Saturday, January 10, 2009

Video: UNCENSORED version of Sexy Lisa Rinna being exposed on Today show with Richard Simmons!

Kelly Clarkson calls herself pathetic and says that they photo-shopped the crap out of her new CD cover!

I'll buy 3 weeks when it's in the 99 cent bin......
4 DAYS!!!!
i’m headed to london today for some album promo and i’m so freakin’ excited!! i’m ready for y’all to hear this album! i’m so proud of it!! i think it’s 4 more days and my first single drops at radio and i’m super super pumped!! we decided the cover of the album and just in case you haven’t seen it i’ll post it! it’s very colorful and they have definitely photo-shopped the crap out of me but i don’t care haha! whoever she is, she looks great ha! i’ve had so much fun with this album i really hope y’all dig it woohooooooooooo!!!!
and by the way, i’m now on ‘eclipse’ of the twilight series and so is my mom, my sister and all of my friends … could say we’re a bit addicted and all searching for our very own personal ‘edward’ …..and yes, in the most pathetic way possible ha
ooh!! and the soundtrack to the movie ‘twilight’ is awesome! i can’t stop listening to ‘flightless bird, american mouth’! the production is breathtaking!
alright, peace out ….off to london

Video: Celebrities will "suffer" from Golden Globe SWAG cutbacks!

Video: Japanese take ice water baths outside to cleanse their mind and body!

Sienna Miller fired from movie because she is too sexy for fat and gross Russell Crowe!

Right Said Fred said it best...."I'm too sexy......."

RUSSELL Crowe is throwing his considerable weight around the pre-production of "Nottingham," telling producers to get a new director, demanding script rewrites and, now, forcing Sienna Miller out of the flick.

Miller, who was to play Maid Marian, left the movie yesterday after being "put on hold" while shooting was pushed back from February to April.

An insider said, "It is a mess. Russell never lost the weight he put on for 'Body of Evidence' - and so the love scenes between him and Sienna would have been laughable. He's so old and fat and she's so young and gorgeous. It's just . . . gross."

Word in Hollywood is that producers are "looking for an older, plumper actress to play the role so [Crowe] doesn't look like a paunchy grandpa. Someone in her late 30s or early 40s." A rep for Miller - who's said to be "fine" and "about to sign onto two other movies" - declined to comment.

Crowe, who plays both the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood, is trying to lose the lard. One producer who said Crowe has to shed 35 pounds cracked, "We can't have Robin Hood looking more like Friar Tuck."

The Oscar-winner has demanded serious script rewrites. "Originally the movie was about a love triangle between Maid Marian, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham," our tipster said. "It is now all about Russell's Robin Hood. Literally, 40 pages of script were redone and now are just devoted to him and his massive ego. It's amazing."

Despite studio denials, we hear Crowe is trying to get director Ridley Scott fired. Calls were made to several prominent directors over the holidays to find a replacement. "All of this was done behind Ridley's back," the insider said. "He has no idea."

A studio rep acknowledged that Miller was "released" but flatly denied "these rumors" and said, " 'Nottingham' is moving ahead with Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott."

Links! Kim Kardashian threatens reporter! Ashley Olsen doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom! Golden Globe winner revealed early???

The latest music news.

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Golden Globes Website Oops: Best Actress Winner Revealed?: Bitten & Bound

Daniel Baldwin Thinks He’s an A-Lister. Celebrity Smack

Nicole Kidman Thinks Her New Movie Sucks. Fatback Media

Evan Rachel Wood @ 14th Annual Critics' Choice Awards. The Bastardly

Kim Kardsahian threatens reporter that Reggie Bush will kick his ass if he mentions Ray J. TMZ

Ashley Olsen Doesn’t Wash Her Hands After Going Potty. Yeeeah

Video: First picture of Rebecca Romijin and Jerry O'Connell's twins!

Big Mac and fries make Pink wake up screaming!

She seems like the type to spit in your food............
Pink has nightmares about working at McDonalds. The "Sober" singer is still haunted by memories about her younger days, when she worked at the fast food chain in her hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
Pink - who at 16 signed to a top record label as a member of girl group Choice - said: "Sometimes I dream I am back there, broke and working at McDonalds."
"It's like the worst nightmare because I would never want to be back there. I've worked hard to get where I am."

Richard Gere calls China destructive and President Bush an alien!

He seems shy.......

Fox: Richard Gere received the prestigious Joel Siegel Humanitarian honor at the Critics Choice Awards, and the "Pretty Woman" star was certainly eager to express (even more) political opinions backstage.
"The Chinese want to be successful," he said, in reference to the country's current crisis with Tibet. "But their system is faulty and destructive to their future."
As for his thoughts on our next president and first lady...
"I think Michelle (Obama) is bright and engaged and real," Gere said. "It's astonishing; we actually elected two real people after eight years of aliens."
Mind you, Gere won’t be attending the upcoming inauguration due to a "fear of crowds".
And while most stars are chuffed just to be invited to star-studded awards shows, Richard made his feelings about the whole season quite clear.
"I'd rather not go to them (awards shows)," he admitted, adding that he's never been "into" Hollywood things and people.

Video: Angelina Jolie looks like a skeleton on the red carpet!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Video: Kate Hudson says she's seen "Bride Wars" over 5 times and calls her character a pig!

Video: Tony Romo plays golf with Jessica Simpson's father, Joe Simpson.

Video: Germaphobes rejoice with release of new dishwasher safe computer keyboards and mouses....WTF???

Which "Heroes" star wants off the show???

Lots of folks at the E! site are guessing Ali Larter.............

E!: Looks like T.R. Knight may be setting a trend.
Sources close to Heroes tell me that one of the show's stars has asked to leave the show at the end of the current season, in part because of a lack of screen time.
According to insiders, NBC has not yet decided whether this actor will be released from his or her contract; however, there is an apparent "death" planned for this season (somewhere in the last few episodes) that could wipe out this character for good.
So who is it?
Well, we can't reveal the actor's name (which is why this is a blind riddle—sorry!) but I can tell you:
It's a series regular who's been on since season one.
Some of you fans would freak if this actor were to leave.
This particular Hero-ic soul has more name recognition than others in the cast.
According to Peacock-net insiders, NBC is not likely to release this actor. (See number three.)
If this actor does return for season four, there's an easy way to bring him or her back from the planned "death."

Video: The very best of President George W. Bush's screw ups over the past 8 years!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's potential $350 Million divorce war brews after Marc scolds Jennifer like a little child!

I loooooove the Enquirer......

Jennifer Lopez's volatile marriage continues to spark controversy - after The ENQUIRER caught her in what seemed to be a stony-faced showdown with her husband Marc Anthony! Shocking photographs snapped on New Year's Eve show sour-faced Marc apparently pointing his finger in J.Lo's startled face.The superstar couple continues to deny they're having problems, but sources say they have fought bitterly and fear Marc's controlling ways may have stretched their 4 1/2-year marriage to the breaking point.And insiders say if they do split, there could be a bitter showdown over their fortune, estimated to be $350 million, plus wrangling for custody of their nearly year-old twins.J.Lo, 39, and Marc, 40, have been showing a united front in public in a bid to shrug off reports that their once idyllic marriage is on the rocks. But the strain seemed to be showing with an explosive argument at a New Year's Eve party in San Juan, Puerto Rico.The couple started the night at boxer Oscar De La Hoya's mansion, and then moved on to La Concha's ritzy, invitation-only bash that guests watched as the glamorous beauty and her salsa-singing hubby dropped their smiles."Jennifer and Marc partied in the outside lounge surrounded by a close-knit set of friends and heavy security," revealed an eyewitness source at the party."They danced a little bit as they stood near each other, but it was nothing serious like a long romantic dance or anything.Then Marc's mood suddenly seemed to take a turn for the worse."At one point Marc took Jennifer to the side and got very serious with her," revealed a hotel staffer. "It looked as if he was giving her some kind of orders - like a father scolding a child. It didn't look like a nice conversation. Put it this way - no one was smiling, and it was the biggest party of the year!"

Styx to perform "Renegade" and the National Anthem at the Steelers vs. Chargers Football game on Sunday!

Love Styx......hate the Steelers!!!!..........

The multi-platinum rock band Styx -- featuring Tommy Shaw, James "JY" Young, Todd Sucherman, Lawrence Gowan and Ricky Phillips -- will be performing the National Anthem at this Sunday's AFC divisional playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Diego Chargers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kickoff time is 4:45pm (ET).Joining the band on the field for the Anthem will be 20 western Pennsylvania soldiers departing for deployment next week.In addition to their Anthem performance on Sunday, STYX will also be performing a special A cappella rendition of their hit song, "Renegade," which has become a battle cry for Steelers fans cheering on the team's defense. The band will be entertaining a capacity crowd of over 65,000 fans just prior to kickoff."We love the way the Steelers use our song 'Renegade,'" says Tommy Shaw. "For one thing, there's nothing like a stadium of football fans singing along to your song. We especially love their video montage of 'Greatest Hits' using 'Renegade' as the music bed as they hammer opposing team members carrying the ball. That's one video I don't mind not appearing in."The band's James "JY" Young states, "Having been a fan of the Steelers ever since the days of Franco Harris, Mean Joe Greene and the Steel Curtain Defense, and counting former 90's era linebacker Kevin Greene as a friend and fan of our music, STYX is proud to have the Steelers continue to use our song to rev up their defense and their fans in attendance at Heinz Field. Having met Jerome Bettis at a charity event a number of years ago in Chicago and then seeing him become MVP of the recent Steeler Super Bowl victory, it just makes it that much sweeter for me and my Styx band mates to know that our song 'Renegade' helped motivate this great NFL franchise to another championship moment.""Music has the power to inspire," adds JY. "The fact that the Steelers continue to find inspiration in a song that Tommy Shaw wrote back in the late 70's is inspiring to me and all the members of STYX."Announced by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, the game will be nationally televised on CBS and can also be heard on Westwood One Radio stations throughout the country with announcers Ian Eagle, Dennis Green and Hub Arkush at the helm.Shortly after their appearance at the AFC divisional playoff game, the band will be embarking on a national tour that begins on January 22nd in Peoria, Illinois (please see full itinerary below).For more information on this weekend's appearance or the band's activities and forthcoming Summer Tour 2009, please visit their official website at information on the game, itself, can be seen at

Katie Price buys her 1 year old daughter a car...a REAL CAR!!!

How many different ways can you say dumb??.........
Katie Price has bought her 18-month-old daughter a pink Beetle for "when she drives." The 30-year-old model - who raises three children with husband Peter Andre - insists the car will be perfect for Princess Tiaamii when she starts having driving lessons at the age of 17.
She said: "I have just spent a fortune customizing a pink Beetle and have given it Lamborghini wheels. It's totally over the top but it will be great for Princess when she drives!"
Katie, who is planning a move to Los Angeles with her family while Peter finishes his new album, also revealed she was inspired to buy the car after seeing her new best friend Paris Hilton with a similar one.
She told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Paris Hilton has such an amazing Bentley. We had such a good time partying in London last year, I will definitely be calling her when we get to Los Angeles."
Paris recently revealed she wants to help the former glamour model when she moves Stateside.
She said: "I love her - I mean she is so crazy, but in a good way, and I think her and her husband Peter Andre will go down a storm back in the U.S. There's nothing quite like them over there."

Links! Willie Aames talks about his suicide attempt. Lisa Rinna says she looks like a freak! Dasha Astafieva's sexy photo shoot!

Jefferson Starship performing "Jane" in 1981.

Willie Aames Suicide Attempt. Bitten & Bound

Lisa Rinna says she looks like a freak. Celebrity Smack

Kate Hudson: Not Gonna Lez Out. Fatback Media

Dasha Astafieva Does A Sexy Photo Shoot @ The Playboy Mansion! The Bastardly

Jake Gyllenhaal is buff. What Would Tyler Durden Do

Video: Kiefer Sutherland and Carlos Bernard interviews at the "24" premiere!

Verne Troyer "Mini Me" high school pictures revealed!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Video: Tom Cruise talks about John Travolta's son's death on "The View".

Video: Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt debate whether Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston would look better in Playboy!

Porn industry asks for government bailout. Really.

Geno's World takes on Celebrity Smack in "cutest puppy war" or "battle of the bitches"!

My pal Spicy at Celebrity Smack posted the picture of her two cute dogs and stated that they were cuter than anyone else's puppies. I beg to disagree. My puppy is cuter!!! Spicy's babies are above and my insane, cute puppy is below. Oh ya Spicy!!! It's on!!!

Behind the scenes look at the special effects of "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" with Brad Pitt!

Watch CBS Videos Online

Video: Anne Hathaway tells Ellen Degeneres she is looking for a law abiding boyfriend!

Interrupting lesbians having sex in jail almost got Martha Stewart killed! Dying cell mate who protected Martha, says she won't return her calls!

If Martha had joined in with the lesbians, we would have had an A+ story instaed of an A...........

A former prison inmate who did time with Martha Stewart reveals she saved the domestic diva from two attempts on her life – but now that she is in a life-or death battle against cancer, Martha has coldly turned her back.In fact, when she approached Martha for help recently, all she received from her was an autographed photo!In a blockbuster exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Lisa Guarino has divulged never-before-revealed secrets about Martha’s harrowing five-month stay at Alderson (W.Va.) Federal Prison Camp.Lisa, who is suffering from breast cancer, is disappointed because she says Martha promised to find a top doctor to treat her. However, since Martha was released from prison, Lisa has not been able to reach the TV star – despite Martha’s claim that she stays in touch with her fellow inmates.“Some of the women who became my friends while I was incarcerated have visited with me,” Martha said in a recent interview. “There are some very interesting women there of great value to society, and I keep in contact with them.”Martha’s life was turned upside down when she reported to prison in 2004 on conspiracy and obstruction of justice convictions, stemming from a stock scandal. Mother-of-three Lisa was already serving time after being sentenced to 40 months for cocaine possession.The two became friendly, says Lisa, after she loaned Martha some blush. Soon the two began working out nightly together at the prison’s recreation center.Lisa, who remains on probation and is battling cancer, told The ENQUIRER: “Martha and I would do crunches at night. I would count in English and Martha would count in French.”One visit to the recreation center nearly ended in tragedy when strong-willed Martha shot her mouth off, revealed Lisa. “We were going to the usual room we used and the lights were off, which was odd. Then I looked through the window and I could make out some lesbians having sex.“I warned Martha not to go in there, but she said it was our time to exercise, swung open the door, turned on the light and said, ‘Chop! Chop! Ladies.’“There were about four lesbian couples in there, most of them semi-clothed and all of them had clearly been fooling around. The women were more masculine looking than boxers, and as they came out of the room, one of them said she was going to kill Martha!“Martha into the room began panicking when she realized they were serious. She went white and began shaking. ‘Don’t let them hurt me!’ she said."For the full story pick up the latest ENQUIRER on sale NOW!

Even Bruce Springsteen sells out to the Walmart giant!

Do we really need a Walmart exclusive Bruce Springsteen greatest hits CD? Will the die hard Boss fans buy this?

Links! Crystal Harris is Hugh Hefner's new girlfriend! Chris Evans loves gay guys! Miley Cyrus wants a tattoo of Justin's initials!

The Hooters performing "Time after Time".

Crystal Harris is Hugh Hefner’s Newest Girlfriend (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Sexy MILF Isla Fisher Just Fabulous For InStyle UK (Feb. 2009) Bumpshack

Chris Evans loves gay guys, just not that way. Celebrity Smack

Britney Spears Has Officially Lost Control Of Her Money. Fatback Media

Miley Cyrus Wants a Tattoo of Her Boyfriend’s Initials. Yeeeah

Video: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson TOGETHER. Lindsay answers breakup questions.

Video: Stan Lee answers New Years resolution and Spiderman 4 questions!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Carmen Electra has sex with coat hangers. Ya, you read that right.

Ouch! I'll ever be able to hang a coat or shirt he same way again.............

Contact Music Sexy CARMEN ELECTRA uses wire coat hangers to ramp up her sex life!The actress/model refuses to go into details about how she uses her homemade sex aids, but admits she's found a hot new use for hangers.She teases, "A little pleasure, a little pain. It's all about fun."The current Playboy pin-up tells the magazine she's a big collector of sex toys and visits the world's top boutiques to stock up.Electra, who is engaged to rocker Rob Patterson, adds, "I love going to different sex shops... and collecting the coolest handcuffs and naughtiest lingerie. That's exciting for me."

Chicago restaurant introduces the ("#@(*&%^) Blagojevich Burger!!

Brad Pitt defends Jennifer Aniston, but insists that he was broken up with her BEFORE he started romancing Angelina Jolie!

Amy Fisher has a new website, on demand show and stripping gig.

What can you say? She knows how to get attention that's for sure.....Just remember this chick shot someone in the head.....
Amy Fisher: Totally Nude & Exposed
Premieres Monday, January 12, 2009 11pm Channel InDemand 1.
Whether at the gym, sun tanning, or having fun with friends, Amy Fisher, "The Long Island Lolita," is beautiful, sexy, and, for the first time on TV, totally nude and exposed.
The Lee Entertainment Network Presents Amy Fisher On Tour
"I am so excited to make my feature dance debut at Scores Baltimore on
January 23rd. It will cap off a huge month for me as on January 12 at
11 pm ET on the InDemand Network I make my world television premier with AMY FISHER: TOTALLY NUDE & EXPOSED that can also be seen as a pay-per-view on cable networks
TVN Entertainment,VERIZON FIOS Network and AT&T Network. I'm so anxious for my fans to see who I really am and can
hardly wait to meet them in person."

Scarlett Johansson gushes about her marriage to Ryan Reynolds!

Woman's crotch bag draws strange, amused and outraged looks!

If you are walking down the street, do you want everyone to know that you just came out of an "adult"shop?

Paris Hilton insists her breasts are real and she only has slept with a couple of men!

I believe that she's got a natural chest. The other claim?
Paris Hilton says that she is all natural as far as her cleavage is concerned.
The heiress insists that she has a healthy body image and hasn't considered enhancing her assets.
Paris tells Glamour, "First of all, I'm really scared of needles, plus I like looking natural and flat chested."When I was younger I was obsessed with wearing padded bras and stuff, but as I get older I realise that I like myself the way I am."
Paris insists she Paris also insists that her tarty image is a myth and that she has only slept with a couple of people, "I've only ever done it with a couple of people."People make up stories, but mostly I just kiss. I think it's important to play hard to get. "

Links! Jennifer Garner has daughter #2! Lily Allen wants to give you Katy Perry's phone number! Madonna's daughter thinks she can act!

Marillion performing "Jigsaw" live in 1984.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Welcome Another Daughter. Bitten & Bound

Anne Hathaway & Kate Hudson Battle & Dazzle At “Bride Wars” Premiere. Bumpshack

Lily Allen Threatens to Give Out Katy Perry’s Digits on Facebook. Celebrity Smack

Madonna’s Daughter Thinks She Can Act. Fatback Media

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey on the beach in Hawaii. Yeeeah

Video: Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi share their home videos!

Video: Sexy Jessia Alba refuses to sign autographs.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Video: Marisa Tomei says she got drunk on tequila for her "The Wrestler" nude scenes!

Video: Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner draws a picture of God.

I saw this video posted with some people calling Kurt an idiot and a moron.
O.k., first off, Kurt has faith in God? Good for him! Don't slam the guy's faith. But...his drawing? O.k., that's something we can make fun of! Dude should stick to throwing TDs!

Video: Patrick Swayze talks to Barbara Walters about discovering he had cancer.

Video: Lost tape of Barack Obama on restaurant review show surfaces!

Aubrey O'Day is getting half a million dollars to pose in Playboy!

Who can blame her? It's not like she has a squeaky clean reputation anyway. This will probably help her career.........
Aubrey is officially turned all the way out and has said that she is doing Playboy for $500,000:
The singer bared all with her reality TV bandmates for an anti-fur ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in October . And O’Day will once again show off her curves for the cover of the March issue of the saucy magazine - after Playboy boss Hugh Hefner made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. A source tells the New York Daily News, “Aubrey’s making about $500,000 to drop trou (pose naked). For that kind of money, she was like ‘Why not?’”
Great to see that Aubrey Ho is panning out just as expected. We are sure that if she’s still raking in cash, Diddy’s hand is not far off.

Links! Tim Allen is pregnant! errr... Sacha Baron Cohen cheats?? Annalynne McCord bikini pics! Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson split!

Paul Carrack's video for "Eyes of Blue".

Jane Hajduk and Tim Allen Expecting First Child (PHOTOS). Bitten & Bound

Sacha Baron Cohen “Borat” Cheating On Isla Fisher!?! Bumpshack

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Split Up? Celebrity Smack

Katie Holmes is rich. Fatback Media

Annalynne McCord Bikini Pictures. Yeeeah

Video: Sexy Kate Hudson talks about a boring date that made her run away!

Video: Hilary Duff signs autographs last night!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Video: Sharon Osbourne beats the crap out of Megan on Charm School reunion!

Jennifer Love Hewitt breaks up with her boyfriend, declaring that blogger Geno is her one true love.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette will adopt baby to save their marriage!

I ever understood this coupling.........
Natonal Enquirer:
Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette adopting a baby to try to strengthen their marriage!The 44-year-old Bedtime Stories star has agreed to expand her family with David, but she's drawing the line at undergoing in vitro fertilization again, say sources. After several miscarriages, Courteney endured multiple rounds of IVF and tried fertility drugs before conceiving the couple's daughter Coco, now 4. And now, according to insiders, Courteney has agreed to a compromise - adoption. "David wants a sibling for Coco, but Courteney's reached a point where she feels it's hopeless to keep trying to get pregnant," a friend told The ENQUIRER.The Friends beauty and 37-year-old David - who married in 1999 after meeting while filming the 1996 thriller Scream - plan to start adoption proceedings soon, said the friend.But the couple faced a rough patch in their marriage after Courteney - whose last TV project Dirt lasted two seasons - signed on to star in and executive produce the upcoming ABC sitcom Cougar Town."They love each other very much, but with Courteney's intense work schedule and her resisting adoption, David started acting out, going out nights without her," said the friend.As The ENQUIRER reported in October, David behaved like a wild and crazy single guy at a Hollywood nightspot, cozying up to a pretty brunette.According to the insider, the super-busy couple rarely enjoyed romantic alone time, and David felt Courteney's best bud Jennifer Aniston - who has a standing Sunday night dinner invitation to their home - was a third wheel in their marriage."But now that Courteney's given the OK to adopting a brother or sister for Coco, David has agreed to scale back on nights out and be more accommodating to Jen," said the friend."It's a win-win scenario for Courteney and David." And Jen!

Video: NEW "Watchmen" extended footage with commentary from director Zac Snyder!!

Jennifer Aniston hits the beach in a cowboy hat and a sexy bikini!

Escort agency Madam says Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes would make big bucks as hookers! Sarah Palin? She should stick to her day job.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the pair will pass..........

Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes would earn big bucks as prostitutes, according to an escort agency boss.
The Hollywood pair - who currently earn their living as actresses - are said to have the 'talent' and appeal that clients would look for.
Kristin Davis - boss of Wicked Models and not to be confused with the star of Sex & The City - tells US mag Steppin’ Out, “Katie would be very popular because she has that all-American college girl look.“I could probably get £2,500 an hour for Katie. Maybe even £3,000. I could max out on her.”
But the top-earner would apparently be Angelina, “Angelina would be my top girl. I call it my No 1. “I would put Angelina at £2,000 an hour. But you couldn’t get her unless you booked her for four hours.”
Kristin said that the newly-reformed Britney would also prove to be profitable but former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin would barely make £300 an hour.

Tara Reid is STILL in rehab. Reports of her leaving are FALSE!

Links! Miley Cyrus goes to church with Justin! Tara Reid leaves rehab. Kristin Cavallari hits the beach!

Genesis' video for "Congo".

Justin Gaston & Miley Cyrus Attend Church With Family (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Tara Reid leaves rehab. Bumpshack

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden go shopping. Celebrity Smack

Kristin Cavallari helps us wait for spring. Fatback Media

Billie Piper breast feeds on the beach. Yeeeah

Video: John Travolta and Kelly Preston talk about their son's death.

Video: Tila Tequila, Courtney Semel and Brittny Gastineau talk about John Travolta's son's death.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Playboy model Genevieve Gallen says Verne "Mini Me" Troyer had sex with her 10 times a day!

Verne couldn't ask for better press!
News of the World:
MINI-ME pocket rocket Verne Troyer proved size didn’t matter the night he first bedded blonde Playboy model Genevieve Gallen.
Because the 2ft 8in tall Celeb Big Brother star took the beauty who would become his wife to HEIGHTS of passion she’d never dreamed of.
After he’d hopped on a CHAIR first to reach the bed, of course.
Curvy 5ft 6in stunner Genevieve, 36. reveals: “We had to be creative—but because of my yoga experience I could get into the right positions to make it work. And I was soon head over heels in love with Verne.
“We could have sex up to 10 times in a single day. We’d do it for 45 minutes and he would just keep on going as I had orgasm after orgasm.
“He was a sex addict. He was then only the second man I’d ever slept with. He told me he’d had huge numbers of girls.”

"Ghost Whisperer" producer and author says that the Jennifer Love Hewitt show is haunted!

Say anything to sell the books!! :)
Pittsburgh live:
Kim Moses swears strange, unexplained things happen on the set of CBS' hit series "Ghost Whisperer," which might not be entirely fictional.
The Donora native and executive producer of "Ghost Whisperer" says her crew and cast insist that a house portrayed on the show -- the same house, incidentally, that was Boo Radley's home in "To Kill a Mockingbird" -- is haunted. For one thing, people often hear commotion coming from inside the house when they are standing outside, but when they enter, nobody is there.
"There was a time when Christopher Columbus wanted to sail around the world, and everyone said the earth was flat and he'd fall off the edge of the world," Moses says. "Who's to say that there aren't parallel worlds?"
Have you had issues with apparitions? Maybe she can help.
Moses -- along with Edgewood native David Conrad, who plays the recently deceased character of Jim Clancy on the show -- will be coming to Joseph-Beth Booksellers on the South Side today to meet fans and sign copies of her new book. "Ghost Whisperer: Spirit Guide" -- which has comprehensive information about the show, episodes, photos, interviews with the cast and more -- includes a how-to guide for communicating with ghosts. If you think your house might be haunted, never fear: The book gives instructions on what to do about the ghostly residents.

Video: Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody talks about writing U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". Wait....What?

Video: Shauna Sand says she cried all day about John Travolta's son's death...then she proceeds to laugh??

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