Miley Cyrus gets grounded for a bad attitude and for flirting with old men!

Good lord.........
Mommy Tish has grounded her daughter Miley Ray Cyrus because of her bad attitude and online flirting with boys and older men, reports Star Magazine. Tish grounded Miley in May and took her computer away.
A friend revealed: 'Miley is getting too big for her britches and had to be taken down a notch. And Tish is the only person capable of doing it! She is very upset with the pictures that have been leaked and she's worried Miley's image has been permanently tarnished.'
The friend said that Tish and Miley got into a big fight over it, then she banned her from any non-work related activities and took her computer away..
'Tish is concerned with her flirting on Myspace. When Tish found out, she confronted Miley, who snapped, 'Get off my back!' She's also been using inappropriate language, and Tish has had enough of that. They're churchgoing people, and Tish wants Miley to have respect for their religion.'

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John Travolta looks like the gay Village People biker!

I'm just sayin'............
Travolta photo from dlisted

Chris Rock is the victim of a child molestation practical joke!

I think this goes a bit too far................
Comedian CHRIS ROCK, currently on tour in South Africa, was the target of a practical joke even more shocking than those made famous by ASHTON KUTCHER on the now canceled reality series "Punk'd," Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.
An actor posing as a prosecutor was hired a U.S.-based television show to appear in court and urge a judge to take Rock into custody after citing false allegations that the comedian had sex with a British minor, AFP said. "It was a hoax, it was for one of the U.S. reality television programs," said TLALI TLALI, a spokesman for South Africa's National Prosecuting Authority.
Word reached Rock that South African police might be trying to arrest him, so he quickly sought the help of lawyers to seek more information on the fake charges, Tlali said. Eventually the Johannesburg High Court ruled in Rock's favor and no legal action was initiated against him.
It was not known which show was behind the practical joke against the actor/comedian, who created The CW"'s series "Everybody Hates Chris."

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Spike Lee says he's taking the Barack Obama high road in fued with Clint Eastwood??!!

I'm sure Obama is thrilled..............
In an interview published this morning with The Guardian, multiple Oscar winner Clint Eastwood said of Spike Lee that “a guy like him should shut his face.” In an interview conducted today with MTV News, Spike Lee kinda, sorta said, “OK.”
“I’m going to take the Obama high road,” the filmmaker said, refusing to trade any more barbs with Eastwood or elaborate any more over perceived inaccuracies in the recent “Flags of Our Fathers.” “It’s not a feud.”
But why do Clint’s statements have everyone asking of Spike if “he feels lucky?” While conducting interviews last month for his newest film, “The Miracle at St. Anna” Lee said, “There were many African-Americans who survived that war and who were upset at Clint for not having one [in the films]. That was his version: The negro soldier did not exist. I have a different version.”

Ashley Tisdale denies having HIV, Aids, herpes, cold sores or a cold!

Why stop at denying HIV reports? They should state that Ashley has never been sick a day in her life.....
Online reports that High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale has been diagnosed HIV positive are "completely untrue," her rep, Scott Appel, tells PEOPLE. Several Internet posts Thursday said the actress/singer may have contracted the disease from her rhinoplasty procedure last year. By Friday the rumor mill kicked into overdrive causing some panicked fans to post YouTube videos to "Pray for Ashley." Another Internet site posted what it claimed was a statement from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. But Cedars-Sinai spokesperson Simi Singer tells PEOPLE: "We absolutely did not issue a release." Tisdale, 22, is currently in Salt Lake City filming High School Musical 3.