I watched Carnie Wilson battle a hemorrhoid for a half hour.

Dumb move of the day: Warner Brothers plans to make Superman's next movie as dark as "The Dark Knight". Will they have The Cure do the soundtrack?

Links! Audrina Patridge & Ashlee Simpson shared a lover! Hillary Duff in tight jeans! Vanessa Hudgens flashes her panties!

Video: Jon Voight is a gentleman wih his fans! He says he still hasn't seen Angelina Jolie's twins.

Video: Sexy Alison Carroll brings you behind the scenes of her Tomb Raider experience!

Video: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams caught smooching in public!

Brad Pitt crashes with Bono after Angelina Jolie kicks him out!

Video: Bid for a meeting with Audrina Patridge!

Video: Michelle Rodriguez drops the F Bomb again and again defending her Prius!

Links! Michael Phelps is a dick! Lindsay Lohan doesn't need bras! Rihanna is retarded!

Video: "Twilight" taking over the "Harry Potter" crowd?

Is Katie Holmes a failure on Broadway already?

England hates Keira Knightley!

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt calling off her wedding?

Links! Lady GaGa performs! Jessica Simpson stalks Tony Romo's phone! Tila Tequila's girlfriend is violent!

Video: "House Bunny" premiere! Anna Faris, Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis & more!

Video: Barack Obama has a sneezing problem!

Video: Rebecca Romijin to name one of her twins Dolly after Dolly Parton!

Links! Sexy Leryn Franco calendar! Katie Holmes new Broadway poster!

Verne Troyer "Mini Me" urinates on floor and gets his own reality show!

Video: Eva Longoria shops & doesn't look pregnant!

Video: Jennifer Garner finally admits she is pregnant!

Video: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker on the town. Is she pregnant?

Video: Today Show hosts get soaking wet on live TV!

Video: Thousands try out for "American Idol" in New Jersey!

Links! Jennifer Garner drives a hydrogen run BMW! Lauren Conrad goes to Petco! Hillary Clinton is still bugging me for money!

John McCain takes the lead in new poll over Barack Obama. I bet Hillary Clinton is smiling and screaming "I told you so!"

Video: Hooters girls promote neutering your dog. "Hooters for Neuters". Oh Lord.....

Video: Elizabeth Shue talks about playing herself in "Hamlet 2"!

Links! Is Rihanna broke? John Edwards story gets better and better! Paris Hilton t-shirts are creepy!

Jessica Simpson to be spokesperson for beer with vitamins. Really. This is not a joke.

Video: Reaction to Roseanne Barr's attacks on Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie!

Video: Hot and sexy Heidi Klum Jordache photo shoot!

Links! Eva Longoria baby bump! Hoopz on the cover of King! Ray Allen finally gets married!

The world reacts with laughter to Spencer Pratt's claim that Heidi Montag is a virgin!

Video: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson shop in a thrift store!

Jennifer Love Hewitt says she wishes she was naked from age 18-28!

Video: Behind the scenes of Kourtney Kardashian's sexy Maxim photo shoot!

Links! Robert Downey Jr. wears too much makeup! Britney Spears' lawyer wants $$$!! Did Lindsay Lohan hook up with Hayden Panettiere?

Nicole Scherzinger wants you to know how hard she works.

Video: Kendra Wilkinson talks about why she loves Olive Garden & why they hate her!

Video: Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty kiss & say goodbye!

Links! Pink reunites with Carey Heart at Brother's funeral. Chris Kattan's marriage lasts 2 months! Kelly Brook showers outside in a bikini!

Video: Sexy Charlize Theron in a bikini on the beach!

Video: Daughtry covers Foreigner's "Feels Like The First Time" to encourage people to vote??!!

Video:"Harry Potter" and "Twlight" spawn tribute Rock Bands!

Links! Lily Allen punches & flashes! Rumer Willis at "House Bunny" premiere! Olivia Munn of G4 gets felt up on live TV!

Katharine McPhee's new song for "House Bunny", "I Know What Boys Like" makes me vomit.

Video: Tom Arnold says he would rather do Michael Phelps than George Clooney!

Video: Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi talk about their wedding and why they are not having a honeymoon!

Links! Michael Phelps' hot girlfriends! David Cross and Amber Tamblyn play "Who is your daddy?"! Roseanne Barr hates Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!

Big Brother's Jade Goody learns she has cancer on live TV.

Spike sets up "Phil Collins got screwed" fund. Donate now!

Video: Ashlee Simpson is greeted by a swarm of paparazzi on the street!

Second "Saw V" Blood Drive poster released!

Links! Lindsay Lohan Nylon ads! Hayden Panettiere bans her Mom from selling her underwear! Paula Abdul wore what??

Kristi Yamaguchi gets robbed during a "Dancing with the Stars" charity event!

Kris Kardashian gives a beggar a donation and talks about her daughter Kim Kardashian and watching Michael Phelps!

Video: Brian Austin Green assaults photographer who takes photos of him and Megan Fox!!

Links! Hayden Panettiere Prestige pics! Death Star invades San Francisco! Tori Spelling's chest is melting!

Video: A professor from Kansas University swears and moons a student during heated argument!

Pre-order AC/DC's new CD "Black Ice" directly from the band!

Video: "Heroes" scoop! On set of "Prison Break"! "Chuck" and "Gossip Girl" buzz!

Links! Jennifer Lopez's triathlon training! Kristen Bell at the beach! Amy Winehouse sings like I do!

Hillary Clinton visited plastic surgeon to get dermafiller injected into her face!

"Dwight" from "The Office" proposes "Hide the Hamster", "Pizza making" and "Murder Checkers" as new Olympics events!

Video: Bill Murray uses his "Stripes" line before jumping from an airplane!

Links! Tom Cruise has a #1 movie! Ross Mathews blogs about Richard Simmons! Paris Hilton wears a see through nightie!

Video: Miley Cyrus rides her bike in the middle of the street with the SUVs!!

Buy a Phil Collins CD. He needs the cash after giving his third ex-wife 25 million pounds!

Video: Behind the scenes of Anna Kournikova's sexy Maxim shoot!

Links! What happened to Heather Mills face? Playboy party photos! Suri Cruise cries! Audrina Patridge hosts a nightclub event!

Chubby Bono is told to lose weight before U2 goes on tour!

Video: Sexy Kim Kardashian performs with the Hot Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas!

Video: Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding pictures!

Kate Moss talks about when Frank Sinatra kissed her in front of her boyfriend Johnny Depp!

Katy Perry's mother seems to think that Katy will burn in hell for singing "I Kissed a Girl"!

Zac Efron asking for $10 million to appear in "High School Musical 4"!

Billie Piper calls herself a sweaty cow!

Links! Photos from the Barack Obama John McCain forum! John Mayer talks about the Jennifer Aniston breakup! Lucinda Rhones Flaherty flashes underwear!

Video: Deleted sexy pool and bedroom "Iron Man" scene starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow!

Cameron Diaz whines about being too old and too young for any movie roles!

Video: "The Soup" mocks "New York Goes To Hollywood" and "Big Brother"!