"Shoot High, Aim Low"

Ewan McGregor says his kids see his penis every other day........

Chris Daughtry to join Rumer Willis and Scott Wolf on CSI NY's 100th episode.....Why?...Don't they want people to actually watch??

Video: William Shatner responds to J.J. Abrams' Capt. Kirk comments. He gives 1,001 ways to resurrect Kirk from the grave.......KHAN!!!!!!!!....

Video: Chubby women get delirious from exercise at weight loss center and see Jesus on the ceiling!

Video: While in rehab for sex addiction, David Duchovny signs on for new movie with Demi Moore..and her tight body...her naughty voice....damn Rehab!

Video: Hot and Sexy Megan Fox pool scene from "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People"!

Video: Make your own Big Mac remix sandwich from the Mcdonald's dollar menu for a fraction of the cost!

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Ed McMahon is about to sue hospital.....Where is Judge Judy when you need her???

New Journey singer Arnel Pineda cries on tour and calls his new job a curse! He understands why Steve Perry quit.......

Video: "The Hills" Lauren Conrad and Lo laugh and cry as Audrina Patridge moves out of their house!

Video: Madonna falls on her rear during her concert!

Video: CNN mistakenly have graphics that show Brad Pitt donated $100 Million to gay rights cause, not the correct $100,000 figure!

Maura Tierney talks about digging through trash for cigarette butts and smoking on the toilet....Oh how sexy.....

Video: Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays a Catholic Priest to Meryl Streep's Nun in "Doubt"...Another movie filled with sex and violence.....

Video: Alec Baldwin talks about contemplating suicide.....Nobody seems to care.......

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Video:"Dating Brad Garrett" casting episode! ......Really, I'm not kidding.......

Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams make the Iraq war funny and sexy......"The Lucky Ones" trailer.

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Video: Sarah Palin impersonators take over the Internet!!!

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Brad Pitt is depressed after dealing with moody Angelina Jolie, screaming kids and sleepless nights......

Video: A bikini clad woman cleans your iphone....really???

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Dane Cook says his old movies sucked, but urges you to see his new movie......

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