Saturday, September 13, 2008

Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis compares himself with Tom Brady after suffering similar injury when player runs into him on the sidelines!

Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis injured his left leg during the Michigan game when an Irish player was blocked into him during a punt return late in the second quarter.
Weis said after the game his knee is "blown out" and that he tore his ACL and MCL.
"I feel like at athlete, first time in my life," Weis said. "Tommy Brady's got nothing on me."
Irish defensive end John Ryan, who is 6-5, 264 pounds, hit Weis in the leg. Weis, who was looking the other direction, never saw the hit coming and was knocked to the ground. Weis remained on the sideline on crutches with his leg in a wrap for the rest of the half.
"I was following the ball down the field there was nothing I could do, nothing they could do," Weis said as he left the field before halftime.

Video: Rose McGowan gets a role on "Nip/Tuck"!

Video: Jessica Simpson interview. She talks about her country album, Tony Romo, Cowboys fans, the jinx and her love for Carrie Underwood!

Video: "Four Christmases" trailer with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon!

Four Christmases

Friday, September 12, 2008

Video: Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow have a "girls night out" seeing Madonna!

Video: Catholic priest arrested for selling cocaine from his rectory.

Video: Is Sexy Sarah Palin a bully??

Links! Is Mariah Carey pregnant? Sexy Sophie Monk gallery! Paris Hilton and Ryan Seacrest work on a new TV series!

Yes performing "Soon" live in 2002.

Ryan Seacrest Paris Hilton TV Series. Bitten & Bound

Roger Ebert explains scuffle with another film critic at Toronto Film Festival. Celebitchy

Is Mariah Carey pregnant? L.A. Rag Mag

Amy Winehouse hits a new low. Splash

Sophie Monk gallery. Unibrow

Video: Sexy Sarah Palin talks about taking America to war.

Video: David and Victoria Beckham have illegal tinted windows which irritate paparazzi!!

Video: "The Soloist" trailer starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx!

The Soloist - Theatrical Trailer

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Video: Sarah McLaughlan talks about separating from her husband...."Gross & Anger!"

A dark day for Yes fans.

The rumors are true. Yes is going on tour with a Yes tribute band singer. Gahhhhhh!!! Don't get me wrong, Howe, Squire & White have every right to tour & make music together. I love them! But why call it Yes????? And for the love of God, Yes has toured like Gods for decades. There are a bazillion live Yes recordings on CD & DVD in all their incarnations from the past for fans to enjoy. Can't they wait for Jon Anderson to recover? Do they HAVE to rush out on tour? Even if Jon's singing days are over, this just doesn't feel right...............

Video: Barack Obama defends his Sexy Sarah Palin and John McCain lipstick on a pig reference on David Letterman!

Links! Kanye West arrested! Eric Carmen's DUI! Lindsay Lohan reflects on 9/11. Matt Damon wants Sexy Sarah Palin in the worst way!!

Emerson Lake & Palmer's take on "Fanfare for the common man".

Kanye West Arrested. Bitten & Bound

80s Singer “All By Himself” After Second DUI. Celebrity Smack

Lindsay Lohan Remembers And Reflects On 9/11. Just Jared

Jessica Simpson shows her bare butt. The Blemish

Matt Damon wants Sarah Palin in the worst way. Unibrow

Jessica Alba's shocking bondage ad for "Declare Youself" is quite a sight!

Jessica Alba, who appears in a in new bondage-inspired campaign for the voter group Declare Yourself, isn't afraid to employ a little shock value for a cause she believes in. "I think it is important for young people to be aware of the need we have in this country to get them more active politically," says Alba. "People respond to things that are shocking." The dramatic image "really resonates" with the issue of voting, according to the 27-year-old star. "If you don't register and vote and make a difference, and hopefully change the bad things that are happening in our country, you are essentially just binding and muzzling yourself." Of taking the photos, shot by photographer Marc Liddel, Alba says, "It didn't freak me out at all. What I like about Marc's work is that he tells a story and brings real emotion to his pictures."

Video: KIm Kardashian says her mind hurts the most after rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars"!

Video: Kristen Dunst praises Lindsay Lohan for being a great influence!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Pulse 2" starring Battlestar Galactica's Jaime Bamber and CSI Miami's Boti Bliss releases on DVD September 30!

You may want to shutdown your computer for this one because PULSE 2, the newest release under the Dimension Extreme label, appears on DVD September 30th from Genius Products and The Weinstein Company.

Digital frequencies in the modern world have been interrupted again by the “soulless ghosts” who haunted the human race once before. On the brink of extinction, the remaining survivors are still running for refuge from the supernatural spirits on the hunt hoping to find permanent escape. However, that hope is fleeting. Now, two divorced parents must rely on their own personal hope and compromise their safety as they search endlessly for their young daughter lost in the midst of the incessant chaos and terror.

From director Joel Soisson (Feast, Phantoms and Hellraiser: Hellseeker) and starring Jaime Bamber (“Battlestar Galactica”) and Boti Bliss (“CSI: Miami ”), PULSE 2 is both gruesome and horrifying, erupting with special effects that will leave your heart pounding.

Video: Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe talks about his love for Christina Ricci, Christian Bale and "The Office"!

Video: Sexy Sarah Palin internet rumors are proven false! Dinosaurs, special needs and books, oh my!!!

Video: Tyra Banks says she is not a fat disgusting pig!

Video: NEW James Bond "Quantum Of Solace" trailer!!

Quantum Of Solace - Theatrical Trailer 2

Links! Britney Spears is not upset about her Mom's book! Jennifer Aniston upskirt & Juliana Margulies upskirt pictures! Jennifer Lopez Project Runway!

Yes performing "Roundabout" back in the day.

Britney Not Upset About Mom Lynne Spears’ Book. Bitten & Bound

Beware Peta! Jennifer Lopez to judge Project Runway Final! ChismeTime

Jennifer Aniston upskirt pictures. The Grumpiest

Pussy Cat fights printer! Unibrow

Juliana Margulies shows us her private parts? What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Video: Kim Kardsahian leaving rehearsals for "Dancing with the Stars"!

Video: Sexy Pam Anderson strips in front of Ellen Degeneres!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yes replaces Jon Anderson with Tribute band singer????

No. No. No. Such a bad idea. Yes is legendary. This Benoit David sounds like Jon Anderson, but I'm a purist. For the love of God, Howe, Squire and White can certainly tour together and make music.....but don't slap the Yes tag on it............ Please!!!!

Melodic Rock: Prog rockers Yes (in the wake of Jon Anderson's illness and the subsequent cancellation of this summer's planned U.S. tour) have selected a tribute band singer to replace its iconic frontman. He's Benoit David from the Canadian Yes tribute band Close to the Edge ( Details at: Here is Benoit David singing with Close to the Edge on YouTube..............

Video: Sexy Indian host slaps contestant in face...then gets slapped back...chaos ensues!!!

Video: Sexy Sarah Palin's religion becomes a hot topic!

Video: Jessica Simpson's "Good Morning America" disaster!

Links! Lindsay Lohan wants all the credit! Victoria Beckham's new haircut! Hidden Boobs Cam?????!!!!!

38 Special performing "Hold on Loosely".

Lindsay Lohan wants all the credit. Bitten & Bound

Love it or hate it: Victoria Beckham! In Case You Didn't Know

Morning Hotness: Jakki Degg. NewsToob

Jessica Alba is NOT happy to see you. Splash

Hidden boobs cam. Unibrow

Video: Brody Jenner unveils his new jeans line.....try not to snicker!

Video: "South Park" banned in Russia!

"Knowing" trailer starring Nicholas Cage!

Knowing - Theatrical Trailer

Monday, September 08, 2008

Verne Troyer-Mini Me tape hits internet for $9.95......Don't do it.

For the love of God, save your money!!! The site is obviously NSFW..............
- While actor Verne Troyer successfully sued and got a court order to block distribution of a 50-minute sex tape in the United States, an overseas company is distributing the tape online. - which was live as of Monday morning, features still images from the tape featuring Troyer - who is best known for his role of Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" films - and his former live-in girlfriend Ranae Shrider. Additional photographs of Shrider also appear on the website's homepage. The full tape is available for download from the site for $9.95.

Video: Kathie Lee Gifford weighs in on Britney Spears!

Video: Woman with 4 breasts has plastic surgery!

Hugh Hefner to replace his 3 "Girls Next Door" with newer models!

But where oh where is Hef going to find 3 Blonds with fake breasts that want instant fame? Where???????
Amid rumors that Hugh Hefner’s main squeeze Holly Madison has been hooking up with another major playboy (magician Criss Angel), a Playboy Mansion insider not only confirmed that the rumors are indeed true, but also exclusively told Scandalist that Holly is leaving him. “[Holly] told Hef that she is moving out of the mansion and breaking off their relationship,” said our source as we were hunting for gossip at MTV’s VMAs.
Wait! There’s even bigger news … Because Bridget and Kendra are intending to leave to pursue their own careers, Hef is looking to replace all three bombshells from Girls Next Door. “Hef is actively seeking three new girls to replace them immediately,” said our source.
Could it be true? Holly always seemed to be the most loyal and devoted to Hef. Has Criss Angel worked his magic on yet another Hollywood lady — making her disappear from her long-term relationship with Hef?

Links! Heroes season premiere party! Jennifer Aniston takes Toronto! Jordin Sparks defends the Jonas Brothers' promise rings!

Genesis' "Mama" remixed.

Heroes Season Premiere Party (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are "Lady and the Tramp" Candy Kirby

Jennifer Aniston Takes Toronto. Just Jared

Bianca Balti Photos are Beautiful! NewsToob

Jordin Sparks defends the Jonas Brothers' promise rings. The Blemish

Shockingly Michael Moore isn't a fan of sexy Sarah Palin or John McCain!

Video: Jessica Alba leaves medical center!

Video: Olly Games 2008!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Links! Tom Brady injured! John Edwards admits he's a liability! Spider Man 4&5! Rihanna, Lily Allen & The Week in Bikinis!

Charlie Sexton Sextet's video for "Everyone Will Crawl".

Tom Brady Injured in Season Opener (Video). Bitten & Bound

The Week in Bikinis. Celebslam

Banned Poster of ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’. ChismeTime

John Edwards Publicly Admits He’s a Political Liability. Deceiver

Lipo in Sixth Grade? Hey, Why Not! Jezebel

Get ready for Spider Man 4 & 5. L.A. Rag Mag

Fashion Rating: Rihanna @ Fashion Rocks 2008. The Bastardly

I heart Lily Allen. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Adult film companies are hoping to cash in on the Sexy Sarah Palin craze by casting Palin look alikes for new films!

Geno's World talked with a gentleman and woman who are producers in he Adult Film industry. Both individuals are eager to film new productions based on a sexy Vice-President who bears a strong resemblance to Sarah Palin. "Look, we obviously can't use her name because of legal reasons. But if we cast a look alike with a stage name of "Sara Palin" or "Sarah Bush" instead of "Sarah Palin", we can get the message across. The female producer who I talked to tends to produce "Couple-Friendly" films for Female customers who tend to shy away from the "typical" adult fare. "Having a powerful woman in the Oval Office is a potential goldmine. I tend to film movies with a dominant woman who is in charge. This is right up our alley!" Oh dear.........

"Body of Lies" trailer starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe!

Body of Lies - Theatrical Trailer 2

Ellen DeGeneres talks about naming her first child with Portia de Rossi, "Jumbo Shrimp"!

In all seriousness, I have faith that Ellen and Portia will break the trend of ridiculous celebrity baby names...........
Newlywed Ellen DeGeneres has said that she and bride Portia de Rossi talk about having kids, but what baby names do they discuss?

"We've thought of names, ironically ... Jumbo Shrimp is good," the talk show host tells Extra.

Recently DeGeneres spent time with pals Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's growing family – including their newborn son Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale – which inspired some parental-ish feelings for the comedian. "I was holding Zuma this weekend. And all I kept doing was [singing] 'All I want to do is a Zuma Zuma zoom and shake your rump."

DeGeneres's alternate plan to having kids to adopt – but not just anyone. "I would adopt the Jonas Brothers," she quipped. "They really are good kids. They appreciate everything still."

Video: Jennifer Garner, Ellen Degeneres and Neil Patrick Harris talk about "Standing up to Cancer"!

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