Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Shoot High, Aim Low"

Yes performing "Shoot High, Aim Low" live. Such a great tune! I just came across this live video & had to share. I've never seen the song performed live.

Ewan McGregor says his kids see his penis every other day........

"My kids see my penis every other day. It's not a big deal... People are hung up about nudity. We're embarrassed about it." Ewan McGregor allows his kids to watch his raunchy naked scenes

Chris Daughtry to join Rumer Willis and Scott Wolf on CSI NY's 100th episode.....Why?...Don't they want people to actually watch??

I don't watch the show regularly, so big name guest stars for the 100th episode are targeting viewers like me. Daughtry? Good guy, but I'll pass....Rumor? ZZZZZZ....... Scott Wolf? I'll never get over the fact that his character screwed over Jennifer Love Hewitt on "Party of Five".........

American Idol favorite Chris Daughtry has signed to guest-star on the 100th episode of CBS's CSI: NY, PEOPLE has learned. Also bound for the same episode are Rumer Willis, who has already shot her appearance, and Scott Wolf. The 100th show, set to air in November, centers on the pursuit of a serial killer who targets people named Mac Taylor – the name of the character played by the show's Gary Sinese. Daughtry – who is slated to shoot his role on Monday – has been cast as Machiavelli Taylor, described in the production notes as "an attractive 30-something year old musician." Willis and Wolf also play characters named Mac Taylor. Others guest-starring in the episode are Julia Ormand, actor-rapper Nelly and NFL star Marshall Faulk.

Video: William Shatner responds to J.J. Abrams' Capt. Kirk comments. He gives 1,001 ways to resurrect Kirk from the grave.......KHAN!!!!!!!!....

William Shatner Responds to J.J. Abrams

Video: Chubby women get delirious from exercise at weight loss center and see Jesus on the ceiling!

Video: While in rehab for sex addiction, David Duchovny signs on for new movie with Demi Moore..and her tight body...her naughty voice....damn Rehab!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Video: Hot and Sexy Megan Fox pool scene from "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People"!

Video: Make your own Big Mac remix sandwich from the Mcdonald's dollar menu for a fraction of the cost!

Links! Is Rachel Ray pregnant? Sophie Monk hotness! Gwyneth Paltrow's workout tape willl make you vomit! Megan Fox Transformers audition tape!

Journey performing "Separate Ways" live in 1983.

Is Rachael Ray Hiding a Baby Bump? (New Photos). Bitten & Bound

Sophie Monk is Bigger Than Paris. NewsToob

Sunny Mabrey @ "Eagle Eye" LA Premiere. The Bastardly

Gwyneth Paltrow's workout video may make you vomit. The Blemish


Ed McMahon is about to sue hospital.....Where is Judge Judy when you need her???

New Journey singer Arnel Pineda cries on tour and calls his new job a curse! He understands why Steve Perry quit.......

So how long until Journey has its 27th lead singer?...................
Unfortunately, Pineda isn't finding the tour nearly as fulfilling as his bandmates are. He misses his girlfriend and son, and the grueling pace is grinding him down. "It's very, very sad," he says. "There are days I just break down and cry. This is a job I'm doing for my family. That's all the consolation I'm getting." Traveling around America isn't what he expected. "It's all buses, stage, microphone," he says. "I never really get to go around and walk. They wake me up for soundcheck, then I wait until the show at nine. It's a fantastic job, but at the same time it's a curse. . . . I told Neal that the only thing that will make me quit this is if I get sick. I guess that's the same reason Steve Perry bailed out."

Video: "The Hills" Lauren Conrad and Lo laugh and cry as Audrina Patridge moves out of their house!

Video: Madonna falls on her rear during her concert!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Video: CNN mistakenly have graphics that show Brad Pitt donated $100 Million to gay rights cause, not the correct $100,000 figure!

Maura Tierney talks about digging through trash for cigarette butts and smoking on the toilet....Oh how sexy.....

She's such a cutie and a great person....and yet the trash digging isn't so hot......
New York Post:
MAURA Tierney will stoop pretty low to satisfy her 20-year cigarette habit. "When I can't have one, I'm [bleep]ed," the "ER" star tells next month's Glamour. "I've found myself doing things I'm not proud of, like digging through the trash for a butt. Or smoking through bronchitis . . . During a five-minute break at work, I've had to make the decision: Should I pee, or should I smoke? I've tried to do both at the same time, and it's not very satisfying."

Video: Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays a Catholic Priest to Meryl Streep's Nun in "Doubt"...Another movie filled with sex and violence.....

Doubt - Theatrical Trailer

Video: Alec Baldwin talks about contemplating suicide.....Nobody seems to care.......

Links! Criss Angel and Holly Madison rumors! Anne Hathaway is a diva! Mischa Barton nip slip!

Yes performing "Holding On" live.

Criss Angel and Holly Madison Rumors Heating Up (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Anne Hathaway is a Diva. I Don't Like You In That Way

Sienna Miller fan threatens to shut down fan website. In Case You Didn't Know

Daniel Craig is a Broken Bond. Just Jared

Another Mischa Barton nip slip. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Video: Ellen Pompeo gets nude, talks about quitting "Grey's Anatomy" and getting pregnant!

Sister Mary JJ: Do not faint!!!!

Video: Sylvester Stallone says he loves sexy Sarah Palin!

Video:"Dating Brad Garrett" casting episode! ......Really, I'm not kidding.......

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams make the Iraq war funny and sexy......"The Lucky Ones" trailer.

The Lucky Ones - Theatrical Trailer

Links! Hot Megan Fox & Shia LaBeouf on the red carpet! Girls Next Door spinoff! Jessica Simpson has the #1 Country album! Miley Cyrus lands new movie!

Genesis performing "One for the Vine" live in 1980.

Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf HOT on Eagle Eye Red Carpet (Photos) Bitten & Bound

Ryan O’Neal, Son Arrested on Drug Charges. BumpShack

Hef’s ‘Girls Next Door’ get their own spin-off. ChismeTime

Jessica Simpson Has The Number One Album.....dlisted

Miley Cyrus lands another movie. Gabby Babble

Video: Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day's sexy and hot Complex photo shoot!

Video: O.J. Simspon laughs on his way into court as heckler tells him he is going to hell for murdering his wife!

Video: Howard Stern wack packers Sal and Richie prank CNN live during Lehman Brothers segment!

Video: Jennifer Aniston has a new man of the moment in Cabo!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Video: Sarah Palin impersonators take over the Internet!!!

Video: Heidi Montag's Birthday is celebrated with Spencer Pratt, cake and......enough "cheese" to make you vomit!

Brad Pitt is depressed after dealing with moody Angelina Jolie, screaming kids and sleepless nights......

And you thought sleeping with Angelina Jolie would be heaven........

Entertainmentwise: Sleepless nights, screaming babies and a moody wife have got Angelina Jolie's man Brad Pitt tearing his hair out in frustration, according to a new report.The couple are supposedly experiencing teething problems as new parents - especially Brad, who is said to be wanting to escape from his new responsibilities.An insider tells In Touch, "Brad has six young kids around him, screaming and having tantrums and keeping him up all night. Sometimes he's so tired, he can barely speak. "Brad's hoping that once the twins reach four months, then they'll sleep more at night and Angelina will be less moody."The star told reporters at the festival, "Sleep is something you long for, but it's all right."

Video: A bikini clad woman cleans your iphone....really???

Links! Is McDreamy dead on Grey's Anatomy?? Katie Holmes look tired and drained after rehearsals! Blemish wishes Brooke Hogan would drown.

Pink Floyd performing "Time" live.

Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere: McDreamy Dead? (Video). Bitten & Bound

Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes Love Lingerie. NewsToob

Katie Holmes looks tired and drained after Broadway rehearsals. Splash

He wishes Brooke Hogan would drown. The Blemish


Dane Cook says his old movies sucked, but urges you to see his new movie......

I think I'll pass and watch reruns of "The Steve Harvey Show".....I may laugh once or twice.......

Yahoo: Other than a serious turn as a wannabe serial killer in the 2007 thriller "Mr. Brooks" starring Kevin Costner, Cook's attempts to sidestep from the stage to screen have been poorly received. Cook is aware of such shortcomings, referring to his filmography as a "highlight reel."
"I don't believe I watch any of my previous comedies and say, as a complete story, I'm interested in watching this from beginning, middle to end," Cook says during an interview at the Four Seasons Hotel.
That may change with his latest effort, the R-rated romantic comedy "My Best Friend's Girl," which opens Sept. 19.
"This is the one where I look at it and think there's a character and a real evolution with this guy," he says.
Cook hopes this movie will be the one to conclusively bring the cream of his comedy routine to the big screen. That doesn't mean Cook is in search of critical acclaim. He's still more interested in the opinions of his 2 million MySpace friends and counting than from the thrashing jaws of film critics.
"With '(Good Luck) Chuck' or 'Employee of the Month,' I was playing the levelheaded middle, carrying the film at the center with a lot of craziness going on around me," says Cook, looking casual in jeans and a white T-shirt. "I finally wanted an opportunity to take some of the elements of my standup and mix it together with a fun story."

Video: "The Day the Earth Stood Still" 7 minute clip starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly!

Day The Earth Stood Still - Extended 7 Minute Clip

Video: Sexy Audrina Patridge talks about "The Hills" drama!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Video: Toyko's Star Wars Dancing Stormtrooper!!

Video: Behind the scenes of the SMOKING HOT and SEXY Megan Fox GQ photo shoot!

Video: Jim Beane Bourbon "Lesbian Tragedy" ad!

Video: Jessica Simpson tells Rachel Ray that her new perfume is the perfect way to cover up her smelly farts! Sexy, huh??!!

Links! John McCain will sue you! Russel Brand interview! Eliza Dushku looks hot and sexy doing a triathlon!

UK performing "Rendez-vous 6.02" in 1979. John Wetton dazzles the ladies in the audience!

Jill Greenberg May be Sued for Doctored McCain Photos. Bitten & Bound

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Russel Brand Interview. Celebrity Smack

Who Whore it best? Eva Mendes or Eva Longoria? ChismeTime

Adriana Lima Looks Amazing! NewsToob

Sarah Jessica Parker buys toys with her son. Splash

The best of vomiting Kermit. Unibrow

Eliza Dushku STILL looks sexy while doing a triathlon! What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Video: Oprah Winfey faces boycott over refusing to have Sexy Sarah Palin as a guest!

Video: Jessica Alba refuses to answer Sexy Sarah Palin and Barack Obama questions!

Video: Neil Patrick Harris talks about "Scrubs" star Sarah Chalke joining "How I Met Your Mother"!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Video: Russians talk about Sexy Sarah Palin!

Video: "The International" trailer starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts!

The International - Theatrical Trailer

Links! Danny Bonaduce knocked down in boxing match! Sophie Monk rides her bike with bikini top! Jessica Biel shows off her sexy cleavage!

Steve Hackett's "Cassandra" with Brian May of Queen on guitar, Chris Thompson on vocals and Marillion's Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley on bass and drums.

Bob Levy Danny Bonaduce Fight Video. Bitten & Bound

Mena Suvari & Boy Toy Simone Sestito @ NY Fashion Week. The Bastardly

Sophie Monk is carefree. The Bastardly

Jessica Biel shows off her cleavage. The Grumpiest

Ali Landry gallery. Unibrow

Video: "The Soup" mocks MTV's "The Island" for ripping off "Survivor"!

Video: Tina Fey returns to Saturday Night Live playing Sexy Sarah Palin with Amy Poehler playing Hillary Clinton!

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