Saturday, August 23, 2008

I watched Carnie Wilson battle a hemorrhoid for a half hour.

I'm not sure what is worse. The fact that Maureen McCormick, Carnie Wilson and Bobby Brown have a reality show together or that I just watched a full episode. Episode 2 focused mainly on Carnie Wilson's battle with a hemorrhoid.....And I watched the whole thing. God help me..........
Visit CMT if you dare to get more info on the show. I watched Carnie Wilson battle a hemorrhoid for a half hour.

Dumb move of the day: Warner Brothers plans to make Superman's next movie as dark as "The Dark Knight". Will they have The Cure do the soundtrack?

O.k......this sounds dumb. It's Superman, not Batman, not Buffy, not Blade. Next thing you know, they'll have The Cure doing the soundtrack...........

So how will Warner Bros. turn Superman around? By making him even darker, Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov told the newspaper.
" 'Superman' didn't quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to," Robinov said of Singer's movie, which made just $215 million domestically. "It didn't position the character the way he needed to be positioned," he continued. "Had 'Superman' worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009, but now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman. We're going to try to go dark to the extent that the character allows it."

Links! Audrina Patridge & Ashlee Simpson shared a lover! Hillary Duff in tight jeans! Vanessa Hudgens flashes her panties!

GTR performing "Jekyll and Hyde" live in 1986.

Teri Hatcher’s Child Molesting Uncle Dies in Prison. Celebrity Smack

Audrina Patridge and Ashlee Simpson Shared Lover. Gabby Babble

Da Brat sentenced to 3 years in Da Big House. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Hillary Duff in tight jeans. The Grumpiest

Vanessa Hudgens flashes her panties. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Video: Jon Voight is a gentleman wih his fans! He says he still hasn't seen Angelina Jolie's twins.

Video: Sexy Alison Carroll brings you behind the scenes of her Tomb Raider experience!

Video: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams caught smooching in public!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Brad Pitt crashes with Bono after Angelina Jolie kicks him out!

No word on whether the Edge has a room ready for Angelina............
Brad Pitt was kicked out of his French chateau following a row with Angelina Jolie, according to a new report.
Hollywood’s golden couple – who welcomed twins in July – have supposedly been arguing because Angelina is struggling to cope with her growing brood.
“Angelina has been screaming at Brad over the tiniest things,” a source tells In Touch.
"She told Brad “not to come home.”
The Fight Club star apparently spent the night alone at U2 member Bono’s house.
Rep for the couple have not commented on the claims.

Video: Bid for a meeting with Audrina Patridge!

Video: Michelle Rodriguez drops the F Bomb again and again defending her Prius!

Links! Michael Phelps is a dick! Lindsay Lohan doesn't need bras! Rihanna is retarded!

Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe performing "Brother of Mine" live.

Sporty Spice is pregnant. Bitten & Bound

Katherine Heigl should be in prison. d listed

Rihanna has retarded boots. I Don't Like you In That Way

Mark Wahlberg has a Hummer golf cart. Just Jared

Izabel Goulart photos are great! NewsToob

Kid Rock performs with Lynryd Skynyrd. Splash

Kate Beckinsale & Family Return From Cabo San Lucas! The Bastardly

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need bras anymore. The Blemish

Michael Phelps is a dick. Unibrow

Video: "Twilight" taking over the "Harry Potter" crowd?

Is Katie Holmes a failure on Broadway already?

Maybe they can get Suri Cruise a walk on role. The "AWWWWWW" factor could sell a few tickets.....

One needs to look no further than the successes of “A Chorus Line” and “Spamalot” for proof that celebrities sell Broadway tickets, but in the case of “All My Sons,” that rule might not necessarily apply.
Ticket sales for the show, which stars Katie Holmes and Patrick Wilson, are thus far “definitely off from what the production hoped,” according to a source close to “Sons.” It’s hard to know what exactly is to blame.
“You can’t say it’s the economy,” says the source, “because there are shows, like ‘Mamma Mia’ that are selling out.” One possibility bandied about is that audiences are too nostalgic for Holmes’ “Dawson’s Creek” persona to clamor for tickets. “It’s not that Katie’s bad in the part. She’s good enough. The producers are just getting the feeling people still want to view Katie as sweet little Joey Potter.”
That said, Jackie Green, a publicist for “All My Sons,” says that chatter about tepid ticket sales and rumors of a shorter-than-expected run are entirely untrue. “That information is totally false. There is a healthy advance for the show, and there is no chance of the run being shortened,” says Green. “Sons” opens Oct. 16 and runs through Jan. 11.

England hates Keira Knightley!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt calling off her wedding?

Dear Love,
Hi, it's me Geno. Remember me? I'm the guy that met you on the street in New York years ago and was sooooo smooth. When I said "Baby Ice Cream, Blaaaaaaa, Hiccup Weeeeeeeee, Hamburger", it was just because I was a bit star struck. If these reports are true that you may be having second thoughts about your wedding, give me a call. I'll take you to Wendy's and bowling...........

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty amazing after losing nearly 20 pounds and a lot of people assumed that her motivation was her upcoming wedding day. Earlier stories had the 29 year-old actress marrying her fiance, 32 year-old actor Ross McCall, in a small ceremony sometime this summer. Her wedding could be on hold, though, reports In Touch, which quotes an insider saying that “things aren’t great between them.” They usually look incredibly happy and in synch with each other, and if it is true that their wedding has been pushed back I would bet there’s another reason, like logistics:
“Things aren’t great between them,” the insider says of the couple, who got engaged last November.
“It’s hard because he’s filming in New Mexico and she’s in LA. The relationship is strained and their wedding won’t happen anytime soon.” While Jennifer has revealed that this summer is out - “I won’t be a sweaty bride,” she has said - another friend insists that everything’s fine. “Jennifer and Ross are very excited,” says the pal. “It will be an intimate ceremony and Ross is having fun helping Jennifer plan it.” Adds her rep, “The wedding is going ahead as planned.”
[From In Touch, print edition, August 25, 2008]

Links! Lady GaGa performs! Jessica Simpson stalks Tony Romo's phone! Tila Tequila's girlfriend is violent!

Dream Theater performing "I Walk Beside You" live.

Lady GaGa Performs Live on MuchOnDemand at MuchMusic in Toronto. Celebrity Smack

Jessica Simpson: I Check Tony Romo's Call Log. Hollyscoop

Charlize Theron is Big in Japan. Just Jared

Tila Tequila’s girlfriend is violent. The Blemish

Gwen Stefani is finally giving birth. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Video: "House Bunny" premiere! Anna Faris, Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis & more!

Video: Barack Obama has a sneezing problem!

Video: Rebecca Romijin to name one of her twins Dolly after Dolly Parton!

Links! Sexy Leryn Franco calendar! Katie Holmes new Broadway poster!

Sammy Hagar's video for "Winner Takes It All".

Ricky Martin has twins. Bitten & Bound

Sexy Leryn Franco of Paraguay - Javelin Throw - 2008 Olympics. The Bastardly

Katie Holmes new Broadway poster. Splash

Ninjas on rollerskates are an unstoppable force. Unibrow

Amy Winehouse chooses a rehab to be close to her husband's prison. Yeeeah!

Verne Troyer "Mini Me" urinates on floor and gets his own reality show!

Let this be a lesson to all he kids out there. Urinate on the floor + have a $ex tape controversy=Revitalize career.
Star Pulse:
Tiny Hollywood star Verne Troyer is to star in his own reality TV show.
The Austin Powers actor, 39, has already begun shooting the series, and is hoping to attract interest from networks. Troyer tells Us Weekly, "It's about being a dwarf in Hollywood."
The Mini Me star will be hoping for a more successful venture into reality TV, after an embarrassing episode on VH1's The Surreal Life in 2007, when he got drunk and urinated on the floor.

Video: Eva Longoria shops & doesn't look pregnant!

Video: Jennifer Garner finally admits she is pregnant!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker on the town. Is she pregnant?

Video: Today Show hosts get soaking wet on live TV!

I have to say that Ann Curry looks fabulous.............

Video: Thousands try out for "American Idol" in New Jersey!

Links! Jennifer Garner drives a hydrogen run BMW! Lauren Conrad goes to Petco! Hillary Clinton is still bugging me for money!

John Fogerty performing "Fortunate Son" live in 2005.

Jennifer Garner drives a hydrogen run BMW. Splash

Lauren Conrad Took Her Dog To Petco For Grooming! The Bastardly

Audrina Patridge posing in a bikini again. The Blemish

Megan Fox grabs her breasts on the set of "Transformers 2". The Grumpiest

Bar Rafaeli is a good choice to be the face of Hurleys. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Hillary Clinton is still begging for money. (Secretly, she's pumped that John McCain is beating the crap out of Barack Obama in the polls.) Win a dinner with Hillary!.......Win a trip to the Democratic Convention with Hillary!......What's next? Win a personal car wash from Bill Clinton?? Win a date with Chelsea Clinton?....... Hillary Clinton

John McCain takes the lead in new poll over Barack Obama. I bet Hillary Clinton is smiling and screaming "I told you so!"

Could the Democrats possibly be screwing up another "sure thing", "slam dunk" election? Good Lord..............
In a sharp turnaround, Republican John McCain has opened a 5-point lead on Democrat Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential race and is seen as a stronger manager of the economy, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.
McCain leads Obama among likely U.S. voters by 46 percent to 41 percent, wiping out Obama's solid 7-point advantage in July and taking his first lead in the monthly Reuters/Zogby poll.
The reversal follows a month of attacks by McCain, who has questioned Obama's experience, criticized his opposition to most new offshore oil drilling and mocked his overseas trip.
The poll was taken Thursday through Saturday as Obama wrapped up a weeklong vacation in Hawaii that ceded the political spotlight to McCain, who seized on Russia's invasion of Georgia to emphasize his foreign policy views.
"There is no doubt the campaign to discredit Obama is paying off for McCain right now," pollster John Zogby said. "This is a significant ebb for Obama."

Video: Hooters girls promote neutering your dog. "Hooters for Neuters". Oh Lord.....

Hooters and Neuters

Video: Elizabeth Shue talks about playing herself in "Hamlet 2"!

Links! Is Rihanna broke? John Edwards story gets better and better! Paris Hilton t-shirts are creepy!

Paul Rodgers & Neal Schon perform "Little Wing" live in 1983.

Paris Hilton t-shirts are creepy. CityRag

Is Rihanna broke? d listed

The John Edwards story gets better each day. Deceiver

DMB Saxophonist LeRoi Moore Dies at 46. Hollywood Crap

Cheryl Tweedy Has Hot Painted On Abs. NewsToob

Jessica Simpson to be spokesperson for beer with vitamins. Really. This is not a joke.

At first glance, this has got to be a tremendous failure waiting to happen. Americans are smarter than this right? For God sake, just stick to drinking Amstel Light........

Singer, actress and North Texas native Jessica Simpson will soon be marketing beer, according to an announcement expected today from a local brewing company.

AP Jessica Simpson has signed on as spokeswoman for Stampede Light Plus, made by Dallas' Stampede Brewing Co.
Ms. Simpson will serve as a spokeswoman and appear in ads in stores for Stampede Light Plus, which is made by Dallas' Stampede Brewing Co.
But she won't be just another pretty face: Ms. Simpson is taking a 15 percent stake in the brewer. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
"She's the face of the brand now," said Lawrence Schwartz, Stampede's president and chief executive, who says sales have more than doubled in the past year.
Stampede's marketing is focused on its vitamin content, which it describes as "functional additives."
"As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to diversify my portfolio with good ideas and good people," Ms. Simpson said in a statement. "Yes, I work out and take care of myself, but I also like a cold beer once in a while."

Video: Reaction to Roseanne Barr's attacks on Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie!

Video: Hot and sexy Heidi Klum Jordache photo shoot!

Links! Eva Longoria baby bump! Hoopz on the cover of King! Ray Allen finally gets married!

John Petrucci performing "Damage Control" live.

Eva Longoria's baby bump? Bitten & Bound

Ray Allen Finally Marries Shannon Walker Williams. Bump Shack

Hoopz on the cover of "King" magazine. Celebrity Smack

Michele Ryan has strange taste in clothing. Splash

Seth Rogen doing "In the Year 2000" on Conan O'Brien. Unibrow

The world reacts with laughter to Spencer Pratt's claim that Heidi Montag is a virgin!

Pillows between them? Virgin? Religious? O.K., how long until the $ex tape comes out? Anyone?......
The Hills star Spencer Pratt has claimed on the live radio that girlfriend and sometime fiancee Heidi Montag is still a virgin.Pratt was promoting the new season of the hit faux-reality TV show on Ryan Seacrest's morning show, when he cooed about Montag's supposed promise.
He told the radio host, "She's still a virgin...We don't sin over here," adding that he and Montag place pillows between them in bed at night - to help them fight temptation.And the bombshells/lies didn't stop there.Pratt went on to state his girlfriend is so religious, she's considering recording a Christian album.But have unearthed footage from the first season of The Hills, when Montag has a heart-to-heart chat with Pratt after taking a pregnancy test.The website asks, "Last we checked, if you're a virgin, you wouldn't need to take a pregnancy test."
Can you get pregnant from slobbering all over each other?...

Video: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson shop in a thrift store!

Jennifer Love Hewitt says she wishes she was naked from age 18-28!

There has to be an ex boyfriend with video or pictures.....right? I mean if Love is so dead set about showing off her nude body in its prime, it would be a shame to go against her wishes. It's only right............
Jennifer Love Hewitt is looking forward to turning 30 – but if she could turn back the clock, she would have spent more time showing off her figure. "I wish I had been nude from the time I was 12 until I was 28. I looked great!" the Ghost Whisperer actress, 29, tells Health magazine in its September issue. "I so wish I had listened to my mom and grandma when I was 18 and would complain about some little tiny bump or feeling bloated," says the star, who is engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall. "I used to scoff and say, 'No, I feel fat today!' Now the joke's on me."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Video: Behind the scenes of Kourtney Kardashian's sexy Maxim photo shoot!

Links! Robert Downey Jr. wears too much makeup! Britney Spears' lawyer wants $$$!! Did Lindsay Lohan hook up with Hayden Panettiere?

Marillion performing "Splintering Heart" live in 2007.

Male Celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. Wearing Too Much Make-Up (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Britney Spears’ Attorney Claims She’s Owed $338K for Two Months of Work. Celebrity Smack

Jennifer Lopez is still a bitch. I Don't Like You In That Way

Did Lindsay Lohan hook up with Hayden Panettiere? What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Alanis Morrisette Is Fat. Yeeeah!

Nicole Scherzinger wants you to know how hard she works.

She's too tired to party? God. What a hellish life she leads......
Nicole Scherzinger says being famous is hard work.
The Pussycat Dolls singer - who is currently dating British Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton - insists fans don't realize just how much effort goes into being a pop star.
She said: "It's not as glamorous as people think. It has its ups and downs. There can be a lot of intrusion into your private life, but I want to be known for my music."
"It's not partying all the time - sometimes when I get the chance I am too tired to party! People don't see the work that goes in to touring but it's definitely worth it."

Video: Kendra Wilkinson talks about why she loves Olive Garden & why they hate her!

Video: Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty kiss & say goodbye!

Links! Pink reunites with Carey Heart at Brother's funeral. Chris Kattan's marriage lasts 2 months! Kelly Brook showers outside in a bikini!

Yes' video for "Into the Lens".

Pink Reunites with Carey Hart at Brother’s Funeral. Hollywood Crap

Chris Kattan, Wife Split After Eight Weeks. Just Jared

Jennifer Hawkins @ Hot In The City Lingerie Show. The Bastardly

Kate Beckinsale goes snorkeling. The Blemish

Kelly Brook showers in her bikini outside to torture you. The Grumpiest

Video: Sexy Charlize Theron in a bikini on the beach!

Video: Daughtry covers Foreigner's "Feels Like The First Time" to encourage people to vote??!!

Uhhhhhhh. I love Foreigner. But I have to give Daughtry credit. This version rocks & maybe it will get kids to discover Foreigner. But what the heck do these lyrics have to do with voting for the first time??? I mean the song is about reliving your first sexual experience.....Right?? Am I missing something?

Video:"Harry Potter" and "Twlight" spawn tribute Rock Bands!

Links! Lily Allen punches & flashes! Rumer Willis at "House Bunny" premiere! Olivia Munn of G4 gets felt up on live TV!

In studio moments from Anderson, Bruford, Wakeford & Howe followed by their video for "Order of the Universe".

Christina Applegate had a double mastectomy, wants to have a baby. Celebitchy

Lily Allen punches a woman & flashes her breast. d listed

Lauren Conrad Stumbles Out of The Hills Premiere Party? Gabby Babble

Rumer Willis at the "House Bunny" premiere. Splash

Olivia Munn of G4 gets felt up on live TV. Unibrow

Katharine McPhee's new song for "House Bunny", "I Know What Boys Like" makes me vomit.

"Where my Players at?" Oh God. Katharine Noooooooooooooo!!!! "Back it on up"? Oh Lord. Just use your nice voice and your nice looks & sing. This song is awful............

Video: Tom Arnold says he would rather do Michael Phelps than George Clooney!

Video: Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi talk about their wedding and why they are not having a honeymoon!

Links! Michael Phelps' hot girlfriends! David Cross and Amber Tamblyn play "Who is your daddy?"! Roseanne Barr hates Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!

Marillion's video for "He Knows You Know".

Kathie Lee Gifford: Fried Hair and Frozen Face (Photos). Bitten & Bound

Michael Phelps Smoking Hot Girlfriend(s). Bump Shack

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn make you say hmmmmm. Candy Kirby

Roseanne Barr attacks Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Celebrity Smack

Denise Richards gives the clothes off her back. NewsToob

Big Brother's Jade Goody learns she has cancer on live TV.

Jade Goody's has left the Indian Big Brother house after being told she has cervical the diary room.The Big Brother big-mouth – who sparked a racism row over her treatment of Shilpa Shetty on 2007's Celebrity Big Brother – was immediately withdrawn from the programme and has been flown to the U.K. for treatment.Goody underwent hospital tests earlier this month after her third cancer scare, following four mystery collapses.A spokesman for the star says, "She went for tests and results have come back and she has cancer."She was phoned up and informed. This is a massive blow for her."The mother-of-two was tested for bowel cancer in 2006 and ovarian cancer in 2004, but was given the all-clear both times.

Spike sets up "Phil Collins got screwed" fund. Donate now!

Won't you help? Please? As Mr. G would say "What about the children????".........
Phil Collins just got screwed big time. After six years of marriage and two children, Phil's former wife, Swiss-born Orianne Cevey, 35, has recently received a $46.76 million cash payout from Collins. The record settlement is Britain's biggest ever in a celebrity divorce topping what Paul McCartney gave Heather Mills earlier this year by some $2 million. (read more to find out how to donate)
And this is not the first time Phil has had to give away large chunks of his Genesis cash. His second wife Jill Tavelman received $34 million after he ended their relationship by fax in 1994. I guess this guy really is a rock star.
In all, Collins's divorces have cost him $84 million – nearly a third of his estimated $280 fortune. Hot damn, Phil. That better have been some fine lovin'.
I feel so bad for Phil that I would like to officially announce Spike’s Phil Collins Fund. Every time you watch a classic Genesis or Phil Collins video, one penny will be given back to the ‘80s superstar. It should only take about 10 billion views, so get to work people!

Video: Ashlee Simpson is greeted by a swarm of paparazzi on the street!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Second "Saw V" Blood Drive poster released!

Film opens October 24!

Links! Lindsay Lohan Nylon ads! Hayden Panettiere bans her Mom from selling her underwear! Paula Abdul wore what??

Journey doing the Kenny Loggins/Steve Perry hit "Don't Fight It" live in 1983.

Lindsay Lohan for Nyon Korea. Celebrity Smack

Heidi Montag’s Back with a New Single. Gabby Babble

Hayden Panettiere bans her mom from selling her underwear. In Case You Didn't Know

Isla Fisher's Olympic-Inspired Antics For Baby Olive. Jezebel

Paula Abdul wore what??? L.A. Rag Mag

Kristi Yamaguchi gets robbed during a "Dancing with the Stars" charity event!

Star Pulse: Kristi Yamaguchi is devastated after priceless items were stolen from her trailer during a recent stop on the Dancing With The Stars tour across the U.S.
The Olympic champion figure skater - who won the 2008 series of the TV dance competition - left her valuables in a van, shared by her co-stars Mark Ballas and Derek Hough, while visiting in Roseville, Minnesota to take part in a cancer benefit. Thieves reportedly took passports, diaries, photos and thousands of dollars worth of electronics during the break-in on Saturday.
Yamaguchi says: "I feel so bad. These guys (the dancers) came in for a good cause to help out - and it's not starting out so good. It's more emotional because there are so many memories."
A $5,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the return of the items.

Kris Kardashian gives a beggar a donation and talks about her daughter Kim Kardashian and watching Michael Phelps!

Video: Brian Austin Green assaults photographer who takes photos of him and Megan Fox!!

What a punk. Him and his puffed up chest....kinda funny.

Links! Hayden Panettiere Prestige pics! Death Star invades San Francisco! Tori Spelling's chest is melting!

AC/DC's video for "Fly On The Wall".

Hayden Panettiere Prestige Magazine Photo Shoot. Celebrity Smack

Stevi Lauren Perry is Miss Teen USA 2008 . Right Celebrity

Is Charlie Sheen getting DWTS tips? Seriously? OMG! WTF!


Tori Spelling’s Fake Breasts Are Melting. Yeeeah!

Video: A professor from Kansas University swears and moons a student during heated argument!

Wow. NSFW....... Great stuff.

Pre-order AC/DC's new CD "Black Ice" directly from the band!

Columbia Records announced today the October 20th release of AC/DC's widely-anticipated Black Ice, the band's first studio album in eight years. Black Ice features 15 new tracks from brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd. The album was produced by Brendan O'Brien at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC.

"Rock 'N' Roll Train," the album's first single, will debut on August 28th. The video will premiere in September. And the band is set to kick off its first world tour since 2001 in late October.

Video: "Heroes" scoop! On set of "Prison Break"! "Chuck" and "Gossip Girl" buzz!

Links! Jennifer Lopez's triathlon training! Kristen Bell at the beach! Amy Winehouse sings like I do!

Phil Collins on "Top of The Pops" in 1981. The paint can is to give a subtle FU to his first wife who ran off with the decorator.

Jennifer Lopez’s Triathlon Training. Just Jared

Dita Von Teese and her sexy wonderbra! Popbytes

Kristen Bell is at the beach. The Blemish

Hillary Duff hits the town. The Grumpiest

Amy Winehouse sang like crap this weekend. What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Hillary Clinton visited plastic surgeon to get dermafiller injected into her face!

Say dermafiller 10 times fast. I dare you...............
Daily News:
Has Hillary Clinton added volume and smoothness to her skin? A source tells us Clinton visited a New York plastic surgeon early this month and received injections of a "dermafiller" in her face. The senator had appeared tired and wrinkly on a June 23 New York mag cover, but when she made her first solo campaign stop beside Barack Obama in Nevada on Aug. 8, she looked refreshed. After seeing a recent photo of Hillary, Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical told us, "It appears that she has restored a youthful look with a combination of injectables."

"Dwight" from "The Office" proposes "Hide the Hamster", "Pizza making" and "Murder Checkers" as new Olympics events!

Video: Bill Murray uses his "Stripes" line before jumping from an airplane!

Links! Tom Cruise has a #1 movie! Ross Mathews blogs about Richard Simmons! Paris Hilton wears a see through nightie!

AC / DC vs. Black Eyed Peas - You Humped Me All Night Long

Tropic Thunder is #1. Tom Cruise rejoices. d listed

Courtenay Semel Opens Up about Relationship with Lindsay Lohan. Hollywood Crap

Paris Hilton in a see through nightie. NewsToob

Ross Mathews visits Richard Simmons' show. Ross Mathews

Selena Gomez @ UR Votes Count in Glendale, California. The Bastardly

Video: Miley Cyrus rides her bike in the middle of the street with the SUVs!!

Buy a Phil Collins CD. He needs the cash after giving his third ex-wife 25 million pounds!

He says he's done touring? No way. Don't be surprised if Collins goes on tour again. He can't stay away. I predict he'll tour again solo, with Genesis, Clapton or dare we hope a FULL Genesis reunion with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett.......

Phil Collins has handed over £25million to his third wife in the biggest-ever divorce payout by a British showbiz star.
The massive settlement beats the £24.3million Paul McCartney recently handed over to Heather Mills and puts the £12.5million which Chris Tarrant settled on ex-wife Ingrid in the shade. Genesis singer Phil, 57, has given the huge cash sum to Swiss beauty Orianne Cevey, 35, after just six years of marriage and two children.
And it is not the first time Phil has had to give away large chunks of his cash.
In 1994 he gave his second wife Jill Tavelman £17million after famously dumping her by fax.
It means he has now paid out more than £42million almost a third of his £140million fortune.

Video: Behind the scenes of Anna Kournikova's sexy Maxim shoot!

Links! What happened to Heather Mills face? Playboy party photos! Suri Cruise cries! Audrina Patridge hosts a nightclub event!

Foreigner's video for "That Was Yesterday".

What Happened to Heather Mills Face? (Photos) Bitten & Bound

Playboy’s Hot Summer Nights Party Photos. Bump Shack

Who Wore It Best: Mischa Barton or Minnie Mouse? Candy Kirby

Non-Shocker: Tyra Banks Isn’t Friendly. CelebWarship

Paparazzi make Suri Cruise cry & she’s been cowering for days. Celebitchy

Audrina Patridge Hosts an Evening at Christian Audigier The Nightclub, Las Vegas 8/16. Celebrity Smack

Chubby Bono is told to lose weight before U2 goes on tour!

Maybe someone should tell him to quit smoking. If he quit, he might get his great voice back. Or he can continue to wheeze on tour...........
Bono has reportedly been ordered to lose weight before U2 release their new album and start a proposed world tour next year.
The singer - who has been entertaining celebrity friends including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro on his yacht in France this summer - has been told he needs to lose his excess pounds before the band start their promotional duties again.
A source told the New York Post newspaper: "U2 have an album coming out around January. And then the band is going on another world tour in March and April - so the boys have been told to start exercising all the summer weight off."
U2 - comprising Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. - are rumored to be calling the new record, their first in four years, "No Line On The Horizon."
Tracks on the LP have been leaked on the internet after a fan recorded the music from the upcoming record that Bono was playing in his French villa.
The four leaked songs are believed to be called "Moment of Surrender," "For Your Love," "Sexy Boots" and "No Line On The Horizon."

Video: Sexy Kim Kardashian performs with the Hot Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas!

Video: Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding pictures!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kate Moss talks about when Frank Sinatra kissed her in front of her boyfriend Johnny Depp!

A definite Austin Powers moment...."Ya Baby!".......

She has dated some of the wildest men in showbusiness, but Kate Moss says that her most memorable kiss was with Frank Sinatra – who ‘lunged’ at her after surrounding her with his security guards.
The supermodel was just 21 when the extraordinary episode took place in 1995 at the singer’s star-studded 80th birthday party in Hollywood.
She had arrived with her then boyfriend, actor Johnny Depp.

At the same party Kate, now 34, met another music legend – Bob Dylan. This time there was no sexual chemistry, she recalls in the September issue of Interview magazine.
‘I put my hand out, and Bob didn’t put his out,’ she says.
‘I took my hand away, and he put his out. We finally did shake.’

Katy Perry's mother seems to think that Katy will burn in hell for singing "I Kissed a Girl"!

Thanksgiving should be interesting this year...........
Star Pulse:
The mother of pop star Katy Perry has branded her hit song I Kissed A Girl "shameful and disgusting", insisting she is disappointed in her daughter for "promoting a sin".
Mary Hudson, an evangelical Christian preacher, has hit out at the track, which spent seven weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 U.S. chart and is currently holding the top spot on the U.K. singles chart.
Hudson says, "I hate the song. It clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting. Katy knows how I feel. We are a very outspoken family and she knows how disappointed her father and I are. I can't even listen to that song. The first time I heard it I was in total shock. When it comes on the radio I bow my head and pray."
And Hudson admits that she doesn't agree with the direction the 23-year-old's life has taken since she became famous.
She adds, "Katy is our daughter and we love her but we strongly disagree with how she is conducting herself at the moment. We cannot cut her out of our lives as she is our child - but she knows we disagree strongly with what she is doing and the message she is promoting regarding homosexuality which the Bible clearly states is a sin."

Zac Efron asking for $10 million to appear in "High School Musical 4"!

I thought he hated the role? But I guess 10 big ones changes everything........

Zac Efron has apparently not ruled out reprising the role of Troy in a fourth High School Musical outing – but he's not gonna come cheap.The newly-buff star seems eager to shake off his squeaky-clean image, revealing in a recent interview that he is on the hunt for more adult roles after the forthcoming High School Musical 3: Senior Year.But it seems that he might be tempted back to the Disney all-singing, all-dancing franchise that made his name if the pay cheque fits.“He’s thinking in the $8 million to $10 million range,” reports Life & Style, “but it depends on how the movie opens and how desperately they want him back.”Are you ready for High School Musical: The College Years?

Billie Piper calls herself a sweaty cow!

Pregnant Billie Piper says she felt like a “sweating sea cow” when filming scenes for the new series of raunchy ITV show Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.Billie, 25, pictured in costume as high‑class hooker Belle in the series based on the internet blogs of former London call girl Belle de Jour, struggled with her growing bump on set. “I had no food cravings other than wanting food constantly,” jokes the actress, who is expecting her first child with husband Laurence Fox in October. “This year I found the heat very uncomfortable and that, coupled with the fact that I was growing every day, the lack of sleep and the desire to just sit on my bum and stuff my face, was not conducive to work. “I was thirsty all the time and always needing the toilet – which is really unhelpful when working to such a tight schedule.“When I am playing Belle I have to play a sexually liberated, empowered young prostitute but unfortunately I felt like a sweating sea cow!”The second series of the show, which is a big hit in the US, begins next month – and thankfully filming for a third series will start once Billie has given birth.

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Cameron Diaz whines about being too old and too young for any movie roles!

Awwwwwwwwwwww. It's easy to feel sympathy for Cameron. After all, she's gorgeous, famous and wealthy. The poor thing. Let's all say a prayer........
Cameron Diaz reveals that since hitting 30, roles have started to dry up.
“I am in between that period — too old for girlfriend roles and way too young for grandma roles. It’s a tough time,” the 35-year-old actress told me. ...

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