Saturday, April 19, 2008

Video: "Gossip Girls" cast dishes the dirt!

Mariah Carey is booed by fans after she stiffs them! Fans destroy her CD!

Mariah Carey was booed by her own fans at an autograph signing on Thursday.
The pop star incurred their wrath when showed up two hours late and left before signing albums for devotees who had waited eight hours to meet her.
The singer, who was promoting her new album E=MC2 at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, left tired fans fuming when she stopped signing and "went home".
Carey fans, who waited in line to meet their heroine, have flooded the internet to slam the diva, claiming she showed up two hours late and didn't stay around long enough to meet and greet the 1,000 devotees who were promised time with the singer.
One angry fan says, "The first 1,000 people who bought her album from (record store) FYE got a guaranteed meet and greet (wristband), but she left with more than a hundred people still waiting.
"Some fans booed and others even trashed their copies of Mariah's new CD and yelled profanities at her."

Friday, April 18, 2008

Links that are forsaken!

Dream Theater's video for "Forsaken".

Jessica Simpson hospital stay due to booze? Celebitchy

Naomi Campbell is an idiot. Celebrity Smack

Suri Cruise turns 2! Circus Hour

Kim Kardsahian poses for Ralph. NewsToob

Kate Beckinsale is sick of breast implant rumors! Sexy Sandy Says

Miranda Kerr likes soft bras. The Rad Report

Conan O'Brien gives safety advice to the Hulk and.....God!

Maura Tierney wants to be killed!!

No!!!! Abby!!!!! No!!!!!!!
Star Pulse:
Maura Tierney is begging E.R. bosses to kill off her character before the long-running show comes to an end, but they are refusing to let Dr. Abby Lockhart die. Network bosses recently announced E.R. will end after one more season, and Tierney is keen to go out with a bang.
But she claims network chiefs want her character to live on, despite her pleas.
She tells AOL Movies, "I want them to kill me. And they won't. They refused to kill Abby."
Meanwhile, Tierney applauds the decision to call time on the hugely successful medical drama, adding, "I think it's a great thing for the cast and the crew. And I think it is a great thing that (creator) John Wells and all the rest of the writers know that's it's ending and have time to prepare for it and finish it in a way that's thoughtful."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Video: Weatherman hits on Paulina Porizkova on air!

Heidi Montag's fashion line is called bad, flimsy and rash inducing!

At least she has her fantastic singing career to fall back on.............hehe
.....It was bad. So bad. To Montag's credit, she trumpets Heidiwood's prices of $10 to $60 for any given item — compared to the triple-digit tags on L.C.’s line, that's a sure sign that she at least she understands her demographic. And yet everything we saw still gave us sticker shock. Paper-thin tanks for $27? Flimsy, panty-line-molesting dresses at nearly 40 bucks? Sure, that's a steal compared to Marc Jacobs, but not far enough removed from what you'd pay at the Gap for something that's at least 100 percent cotton and unlikely to give you a rash. When $37 seems exorbitant for a dress, you know you’ve got problems. In fact, it cemented our suspicion that Heidi is turning into Paris 2.0: terrible singer, lame boyfriends, famous mostly for on-camera pouting, and excessively eager to merchandise herself, regardless of actual quality.

Links that heal!

Rob Dickinson performing "Heal" live.

Sex machines???? Candy Kirby

Nicollette Sheridan does lunch. Celebrity Puke

Jennifer Lamiraqui makes me want to be a better man. Celebslam

Jamie Lynn Spears goes house hunting. In Case You Didn't Know

Stacey Dash is smooth. lovebscott

Jessica Alba glows. NewsToob

Katherine Heigl forgot her pants. The Rad Report

Kate Walsh to visit "Grey's Anatomy". Televisionista

Ed Norton clears the air about the battle behind the scenes of the new "Hulk" movie.

Don't make Ed angry...............
THE FULL TEXT OF EDWARD NORTON'S E-MAILED STATEMENT"Like so many people I've loved the story of The Hulk since I was a kid, so it was thrilling when Marvel asked me to write and help produce an altogether new screen incarnation, as well as play Bruce Banner. I grew up reading Marvel Comics and always loved the mythic dimension and contemporary themes in the stories, and I’m proud of the script I wrote. In every phase of production, including the editing, working with Louis Leterrier has been wonderful...I've never had a better partner, and the collaboration with all the rest of the creative team has been terrific. Every good movie gets forged through collaboration, and different ideas among people who are all committed and respect the validity of each other's opinions is the heart of filmmaking. Regrettably, our healthy process, which is and should be a private matter, was misrepresented publicly as a 'dispute,' seized on by people looking for a good story, and has been distorted to such a degree that it risks distracting from the film itself, which Marvel, Universal and I refuse to let happen. It has always been my firm conviction that films should speak for themselves and that knowing too much about how they are made diminishes the magic of watching them. All of us believe The Incredible Hulk will excite old fans and create new ones and be a huge hit...our focus has always been to deliver the Hulk that people have been waiting for and keep the worldwide love affair with the big green guy going strong.''

The Wayans Brothers are a big fan of sexy Natalie Reid!

Wow! Natalie Reid was all glammed up on the set of the Wayans Brothers' "Snowflake." Natalie was beside herself as she was bestowed the superstar treatment on the set. She had her own trailer a stand-in and even fans asking her for her autograph.Natalie told a close friend, "The shoot went amazing today; the Wayans Brothers liked me so much: they kept giving me more lines!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Elisha Cuthbert goes nude for the new issue of Maxim!

I feel nothing but love for Elisha Cuthbert.
Check out a preview of her new pics at Maxim
God bless America!

Man drags his wife and 9 children around the country in a camper! "Surfwise" to shock and awe audiences in theaters and in their homes!

I'm a huge movie buff. I have a soft spot for true life documentaries. I came across the film "SURFWISE", which looks to be right up my alley. Check the trailer out at the official site & see if you agree:
Surfwise official site
SURFWISE follows the odyssey of 85-year-old, legendary surfer Dr. Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, his wife Juliette, and their nine children—all of whom were home-schooled on the beaches of Southern California, Hawaii, Mexico and Israel; they surfed every day of their lives, and were forced to adhere to a strict diet and lifestyle by their passionate and demanding, health-conscious father.

In the mid-1950s Dorian Paskowitz was a successful doctor living the good life in the territory of Hawaii , until two devastating divorces and the realization that he had no interest in money or status caused him to completely upend his life. Dorian dropped his practice and traveled to Israel for a year where he lived among the Bedouins and developed a lifelong obsession with a healthy diet. He introduced surfing to Israel and became a hero in the burgeoning Tel Aviv beach scene. Returning to the States, he met his wife Juliette, and the rest was history. They fell madly in love, steered clear of society, lived out of a tiny camper on the beach, and had 7 sons in rapid succession: David, Jonathan, Abraham , Israel , Moses, Adam, and Salvador Daniel. Then they had one daughter, Navah, and their ninth child, Joshua.

The children were raised in the Jewish tradition, complete with Shabbat on the beach every Friday night. But that’s where similarities with a normal societal upbringing end. Doc’s absolute determination was to raise his children according to the strictest standards of nature. They ate only organic and/or raw foods with no sugar or fat. Their community was their family. They didn’t need money or have to pay bills or taxes. Their home was anywhere the crowded camper was parked.

What happens to eight brothers and a sister that are raised under such extraordinary circumstances? SURFWISE is the story of a man who pursued his dreams and dragged his family along for the wild ride.

Links that achieve their wildest dreams!

ASIA's video for "Wildest Dreams" from their debut album. The group's new CD "Phoenix" is blazing up the charts!

Ron Weasley talks trash about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Celebitchy

Britney Spears' video diaries to be released? Dotspotter

Ashley Simpson is totally preggers. Evil Beet

Cheryl Tweedy is colorful. NewsToob

Kiefer Sutherland and his girlfriend. Right Celebrity

Video: Milo Ventimiglia on Regis & Kelly. Televisionista

Video: Kathie Lee Gifford talks about finding a boost for her sagging breasts.

Video: Collector talks about watching Marilyn Monroe perform oral sex.

Shirley Manson of "Garbage" is in a battle with her record company.

This won't end well............................
Star Pulse:
"I'm 41, I'm a woman not a kid. I have no interest in making silly pop music." Garbage star Shirley Manson refuses to bow to record label pressure to make a commercial solo album. The untitled debut has been put on hold as the singer and her record label row over how best to sell the project to music fans.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snoop Dogg finds Leann Rimes too hot to handle in person!!

I love the fact that she called him "Sir"! Awesome..........
Taylor Swift may have been the big winner at Monday night's Country Music Television Awards – but it was Snoop Dogg who stole the show. The rapper – wearing a black cowboy hat, black duster jacket and black zip-up ankle boots – was in high demand backstage. Swift grabbed him for photos, saying "I'm a huge fan!" At another point, he and Jason Aldean were spotted comparing cowboy boots. "Snoop said he liked my boots with the square toe and then he said I was a pimp," boasted Aldean. "That's got to be the ultimate compliment, when Snoop calls you a pimp." So what on earth was the hip-hop star doing at a country awards show? "I actually did a country song on my new album called My Medicine that was inspired by Johnny Cash," Snoop told PEOPLE at the event. "[Country music] inspires me and it makes me feel so good hearing it, so I really wanted to come and be a part of this heritage." Snoop is a huge fan of the Man in Black – thanks, he says, to Cash's "heart, his soul, his music" – but it seems he still has a bit to learn when it comes to contemporary country crooners. In the midst of his interview with PEOPLE, the Father Hood star stopped mid-sentence to gape at LeAnn Rimes, who was posing for pictures nearby. "Wow – damn! Who is that?" he asked. Upon learning her identity, Snoop gushed, "She is beautiful! Wow, wow, wow." He then turned to the 25-year-old singer and asked, "Can I meet you?" (She responded, "Nice to meet you, sir.") Snoop couldn't leave before adding one last compliment: "You look like Marilyn Monroe!"

Links that are praying for a miracle!

ASIA's video for "Prayin' for a miracle". ASIA's new CD "Phoenix" has hit #10 at and is a smashing success! Watch ASIA perform live tonight at

A word from the "Sex and the City" ladies. Candy Kirby

Mila Kunis adjusts herself. Celebrity Pictures

Paris Hilton calls Kim Kardashian a fat ass. Celebrity Smack

Michael Caine digs deep. Celebslam

Pop quiz: Paris Hilton's hair extensions. Circus Hour

Anna Kournicova says she's never getting married. In Case You Didn't Know

Coldplay's new CD. lovebscott

Leelee Sobieski is topless. NewsToob

Robert Downey Jr. refused to call Heather Graham after she masturbated him and he went down on her for 3 hours.

I believe the proper word for Downey to use is "Doh!"..........
Robert Downey Jr. missed out on the chance to date Heather Graham for real after they starred as onscreen lovers, because he felt so awkward during sex scenes, he missed the chemistry between them.The pair had to get naked and perform sex acts on each other in the 1998 film Two Girls and a Guy - which Downey Jr found embarrassing. He was later shocked to discover Graham wanted to take their relationship further.He says: "We're doing this scene, and she's basically masturbating me, and I'm giving her oral sex for the better part of two or three hours. Here's what I thought: 'I'm really hot and bothered. I hope she's not uncomfortable. Oh well, the days over.'"And then I ran into her a year later, and she was like, 'Why didn't you just call me?' It was like a Woody Allen moment.Despite the missed opportunity - Downey Jr. insists he's glad nothing happened: "It was fantastic, but to tell you the truth, I am more likely to want to work with Heather Graham now I am happily married, than if she and I had gone and done something seedy."

Sylvester Stallone reports for jury duty.

I never see celebrities when I report for jury duty. Just a group of miserable people mixed with people who won't stop yapping..............
Star Pulse:
Sylvester Stallone has become the latest star to sign up for jury duty in Los Angeles. The Rambo star showed up at an L.A. courthouse early on Monday and was introduced to other potential jurors in an upcoming wrongful termination trial.
Madonna and Steve Carell have both been involved in jury call-ups in recent months - Madonna was given a pass, while Carell had to serve

Monday, April 14, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Thieves around the country steal Kelly Ripa "Bending Over/Butt" posters from Best Buy!

Kelly Ripa signed on as a spokesperson recently to plug Eloctrolux products. It seems that the company is certainly getting the attention of the consumers.....except it may not be the attention that they were looking for. Best Buy stores around the country have adorned their front doors and the inside of their stores with life size posters of Kelly Ripa bending over an Electrolux appliance. The lure of Kelly's jeans and her huge pumps was too much for drooling thieves and Kelly Ripa fans to take. Thieves have turned to "Grabbing and dashing" with the seductive Kelly Ripa posters. A befuddled and amused Best Buy manager told Geno's World that his store isn't the only target. "From what I understand, it seems to be an epidemic around the country. I shared my theft as a chuckle with a fellow manager. He told me that he's heard reports that it's spread all around the country." Why are thieves stealing Kelly? "(Laughs) Besides the obvious reasons, I guess that this kind of stuff goes for huge money on the collector market." the manager shared with me.... Oh Reg...................
If your local Best Buy is now "Kelly Ripa free" you can view her Eloctrolux campaign here.

Links that appreciate an extraordinary life!

ASIA's "Extraordinary Life" from "Phoenix" which is released tomorrow!

Olivia Williams looks....robotic. Ayyyy!

Candy's new boyfriend is.......too damn sexy!! Candy Kirby

Fergalicious! Celebrity Puke

Jordin Sparks looking cute! Celebrity Smack

Rebecca Romijn photo gallery. Celebslam

George Clooney to return to ER? In Case You Didn't Know

Rihanna and her dog! lovebscott

Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis glam it up. NewsToob

Cate Blanchette has a third son. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

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