Saturday, May 10, 2008

Links that are forgiven but not forgotten!

The Coors performing "Forgiven but not Forgotten" live.

Madonna slams Britney Spears' lack of childhood! Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet

Hayden Panettiere wants you to sit on her yoga mat...yes you!! Hayden's Countdown

Speed Racer is already called a bomb!! Sexy Sandy Says

Carmen Electra tells Moms to be ready for sex at all times!

I'm not sure what to say.................
Newly-engaged Carmen Electra is giving weary mums a few sex tips to keep the romance alive in their marriage - just in time for America's Mother's Day on Sunday.
The actress/model tells the new issue of Cosmopolitan that women should always be prepared for sex - even if that means keeping a "sexiness kit" at work or in the car.
Electra claims the ideal kit should include "perfume, lip gloss, and a pair of heels."
And she adds, "Being flirty is a way of letting a guy know you're interested without making a fool of yourself."

Video: Tom Brady's Wonder Woman obsession, Playboy banned in the military, and Dick Cheney likes skateboarding......

Friday, May 09, 2008

Video: "The Office" guys sing to Angela's baby!

Kim Kardashian undergoes cellulite removal.

Has anyone seen Bruce Jenner's face on Kim's TV show? No cellulite there. No facial movement either........
Kim Kardashian is reportedly undergoing specialist cellulite removal treatment.
The socialite - who was recently criticized by former friend Paris Hilton for having "cottage cheese butt" - has the treatment along with sister Khloe and Kourtney in an upcoming episode of their reality TV show, 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'.
A source said: "In the episode, which will air on May 11, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney talk about their body-image issues and have this specialist treatment."
"However, Kim was so impressed with the treatment that she has continued to have regular sessions since they filmed the episode."

Hugh Hefner offers Miley Cyrus an oppertunity to pose nude for Playboy when she turns 18!!

Oh Lord.....
"Extra" caught up with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion last night as Jayde Nicole was honored as the "2008 Playmate of the Year." When we asked if Hef will approach Miley to appear in his magazine when she reaches the legal age of 18, he said, "Certainly she'd be welcome to the magazine. She's a very pretty lady."
As for the drama caused by Cyrus' VF shoot? "To make such a big to-do over something as innocent as those photos -- I think it's a reflection of how schizophrenic America is about sexuality."

Video: Alec Baldwin talks about running for office....Imagine him leaving voice mails for potential voters!

"Hi you pig, it's me Alec Baldwin. I know you don't have anything better to do than watching Springer or stuffing your fat face with Cheetos. So get up off your lazy ass and vote for me. You worthless piece of garbage!"

Links that have not experienced hollow years!

Dream Theater performs "Hollow Years" live.

Britney Spears visits MTV's "Rock The Cradle". Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet

Eva looks like a genius! Fire Cubed

Jennifer Hudson's new single. Jam or slam? lovebscott

Jessica Simpson shakes it onstage! NewsToob

New "24" photo released. What's up with Bill's hair?? Televisionista

"Survivor"'s Erik lets 4 women talk him out of winning $1 Million!!

I was literally screaming at my TV last night. poor, poor Erik. He was immune from elimination, yet the power of 4 smart, attractive women was too much for him.
Watch the episode at

George Clooney and Sarah Larson were addicted to "Rock of Love"!

I was addicted also. And yet, I wasn't recovering from a motorcycle accident.........
Even Sarah Larson and George Clooney have their occasional guilty pleasure.
While recovering from a motorcycle accident last fall, she says they were glued to marathons of VH1's Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.
"We caught ourselves rooting for someone or getting frustrated," Sarah says in June's Harper's Bazaar. "And we were like, 'This is sad.'"

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Liv Tyler, will you go out with me?

O.k., I know this isn't classy, but what the heck....Hi Liv, it's me Geno. I'm sorry to hear about your marriage. That being said, how about going on a date with me? I know a great burger joint in the Boston area. If you're in the mood for seafood, we can go to Legals. e-mail me and I'll work out the details with you..............
After five years of marriage, LIV TYLER, 30, and her musician husband, ROYSTON LANGDON, 36, have decided to call it quits, according to People magazine.
"Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon have confirmed their separation," her rep said in a statement. "They remain good friends and devoted parents to their son MILO and are requesting that their family's privacy be respected at this time."

Video: Jessica Alba challenges fan to staring contest!

I'm pretty sure I'd lose. It's hard to stare at her in the eyes for too long. Even via the Internet....

Minnie Driver will sing about broken hearts, bar fights, lost loves and dead dogs on her new CD.

I kid. I like Country music.........
We might know Driver best as one of our more successful ex-pat Hollywood actresses, but she was a musician long before she turned to acting. And, having overcome initial scepticism to win enthusiastic reviews for her first album four years ago, she's back with a new one. It's not just a vanity project either – her impressive supporting cast includes Ryan Adams and his band The Cardinals, as well as indie singer Liz Phair. And a fine effort it is, too, Driver's warm, smoky voice perfectly suited to a set of melodic self-penned songs of love and heartbreak, inspired by a failed relationship.

Video: Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz talk about their new "Vegas" flick!

I want to have relations with Laura Bush.

Oh, that's Elizabeth Banks? O.k., I feel better.......
Just Jared:
Here is the first picture of Josh Brolin as George W. Bush and Elizabeth Banks as the First Lady Laura Bush! The pair is featured on the cover of this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly for their new film W.

Links that talk to me!

Peter Gabriel performs "Come Talk To Me" live. Paula Cole, Manu Katche, Tony Levin, David Rhodes and company are on top of their game! Great tune....

Britney Spears still rides by private jet. Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet.

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson's breasts provide great headlines. Candy Kirby

Cindy Crawford table dances for her husband's friends. Celebrity Smack

Pam Anderson's Garage sale. Celebslam

Eva Mendes poses topless for Italian Vogue. Fire Cubed

Alicia Keys promo pics are stunning. NewsToob

Who is the father of Minnie Driver's baby? Sexy Sandy Says

Hannah Montana ratings take a dive!

I can't help but think that the "South Park" town is behind this...............
It's emerged that viewing figures for Miley Cyrus' TV show Hannah Montana are down following the furore over its star's suggestive Vanity Fair photo shoot.
Sunday’s brand spanking new episode of the Disney Channel hit saw a 14% decline in audience from the previous fresh episode, which aired before the 'nude scandal' broke, according to the Nielsen Company.
However, longterm figures suggest that Miley fever was on the wane even before the recent hubub - Sunday's audience was down 26% compared with the first original show of the year, which aired in January.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck disgusts women by showing off her bikni body after delivering her second child!

Men around the world turn to their wives and say "See honey! Elizabeth did it. Why can't you?".... The men then deal with having a spoon inserted into their ear and their head stuck into a microwave.............
Just six months after the birth of her second child, The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ready to show off her bikini body. "Body image has nothing to do with scale numbers, it's how you feel inside," Hasselbeck, who turns 31 this month, told Fitness magazine. "This is the first time I've felt free from that, because I am working out in a way where I feel so strong that there's no room for those doubts." She adds: "I finally told myself ... 'I've got some curves, I've got a bubble butt, but I don't mind, because it's what powers me forward when I run.' "To prepare for her cover of the magazine's June issue, Hasselbeck did run – she worked out for six weeks, including daily dashes and weight training. And to get that flat belly back, she did ab work two times a week. According to Fitness Editor-in-Chief Denise Brodey, "Elisabeth said, 'I feel like I'm an athlete again.'" Her goal wasn't to lose weight she says, she just wanted to eat healthier and have more energy. So the magazine had a nutritionist design a wheat free (Hasselbeck has celiac disease), energy-packed plan featuring lean protein and vegetables, along with nutrition bars and nuts for snacks.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Did Ashlee Simpson get a breast job? Is she pregnant? Or was God generous in the breast department?

Examine the gallery closely at Egotastic and make up your mind......

Scarlett Johansson's new music video can't make up for the fact that she can't sing and the material blows!

Man, she's adorable and sexy. Man, I just can't enjoy this track..........

Nicolas Cage likes cock....Bangkok that is.

"Bangkok Dangerous" opens on August 22nd. I'll be checking it out.............

The life of an anonymous assassin takes an unexpected turn when he travels to Thailand to complete a series of contract killings. Joe (Nicolas Cage), a remorseless hitman, is in Bangkok to execute four enemies of a ruthless crime boss named Surat. He hires Kong (Shahkrit Yamnarm), a street punk and pickpocket, to run errands for him with the intention of covering his tracks by killing him at the end of the assignment. Strangely, Joe, the ultimate lone wolf, instead finds himself mentoring the young man while simultaneously being drawn into a tentative romance with a local shop girl. As he falls further under the sway of Bangkok’s intoxicating beauty, Joe begins to question his isolated existence and let down his guard …just as Surat decides it’s time to clean house.

Directors Oxide Pang and Danny Pang (The Eye) paint an explosive picture of the Bangkok underworld, illuminated with neon and saturated in violence. Based on the Pang Brothers’ wildly popular Hong Kong action film of the same name BANGKOK DANGEROUS is written by Jason Richman. The adrenaline-powered thriller stars Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, National Treasure), Charlie Young (Seven Swords), Shahkrit Yamnarm (Belly of the Beast) and Dom Hetrakul (Sniper 3). The film is produced by Jason Shuman, William Sherak, Nicolas Cage and Norm Golightly. Andrew Pfeffer, Derek Dauchy, Denis O’Sullivan and Ben Waisbren serve as the executive producers.

Twin Girls for Angelina Jolie?

It's gotta be true. They wouldn't print it otherwise. :)
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are thrilled to be adding two more daughters to their rainbow brood. But serious medical problems — and a frightening collapse — are casting a dark cloud over their baby joy.
Angelina and Brad will be adding two more girls to their growing family when Angie gives birth in July, Star has learned exclusively. And they are ecstatic at the news that they are having twin daughters. "Brad can't wait — he absolutely adores little girls," says a family insider. "And Angelina just loves seeing him and the other kids so excited and happy."
But behind all the joy, Angelina's difficult pregnancy has the superstar couple on edge, as they prepare for a worst-case-scenario birth early this summer.
In fact, just before leaving for France, Angelina suffered a terrifying collapse that left her tearful, weak and panic stricken, fearing her fall may have harmed her two unborn babies, an insider tells Star.
"Angie got out of bed and was halfway across the room when she passed out and fell," says the insider. "Brad heard her hit the floor — hard — and he rushed to her side. She came around pretty quickly, and the medical team that has been traveling with her, a doctor and a nurse, got her back into bed and started checking her vitals."

Links that do not eat dust!

Catherine Wheel's video for "Eat My Dust You Insensitive F@@K"! Great song, gives me chills!

Britney Spears' life looks good....for now. Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet.

Natalie Portman's boyfriend is hot. Candy Kirby

Chris Noth hates Victoria Secret. Celebrity Smack

Elisha Cuthbert hits the beach. Celebslam

Avril Lavigne does Maxim Germany. NewsToob

Foreignor's Lou Gramm's new CD will be Christian Rock.

I'll take a listen.............
Melodic Rock:
Interesting that Lou Gramm Band guitarist Don Mancuso mentions this week that Lou's new solo CD will be a Christian Rock disc. I hadn't picked up on that fact before. I'm looking forward to hearing what the great man can deliver in 2008. Keep up to date at:

Firefighters rescue Geri Halliwell from an elevator!

Not the worst person to be stuck with..........
Daily Mail:
A group of firefighters got a pleasant surprise when they turned up to release people trapped in a lift - one of them was Geri Halliwell.
The former Ginger Spice was one of five left stranded in a shopping centre. The 35-year-old was there to sign copies of her new children's book, Ugenia Lavender. Waiting fans and photographers were told that there had been "an incident" but had no idea that the singer was stuck in the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex.
When Miss Halliwell was eventually released she arrived at the signing in WH Smith all smiles, dressed in leopard-print shorts and a purple top.
She explained the delay by telling the waiting children: "I got stuck in a lift."
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said finding Miss Halliwell in the stranded lift with four other people had been a surprise.
Sub Officer Dan Hyatt said: "Geri thanked us all for our help and was a really nice lady. There were loads of fans waiting for her so we were glad that we were able to get her out quickly so she could go and meet them."

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Brian Anthony takes on Madonna with an incredible mash-up of "Worked Up!" Will he charm his way onto her "Hard Candy" tour?

If you are a Madonna fan or a fan of dance music in general, you MUST visit Brian Anthony's MySpace page to check out his "Worked Up! Brian Anthony Vs. Madonna" megamix! What a treat! It's great to hear one of our favorite early Madge songs, "Everybody," sampled throughout. I made the mistake of bouncing to it at work and made a big scene dancing with my co-workers!
The "Worked Up!" mash-up is being passed around the Madonna camp and the buzz is BIG on it. Word on the street is that Brian Anthony is also fighting hard to open for Madonna on her upcoming "Hard Candy" tour. Brian’s previous hit “WhatsitgonnaB (I’m So Ready)” went top-ten on the UK Pop Chart earlier this year . With this Latin lover’s “mucho caliente” looks and his steamy lyrics you know the girls across the pond are salivating for him. Wait until Madonna gets her hands on this one!

"Gossip Girl" secrets revealed!! Aliens? Deaths? Evil Twins? Poison?????

Hell, it's TV, anything can happen!
Things are getting intense at the Van der Woodsen home! Gossip Girl was right when she said, “the truth always comes out,” on Monday’s shocker of an episode — especially when Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) is in town! Not only did she out young Eric Van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) at the dinner table, she also blackmailed his sister Serena (Blake Lively) by threatening to tell their dark and dirty secret. But pushed to her limits, Serena ultimately confided in her best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and revealed a truth more shocking than a sex tape. “I killed someone,” she said. Looks like Serena’s in for a rough patch thanks to her frenemy, but coming out and confronting the truth may actually be a good thing for her little brother. In his first interview since the show aired, PEOPLE spoke with Connor Paolo, 17, who plays Eric and asked him about portraying a gay teenager on television, what will happen next with Georgina’s reign of terror and how Eric’s coming out also brings out another truth: Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) may actually be a nice guy..................

Links that rock to Tempus Fugit!

Yes' video for "Tempus Fugit" from their Drama album. Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes from the Buggles joined Yes for this one album. Downes and Steve Howe then went on to form ASIA.

Will Britney Spears behave in court today? Will her antics affect her "How I Met Your Mother" popularity? Britney Spears Is Not Dead Yet

Sammie Pennington is quite healthy! Fire Cubed

Are Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia over? Hayden's Countdown

Lindsay Lohan fakes it on the "Ugly Betty" set! Sexy Sandy Says

Scarlett Johansson gets engaged to Ryan Reynolds. They'll break up before making it to the altar!

How am I so sure? I'm psychic, gifted and the Lord God told me in a dream last night.
Egotastic has a nice gallery of a busty Scarlett from yesterday's event.

"Avengers", "Iron Man 2", "Thor", and "Captain America" films release dates are announced!

My fellow geeks....rejoice!!
Basking in the glow of the $100-plus-million domestic opening for "Iron Man," Marvel announced an upcoming schedule that includes a July 2011 release date for the long-awaited "The Avengers."With "Iron Man," Marvel's first self-produced feature, already over $200 million worldwide in only five days of release, the company can now turn its attentions to the release of "The Incredible Hulk" later this summer and "Punisher: War Zone" in December.While 20th Century Fox is producing the Marvel-affiliated "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" for release on May 1, 2009, Marvel Studios will sit out 2009, prepping for what will be an extremely busy following few years.Marvel Studios said Monday (May 5) that "Iron Man 2" will hit theaters on April 30, 2010, though it's unclear which parts of the original's creative team will return. Then Marvel hopes to release "Thor," from director Matthew Vaughan ("Stardust"), on June 4, 2010.The company has then set aside 2011 as an "Avengers"-themed summer. Leading off is "The First Avenger: Captain America," set for May 6, 2011. A yet-to-be-specified July 2011 is expected for "The Avengers," a superhero all-star pic set up after the closing credits of "Iron Man."As one might expect, all titles and release dates are subject to change.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Brian Anthony releases HOT new single "Worked Up!"

Brian Anthony Prepares to Release New Single "Worked Up!" Internationally and Officially Launch and a Re-Worked Myspace Page
HOLLYWOOD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Here we go! Working hard to deliver the goods to fans and DJs, Brian Anthony is gearing up for the release of his new single "Worked Up!" Flying high off the success of his most recent international chart hit "WhatsitgonnaB (I'm So Ready)," Brian Anthony is back with another infectious, hooky groove. Destined to top the charts, "Worked Up!" is written and produced by the multi-talented showman himself.
The remix package is lead by international DJ/producer/remixer Mark Picchiotti, who currently is enjoying a number one hit on the UK Club Chart with his original production of Basstoy's "Turn It Up." Hitting radio and dance floors everywhere, the U.S. and UK release of "Worked Up!" is scheduled for June 1st. The single will be available for download at iTunes, Beatport,, Napster, and, plus there will be FREE BONUS MIXES coming soon too! Visit Brian's new fangled Myspace page at to preview "Worked Up!" today.
"I'm hoping to shake up a lot of dance floors when 'Worked Up!' hits the streets. We've enlisted some of my favorite producers and DJs to remix the track and we've got some surprises in store too," says Brian Anthony. "I am so looking forward to connecting with audiences and getting everyone 'Worked Up!'"
Just in time for the new single release, a brand new website has been officially launched at Complete with the latest Brian Anthony news, hot photos, downloads, tour dates and street team information the new website is beaming with excitement surrounding the upcoming "BIONIC" album release, due out Fall/Winter '08.
About Brian Anthony
Proving unstoppable, Brian Anthony's persona is on the rise with two international chart-topping singles already under his belt; "Come and Get It," from the 20th Century Fox animated feature "Garfield 2: Tail of Two Kitties" and "WhatsitgonnaB? (I'm So Ready)," recently included on the FOX DVD release of "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." He's a songwriter and performer on par with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and Daniel Bedingfield, delivering the kind of hooks and beats that have made those touchstones worldwide superstars. Please visit:

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