Saturday, October 11, 2008

Video: Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley from "Gossip Girl" talk about their fans.

Gay men and teenage girls to storm Broadway to see Zac Efron nude.

Magic Johnson is outraged that "The Chris Baker show" stated that Magic faked having AIDS.

Someone get South Park's Cartman on the case...........

Retired NBA star Magic Johnson has responded to accusations made by KTLK radio hosts Chris Baker and Langdon Perry that he had "faked AIDS."

On Wednesday, host Perry asked during the broadcast of "The Chris Baker Show," "What about diseases that are eminently treatable and you can live with for a long, long time quite healthily if you just get some basic drugs?"

Baker cut in, "like Magic Johnson."

Perry replied, "Like Magic with his faked AIDS."

When asked if he's convinced that the basketball player just pretended to have the disease, Perry adamantly said, "I'm convinced that Magic faked AIDS."

He added when Baker agreed, "It falls apart when you get into motivation. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure he faked AIDS."

"Cause he's the only cured AIDS guy ever."

In response, Johnson released a statement expressing his "outrage" over the hosts' accusation.

He said, "I am extremely disappointed in KTLK in Minneapolis. I am outraged that Chris Baker and Langdon Perry would minimize such serious and deadly issue. Millions are dying from HIV/AIDS and the fact that they would make jokes about my status is unbelievable."

"Chris, Langdon and KTLK should use their power in a more positive light by encouraging people to get tested for this disease instead of making up such ridiculous lies."

Johnson announced in 1991 that he would retire from the sports immediately upon learning that he tested positive for HIV.

Video: "James Bond: Daniel Craig stars in "Defiance"!

Defiance - Theatrical Trailer 2

Britney Spears "Womanizer" music video!

Video: Danny Bonaduce and Johnny Fairplay fight and kiss????

Friday, October 10, 2008

Video: The Pretenders perform live on "Today"!

Video: Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Martin guest star on "30 Rock" this season with Tina Fey!

New "Punisher: War Zone" movie poster released! Film opens December 5th!

Links! Gisele films video cameo! Sting and Elle McPherson? Angelina Jolie's breastfeeding photo shoot. Marisa Miller rides a Harley!

Jennifer Knapp's video for "Undo Me".

Gisele Bundchen Films Cameo For Blackcowboy Video (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Sting hangs out with Elle McPherson. Candy Kirby

Angelina Jolie's breastfeeding photo shoot. Celebrity Smack

Why is Britney Spears happy? Celebslam

Marisa Miller's Harley Davidson photo shoot. NewsToob

Virgin gets his cute friend to agree to sleep with hm if he gets 5 million hits to his website in 1 month.

Good stuff..........
Virgin webpage:
So, here's the story - I'm 25, and to this date, have never been laid. Yes, it's sad, but it's true. The whole story, however, is far more interesting than just the lack of sex.
When I was 21, I was engaged to be married to a woman I thought I would be with for the rest of my life, and the two of us had chosen to wait until marriage to have sex so we could share something special with each other. But when I was 22, just six months before our wedding, I discovered that she had been cheating on me and sleeping with another man. Needless to say, I was crushed. For the last 3 years I haven't really been able to bring myself to start dating again as the pain of that betrayal still runs deep inside of me. But as a man, the overwhelming urge to have sex is just starting to get to be too much for me to handle, and so I made a bet with one of my very hot (but also very platonic) female friends - if I can get 5 million visitors to this website in 30 days, she has agreed to help me with my "problem". If I can't get to five million in 30 days, I have to be her personal servant for a week, doing anything she asks me to do.

Video: Christie Brinkley files restraining order against Peter Cook after his Barbara Walters interview. SNAP!

Video: Behind the scenes of "The Hills" as emergency delays filming! Audina Patridge loves "Family Guy"!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Video: Sexy Tyra Banks sleeps with Janet Jackson!

"Gardens of the Night" is a dramatic true life story of child abductions. Film opens November 7th.

Leslie (Gillian Jacobs), struggles with a hand to mouth existence on the streets of San Diego with only her childhood friend Donnie (Evan Ross) to look after her, both of them trying to cope with the trauma of having been abducted and held captive by two men nine years earlier. As an eight-year-old girl, Leslie (Ryan Simpkins) was abducted through trickery by an older man Alex (Tom Arnold), and his young accomplice Frank (Kevin Zegers). Leslie was held captive in their house along with an eight-year-old boy named Donnie, who believed his mentally unstable mother, sold him to Alex. The children create a bond with each other managing to escape into a fantasy world they create in their bedroom. Years later Leslie and Donnie, now seventeen years old, are living as street-kids and struggling to cope with what they suffered through, having been affected by the experience differently.

Director Damian Harris started his research for this film after studying the black and white photograph of a young girl on the back of a milk carton followed by a Newsweek article about a little boy who had been stolen from his family. He knew at that point he had to spread awareness of this horrific issue. From there he spent two years traveling around the United States , meeting with families of abducted children, Child Sex Crimes Units of various Police Departments as well as shelters where he spoke directly to councilors and those abused.

Slash says Velvet Revolver is looking for a heavier lead singer than Scott Weiland.

It shouldn't be too hard. What does Scott weigh, 87 pounds? Ohhhhhh. He means...."Heavier"...........

What is the status with Velvet Revolver?

Everything is cool. We’ve been writing this whole time, but we’re on this quest for a singer.
It wasn’t so long ago when you were in this situation, back when the band was getting together.

We spent at that time 10 months listening to 200 singers a week, and chased after Scott, and managed to make that work. We were off and running, but then things fell short and we’re at it again. It’s actually sort of a blessing, because we originally wanted to do something really heavy and it took a different turn, especially on the last record. This time around we’re not going to make any compromises.

Did you learn any lessons learned from the last search?

Singers are a very interesting breed. It’s hard to be choosy when it comes to finding somebody talented enough to be a really great frontman for a rock & roll band. There’s always something that comes along with it, just like with any musician. It’s all worth it if you manage to get those magical moments.

Links! Courtney Cox hated botox! Pop quiz: Diddy's arm. Rock of Love Charm School preview! Gerard Butler hits photog? Eva Longoria's rear looks fine!

The Darkness' video for "Love is only a Feeling".

Courtney Cox Tried Botox and ‘Hated It’. Bitten & Bound

Pop Quiz: Diddy's arm. Candy Kirby

Rock of Love Charm School preview. Celebrity Smack

Gerard Butler being investigated for punching a photog. The Blemish

Eva Longoria has a sweet ass. The Grumpiest

Video: "Just Buried" trailer. Funeral home murder comedy! What?

Just Buried - Theatrical Trailer

Video: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner with Violet!

Video: Hugh Hefner says his relationship with Holly Madison ended because of his low sperm count.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brooke Hogan officially turns down Playboy!

I actually like Brooke. She seems.....normal.

Brooke Hogan has turned down an offer to pose nude in Playboy.
"Brooke just didn’t feel that it was the right time," her rep tells exclusively. "It's not out of the question for the future, but we'll have to see."

Links! Is Halle Berry pregnant again? George Clooney has a moustache? Jamie Lynn Spears is NOT pregnant! Sexy Estella Warren photos!

Conspiracy performing "New World".

Is Halle Berry pregnant again? Bitten & Bound

George Clooney grows a moustache. Candy Kirby

Jamie Lynn Spears is NOT pregnant. Celebrity Smack

Lindsay Lohan busts out braless. L.A. Rag Mag

Sexy Estella Warren gallery. Unibrow

Video: Inside Beyonce's marriage!

EXCLUSIVE: (Paris Hilton look-a-like) Natalie Reid to collaborate with The Perry Twins on HOT new dance project! Natalie takes a shot at Paris! Ouch!

Eat your heart out Paris Hilton!

Natalie Reid, “The Simple Life” actress & Paris Hilton Look-a-like is working with The Perry Twins on a new pop-dance project!

Hanging out yesterday with a couple of paparazzi friends at the swanky Abbey in West Hollywood we spotted Natalie Reid and celebrity DJs/producers The Perry Twins hobnobbing in a corner booth. We got the exclusive scoop that they are working on a new single together before they all headed off to the recording studio.

"We’re still finalizing our soon-to-be released "Bad, Bad Boy" dance single with Niki Haris [Madonna's famous background singer], but we couldn’t wait to get started working with Natalie Reid," said Doug Perry. “The song we’re working on with her is called “Everybody’s Watching” and fits her magnetic persona to a “T.”

"Natalie is an amazing performer and pop culture icon. So, we've been crafting a hot new pop/dance track with lyrics that reflect the life of a young Hollywood starlet on the scene in LA," stated Derek Perry. "Everyone will definitely want to get up, dance and party when they hear it!"

"I am so deliriously excited to be in the studio and recording with my favorite DJs - The Perry Twins!" stated Natalie Reid on her upcoming collaboration with superstar producing team Doug and Derek Perry and Quinn Coleman AKA The Perry Twins. "I'm extremely proud of my voice and I can't wait to sing live at the clubs! You never see or hear Paris sing live. The only thing I've seen her do with that mouth of hers is gag. [Laughing]. Yes, I mean THE video!"

Eat your heart out Paris! The single “Everybody’s Watching” from The Perry Twins and Natalie Reid's upcoming album is due out in January. Check out The Perry Twins music at

Video: Stripper pole breaks. Party continues.......

Stripper Pole Breaks

Video: Christie Brinkley's cheating ex tells Barbara Walters he thought of Christie as a sister.

Video: Kim Kardashian comments on her possible return to "Dancing with the Stars".

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Video: Sneak peek of Britney Spears' new!

Video: Sexy Elizabeth Banks stars in SCARY "The Uninvited" trailer.

The Uninvited - Theatrical Trailer

Links! Elle's "Women in Hollywood" red carpet! Robert Downey Jr. touches himself. Holly Madison says she's done with Hef! Sexy Jennifer Ellison!

dc talk's video for "Between You & Me".

Elle's "Women in Hollywood" red carpet photos. Bitten & Bound

Robert Downey Jr. talks about touching himself. Candy Kirby

Holly Madison says she's broken up with Hef. Celebrity Smack

Sexy Jennifer Ellison 2009 calender. NewsToob

Katy Perry is stacked. The Blemish

Video: Larry King talks to Oliver Stone about "W".

Video: Sarah Palin to appear on "Saturday Night Live" and give you a genuine wink!

Video: David Weintraub's friends get into a catfight at club.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Video: Jim Carrey begs Jenny McCarthy to put her stripper pole to good use!

Eddie Van Halen gets engaged. (Insert Guitar solo here!)

Links! Jennifer Garner is VERY pregnant! Scientologists go after Amy Winehouse! O.J. Simpson is a prankster.

Gavin Rossdale's video for "Love Remains the Same".

Jennifer Garner is really looking pregnant. Bitten & Bound

Scientologists try to get Amy Winehouse. Candy Kirby

O.J. Simpson is a prankster. Celebrity Smack

Nicollette Sheridan Is A Bikini Babe! NewsToob

Mariah Carey looks a bit stiff. Splash

AC/DC's video for "Rock 'N Roll Train".

Clint Eastwood turned down John McCain's Vice President offer!....Kinda....

That would have made some cool Oval Office meetings. "Listen punk!" "No YOU listen Punk!"...ahhhhh the possibilities.....

"I was at a function, and a bunch of political types were there. And John McCain was there. He came up to say hello, I said, 'Look, don't even ask it. I will not be your vice president. I have to be on the top of the ticket.'"—Clint Eastwood, interviewed in People

Video: Hollywood must hate us and think we are morons. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" trailer starring Kevin James.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Theatrical Trailer

Video: Kirsten Dunst talks about her experience with depression and rehab.

Video: Jessica Alba and her baby Honor Marie hit the streets!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Video: Sarah Palin says Barack Obama pals around with terrorists.

Video: Rachel Ray gives an ear of corn a hand job.

Shuck My Cob, Rachael Ray

Video: Rachel Bilson wants to get pregnant. Pregnancy rumors!!

Saturday Night Live "Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals" sketch.

He has Wahlberg down pat. This is great stuff!

Video: Ashley Tisdale's closet is bigger and better than yours.

Britney Spears' parents impose a 6 month sex ban on Brit. I hope they have a foolproof chasity belt.

Something tells me that this just won't work.

Britney Spears' parents have reportedly slapped a six-month sex ban on their daughter to prevent any bumps in the road on her way back to the top.

Fiercely protective Jamie and Lynne Spears feel that Britney's downfall was linked to the men in her life and want their daughter to refrain from any male contact for a while.

With two failed marriages, a relationship with paparazzo Adnan Ghalib and reports of a supposed sex tape, the troubled star's questionable taste in men has often come back to haunt her.

A friend tells Now, “Jamie and Lynne feel she’s so close to cracking the big time again that they don’t want anything to get in her way.

“They’re desperate to ensure that it won’t happen again. Their worst nightmare is that she gets involved with someone else who’s just trying to use her for her money or to further their own career.”

Britney's dad already has control over her financial assets until December - whether he can do the same with her sexual habits remains to be seen.

Video: Kelly Ripa plans on getting cupcakes, homemade cards and shoes for her 38th birthday.

Video: Tina Fey and Queen Latifah spoof the Sarah Palin Joe Biden Debate on Saturday Night Live!

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