Friday, October 03, 2008

Video: Insurance company ad features sexy women in bikinis on pogo sticks!

TV reporter thinks Salma Hayek tells him that she is half lesbian instead of half Lebanese!

What's that sound? Millions of men groaning that Ms. Hayek does not dabble with the other team........
SEXY Salma Hayek was forced to clarify her sexuality on today’s This Morning – when Eamon Holmes mistakenly asked her if she was a lesbian.
The Mexican actress appeared on the ITV1 show to discuss her campaign to wipe out Tetanus, but instead, found herself having to tell the bumbling presenter she was not a lesbian.
Eamon made the gaffe when he told curvy Salma: "Hayek doesn't sound very Mexican".
But when she told him that’s because she’s half Lebanese, he didn’t understand what she said and asked: “You’re a lesbian?”
And when a smiling Salma again told him she was Lebanese, sheepish Eamon asked her to forgive him and admitted he’d thought she’d said she was “half lesbian”.

Links! Madonna and A-Rod together again! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt invade Taco Bell! Hot Jennifer Walcott and Sara Jean Underwood photos!

Cheap Trick's video for "Say Goodbye".

Madonna and A-Rod Get Cozy Again!. Bitten & Bound

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt invade Taco Bell. Celebslam

Jennifer Walcott Photos Are So Hot. NewsToob

Lindsay Lohan in Marie Claire. In Case You Didn't Know

Sara Jean Underwood gallery. Unibrow

Cheap Trick to release massive "Live at Budokan" 30th anniversary edition featuring DVD and 3 CDs.




DVD features original concert that aired once on Japanese television in 1978 – never aired in U.S. and commercially available for the first time in this package,
plus new 2008 interviews with the band members and other people involved with the landmark concert

Follows historic Cheap Trick concert return to Budokan in April 2008

“Hello There” featured on menu of ‘Rock Band 2’ game streeting in September

Box set available starting November 11, 2008, through Epic/Legacy;
180 gram audiophile vinyl pressing of original LP in stores October 28th

Video: Drew Barrymore talks about supporting Barack Obama and having flings!

Video: Keeley Hazell encourgaes you to touch your breasts in breast cancer TV spot.

Video: Kim Kardashian says she has been affected by the financial crisis and has "Cut back".

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Video: Debra Messing swears off sex!

Video: Lorne Michaels deal with the devil continues. Tina Fey's segments as Sarah Palin have boosted "Saturday Night Live" ratings.

"Scary Spice" Mel B promises to get rid of your "jubbily bits" with her new fitness DVD.

I swear, I won't say it. You can't make me!......"JUBBILY BITS"!!!!!!!!!!! There I said it. I feel better........
Mel B is set to star in a new reality TV show based entirely around her clothing line. The former Spice Girls star - who have previously appeared on TV talent show 'Dancing With The Stars' and co-hosts U.S. TV show "The Singing Office" - is teaming up with "Project Runway" creator Eli Holzman on the new program.
However, Mel refused to reveal any details of the new series - based on her Catty Couture line - only saying: "It's a thing that's in development that I'm really excited about."
The 33-year-old singer has been branching out into different lines of work, and recently revealed her new fitness video will help people get rid of their "jubbily bits".
She said: "For anyone with jubbily bits, I'm going to tighten you up, make you laugh and enjoy your workout no matter what level of fitness you are."
The three-disc "Totally Fit" set, which will be available in the U.S. from February 3, features a 28-day plan of both aerobic and resistance workouts and diet tips, including recipes.

Links! 10 sexiest Keeley Hazell videos! Brooke Hogan unleashes her cleavage. Matthew Perry goes grey! Shannen Doherty Details interview!

The Pretenders covering "Room Full of Mirrors" live in 1984.

Brooke Hogan Might Want to Button That Up. Bitten & Bound

Shannen Doherty’s Details Interview. Celebrity Smack

Matthew Perry goes grey. Splash

Nikki Blonsky “kicked my mom in her vagina” The Blemish

The top 10 Keeley Hazell videos of all time. Unibrow

Video: Chris Farley's brother Kevin Farley weighs in on Sarah Palin and "Family Guy".

Video: Canadain Prime Minister Stephen Harper ignores boy as he faints during his speech!

Ellen Degeneres talks about her mother's battle with cancer.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dog bites 18 year old girl on the rear after she went nuts winning the lottery.

The dog's lawyer says his client suffered from temporary insanity..........
Sky News:
A teenage lottery winner screamed so loudly when she won more than £7m that her shocked dog sank his teeth into her bottom, she has revealed.
"We were both screaming so loudly that my dog, Brock, didn't know what was happening and bit me on the bottom."

Pretenders in store concert makes fan cry.

Long live The Pretenders!! Another guitarist? Oh boy........
Chrissie Hynde saw a familiar face among the few hundred fans crowding the aisles Monday at the Pretenders’ in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. It was Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook, and Hynde waved happily from the small stage, declaring “It’s always good to have the Sex Pistols in the house.”
It’s a connection that dates back to her days in England during the punk rock ’70s, when she worked briefly as an expat American rock critic and then began her three-decade success as leader of the Pretenders. (She was set today to join another Pistol friend: guitarist Steve Jones, on his freeform Indie 103.1 FM show “Jonesy’s Jukebox.”) The singer-guitarist had come to L.A. and Amoeba to celebrate Break Up the Concrete, the first new Pretenders album in over five years.
With the help of fiery new Pretenders guitarist James Walbourne, Hynde translated new and old songs into vivid acoustic performances at the in-store. She was in great voice both during and between songs. “I like that Amoeba Records trusts everyone not to shoplift,” she joked to fans pressed against the CD racks. “If anyone wants to borrow my hoodie…”
The nine-song, half-hour set began with the straight-ahead acoustic chords of the new album’s “The Nothing Maker” and soon moved onto the early Pretenders classics “Talk of the Town” and “Kid,” finding a rich vein of passion in the raw acoustic format. The duo ripped through some urgent rockabilly riffs on “Boots of Chinese Plastic” and the electric “Don’t Cut Your Hair,” both from the new album. Before it was over, they had also slowed down for the delicate, jazzy sounds of “Almost Perfect” and the bluesy torch song “Don’t Lose Faith In Me.”
After that last one, Hynde leaned forward in her chair to hear the reaction of a female fan wearing a Pretenders jacket in the front row. “Did you?” Hynde said as she sat back. “It brought tears to my eyes too.”
Set List:“The Nothing Maker”“Love’s a Mystery”“Don’t Lose Faith In Me”“Talk of the Town”“One Thing Never Changed”“Almost Perfect”“Kid”“Boots of Chinese Plastic”“Don’t Cut Your Hair

"Scrap Metal" combines members of Winger, Nelson, Mr. Big and Journey for upcoming concert.

Press Release / Celebrity Rock Super Group Scrap Metal announced Kip Winger founder of Winger and former bassist for legendary rock group Alice Cooper will join them onstage to perform a special acoustic set as their Special Guest Star at the upcoming Scrap Metal fall rock concert event at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den in Uncasville, CT on Saturday, October 4.Scrap Metal, the celebrity rock super group whose members have sold over 50 million records worldwide, stars Gunnar Nelson; Mark Slaughter; and Matthew Nelson. This 'Rock and Roll Rat Pack' always features the original lead front men from MTV's most popular metal bands of the 1980s and 1990s. "It's been way too long since we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Kip Winger at the very first Scrap Metal concert," enthuses Scrap Metal co-founder Gunnar Nelson. "It'll be an honor to rock the house together. This is going to be a standout show, even given the auspicious history of stellar Scrap Metal events." Other special guest stars announced for the Scrap Metal event include Eric Martin former lead singer of Mr. Big and Jeff Scott Soto formerly of Journey / Talisman. "It's about time we were able to get fellow Nashville rocker Kip Winger as our special guest star," raves band co-founder Mark Slaughter. "Plus, with special guest stars Eric Martin and Jeff Scott Soto it will definitely make it an unforgettable rock event." The Scrap Metal live rock concert event is Saturday, October 4, 2008 at 8:00 pm at The Mohegan Sun Wolf Den 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard, Uncasville, CT 06382. The Wolf Den is located in the center of the action, in Casino of the Earth. For general information call Mohegan Sun at 1-888-226-7711 or visit Visit the official Scrap Metal website at

Links! Danity Kane breaking up? Hot Holly Weber photos! Charlize Theron takes her dog to the vet. Sienna Miller and Sharon Stone are idiots.

Yes performing "Open Your Eyes" live in 1998.

Danity Kane breaking up? Bitten & Bound

Hot Holly Weber photos. NewsToob

Charlize Theron Took Her Dogs To The Veterinarian! The Bastardly

Sharon Stone may be the world's worst parent. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Sienna Miller is a Big Fat Crybaby. Yeeeah!

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson hit the beach!

Video: Kim Kardashian's sisters are outraged that she was kicked off "Dancing with the Stars"! They call it "Stupid" & predict ratings will collapse.

Video: NEW "The Spirit" trailer!

The Spirit - Theatrical Trailer 2

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Video: Sophia Bush defends her curves!

Video: Sexy Page 3 women play Bon Jovi on "Guitar Hero"!

Page 3 Guitar Heroes

National Autism Advocacy Group calls for boycott of Amanda Peet movies..I have been unknowingly supporting the boycott for Ms. Peet's entire career...

No wait a minute....I saw the last "X-Files" movie that Peet appeared in. Does it count if I slept through half the movie?....................

New York, NY, Jenny McCarthy is attacking back against actress Amanda Peet after her comments in a recent magazine interview, where she called parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, parasites in an upcoming issue of Spectrum Magazine.

Even after Amanda apologized for her comments, Jenny is taking pride in being called a parasite and defending the autism community. In Spectrum's October/ November issue Jenny says, "she has a lot of balls to come forward and be on that side, because there is an angry mob on my side, I like the fact that I can say she's completely wrong.''

Jenny a mother of a recovered autistic child has recently led a rally of thousdands with Jim Carrey in Washington DC, this past summer, calling for the Federal Government to clean vaccines of all toxins and to change a loaded schedule that leads to the cause of autism. There are over 5000 cases of parents suing the government for improper immunization of children.

Doctors across the the nation are going after Jenny McCarthy's crusade. According to Spectrum, The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) put a nationwide casting call looking for a spokesperson to combat Jenny. Jenny has been gaining world wide media attention fighting against what she deems, unsafe vaccines. Amanda Peet agreed to be a spokesperson for Ever Child By Two (ECBT) because she was concerned about the information circulating throughout Hollywood .

According to Jenny "Until she walks in our shoes she has no idea?? referring to Amanda Peet. She also says that the AAP "sucks".

National Autism Advocacy Group, Autism United, is calling for a boycott of all of Amanda Peet's movies. "We want to send a clear message to her," says Executive Director, John Gilmore. "Our community will not support the continued misinformation that is funneled into the media by organizations like ECBT and the AAP. We are not against vaccines, rather we are for safe vaccines. Until they understand that, we won't back down. Ms. Peet's comments are deplorable and an apology will not suffice. We applaud Jenny McCarthy's continued efforts and for speaking up for our community."

Hollywood is out of ideas part 2,961. Plans for a new "Tomb Raider" movie starring Angelina Jolie are in motion.

I love Angelina, but does anyone actually want to see a third "Tomb Raider" movie??? Anyone???
Angelina Jolie is reportedly fending off offers to return to the big screen as shapely video game character Lara Croft. Angelina – who gave birth to twins Vivienne and Knox in July - starred in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and then reprised the role in 2003 sequel The Cradle Of Life.Since then Angelina's acting career has been overshadowed by her work with the UN and her ever-expanding family with partner Brad Pitt. With a new Tomb Raider game ready to hit stores in winter, movie bosses apparently feel this could be the role that sets the yummy mummy back on track, career wise. A source says, "Lara is such a fantastic character and the games lend themselves to movies so well."Even though the first two movies were not very well received, there is still a lot of confidence in Lara and Tomb Raider as a franchise." "The producers would dearly love to get Angelina back in the role and the door is being left open to her. This would be a far darker movie with a lot more emphasis on storyline."

Links! Katy Perry Doll! Aubrey O'Day french kisses her dog! Audrina Patridge pool party! Sexy Kristen Kreuk!

Genesis' video for "Keep it Dark".

Katy Perry is a Doll…No, Seriously (Photos). Bitten & Bound

"Spike Lee" errrr...Candy says Tonto should be a brother. Candy Kirby

Aubrey O’Day gives good tongue. The Blemish

Audrina Patridge throws a pool party. The Grumpiest

Sexy Kristen Kreuk gallery. Unibrow

Best Buy will have the new Guns N' Roses CD exclusively before the end of the year. Free Dr. Pepper for everyone!

If only I enjoyed Dr. Pepper..........
Best Buy is set to be the exclusive retailer for Guns N' Roses decade-plus-in-the-making new album "Chinese Democracy" before year's end, sources close to the situation tell Billboard. Some details of the deal are still being worked out, including the release date.The news brings a semblance of closure to the bizarre history of "Democracy," which Guns N' Roses has been working on since the mid-1990s. Since then, every original member of the once mighty group has left besides vocalist Axl Rose, and millions of dollars have been spent working on the new material."Democracy" was most recently on the Interscope release schedule in March 2007. The endless delays encountered by the project reached comic levels this spring, when soft drink manufacturer Dr Pepper offered to send a free can of the beverage to "everyone in America" (excluding ex-GNR members Slash and Buckethead) if "Chinese Democracy" were to arrive anytime during the calendar year 2008.In June, nine purported "mastered, finished" tracks from the album were leaked online, prompting an FBI investigation into their source. A sign "Chinese Democracy" was perhaps finally nearing release came in July, when the band agreed to debut new track "Shackler's Revenge" in the video game "Rock Band 2," which hit stores earlier this month.Guns N' Roses is now managed by Irving Azoff's Front Line Management, and Azoff is a well-known proponent of issuing albums exclusively through retailers. He released the Eagles' "Long Road Out of Eden" through Wal-Mart in 2007, much to the chagrin of other merchants, but the album was a runaway hit, having sold 3.1 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Robert Plant says the Sun's story on Led Zeppelin's reunion was bogus.

Life just isn't fair sometimes..........
Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has scotched rumours that he is to tour with the band, describing speculation as "frustrating and ridiculous".

Last week, The Sun newspaper reported that he had agreed to a reunion tour.

But he has not and will not go on the road with anyone for at least two years after finishing US dates with Alison Krauss on 5 October, a statement said.

"Contrary to a spate of recent reports, Robert Plant will not be touring or recording with Led Zeppelin," it said.

"Anyone buying tickets online to any such event will be buying bogus tickets."

The rock legends got back together for a one-off concert, their first for 19 years, in London last December.

At the time, promoters said 20 million people tried to register for tickets as soon as they became available.

Speculation has since been rife that the surviving members of the band, with Jason Bonham, son of their late drummer John, would hit the road for a highly lucrative tour.

"It's both frustrating and ridiculous for this story to continue to rear its head when all the musicians that surround the story are keen to get on with their individual projects and move forward," Plant said.

"I wish Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham nothing but success with any future projects."

Plant has been reluctant to consider other projects during his fruitful collaboration with bluegrass singer Krauss.

Their album Raising Sand has earned them a Grammy Award and a Mercury Music Prize nomination, among other honours.

The other band members, meanwhile, are believed to be keen to work together again.

In August, Jason Bonham told a US radio station that he had been working on new material with Page and Jones.

The Sun has also reported that the trio have auditioned new singers to replace Plant on tour.

Meanwhile, guitarist Page was last seen performing Led Zeppelin's classic Whole Lotta Love with pop star Leona Lewis during the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

Video: Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and their son are in the middle of a chaotic altercation!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oliver Wakeman talks about taking over for his father "keyboard God" Rick Wakeman on the upcoming Yes tour.

Notes From The Edge has an excellent, extensive interview with Oliver. I'm dead set against the idea of a tour without Jon Anderson, but Oliver is a class act.........

Wall Street collapses. Geno's World remains strong.

Am I worried? Of course. But let's remember not to jump of a bridge. Bush has only a few months left. Obama or McCain will fix everything. Just ask them...........

Video: Jennifer Aniston's hot new sexy bikini pics almost make up for her awful personality.

Kim Kardashian says she's skinny and that TV makes her look fat. (Does the camera add 45 pounds?)

Don't get me wrong, I think she looks great.......
Kim Kardashian is blaming the camera for boosting the size of her bootylicious butt and claims that in reality she is wafer thin.The Dancing With The Stars contestant - who is currently dating American football player Reggie Bush - has admitted that when people meet her they cannot believe how skinny she is. She said, "I look a lot bigger on TV. When I meet people, the first thing they say is, 'Wow, you're so much smaller than I thought'. “I look about 15 lbs heavier. I'm only 115 lbs, and everyone thinks I'm like 130 or 140. It's bizarre. I'm a US size 2!" Kim added that since beginning dance rehearsals for the American TV show she has lost weight: “I've lost a few pounds - nothing too crazy yet, but I heard you really start to lose weight when the show starts."
We're not so sure her voluptuous behind will be shrinking anytime soon!

Links! Britney Spears $ex tape confirmed! Gloria Steinem hates Sarah Palin! Marissa Mailler 2009 calendar! 10 hottest TV shower scenes! Kirsten Dunst!

John Wetton's "After All".

Britney Spears Sex Tape Confirmed. Bitten & Bound

Gloria Steinem hates Sarah Palin. Jezebel

Marisa Miller 2009 SI Calendar Photos. NewsToob

The 10 Hottest Shower Scenes In TV History. Unibrow

SNAGGLETOOTH (Kirsten Dunst) IS SO PRETTY. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Video: "Valkyrie" trailer starring Tom Cruise as a Nazi without a German accent. How authentic.....

Valkyrie - Theatrical Trailer

Video: Heather Locklear looks scary after arrest.

Video: Simon Cowell says "It wasn't a surprise. Who cares!" to Clay Aiken's coming out as gay.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Video: New Journey singer Arnel Pineda says Rolling Stone took his "Sad and miserable" comments out of context. He's happy. Really..sniff...sniff....

Chef Giada De Laurentis defends showing us her cleavage....errrr...hooters...err....boobies.....

I never noticed before........
Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis defends her sultry cooking style and her low neckline on cover of Page Six Magazine this week.
The 38-year-old new mother admits that she might be showing a little more skin than her colleagues do on screen, but that doesn't mean she's showing porn.
She tells the magazine, "Porn? I'm not doing porn! What the hell are people talking about? [It's not] PBS-style cooking. I mean, I love Lidia [Bastianich], but [she's] kind of boring. And Mario Batali [I] love to death... but he's not romantic or sensual. Those are the things I bring to the table."
The Italian chef - who is married to fashion designer Todd Thompson and has a 6-month-old daughter Jade with him - also reveals a time when having a family was the farthest thing from her mind.
She says, "I never cared about marriage. I was more worried about working, and really didn't think I'd have kids. Then Todd turned 40 and I guess he thought to himself, 'I think I'd like to marry Giada.'"

Video: Sexy and hot Sarah Palin poses in a swimsuit for the 1984 Miss Alaska contest. Baby got back!

Video: "The Soup" pokes fun at 15 year old Miley Cyrus dating a 20 year old man!

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