Saturday, April 26, 2008

U2 trashes the last year of recordings and starts fresh. Are they the new Guns N' Roses?

I do give them credit for not putting out a crap album. The fans will wait.......
U2 have decided to scrap twelve months of songs and start their new album again from scratch.
The veteran rockers haven’t released an LP since 2004’s ‘How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb’, but guitarist The Edge say the band are under no pressure to release any new material until they’re completely happy with it.
He tells, "We went into this project allowing ourselves the indulgence of making music without thinking about where it was going to end up."
However, he adds, "We're starting to get serious now.”

Angelina Jolie's "Wanted" poster is smoking hot!

Guns, tattoos and lips. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ain't it cool news

Friday, April 25, 2008

Brooke Hogan is rejected by several colleges because she's too distracting!

Ahhhh the price of fame and breast implants...........
Is the Hogan Family too cool for school? In the case of 19-year-old daughter Brooke Hogan and the University of South Florida, Florida State University and the University of Central Florida, the answer is yes. Hoping to film the VH1 reality show Hogan Knows Best with a nine-camera-wielding production team, the young member of the wrestler's family was denied admission at those institutions out of concerns that she and her crew might disrupt the others students' academic lives, the Palm Beach Post reports.

Nicole Richie buys sexy lingerie to spice up her love life.

How about a blindfold?
Nicole Richie has ordered dozens of sexy underwear sets to spice up her relationship with Joel Madden.
The 'Simple Life' star, who gave birth to the couple's first child Harlow Winter in January, has swapped her baggy sweatpants for lacy Agent Provocateur lingerie.
A source said, "They are thrilled to be parents but things have turned less romantic between them. Before Joel went on tour with his band Good Charlotte they were exhausted from sleep deprivation, which killed any sexual desire."
"Nicole has picked up a lot of very feminine, soft-pink items. She has stocked her lingerie drawer with hot little lacy things."

Matthew Fox drops the "F bomb" when he's under the influence of road rage!

F him!!!!! But seriously, it happens to most of us........
Star Pulse:
Speed Racer star Matthew Fox has a fiery temper - but only when he is driving. The actor admits to suffering from severe road rage and always takes out his frustration on other drivers, screaming obscenities at people who fail to adhere to the highway code.
He says, "If someone cuts me up on the road. I will scream at them. Something like, 'Are you out of your f#$king mind?' That's a special one of mine."
But Fox insists he isn't as bad as his wife of 17 years, Margherita Ronchi. He adds, "My wife Margherita is from Venice, Italy - she yells at everyone!"

Links that love Rock N' Roll!

All-Star band performing Led Zeppelin's Rock N' Roll in 2003. John Paul Jones from Led Zep is on Bass. Steve Hackett from Genesis and Paul Gilbert on guitar. Gary Cherone from Extreme and Van Halen on lead vocals. His Etreme guitarist Nino Bettencourt is there also. On drums is the legendary Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson, Mr. Mister among others.....

Ashlee Simpson gets photo shopped. 7 Confessions

Bikini jeans! Candy Kirby

Countdown to Amy Winehouse's death. Celebrity Smack

Nick Lachey has a new "High School Musical" job. Evil Beet

I'd let Kayleigh Pearson have the remote. Hollywoodtuna

"Iron Man" premiere! NewsToob

Who is all wet? Rad Report

Wesley Snipes is going to the slammer. Wow Report

Ashton Kutcher reveals his worst druken experience!

I'm cold just reading this...........
.............Finally, given his character gets married ‘under the influence’, what’s the worst thing he’s ever done when drunk? “That’s not PG!” he laughs, “Oh man...there’s a big, long list of stupid things I’ve engaged in. Probably the stupidest thing was...on my college campus between where I lived and the bars was a river. It was winter and the lake had just frozen over...So my buddy dared me to walk across the river, and I was so drunk that I slipped and fell down. Then I passed out, and my buddy didn’t come and save me because he didn’t know how thick the ice was! So I was just lying there for a couple of hours and woke up on the ice!”

Neve Campbell nude photos reveal that she has no nipples.

Neve still looks great. The former "Party of Five" and "Scream" goddess is so darn cute!! However, God seemed to play a joke on her by giving her everything except nipples. Egotastic has the extensive Neve nude gallery.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gary Coleman's wife says he plays with trains instead of impregnating her. The couple will appear on TV's "Divorce Court".

He's probably afraid that his kids will steal his trains..............
On the conclusion of a two part session of Divorce Court, both Gary Coleman and his wife Shannon Price agreed to come on Divorce Court because they wanted Judge Toler’s marital advice. Shannon says she is tired of Gary’s outbursts and head banging against the wall episodes. Shannon wants Gary to start going out with her instead of staying indoors playing video games and playing with his train sets. Shannon also says she wants to have kids but Gary is not fond of them. Gary says he does not like going out and would rather spend his tine with his train set. Gary also says he does not want to have kids because he does not like them.

ASIA aren't afraid to show audiences how young they used to look!

We all age! And the legends have never sounded better! Check out their new CD "Phoenix" and get info at
And I think the guys look marvelous now! (To purists out there, I realize that picture number 4 features Mandy Meyer instead of Steve Howe. But the 80's outfits and hair were too good to pass up!)
Asia have no qualms about showing their audience how young they used to be. The band has been using their old videos, like "Heat of the Moment" and "Only Time Will Tell," in their stage show. Guitarist Steve Howe says they tell an important part of their story. What about reminding people about how they used to look? Howe says, "If our audience look in the mirror in the morning, they'll notice that they've changed just as much as we have, so it's not really a surprise." The four original members of Asia are releasing a new album today called "Phoenix." Keyboardist Geoff Downes says the new album sounds like Asia's early albums, which was important for them because it shows they had an original sound with those four original members.

Carmen Electra is engaged to her future ex-husband.

O.k., maybe I'm just jealous.........
CARMEN ELECTRA is engaged!
A source told that she is set to tie the knot with her rocker boyfriend, guitarist ROB PATTERSON.
"He told friends three days ago that he got engaged," their source says. "The ring is a black diamond set in white diamonds."
The two -- who have been dating for less than a year -- became engaged in Vegas over the weekend while Carmen was celebrating her birthday there.

Carrie Underwood opens up about cheating boyfriends, slashing tires and ice cream!

My kind of woman...............
It seems Carrie Underwood put more than just her voice into her hit single "Before He Cheats" -- she has the experience to back it up! The "Idol" champ opens up to InStyle magazine about her experience with unfaithful partners -- but the star, who has dated Chace Crawford and Tony Romo, doesn't give up any names.
"I've been cheated on a time or two. It's tough," she says in the May issue of the mag, which hits newsstands Friday. "I wouldn't recommend doing any property damage, though," she adds, referencing the car attack -- slashing tires, smashing headlights -- which she croons about in her Grammy-winning song. "I'm a 'let it go, move on' kind of person," she adds.
Carrie's secret to healing a wounded heart? Ice cream! "If anybody sees me eating a sundae and I look unhappy, something bad has happened," Underwood says, "I am drowning my sorrows in fudge and caramel and whipped cream."............

Former homeless woman brings "Gone With The Wind" musical to the stage!

Links that can't find their way home!

Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton performing their "Blind Faith" tune "Can't Find My Way Home" live. The voice and the guitar licks still rule!!!

A yank a day keeps the doctor away. Candy Kirby

Patrick Dempsey has bug bites on his privates. Celebitchy

Peter Falk may be insane. Celebslam

Megan Fox is.....foxy. Hollywoodtuna

Eva Mendes is a cougar. NewsToob

The genius of "Gossip Girl". Wow Report

"Will Ferrrell's bear" kills its trainer.

Not the best way to go...................
Star Pulse:
The grizzly bear that wrestled Will Ferrell's character in the recent film ''Semi-Pro'' seemed to obediently follow cues - which made its killing of its trainer with a bite to the neck all the more stunning.
Three experienced handlers were working with the grizzly Tuesday at the Predators in Action wild animal training center when the bear attacked Stephan Miller, 39, said San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Beavers. Stephan Miller is the cousin of training center owner Randy Miller, she said. Pepper spray was used to subdue and contain the bear, and there were no other injuries, Beavers said. Paramedics arriving shortly after the initial emergency call around 3 p.m. were unable to revive Stephan Miller. The state Department of Fish and Game and Occupational Safety and Health Administration were investigating the incident.

Jamie Lynn Sigler is single again.

It's over for Sopranos st
Something tells me she won't have problems finding a new man..................
It's over for Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Scott Sartiano, her boyfriend of two years, a source confirms to PEOPLE. "They are currently split up as they're living on different coasts and their lives are taking a different direction," the source says. "They are still really close and you never know what is going to happen in the future."After her marriage with manager AJ DiScala ended in 2006, Sigler, 26, was inseparable from Sartiano, 33, a nightlife impresario in New York who co-owns Butter restaurant and the newly opened lounge 1OAK.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kelly Clarkson will pose nude for you.....Yes you!!!

All you have to do is be invited to her home. Simple as that..........
Kelly Clarkson has seemed committed to shedding her good-girl image since she stepped off the “American Idol” stage, and the reporting surrounding her latest habits only serve to prove that.
According to a close source who spoke to Us Weekly, the Grammy-winning pop star enjoys walking around her home in the buff, no matter the circumstances. That would include not just when close friends are around, but even when her home is “filled with strangers for photo shoots or fittings,” reports the magazine. Why? “I just really like being naked,” the “American Idol” star tells visitors with an apologetic shrug, according to the magazine.

VH1's new "I Love Money" combines "Rock of Love", "Flavor of Love" and "I Love New York" contestants. GOD HELP US!!!

Oh.....My.......God. What a ugly, insane, wasteful spectacle this will be...... I can't wait!
VH1 is readying "I Love Money," a spinoff of "Flavor of Love" that dispenses with the fiction that anyone involved with the show is looking for romance.
Skein, from 51 Minds Entertainment, features past contestants from "Flavor of Love," "Rock of Love" and "I Love New York" squaring off against one another in a series of reality show competitions. While "Flavor" and its past offspring were constructed to help celebrities such as Bret Michaels and Flavor Flav find "love," the new show will focus on the pursuit of cash prizes.
A VH1 spokesman confirmed the series was quietly shot a few weeks ago. It's currently slated to premiere July 13, with a casting special airing July 6.
Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin of Endemol USA-owned 51 Minds will exec produce. MTV veejay Craig Jackson will host.
VH1's latest "Love" skein, "Rock of Love 2," wrapped its season Sunday with a reunion special watched by 3.2 million adults 18-49 -- good enough to rank as the No. 2 show of the week on cable in the demo.

Links that are beggars on a beach of gold!

Mike & The Mechanics video for "Beggar on a beach of gold" Great song sung by the late great Paul Young.

Elijah Wood has sex in spaghetti. Candy Kirby

Selma Blair makes comic book fans wet their pants. Celebrity Pictures

A-Rod and wife have another child. Celebrity Smack

Miranda Kerr bikini gallery. Egotastic

Exclusive Mariah Carey/Jay-Z remix. lovebscott

Gisele Bundchen does DT magazine. NewsToob

Evan Rachel Wood dumps Marilyn Manson for Larry David!!

O.k., not really. But you never know....
Just Jared has the scoop on the pair.

Listen to Scarlett Johansson's new CD before its release next month!

To preview Scarlett Johansson's new CD, click on one of the following links:

Official website
Myspace page

Pre-order at Amazon
Itunes link

What do I think? Well, it's certainly not what you may expect. No pop princess in the making here. Is that a bad thing? Nope. Listen & make your own decision..............

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Butters for President!

I love the little dude!

Guns N' Roses album set for release. Really. No, really. I mean it.......

I'll believe it when it's in my little palms.........
After a long 10 years, could GUNS N' ROSES' album, Chinese Democracy, actually be released in the near future? "We're in negotiations for the release of Chinese Democracy," the band's Web site stated. "Things are going well."
The last scheduled release date for the long-awaited record was March of 2007.

Natalie Portman gets urinated on!

The dog apparently wasn't a fan of Natalie's latest film...........
New York Post has the story.

Links that take you high enough!

Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades perform "High Enough" live.

Deep Thoughts from Lindsay Lohan. Candy Kirby

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo eat cake. Celebitchy

Win socks! Celebrity Smack

Hillary Duff wears short shorts. Hollywoodtuna

Paul McCartney wants you to eat fish. In Case You Didn't Know

Draft Marissa Miller for your fantasy baseball team. NewsToob

Denise Richards is cute! The Rad Report

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