Video: Dick Cheney endorses John McCain. Upon hearing this, McCain's entire staff jumps out of windows, weeps and wet themselves.

Video: "Angels and Demons" trailer starring Tom Hanks!

Video: Chris Cornell says he hasn't been approached by Led Zeppelin. He offers to join Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on tour!

Video: Sharon Osbourne makes a construction worker's day!

Video: Brea Grant "The Speedster" talks about "Heroes"!

Video: Pink performs live on "Today"!

Video: Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa dress as John McCain and sexy Sarah Palin!

ABC apologizes for using picture of boy who was raped and murdered on "General Hospital: Night Shift" as Billy De Williams' son.

DO NOT mess with Natalie Reid!! Pop Starlet and former Paris Hilton look alike appears on "Cristina's Court"!

John McCain will be begging for votes on "Saturday Night Live" this week.

Video: Killers lead singer defends his feather jacket & says he is not a killer of birds!

Links! Lisa Rinna is a vamp! 10 Celebs that don't need a Halloween mask! Jennifer Love Hewitt is hotter than ever!

Video: Holly Madison gives dating advice on kissing on the first date, dating older men and rebound relationships!

Video: Kim Kardashian dresses as Wonder Woman!

Video: Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks talk about "Zack and Miri Make a Porno".

Video: Music Industry beware! Joe the Plumber to try music career.

Video: Behind the scenes of the new "Friday the 13th" movie!

Video: Courtney Cox solidifies her MILF status with ABC's "Cougar Town".

Links! Ali Lohan is an ugly kitty! John Daly arrested at Hooters! Britney Spears hits the dance studio! Rihanna is a super dominatrix!

Attention Heather Locklear! Get your head out of the oven. "Melrose Place" to return to TV.

Video: 90210 star Anna Lynn McCord shows off her New England Patriots Visa card!

Viagra taking Catholic priest named Elvis, sued for starting a sexual relationship with a married woman after hearing her confession.

Headbangers hang your heads. Kip Winger announces European acoustic tour.

Tori Spelling talks about being fat. No mention of having a horse face.

Links! Joaquin Phoenix quits acting! Katie Price's marriage is in trouble! Paris Hilton will die broke!

Video: Behind the scenes of Mariah Carey's new video "I Stay in Love" with husband Nick Cannon!

Video: Lisa Rinna gets a massage and a pedicure!

Video: David Letterman and Lauren Conrad rip Spencer Pratt a new one!

Lead singer of ASIA, John Wetton to tour with School of Rock students! Visit Boston John!

Mariilion's "Happiness Is The Road" release is sensational!

Video: Playboy bunnies show off the Playboy mansion's Halloween makeover!

John Paul Jones says that Led Zeppelin is looking for a new lead singer to tour with.

Links! Beth Ostrosky is a hot witch! Miley Cyrus breaks out rubber! Traci Bingham looks trashy taking out the trash!

Video: Hayden Panettiere saves the whales again without risking going to jail!

Danity Kane down to a duo after breakup?

Video: Lance Bass says he's going to dress as a member of "High School Musical 3" for Halloween!

Video: "Girls Next Door" star Kendra Wilkinson discovers that painting her breasts with a paint roller isn't the best idea!

Video: Joe Biden mocks TV reporter for asking him about Barack Obama's Marxist principles.

Video: Hulk Hogan talks about his love for his girlfriend who looks like his daughter.

Links! Dennis Leary offends the gay community. Bono parties w/ bikini babes! Kat Von D in Latina magazine! Sophie Howard's out of this world cleavage!

Video: High School Musical 3" rules at the box office!

Video: Heidi Klum buys flowers in Los Angeles!

Video: Sherri Shepherd, Randy Jackson and Barack Obama show support for Jennifer Hudson after her family tragedy.

Video: The "Dexter" cast talk about their thoughts of Dexter as a Dad!

Video: Seann William Scott plans to be Jason Biggs with a pie on his private parts for Halloween this year....and every year!

Video: Daisy De La Hoya examines Sharon Osbourne and the ladies of "Charm School" on the aftershow!

Tom Cruise calls Matt Lauer a glib putz!

If John McCain loses, Sarah Palin plans on being the next Oprah. God help us.

Video: Saturday Night Live's "Barack Obama Variety Show"!