Elisha Cuthbert is called a "puck slut" who is passed around the NHL! I refuse to believe it! Elisha is perfect and innocent!

Geraldo Rivera will be hitting on Deborah Gibson tonight on Fox News! Miley Cyrus picture flap to be discussed by the beauty and the beast!

Too much Hillary Duff is never enough!

Links that have no disgrace!

Video: Patrick Dempsey talks about being a "Made of Honor".

Ashton Kutcher recalls his drunk night in Vegas with porn stars!

Take the "Hills" or Porno test!

Sarah Jessica Parker refuses to use Botox.

Paula Abdul tries to get sympathy by saying she's in constant pain.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have no pre-nup!

Barack Obama says he'll have Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad kiss and make-up!

Attention "Iron Man" fans!! Stay after the credits!!

Online bookmakers are quick to lay odds on Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's marriage!!

Madonna's "Hard Candy" has soft sales.

Video: Did "American Idol" producers set Paula Abdul up to increase ratings? Or is she just insane?

Video: Marisa Tomei talks about "War" and "Girls"!

Links that rock to Raoul and the Kings of Spain!

"Sex and the City" producers snub New York for movie premiere!

Buy Angelina Jolie's drug tape for $70,000!

Kate Hudson beats out Bea Arthur for People's "Most Beautiful" cover.

Jennifer Aniston cheats on me with John Mayer.

Uma Thurman's friends and family testify against her stalker who kept ringing her doorbell.

Jessica Simpson says she's in love with Tony Romo. No word from Romo on whether he'll be changing his phone number.......

Jennifer Garner is a sweetheart to her young fans!

Links that live under a glass moon!

John Favreau mocked Gwyneth Paltrow's broken knee!

Ryan Seacrest to get fired from "American Idol" because of sagging ratings?

Video: Robin Williams talks about his Law & Order SVU role!

Stone Temple Pilots tribute CD to feature members of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Quiet Riot and more. Will it be released before Scott Weiland's death??

Video: New "Grand Theft Auto" game makes teens cheer, parents weep and conservatives blame the devil!!!

"The Hills" women pose in their underwear for "Rolling Stone".

Links that close their eyes!

Scarlett Johansson says she doesn't sleep around and catch STDs!

Heidi and Spencer's 15 minutes are up!