GQ Mexico. NewsToob

Hilary Duff plays with dolphins. The Bastardly

Mischa Barton falls out of her top again. Yeeeah

Jessica Simpson says she's not fat! Tony Romo may to be blame as he stuffs her face with ribs and fries!

Video: Judge in hot water after hitting state trooper's car while drunk and racially charged "Negroitis" remarks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Extreme Movie release on DVD 2/24/09. Worst or best movie ever?

This film could possibly be the worst 90 minutes of your life. I took a look at the pictures, the cast and the storyline and could not help but do a post. The film has also set up a site : where you can upload your own photo and have that person have sex with Abe Lincoln. Good God, what a promo.........

EXTREME MOVIE is a raunchy teen sex comedy that takes the audience through a variety of sexual misadventures of all shapes and sizes, brought to you from the writers of Not Another Teen Movie, first time directors Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson. With performances by Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad, “Arrested Development”), Frankie Muniz (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, “Malcom in the Middle”), Ryan Pinkston (“Punk’d,” Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over), Jamie Kennedy (Scream trilogy, Son of the Mask) and Matthew Lillard (Scream, Scooby-Doo), this is a sex-comedy classic in the making. Releases 2/24/09 on DVD!

Susan Surandon to appear with George Clooney on "ER" episode!

Is she going to play his Mom?...........
How do you get Susan Sarandon to appear on ER? Easy. Let her work with George Clooney.
Sources tell me exclusively that Sarandon filmed scenes late last week with fellow Oscar winner Clooney on the set of ER at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. The episode will air toward the end of the current final season of the long-running NBC hit.
So what went down on set? And which other stars got to share screen time with Dr. Doug Ross, aka Clooney?
According to sources who were there on set for Clooney's return, ER series regular Linda Cardellini (Sam) also got the chance to work with Clooney in at least one scene. So far no details of the storyline have been revealed.
"He was charming," one ER crew member tells me. "Everyone had a great time with George, and he told some great stories about the old days. He really enjoyed himself and was glad he did it."
Sarandon's last NBC guest spot was in 2001 on Friends (a show on which Clooney appeared in 1995). Both actors have received attention recently for being part of the more than 2,000 actors who have declared opposition to a Screen Actors Guild strike.

56 year old Mickey Rourke allegedly seen making out with 21 year old Evan Rachel Wood.

Mickey has previously threatened to break the legs of a reporter who reported on this alleged romance...Therefore, I stand in Mickey's corner and say with all certainty that this is just a rumor. I respect Mr. Rourke.....and am deathly afraid of crutches.......

Fox: 21-Year-Old Evan Rachel Wood Busted Making Out With Movie Dad
Stranger things have happened - after all, this is Hollywood. Evan Rachel Wood, 21, hit headlines last year after she started dating Marilyn Manson (19 years her senior) but since their split in December has she now moved on to 56-year-old veteran actor Mickey Rourke?
The two attended Grey Goose’s Official SAG after-party at the Shrine on Sunday evening but were spotted leaving together enroute to the later after party at the Four Seasons Hotel. According to Pop Tarts spies, the actress went upstairs with Rourke (whose second marriage ended over a decade ago) when he suddenly grabbed her for a lip-lock in the outside area of the swanky five-star hotel.
The duo have been romantically linked since she played his daughter in "The Wrestler," although Wood always denied that they were anything more than friends.
Reps for Rourke and Wood did not respond for comment.
So, if you make out with your movie dad, does that make it movie... oh forget it.
Also seen livin’ it up at the ultra-exclusive soiree were Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Kevin Dillon and Diane Lane.

David Beckham sued by paparazzi for assault and battery!

Video: Janice Dickinson says she's getting her beard and her beaver waxed!

Jessica Simpson is encouraged by Steve Guttenberg to star in a British Pantomime to make money!!

We can only pray that Jess will do this...........
Jessica Simpson wants to star in a British pantomime. The actress has been encouraged to pursue a role in a traditional Christmas theater production after her friend Steve Guttenberg - who stars alongside Jessica in upcoming film "Major Movie Star" - told her how much money she could earn.
The "Police Academy" star told Britain's New! magazine: "I've been talking to her about when I did my stint in Bromley, U.K., and she's keen to experience the panto for herself."
"I told her how I'd picked up 100 grand for four weeks' work - that's going to appeal to anyone!"
Jessica - who recently left her pop career in favor of country singing - may have to put plans for a pantomime stint on hold after it was recently revealed she is "actively trying for a baby" with her American football star boyfriend Tony Romo.
A source said: "I wouldn't be surprised if Jessica makes an announcement that she's pregnant very, very soon."
"Major Movie Star" has been renamed "Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous" for its straight to DVD release in the U.S. next month.

Links! Monster truck accident video. New Jenna Jameson pregnant pictures with Heidi Montag! Jessica Simpson is chunky!

Simple Minds video for "Hypnotized".

Monster Truck Accident Video. Bitten & Bound

Jennifer Aniston is better than Brangelina. Fatback Media

Jenna Jameson pregnant pictures with Heidi Montag. In Case You Didn't Know

Lisa Rinna Shows Her Panties @ 15th Annual SAG Awards. The Bastardly

Jessica Simpson is a lard ass. Yeeeah

Video: 93 year old man freezes to death inside his home after electric company restricted his use of electricity.

Video: First look at "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm on "30 Rock" with Tina Fey!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Video: Survivors Of Gas Station Explosion Mourn Tragic Loss Of Gasoline

Video: Great interviews with the entire "Mad Men" cast after their SAG win!!

Video: Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence reminisce about the hit show "Blossom" with Julie Chen. Whoa!!

Matt Damon calls James Bond a repulsvive, imperialist, misogynist sociopath!

James Bond was unavailable for comment........


Matt Damon thinks James Bond is "repulsive." The "Bourne Identity" actor - who plays CIA agent Jason Bourne in three hit films - has lashed out at Ian Fleming's famous British spy, currently portrayed by Daniel Craig.
He said: "He's repulsive. Bond is an imperialist, misogynist, sociopath who goes around bedding women and swilling martinis and killing people."
"The movies have a formula, they stick to it, and it makes them a lot of money. They know what they are doing and they're going to keep doing it."

Governor Rod Blagojevich says he considered naming Oprah Winfrey as the new Senator!!??

This guys is A+ entertainment...........(Video below story)

Yahoo: Taking his defense to the airwaves rather than his impeachment trial, Gov. Rod Blagojevich lashed out at his accusers Monday and revealed he had considered naming Oprah Winfrey to the Senate.
On the day his Senate trial was to begin, Blagojevich was hundreds of miles away in New York, appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America" before scheduled appearances on "The View" and "Larry King Live."
"I'm here in New York because I can't get a fair hearing in Illinois, the state Senate in Illinois," Blagojevich said in between TV appearances. "They've decided, with rules that are fixed, that don't allow me as a governor the right to be able to bring in witnesses to prove that I've done nothing wrong."
The embattled governor told ABC that the idea of nominating Winfrey to fill President Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat came to him as he explored potential candidates for the job, which federal prosecutors allege he tried to sell to the highest bidder.
"She seemed to be someone who would help Barack Obama in a significant way become president," said Blagojevich, who had been discussing a replacement since before the November election. "She was obviously someone with a much broader bully pulpit than other senators."
Blagojevich, 52, worried, though, that the appointment of Winfrey might come across as a gimmick and that the talk show host was unlikely to accept. In the end, Blagojevich appointed former Illinois attorney general Roland Burris to the vacant seat.

Drew Barrymore says she's ready to make "Charlie's Angels 3"!

Video: Racist bastard New York bakery owner sells "Drunken Negro Head" cookies to celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration.

Links! Bonaduce vs. Canseco pics! Lady GaGa performs live! Sylvester Stallone is still ripped!

Rush performing "Time Stand Still" live in 1994.

Celebrity ‘Idiot’ Fight…Bonaduce vs Canseco. Bitten & Bound

Kelly Osbourne is back in rehab. Fatback Media

Brody Jenner and his girlfriend are still going strong. L.A. Rag Mag

Lady GaGa Performs @ The National Indoor Arena, Birmingham. The Bastardly

Sylvester Stallone is all natural. The Blemish

Air Force Amy posts picture of Sean Hannity at the Bunny Ranch.

Hannity was at the Bunny Ranch in 2007 for one of his Fox News tirades. No word on what item he picked from the menu.........

Video: At the SAG awards, William Shatner describes his new talk show as a fantastic voyage of discovery....what?

Video: "Mad Men" star January Jones admits the cast voted for themselves at the SAG awards!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video: Janice Dickenson asks paparazzi if they want to do a porn tape!

"Lipstick Jungle" stage manager arrested for stealing $30,000 worth of clothing and trying to sell it on eBay!

Gee, how did a brilliant guy like this get caught?...........
NEW YORK – A stage manager has been charged with stealing $30,000 of designer bags and clothing from the television show "Lipstick Jungle" and trying to sell them on eBay.

Arthur Moreira, 27, was arrested Friday after investigators posing as buyers found missing items at his apartment. The haul included 16 coats, bags and suits by Prada, Gucci, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana.

The Brooklyn District Attorney's office said prosecutors investigated after an employee of Paris fashion designer Sylvia Toledano saw a crystal-encrusted clutch that had been loaned to the show for sale on the Internet.

Prosecutors said Moreira offered to sell the bag and a Burberry coat for less than retail value by explaining that "they fell off the back of a truck."

Moreira worked for a Brooklyn storage and production facility used by the NBC show, which stars Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price and Kim Raver.

Moreira was scheduled to be arraigned Saturday. It was unclear whether he had an attorney

Video: Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch explain who the Jonas Brother are to Parker Posey at Sundance!

Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus battling for "Snow White" movie role!

Miley is the obvious choice.........

Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus are in the running to play Snow White in a new big screen adaptation, according to a new report.

The pair - who have both hit the headlines with their not-so-innocent antics - are said to be movie bosses' top choice to bring some bad girl attitude to the role of the pure Disney princess.

"There is a lot of interest in adapting this book, especially off the back of the huge success of Twilight and Harry Potter," a movie insider tells The Sun.

"Talks are already underway with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox in the reckoning for lead roles."

Like the Disney animated classic, the new live-action version will be loosely based on Jim Hines' novel The Stepsister Scheme.

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