Friday, July 11, 2008

"Twilight" promo clip! Film opens December 12!

Video: Anna Kournikova talks about breasts, babies and botox!

Video: "The Island" preview! MTV pits "Real World" and "Road Rules" against each other in a "Survivor" setting.

Links that still get through!

GTR performing "Still Get Through" live in 1986.

Memo to Pamela Anderson. Ayyyy!

Katie Holmes sanitizes playgrounds for Suri. Celebitchy

Maggie Gyllenhaal as the joker? Celebrity Smack

Tori Praver and her surfboard. Celebslam

Eva Longoria takes a shower outside. NewsToob

"The Hills" on "Jeopardy". Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Kate Beckinsale talks about her fake breasts.....Wait....what????

Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her and Ben Affleck's second child!

The ladies at the Inside Track are pretty reliable, this rumor has legs................
Boston Herald:

Hollywood honeys Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child early next year, a source close to the couple confirmed.
“A few days before the Fourth of July, Jen began calling close pals with the news that she was pregnant again,” a source told the National Enquirer, which first broke the baby news. “Jen said she’s three months along - and she and Ben are ecstatic. She and Ben are still deciding whether they’ll ask the sex of the child.”
The “Juno” mom and her “Gone Baby Gone” director hubby, who married in 2005, are the ever-so-doting parents of blonde daughter Violet Anne, 2 .
Jen has made no secret of her desire to expand the Affleck brood, but last year she told she wanted to “work a little bit more” before thinking about a baby sister or brother for little Vi.
This year, Jen was in Boston shooting “The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” with new daddy Matthew McConaughey and the comedy “This Side of the Truth” with Ricky Gervais. And she also played Roxane in a TV version of “Cyrano de Bergerac.”
So it’s about time for Mama Jen to hop back on the Mommy Track!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Classic News Anchor vs. Reporter fight!

Hot woman's cleavage causes chaos on France's Wheel of Fortune!

Video: Courtney Cox to appear on ABC's Scrubs!

Links that wake up at 4 in the morning!

Night Ranger's video for "Four in the morning".

John Mayer is a slut. Celebitchy

A tour of the Big Brother 10 house. Celebrity Smack

Lauren Conrad lets her cleavage loose. NewsToob

Cher's secret wedding. Popbytes

Patty Smyth and Scandal are in the studio recording a new CD. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Video: Tobey Maguire yells at paparazzi (dropping the f bomb) after being harassed!

Video: Brian Austin Green says he's still together with Megan Fox and their pig.....and squirrel!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"The Stone Angel" starring Ellen Page opens July 11!

Based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Laurence, The Stone Angel is the story of feisty firecracker Hagar Shipley (Christine Horne, Oscar Winner Ellen Burstyn). Her passionate heart has always ruled her head and her choices have put her at odds with family and friends. With her life nearly behind her, she sets out in search of a way to reconcile herself to her turbulent past. Through her reflections we come to know a passionate and rebellious young bride, her love for her two sons, the freedoms she claimed, and the joys she denied herself. Starring Ellen Burstyn, Christine Horne, Cole Hauser, Ellen Page, Dylan Baker, Kevin Zegers.

Video: Fist fights on tonight's Real World finale!

Video: Sexy Kelly Ripa puts her feet and body on the line by running in a race with high heel stilettos!!

Video: Bon Jovi ticket prices are off the charts! A-Rod and Madonna drama. Kanye West does fashion.

Video: Matthew McConaughey's Mother predicts that Matthew will have many many more children!

Video: "The Hills" Jason Wahler talks about how he hasn't talked to Lauren Conrad in a year!

Links that are movin' on!

Bad Company performing "Movin' On" live.

Samantha Ronson bought Lindsay Lohan a $22,000 ring! Celebrity Smack

Keeley Hazell nude in French Maxim. Hollywoodtuna

Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson play tennis. lovebscott

Scarlett Johansson does Cosmo. NewsToob

Amy Winehouse fights her OWN bodyguard. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Video: A Shot of Love 2 with Tila Tequila reunion. Headbutts, screams, tears and more!

Video: Anne Hathaway's heartbreak over her convict ex has made her lose 25 pounds!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Britney Spears is NOT appearing nude in a lesbian "Girls Gone Wild" video!

Ahhhhhhhh the rumor mill. Ignore the upcoming reports that ole' Brit will be appearing nude in an upcoming "Girls Gone Wild" lesbian video release. Maybe someday.......

Video: Death Cab For Cutie "Cath" premiere!

Video: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long split!

Links that make ripples!

Genesis' video for "Ripples" from the "A Trick of the Tail" album. The album was the first Genesis album not to feature Peter Gabriel on vocals.

Alex Rodriguez' wife blew 100k before filing for divorce. Celebitchy

Jack Black tried heroin once and only once. Celebrity Smack

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi topless and kissing. Egotastic

Selma Blair played it cool on Hellboy 2. ICYDK

Vanessa Hudgens does TRL. NewsToob

"Heroes" goes postal! Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Sarah Larson reveals what she'll miss most about George Clooney!

Video: Christian Bale does his own Batman stunts in "The Dark Knight"!

Video: Lindsay Lohan on the set of her new movie!

Video "The Closer" Kyra Sedwick gets kinky for husband Kevin Bacon!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Video: Ryan Gosling tells paparazzi to stop following him!

Video: Danity Kane talks about torturing boys all day!

Video: Britney Spears' producer gushes over how great Britney Spears and will be!!

The guy is truly a salesman!
Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet has the video.

Lynda Carter "Wonder Woman" talks about being an alcoholic.

Will Smith CRUSHES his daughter!

New York Magazine is trying to be funny, but I think they went a bit too far......

In a box-office match-up as hilarious as it was potentially traumatizing, Will Smith went head-to-head with his adorable offspring over the weekend when his film Hancock opened opposite Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, which starred 7-year-old Willow Smith in a supporting role. A few weeks ago, Willow obnoxiously bragged to an interviewer, "He thinks he is going to be beat me, but I think not. I think I am going to beat him" — to which her father, during a Letterman appearance, sagely responded, "Daddy loves you, sweetie, but I gots to stomp you at the box office."
So how'd things go down? Over the holiday weekend, drunk-superhero comedy Hancock overcame crappy reviews and Vulture antipathy to extract an astonishing $107 million from American audiences (and $185 million from filmgoers worldwide), while Willow's (presumably) ham-fisted performance in Kittredge proved to be box-office kryptonite: in its first five days of wide release, her film staggered to an embarrassing $3.6 million — not even enough to cover its meager $8 million budget — when the anticipated hordes of doll-purchasing young women failed to materialize. While it's hard not to feel a little sorry for a seven-year old whose film career is already an irreparable failure, one would think that even a second grader should be wise enough not to bet against Will Smith on the Fourth of July.

Video: Paparazzi ask Tara Reid how much she had to drink, whether they are ugly...and more!

"The Mummy 3" director vows that the movie will be "perfect"! Brendan Fraser and Jet Li star.

'Mummy 3' Director Strives For Special-Effects Perfection 'Until They Pry It Out Of My Hands'
'I'm on every pixel, every detail, all the time,' Rob Cohen says.

"The face is way too hot. It doesn't look like Jet Li, it looks like the guy from 'Saw.' It's not supposed to look like a mask!"
"I've had problems with this before and I've told you about it. He's looking like a guy in black pig sh--. If you look at what we've got — he's the creature from the Black Lagoon!"
"The backgrounds are taking away from the reality we've established! Flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat, flat!"

Video: Nicole Kidman gives birth to a baby girl!

Links that call Jenny at 867-5309!

Tommy Tuntone's video for "Jenny (867-5309)". This song still sounds great! Damn I'm old.........

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to get variety show? Celebitchy

Nicole Richie kicked out of Vegas club. Celebrity Smack

Smell like Kim Kardashian. Celebslam

Marisa Miller does GQ and gives me a heart attack. NewsToob

Win "Burn Notice" & "Weeds" stuff! Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Video: Dave Gibbons on the set of the "Watchmen" movie!

Video: Steve-O transferred to "looney bin" from rehab.

Video: Madonna says there is no divorce pending! She also denies having an affair with Alex Rodriguez.

Madonna's red hot sexy lesbian makeout sesion with Gwyneth Paltrow revealed!

MADONNA grabbed GWYNETH PALTROW and gave her a steamy kiss on the lips at a boozy showbiz party, a sensational new book reveals.
A biography by the Queen of Pop’s brother claims to lift the lid on Madge’s sexual conquests, love affairs, drug-taking and rows with husband GUY RITCHIE.
And it will tell how Madonna, now 49, flirted with Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth at a glamorous New Year party thrown by leading fashion designer DONATELLA VERSACE.
The Like A Virgin singer was dancing on a table at 4am when she dragged Gwyneth up to join her.
Younger brother Christopher Ciconne will tell how he watched as the pair started dancing together.
Then — as party-goers watched in amazement — Madonna grabbed Gwynnie, pulled her to her and kissed the stunned Hollywood star full on the mouth.

Video: "I Love Money" episode 1 aftershow. Pure insanity!

Video: Hillary Duff causes chaos at Villa!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Britney Spears! Divorces! Pregnancies! Jessica Simpson's chest! Woman playing kazoo with private parts! Barack Obama and George Bush get booed!

Geno's World had an amazing time this long weekend blogging like a madman. In case you had a life and were enjoying the beach, fireworks or booze, here is a recap of the last 3 days of posts. We set a record for hits this weekend. Thanks for your support! Tell a friend or two, bookmark us and come back. I'll be here icing my wrists.............

Britney Spears has given up the party life! Hayden Panettiere is called a geek! Nick Cannon is still ga ga over Mariah Carey!

Britney Spears wants a quiet life. Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet
Hayden Panettiere is called a geek! Hayden's Countdown
Nick Cannon is a fool in love. Sexy Sandy Says

Video: Hot Plastik Beach party in Dubai!

Video: New York from "I Love New York" parodies "Forrest Gump" to promote "New York Goes To Hollywood"!

Video: Man sets karaoke record!

Video: Ghostbusters cast Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson reunite for Ghostbusters video game!

Video: What celebrity is the most annoying? Britney Spears? Oprah Winrey? David Beckham?

Video: "The House Bunny" trailer with Anna Faris!

Video: Jamie Foxx's new TV project! "From G's to Gents"

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