Video: Barack Obama and John McCain's 1st debate.

Man sues former Catholic priest for stealing his wife.

Video: Prince says he's saving himself for marriage. He calls himself sexy, single and celibate.

Steven Seagal is still making movies.....that go directly to DVD. "Kill Switch" trailer shows you why.

Reese Witherspoon dreads promoting "Four Christmasses" because Vince Vaughn is immature....Somebody give that stuck up bitch a wedgie......

Links! Survivor crew member drowns. Kim Kardashian is Elvira! Jessica Alba is fascinating! Pam Anderson wants to pose nude....again....

Video: Joan Rivers banned by AOL by comparing Tom Hanks to a Nazi and saying Julia Louis Dreyfus has a moustache that makes her look like Hitler!

Ed McMahon.....Rap star......

Video: Naomi Watts puts our tax dollars to good use by having 3 Policemen escort her from the nail salon.....

Video: Behind the scenes of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" star Summer Glau's sexy photo shoot!

Video: Clay Aiken's alleged gay lover speaks. Why am I not shocked that the guy looks exacly like Arnold Horshack?

John McCain voted against the Blackberry!

Video: "Ugly Betty" star Ana Ortiz talks about being beaten and strangled by her former boyfriend.

Links! David Letterman hates John McCain! Britney Spears back with K-Fed? Lindsay Lohan breaks down. Wonder Woman fights a gorilla!

2 year old Suri Cruise is said to have a sad and lonely life. Countdown to rehab begins.....

Video: Dr. Phil's mind control seems to still be working as his wife denies divorce rumors....

Video: Nicole Richie is driving again! Is she breaking the law?

Geno's World post # 5,000! Sarah Palin nude? No. Jessica Biel nude? No. Mr. G. nude? Good God! No!!!!!!!

Video: Kendra Wilikinson says she wants Hugh Hefner to give her away to her future husband at her wedding....Hef says he would be honored...Wha???

Video: Bill Clinton thinks Sarah Palin is gutsy......(Thought balloon should say "That sexy bitch belonged in my White House!!")

Video: "I Kissed a Girl off of Craigslist"

Video: Clay Aiken announces he is gay. What's next? The Pope will say he's Catholic? Charlie Sheen will say he likes women?

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Video: Pam Anderson strips on Italian Television!

Video: Sharon Stone buys toys after judge rules against her in court.

Video: Pregnant Naomi Watts swears at and assaults photographers after trying unsuccessfully to outrun them.......

Philadelphia Eagles football player Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson are in love? Engaged???

Video: Witness speaks about Travis Barker DJ AM plane crash.

Video: Saturday Night Live gets criticized for suggesting Sarah Palin's husband has incestuous relations with his daughters.

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Video: "Revolutionary Road" trailer starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio!

Video: Simon Cowell says he doesn't care who wins "Dancing with the Stars". Amen brother....

Video: Hugh Hefner says he's still together with his "Girls Next Door" and Holly Madison still sleeps with him every night...take that Criss Angel!

Video: Emmy fashion hits & misses. What the hell did Jennifer Love Hewitt do to her hair????

Video: Simon Rex and pals seem to get thrown out of Emmy Party...fisticuffs & pushing ensue...

Links! Heidi Klum injured at Emmys! Diddy steps in doody! Vanessa Hudgens is flexible! Sexy Marisa Miller! Drunk guy humps car?????

"No Country for McLovin" remixes "Superbad" with "No Country for Old Men". Will McLovin' survive??

Video: Jennie Garth signs autographs for fans at Emmy party!

Video: Christina Applegate talks about surviving breast cancer on the Emmy red carpet.

Video: Jason Biggs licks his wife's face at "My Best Friend's Girl" premiere!

Video: Charlie Kaufman's "Synecdoche, New York" movie trailer starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Michelle Williams!

Video: George Clooney talks about putting bumper stickers on Brad Pitt's car saying that he has a small...."johnson"........

Video: Update on Travis Barker and DJ AM's conditions after plane crash.