Friday, July 18, 2008

Links that feel the rhythm of love! General Hospital star names baby "Peanut", Amy Winehouse in bathroom stall & more!

Yes' video for "Rhythm of Love".

Is Lindsay Lohan a lesbian with Samantha Ronson? 7 Confessions

Khloe Kardashian and Lauren Conrad wear the same dress. Ayyyy!

General Hospital star names his child "Peanut". Candy Kirby

Woman denies John Mayer affair. Celebitchy

Amy Winehouse in bathroom stall. Celebrity Smack

Rachel Bilson gets pwned. Celebslam

Claire Danes in a bikini. Egotastic

K-Fed gets sole custody. lovebscott

Carmen Electra looks cute. NewsToob

Penelope Cruz looks gorgeous. Popbytes

Jennifer Aniston wants to be Miley Cyrus' Mother!

Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants Miley Cyrus to play her daughter in a planned movie project.
The Friends actress-turned-producer is said to be keen to bag the scandal-prone 15-year-old Hannah Montana star for a film about an overbearing mother and her rising singing star daughter.
"I approached Miley about it, and she thinks it's a very cool idea," Aniston told a friend, according to Star.

Video: Khloe Kardashian parties with sister Kim Kardashian before going to jail!

Video: Nicole Kidman hits the streets after giving birth!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video: The Who perform "Baba O'Riley" live at the VH1 Honors!

Discover Katie Mac! Her outstanding music has been compared to Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin.

Katie Mac's official site
NYC singer-songwriter, Kati Mac is a successful indie-artist and the best-kept secret you’ve never heard of! Her accomplishments are impressive beyond measure. She’s worked with legendary artists such as Meat Loaf, Nona Hendryx, Sting, Dr. John. She has produced 4 of her own successful CD’s. She has achieved #1 and top 10 positions on various non-commercial radio stations across the U.S. Her music has been has been prominently featured on daytime television and has garnered several Daytime Emmy Award nominations. But at the heart of all that, is an artist courageous enough to tap into the depths of her emotions, both beautiful and difficult, in order to create music that resonates for herself and others. Her latest CD, Poseidon’s Son, is the most fully realized expression of her talent to date – a collection of songs sure to impact all who hear it.

Get updates on "The Spirit" movie at the new movie website! Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and more!!

Video: Hot and sexy Emma Stone from "Superbad" photo shoot!

Brooke Hogan reveals that she is not a virgin!

Video: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt pose for pictures with fans and kiss for photographers!

No matter what you think of these two, you gotta give them some credit. They know how to work a crowd. Good for them.......

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck visit the Doctor. Is Jennifer pregnant???

The two were spotted together Wednesday at an L.A. obstetrician's office to meet with a doctor.
Garner sat in the reception area reading a magazine, but when Affleck arrived, they were almost immediately called in to see the doc.
Reps for Garner and Affleck are not commenting one way or the other.
So we'll just have to wait and see. In other words, let the baby-bump watch continue!

Video: Will Ferrell answers fan mail on the Red Carpet!

Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to share a lesbian kiss at the Teen Choice Awards in August!

Miley just may be crazy enough to go along with this.....
Miley Cyrus has a secret admirer in the form of Katy Perry.The I Kissed A Girl singer reveals in a new interview that if she could pick any girl to lock lips with it would be the Hannah Montana star.
"She's the lucky girl. It's cool to hear through the grapevine that Miley Cyrus has my song as her ring tone," Katy tells the latest issue of Steppin Out.
She may get to try her luck when she attends the Teen Choice Awards in August, which Miley is hosting.
"Maybe we'll have another Britney-Madonna moment on stage," she adds. "How hilarious would that be? Although I don't think it would help her career.
"However, it would definitely help mine!"

Links that are named Duke! Rumer Willis has no bra...Samantha Ronson blows Lindsay Lohan a kiss..Heidi Montag lunches w/John McCain's daughter & more!

Genesis performing the intro to "Duke" live in 2007.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens make out on the beach. 7 Confessions

Rumer Willis embarrasses dogs by wearing no bra. Ayyyy!

Justin Long and Kirsten Dunst canoodle. Candy Kirby

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake go clubbing. Celebrity Pictures

Christians hate S&M Barbie. Celebitchy

Lauren Conrad screws the pooch. Celebrity Smack

Miley Cyrus wants to do "Sex and the City" for kids. Celebslam

Megan Fox is a sexy Star Wars nerd. Egotastic

Heidi Montag lunches with John McCain's daughter. Evil Beet

Heidi Montag to collaborate with Britney Spears? Hollyscoop

Hayden Panettiere does Candies. I'm sweating...Hollywoodtuna

Mariah Carey gets a $100 million Las Vegas offer. ICYDK

Blake Lively vs. Ashley Tisdale. lovebscott

Blake Lively shows off her legs. NewsToob

Samantha Ronson blows Lindsay Lohan a kiss. Popbytes

Emmy Nominations. Right Celebrity

Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly brawl on Jimmy Kimmel. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Paris Hilton works the push up bra. The Rad Report

Video: Sarah Jessica Parker's mole goes missing!

Video: Miley Cyrus practices her dance moves on the set of her new video!

Video: All the latest on the Brett Favre saga and NEW Roger Clemens steroid allegations!

Video: Behind the scenes of Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day performing in "Hairspray" on Broadway!

Jessica Simpson's new "Come on Over" Country video!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's official! Bret Michaels of Poison signs up for "Rock of Love 3" Bwahahahahaha! YAY!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

This makes me so very happy.......What does that say about me?? :)
We can officially announce that Bret and Ambre are over! And what’s more, there’s a new installment of Rock of Love on the way! This time, Bret’s taking his show on the road…literally! Per the press release of Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels (coming in early 2009):........................How will Bret find a woman to ‘rock his world’ when his world is always moving? VH1 is loading up a tour bus filled with beautiful babes and taking them on tour across the country. Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels takes contestants out of the mansion and on the road in true rock star style. This season will feature all-new ladies vying for Bret’s affection while traveling across America following Bret on a month-long tour. The contestants will face new challenges to see if they can handle the rock star life on the road.

Video: Behind the scenes of Hayden Panettiere's sexy music video!

Video: Khloe Kardashian says don't believe everything you read about her going to jail!

Links that have a time and a place!

Mike & The Mechanics video for "A Time and a Place".

Is Paris Hilton single? Celebitchy

Brooke Hogan strips for daddy. Celebrity Smack

Helen Mirren is hot in a bikini! Celebslam

Holly Madison at a pool party. NewsToob

Katie Holmes to star on "Eli Stone"? Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Amy Poehler close to signing on for "The Office" spinoff!

Amy Poehler might be joining her "Saturday Night Live" pal Tina Fey as a primetime player for NBC.Poehler is said to be in negotiations to star in NBC's spinoff of "The Office." NBC and creator Greg Daniels have been mum on details about the project. The only actor cast in the project so far is comedian Aziz Ansari, but there's been speculation that the show might be built around a name actor, similar to how the original "Office" is anchored by Steve Carell.

Video: Paris Hilton works the crowd!

Video: Megan Fox puts on 10 pounds for Transformers 2!

Video: Foo Fighters cover The Who's "Bargain"!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Video: Gisele Bundchen shows off her rear end and her anger!

Links that still turn you on!

Emerson, Lake & Palmer performing "Still You Turn Me On" live in 1974.

The "Dark Knight" premiere! Celebrity Smack

Jessica Simpson shows of her chest. Celebslam

Sienna Miller moves in with married boyfriend. Hollyscoop

Alyssa Milano has classy cleavage. NewsToob

Coldplay review! Popbytes

Video: Cameron Diaz goes to a psychic and drives backwards!

Video: Behind the scenes of Rihanna's new cover shoot!

Michael Jackson takes his children to see "Wall-E" in Las Vegas. Was he hoping to pick up some kids???

Star Pulse:
Michael Jackson wowed cinema goers in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday afternoon when he took his kids to see Wall-E on the big screen.
The pop superstar, his three children and four security guards checked out a matinee screening of the hit Pixar movie at a virtually empty cinema at the Palms resort. One eyewitness, who was watching the film with his stepdaughter, admits he was amazed when he realized who was sitting in front of him.
He tells WENN, "There were no disguises and the three kids weren't wearing the masks they've become famous for. Despite the guards, it was just a family trip to the cinema. They all wore red baseball caps. There was me, my stepdaughter and a Japanese couple and their kid - and that was it, so I think Michael must have picked a quiet day to come and see the film."
"They seemed to enjoy the film; Jackson's daughter appeared to like it more than anyone."

Video: Best Week Ever! Al Roker's Celebrity Family Feud skit had me crying with laughter!

"The Hills" Lauren Conrad googles all of her dates!

How romantic.............
Hills star Lauren Conrad admits she does background searches on her dates using Google.
"Yeah, [for] all of them!" she told the PopSugar network. "But I don't believe everything I read though. I Google pictures to see ex-girlfriends and stuff."

Video: FIRST LOOK at Britney Spears new Madonna video!

Video: Hooters girls bikini photo shoot on the beach!

Video: Eva Longoria shows off her new "Victoria Beckham" haircut with Tony Parker!

Video: Matthew Marsden reveals Transformers 2 secrets!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Video: Katherine Heigl to get killed off of "Grey's Anatomy"??!!

Video: Brooke Hogan "Brooke Knows Best" episode 1 extras! Brooke answers fan mail.

Video: Star Jones is hounded with questions about her new boyfriend!

Video: Madonna's brother calls her a nice Catholic Girl! No Alex Rodriguez affair?....o.k...................

Video: Britney Spears goes shopping with her Mom and her bad tan!

Man sells his baby's name for a $100 gas card!

Sick, just sick............
When three Florida radio hosts set out to learn what their listeners would be willing to do in exchange for a $100 gas card, they never dreamed they'd get anyone as eager as father-to-be David Partin.
Floridians Samantha Bailey and David Partin's will name their baby Dixon Willoughby in exchange for a $100 gas card offered to them by the co-hosts of a morning radio show by the same name. Partin, who called into the Orlando, Fla.-based Dixon & Willoughby morning show early Monday morning, will enjoy the spoils of a couple tanks of free gas in exchange for welcoming son Dixon Willoughby Partin into the world this December.
He won the radio gas card contest by offering the hosts the chance to name his first-born child. The co-hosts generously agreed to drop the "&" from the name.
"If nothing else, he's going to have a damn good story behind his name and it will give him something to talk about," Partin, 26, said of his future son, due Dec. 28.

Cosmo Quiz answered in one word. #1: Is He Only After Your Bod?

QUIZ: Is He Only After Your Bod?
Does he adore you for more than just your bust-waist-hip ratio? Better find out...

Ladies, you could have fun doing the quiz. Or just take my one word answer...... yes.

Foreigner's Lou Gramm talks about how his brain tumor battle led him to record a Christian CD.

Melodic Rock:
From Gary Graff, Detroit / Former Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm has finished recording his first Christian rock album, which he hopes to release this fall. Gramm, who has been a Born Again Christian since the early '90s, tells that the as-yet-untitled album "rocks from one end to the next -- that kind of attitude but with a different subject matter." He recorded it in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y., with his band, which includes brothers Ben and Richard and Don Mancuso from his pre-Foreigner band, Black Sheep. The album will be released by Spectra Records. Gramm, who left Foreigner for a second time in 2003, says that his recovery from a benign brain tumor in the late '90s gave him the impetus for many of the album's faith-based songs."It's about how you can be so out of line with the way God would have you be and maybe have a major incident in your life kind of wake you up," he explains. "I had my priorities not in order and I just think I'm looking at life in general a little bit differently." Reaction to this direction from fans of Foreigner and his previous solo work has been "mixed," Gramm acknowledges. "I'm not sure what people think -- that by doing a Christian rock album you suddenly become a completely different person or your creative self changes? It really just means that a lot of the subject matter changes; a lot more thought goes into the lyrics and not a ton of songs about popping that girl after the show." He continues, "But that doesn't mean I am a person who has no fun and no life; I definitely like to have fun. I just think I know quite a bit better where to draw the line now."Gramm and his band will be touring this summer but don't plan on playing any of the new material until the album is released. So many of the Foreigner hits, he says, "don't work for me, but I will perform any and all of them for the time being. "I can look back on (his previous music) with a lot of pride, and I can see how my path has led me to where I am now. But I am much more in charge of where this band goes and what the music is than I ever had a chance to be in Foreigner. So for better or for worse, it's my direction."

Video: Christina Aguilera and husband kiss for the cameras!

Video: Peter Cook SLAMS Christie Brinkley after the divorce!! What a douche.

Video: Cameron Diaz hits Las Vegas!

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have broken up. :(

The next time Sarah Silverman makes a video about which celebrity she's f--king, Jimmy Kimmel may not find it quite so funny.
The late-night talk-show host and the bawdy object of his affection have separated after five funnybone-tickling, viral video-goofing years, E! News has confirmed.
"Jimmy and Sarah have [broken up] and will have no further comment," Lewis Kay and Amy Zvi, the respective reps for Kimmel and Silverman, said in a joint statement today.
No reason was given for the split, first reported in Vanity Fair's celebrity blog, of all places. (Silverman graced the magazine's funnywomen cover back in April.)

Video: Gisele Bundchen's GQ shoot. Proof that Tom Brady is the luckiest man on Earth!

Video: How to buy the perfect suit! Even if you are a clueless man like myself........

Kim Kardashian's sister, Khloe Kardashian is going to jail!

It seems that Ms. Khloe will be in and out of jail faster than a bitch slap! Hollyscoop has the dish.............

Kelly Ripa and Nicolette Sheridan are bugs! "Fly Me To The Moon" opens in theaters August 8th!

In this groundbreaking 3-D animated adventure, three young flies set off on a courageous mission to become the first insects on the moon by hitching a ride on the historic Apollo 11 space flight. Based on the actual transcripts and the original blueprints from NASA, the film’s stunning visuals and meticulous attention to detail introduce a whole new generation to the awe-inspiring achievements of the space program’s most momentous mission. The year is 1969 and like everyone else in the world, Nat (Trevor Gagnon) and his pals IQ (Philip Daniel Bolden) and Scooter (David Gore) are abuzz over the upcoming launch of the first manned mission to the moon. Inspired by his Grandpa’s (Christopher Lloyd) oft-told tale of hiding aboard Amelia Earhart’s plane during her famed solo cross-Atlantic flight, Nat hatches a secret plan for the three young flies to stow away on the Apollo 11 rocket. The hard part is keeping the plan secret from his mom, Mrs. McFly (Kelly Ripa)! When a N.A.S.A. Ground Control official catches sight of the three winged stowaways, he instructs the astronauts to store them in a test tube for later study. But after an electrical short causes the ship’s engine to malfunction, the three intrepid insects manage to escape from their glass mini-brig just in time to discover the wiring problem and fix it. After a difficult lunar landing, Nat tags along with Neil Armstrong on his legendary moon walk. Although the flies face a few more close calls, the mission appears to be a success. At least until Grandpa’s old flame Nadia (Nicolette Sheridan) arrives from Russia to warn him that her government, angry over losing the space race, has dispatched fly-spy Yegor (Tim Curry) to Cape Canaveral to sabotage the computer flight plans. With the Apollo hurtling toward Earth, it falls to Nat’s family to save the mission—and the trio of brave flies—from disaster.
Official site:
"Fly Me To The Moon" opens in theaters August 8th!

Video: Mark Wahlberg denies a fan a photo.

I can't blame him..........

Video: People SLAM New York Goes to Hollywood!

Video: Real World Hollywood reunion!

Video: Cody Lohan meets Hugh Hefner and the Girls Next Door!

Links that are coming of age!

Damn Yankees video for "Coming of Age".

Carmen Electra snuggles with Rob Patterson. Celebrity Smack

Kate Moss goes topless. Celebslam

Miley Cyrus shower pictures. Lock her up! NewsToob

Naomi Campbell tries to be nice..... Popbytes

Miss USA slips and falls. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Video: Josh Brolin mug shot after arrest in bar fight!

Video: Jessica Simpson fakes orgasm in Mike Myers' "Love Guru".

Fans taunt Alex Rodriguez with Madonna photos!

Fans had a field day with Alex Rodriguez Friday night in Toronto, taunting the New York Yankees third baseman with pictures of Madonna. A-Rod has felt the heat of media scrutiny ever since he was linked with the pop icon and then his wife Cynthia filed for divorce on Monday.
The scene echoed a similar incident last December in which football fans tried to distract Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on the field with photograph masks of his then-new girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

Video: Mariah Carey poses in a bikini with Nick Cannon!

Video: Jessica Simpson says her favorite meat is sausage!

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