New "Pride and Glory" trailer starring Ed Norton and Colin Farrell!

Video: For some strange reason, parents don't like images of Playboy models on their children's snowboards.

Video: Jessica Alba muzzles and wrestles with Hayden Panettiere!

Video: Insurance company ad features sexy women in bikinis on pogo sticks!

TV reporter thinks Salma Hayek tells him that she is half lesbian instead of half Lebanese!

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Cheap Trick to release massive "Live at Budokan" 30th anniversary edition featuring DVD and 3 CDs.

Video: Drew Barrymore talks about supporting Barack Obama and having flings!

Video: Keeley Hazell encourgaes you to touch your breasts in breast cancer TV spot.

Video: Kim Kardashian says she has been affected by the financial crisis and has "Cut back".

Video: Debra Messing swears off sex!

Video: Lorne Michaels deal with the devil continues. Tina Fey's segments as Sarah Palin have boosted "Saturday Night Live" ratings.

"Scary Spice" Mel B promises to get rid of your "jubbily bits" with her new fitness DVD.

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Video: Chris Farley's brother Kevin Farley weighs in on Sarah Palin and "Family Guy".

Video: Canadain Prime Minister Stephen Harper ignores boy as he faints during his speech!

Ellen Degeneres talks about her mother's battle with cancer.

Dog bites 18 year old girl on the rear after she went nuts winning the lottery.

Pretenders in store concert makes fan cry.

"Scrap Metal" combines members of Winger, Nelson, Mr. Big and Journey for upcoming concert.

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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson hit the beach!

Video: Kim Kardashian's sisters are outraged that she was kicked off "Dancing with the Stars"! They call it "Stupid" & predict ratings will collapse.

Video: NEW "The Spirit" trailer!

Video: Sophia Bush defends her curves!

Video: Sexy Page 3 women play Bon Jovi on "Guitar Hero"!

National Autism Advocacy Group calls for boycott of Amanda Peet movies..I have been unknowingly supporting the boycott for Ms. Peet's entire career...

Hollywood is out of ideas part 2,961. Plans for a new "Tomb Raider" movie starring Angelina Jolie are in motion.

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Best Buy will have the new Guns N' Roses CD exclusively before the end of the year. Free Dr. Pepper for everyone!

Robert Plant says the Sun's story on Led Zeppelin's reunion was bogus.

Video: Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and their son are in the middle of a chaotic altercation!

Oliver Wakeman talks about taking over for his father "keyboard God" Rick Wakeman on the upcoming Yes tour.

Wall Street collapses. Geno's World remains strong.

Video: Jennifer Aniston's hot new sexy bikini pics almost make up for her awful personality.

Kim Kardashian says she's skinny and that TV makes her look fat. (Does the camera add 45 pounds?)

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Video: "Valkyrie" trailer starring Tom Cruise as a Nazi without a German accent. How authentic.....

Video: Heather Locklear looks scary after arrest.

Video: Simon Cowell says "It wasn't a surprise. Who cares!" to Clay Aiken's coming out as gay.

Video: New Journey singer Arnel Pineda says Rolling Stone took his "Sad and miserable" comments out of context. He's happy. Really..sniff...sniff....

Chef Giada De Laurentis defends showing us her cleavage....errrr...hooters...err....boobies.....

Video: Sexy and hot Sarah Palin poses in a swimsuit for the 1984 Miss Alaska contest. Baby got back!

Video: "The Soup" pokes fun at 15 year old Miley Cyrus dating a 20 year old man!