Friday, October 17, 2008

Video: Red Sox are Red Hot after amazing Game 5 comeback!

Video: Katy Perry falls on her rear!

Links! Katie Holmes Broadway debut! Elizabeth Hurley has idiotic cleavage! Britney Spears' new website! Japan is going bananas!

Billy Corgan's version of "To Love Somebody".

Katie Holmes Broadway Debut Ensemble - Hit or Miss? (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Elizabeth Hurley has idiotic cleavage. Candy Kirby

Britney Spears Has a Revamped Website, Y’all! Celebrity Smack

Japan is going crazy over bananas! Jezebel

Danielle Lloyd Promotes Her Modeling Agency And Her Body. NewsToob

Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins says he doesn't play "Guitar Hero" because he IS a guitar hero.

Cocky? Yes. Accurate? Yes.
Rolling Stone:
Early next year, the Pumpkins will begin recording what Corgan calls a "long-ranging concept album." Without a label, Corgan says he's entertaining all options for the album's release, including putting out the songs in batches online. In the meantime, a new single, "G.L.O.W.," is featured on Guitar Hero World Tour. So does Corgan play the game? "You don't play Guitar Hero if you are a guitar hero."

Video: John McCain tells David Letterman he screwed up!

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Video: Mark Wahlberg signs autographs for fans!

Jailbait cops take note: 20 year old Justin Gaston says he's "just friends" with Miley Cyrus.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Perez Hilton, Tila Tequila and Natalie Reid watch Erin Hamilton rock the house!

This past Friday night on October 10, Erin Hamilton shook the Factory Nightclub in West Hollywood with two LIVE shows. She hit Ultra Suede first and then the main room for Popstarz with an exposive performance featuring her high energy dancers. Singing her most recent #1 Billboard Hits - "The Flame" and "Control Yourself" as well as former megahits such as "Dreamweaver" and "I've Got the Music in Me," Ms. Hamilton filled the rooms with her big heart & soul and of course her booming stellar voice.

In the audience were a few special VIP guests such as celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, VH1's "A Shot at Love" star Tila Tequilla and FOX's "The Simple Life" actress and singer Natalie Reid.

Erin Hamilton's My Space page

Nick D'Virgilio to release "Rewiring Genesis" a 2 disc cover of Genesis' "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway".

Nick is a talented guy. This should be fun. How many of us would love to rerecord our favorite albums? Good for him..........
ProgRock Records:
A Nashville-based recording engineer/producer and a Los Angeles-based performer have teamed up to create a unique twist on a classic Genesis album. This fall, Nick D'Virgilio of Spock's Beard fame and engineer/producer Mark Hornsby are re-recording the Genesis classic: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, in it's entirety. Produced at Java Jive Studio in Nashville, the album features some of Music City’s best musicians, taking the songs in a whole new direction. "We wanted to see what would happen if we exposed the songs to a different climate of musicians," says D'Virgilio, "The early Genesis recordings are so musical and very bluesy when you get right down to it. They really lend themselves to some different interpretations." Although all of the original elements of the songs are still included such as drums, bass, guitar and piano, the recordings now take on a more "theatrical" vibe. This, coupled with orchestra, rock guitars, and some fantastic horn arrangements, the songs now enter an entirely different place. "We had talked about doing something like this for awhile," says Hornsby, "With the recent attention our version of The Colony of Slippermen received, and the re-release of the original album in 5.1, the time seemed right to see what we could come up with."

Video: Angelina Jolie tells Matt Lauer she is planning on adopting another child.

Links! Miley Cyrus watches Justin Gaston model! Tea Leona and David Duchovny divorce. Colin Farrell rocks the long hair! Audrina Patridge bikini pics!

Dream Theater performing "Forsaken" live.

Justin Gaston Models and Miley Cyrus Watches (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Relationship Obituaries: Téa Leoni and David Duchovny. Candy Kirby

Colin Farrell at the “Pride and Glory” NYC Premiere, 10/15. Celebrity Smack

Audrina Patridge Behind The Scene Bikini Pictures. NewsToob

Hayden Panettiere Gets An Old Lady Haircut. The Grumpiest

Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy" cover art revealed as Best Buy takes pre-orders.

I'm very curious as to how this will do sales wise...............

Best Buy:

1. Chinese Democracy
2. Scraped
3. Shackler's Revenge
4. Street Of Dreams
5. If The World
6. Better
7. This I Love
8. There Was A Time
9. Riad N' The Bedovins
10. Sorry
11. I.R.S.
12. Catcher
13. Madagascar
14. Prostitute

Video: Hayden Panettiere says Madonna's divorce is none of her business!

Video: Ellen Degeneres gives Dakota Fanning a driving lesson!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video: Katie Couric interviews Robert Plant and Allison Krauss!

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Links! Raffaello Follieri blames Anne Hathaway! Madonna divorce! Beyonce at TRL! HOT Danielle Llyod pics! Mischa Barton buys Bud Light in cans???

Love Spit Love's video for "Long Long Time".

Raffaello Follieri Blames Anne Hathaway’s Lifestyle. Bitten & Bound

Relationship Obituaries: Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Candy Kirby

Beyonce pics at TRL. Celebrity Smack

HOT Danielle Llyod pics. NewsToob

Mischa Barton buys Bud Light in cans?? The Bastardly

Clint Eastwood's "Changeling" trailer starring Angelina Jolie!

Changeling - Theatrical Trailer

Video: Hundreds watch as Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray eat milkshakes!

Video: Holly Madison is shocked that Hugh Hefner's new twins got by Playboy's background check!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ringo Starr hates you.

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"Seven Pounds" trailer starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson!

Seven Pounds - Theatrical Trailer

For once, Sarah Silverman is keeping her mouth shut......

Links! Madonna is loaded! Ryan Seacrest loves Kate Beckinsale's assets! Lindsay Lohan looking fine! Danielle Llyod's 2009 calendar!

The Pretenders perform on David Letterman last week.

Madonna Caught Loaded On the Red Carpet. Bitten & Bound

Ryan Seacrest gets an eyeful of Kate Beckinsale. Candy Kirby

Lindsay Lohan looking fine. Celebrity Smack

Danielle Lloyd’s 2009 Calendar Preview. NewsToob

Marcia Brady traded sex for drugs. The Blemish

Video: Joey Chestnut wins Pizza eating contest by eating 45 slices in 10 minutes.

Video: Lauren Conrad shows off her new Audi R8!

Eva Longoria says she has not gone up a dress size, she's just gotten "rounder".

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man at Sarah Palin rally w/stuffed monkey with Barack Obama bumper sticker on it. Realizing he's on camera, he rips off sticker & gives monkey to boy.

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Sometimes monsters are afraid of the light....the camera light that is.

Video: Sarah Chalke talks about the rumor that she is the "Mother" in "How I Met Your Mother".

Watch CBS Videos Online

Video: Carmen Electra talks about evolution and global warming.....O.k., not really. She performs a hot & sexy striptease with a chair.

Scott Weiland says his new 2 disc solo album may turn off STP fans.

I'm shocked that Scottie is still alive. He's a time bomb just waiting to go off. Good luck to him....

Rolling Stone:
After a tumultuous five-year stint in Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland finally gets to let loose on his new solo album. “There’s no rules,” he says. “I don’t have to worry about radio playing it.” He also doesn’t have to worry about the approval of Slash, Duff and Matt Sorum — which has given him the room to craft a two-disc album about his volatile relationship with his wife, Mary. In 2001, he was arrested for domestic violence, and in 2007, she was arrested for torching $10,000 worth of his clothing — just hours after the two were kicked out of a hotel for brawling in a room. “I liken it to [Marvin Gaye’s] ‘I Met a Little Girl,’ ” Weiland says. “It chronicles our life.”
Weiland has been working on the project in spurts over the past decade with his longtime creative partner, Doug Grean, who co-wrote and produced the album. The guys from No Doubt co-wrote the power-pop cut “Paralysis,” which is the possible first single. “Missing Cleveland” is a nostalgic look at Weiland’s hometown, set to Bowie-style glam rock. Other tunes range from banjo-laced country rock (”She’s So Cold”) to neo-Beach Boys pop (”Somedays”).
“It may turn off some STP fans,” he says of the CD. “That’s just the way it is. At my age, I just do what I wanna do. There’s art and there’s commerce, and I’ve already accomplished the commerce part of my career.”

Links! Vanessa Hudgens loves Tom Cruise! Deep thoughts by Mr. Tori Spelling. Mark Wahlberg hates SNL! Sexy Stacey Keibler Maxim photos!

Dream Theater performing "Surrounded" live from their new "Chaos in Motion" release. Marillion's "Sugar Mice" is mixed in a bit by the band.

Vanessa Hudgens Calls Tom Cruise ‘An Amazing Guy’ (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Deep Thoughts by Mr. Tori Spelling. Candy Kirby

Mark Wahlberg isn't a fan of the SNL sketch that imitates him. Celebrity Smack

Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy “confirmed” by family insider. Celebslam

Stacy Keibler Maxim Photos. NewsToob

Video: Before their eventual divorce, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony renew their marriage vows.

I give the marriage 2 more years tops........

Video: Behind the scenes of "The Office"!

Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale & family buy a massive pumpkin!

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