Saturday, April 12, 2008

Listen to ASIA's new CD "Phoenix" in its entirety at VH1 Classic!

Touching, rocking & inspirational! Wow! John Wetton, Geoff Downes, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer have put together a true modern rock classic. Take a listen:
VH1 Classic

Lindsay Lohan will not be nude in her next movie. Ticket sales to take a hit.

Why else pay to see Lindsay on the big screen? Her acting?..............
Lindsay Lohan will not be bearing it all on the big screen, contrary to published reports.
Reports began circulating earlier this week, suggesting Lohan was ready to strip down for a full frontal nude scene in the upcoming film “Florence.”
However, Lohan’s mom told “Access Hollywood’s” Billy Bush that this is not the case. “No she is not,” Dina Lohan told Bush in an e-mail on Thursday.
According to online reports, the 21-year-old actress will play a “sex-addicted waitress” in the film.
No word from Dina as to whether her daughter is actually in the movie.
Lohan last appeared on the big screen in the 2008 film “Chapter 27.”

Heather Mills gets booed on live Miss USA pageant telecast!

Good for the audience!
Heather Mills had to endure boos as well as applause as a judge on the Miss USA pageant yesterday.
As the former model was introduced to the audience at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, some audience members jeered, causing Mills to raise her eyebrows in surprise.
Mills had said she helped judge the beauty contest - broadcast on live TV - for the “charity aspect” after being invited by organiser Donald Trump.
She said, “I did one of these competitions, a long, long time ago. And it's a lot of work, people don't understand they look for this and work for this for years and years and years.
"Really, really difficult job this, but 20 times harder to walk out there and be brave enough."

Megan Fox nude lesbian catfight caught on tape!

God bless Hollywood. Hollywoodtuna has the info.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Links that are sole survivors!

ASIA's "Sole Survivor" from back in the day. ASIA's new CD "Phoenix" arises on Tuesday!

Pop Quiz! Ayyyy!

Porno filmed at McDonald's??? Candy Kirby

Leona Lewis at MTV. Celebrity Pictures

Phoebe Price's car get smashed. Celebrity Puke

Bret Michaels sued for destroying "Rock of Love" mansion. Celebrity Smack

J.K. Rowling gets felt up. Celebslam

Moby loves Britney Spears. Circus Hour

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey giggle. lovebscott

Sophie Monk says no to bras. NewsToob

Who is Tara Palmer Tomkinson? Right Celebrity

Video of Paula Abdul's backstage reaction to shocking American Idol results!

She is well spoken and composed in the clip. The meds must be working.......
ET was in the limo with PAULA ABDUL Thursday night as the "American Idol" judge headed to the results show in search of the next singing sensation. ET will be backstage with Paula, also, to get her opinion as to whether or not America got it right in whom they sent home.

Neil Patrick Harris says keep Britney Spears away!!

Good for Neil!
If Neil Patrick Harris had his way, Britney Spears would be banned from the set of "How I Met Your Mother." Nothing against the pop singer personally — he just doesn't think the show should bring guests aboard for a ratings boost alone.
"I'm in the minority that our show does not need stunt casting in order to succeed," Harris declared during a break from taping the Monday night CBS sitcom, which has grown a cult following since its 2005 debut.
"I worry that if they start `Will and Grace'-ing us too much, that the show will suffer. And we're all really proud of the content of the show. I mean, viewership is not our game. It's the network and the studio's game, you know. It's the promotion department's game," the actor, who plays womanizer Barney, told The Associated Press in an interview last week.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

John Wetton of ASIA visits Geno's World!

It truly is an honor when my hero John Wetton talks about visiting Geno's World. I feel like a little kid seeing that Santa has visited his home! From the ASIA live on thread on John's guestbook:
John Wetton's official website:
Ah,hello Geno--you're the Scarlet Pimpernel again. 'They seek him here............" good to see you back. I can never just 'pop' over to your site for a second,I always use up the whole $5! Pamela A should have brought HH a toothbrush and a rubber band for his birthday.

Eating penis is good for you???

I’m visiting the Guo-li-zhuang restaurant, a specialist penis and testicle emporium that caters mainly to wealthy businessmen and Communist party officials (who, truth be told, are often one and the same).
It offers every conceivable John Thomas you could ever want, which probably isn’t very many. Nonetheless, the menu is both extensive and impressive.........

If that's not enough....check out this related video: ( I feel ill...........)

CBS cancels "Secret Talents of the Stars" after 1 airing.

Wait. Marla Maples is a star?
Seriously OMG! WTF! has the news. The site is one of my faves. Tell 'em Geno set you.......

ASIA to perform live via!

The buzz is big on the new ASIA CD "Phoenix". The CD is to be released next week and is already at #31 at Not bad for 4 legends in their 50s and 60s!
Good news Asia Fans! Carl, Geoff, John, and Steve will be appearing live in concert on Tuesday 4/15 8pm EST. Live from Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY, Asia will be playing all their hits on to the world via SyncLive and Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Asia in this unique way. And this web-concert is a one time event and will not be broadcast again, so DON'T MISS IT!When: Tuesday 4/15 8pm EST Where: Please pass the news along, and share the power of Asia with the world.

Harrison Ford calls Calista Flockhart the greatest mother in the world!

No way. My Mom is the best.......
Harrison Ford says Calista Flockhart is the "best mom in the world."
The 'Indiana Jones' star - who began dating the 'Ally McBeal' actress in 2002 - is full of admiration for the way in which Calista raises her seven-year-old adopted son Liam.
He said: "She's the best mom in the world. She's a mother by choice - she adopted Liam before we met, as a single parent, which is an awesome responsibility to take. She's devoted herself to Liam and has done a really wonderful job raising him. I'm happy to now have a part of the job."
Harrison, 65, says he gets great joy from being around Liam and enjoys playing the role of father again.
The actor - who has four older children from two previous relationships - explained to Reader's Digest magazine: "She's brought a child back into my home. My youngest, other than Liam, is 17. It's a wonderful opportunity to be part of a child's upbringing, which is always an endless springtime. You see the blossoming and the growing and the nurturing and the payoff."

Links that feel that way!

Journey's video for "Feeling That Way".

Hugh Hefner gets a nude Pam Anderson for his birthday. Ayyyy!

Bride gets tased. Candy Kirby

Pam Anderson makes soccer dads' day. Celebrity Pictures

Britney Spears drives like a diva! Celebrity Puke

Brittany Snow looks great at "Prom Night" premiere. Celebrity Smack

Catrinel Menghia gallery. Celebslam

Ashlee Simpson is engaged to her future ex-husband. Circus Hour

Ashlee Simpson fears Mariah Carey! Hollyscoop

Katie Couric quits? lovebscott

Mila Kunis photo shoot. NewsToob

Annie Lennox video at Idol gives back. Right Celebrity

Video: Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Hurley at the hottest pink party ever!

John Travolta fights gay rumors by singing along to "The Little Mermaid" in the front row.

A true badass...............
New York Post:
JOHN Travolta has an 8-year-old daughter, but it looks as if he's the one obsessed with "The Little Mermaid." The pudgy "Pulp Fiction" star sat front row with daughter Ella at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on 46th Street Saturday, where he sang along to the show's tunes, including "Under the Sea." Afterward, he brought 26 of Ella's pals backstage and took pictures with the cast. "He was touching all the costumes, he looked amazed," said our spy. "He said he was way, way into the show. He stayed backstage for a while." Said Travolta's rep: "His daughter loves the show, so he knows it well."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Miley Cyrus' mouth is worked over!

Today the teeth get worked on, in 2 years the breasts will get worked on , In 4 years the lipo will start , In 10 years the first visit to rehab............
Did teen singing sensation Miley Cyrus finally decide to tune up her teeth? The Hannah Montana star's formerly snaggletoothed smile now looks dramatically different: Her bottom choppers have become straighter, her top front teeth are noticeably less prominent and her grin is much brighter overall! "It looks as though she's had some porcelain veneers put on her front teeth. And her small incisors appear to have been covered to make them look longer and more balanced with the rest of her mouth," Michael D. Kosdon, D.D.S., a Burbank, Calif.-area dentist, tells Star.

Links that fall at your feet!

Crowded House performing "Fall at your feet" live.

Mel B. sells clothing. Ayyyy!

8 sex myths that you shouldn't believe. Candy Kirby

Natalie Portman....sigh. Celebrity Pictures

Phoebe Price has a role! Celebrity Puke

Rachel Ray has breast problems. Celebslam

Casting the new 90210. Circus Hour

David Beckham gets pulled over. In Case You Didn't Know

Stacey Dash has back. lovebscott

Geri Halliwell looks great. NewsToob

George Clooney's near miss. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Kristen Bell talks about a Veronica Mars movie and chlamydia!

Spelling chlamydia isn't an easy task.........
Star Pulse:
Kristen Bell is keen to take her former TV character Veronica Mars to the big screen despite the fact writers gave the teen detective a sexually transmitted disease.
Bell's cult show was axed last year, but now there are rumors all over the internet that "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas is planning to take the character to cinemas. And the Heroes actress is thrilled by the prospect of reprising the character.
She tells, "I know all of us would be involved... I hope one day he does do it, before we get too old. Our writers are so good. I mean I about fell over out of my chair when they gave her (Veronica Mars) Chlamydia. They gave her Chlamydia..!
"I was raped three times and, somehow, it's completely believable within the scope of the show. I mean it is bizarre the way their minds work. And I would never map it out like they did. I have no idea where they'd ever go.
"We shot five minutes of an F.B.I. pilot where Veronica graduates into the F.B.I. and she becomes an agent. And it wasn't picked up... but it was hysterical."

Christina Aguilera swears and swims nude! The neighbors aren't happy.

Christina Aguilera and her husband Jordan Bratman have been annoying their neighbours with noisy naked swimming in their private pool.The Genie In A Bottle singer, who recently gave birth to son Max, has been skinny dipping with her man in their $6 million Beverly Hills mansion, much to the dismay of neighbours.The Sun reports one as saying: “They don’t just splash around – they laugh, scream, swear and make sexy noises. "We’re happy that they’re happy, but we wish they would keep it down a bit. "There are a lot of old people who live around here, and they don’t like noise after the dinner hour.” Well Christina needs to exercise and lose the excess baby fat somehow.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Orlando Bloom is no Prince.......yet.

Orlando would be a much better choice than Zac.........
Star Pulse:
Disney has denied Orlando Bloom will star in the studio's new blockbuster Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time, according to internet reports. The 31-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbean actor was reported to have beaten off competition from Zac Efron to land the lead role in the adaptation of Jordan Mechner's popular computer game series.
However, website claims Disney hasn't signed Bloom up for the film, which will be directed by Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire moviemaker Mike Newell and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.
The site states, "What we do know so far is that Mike Newell is expected to start shooting Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time soon at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. and in Morocco as well. Jerry Bruckheimer instead is producing the film, which the studio is targeting for a June 19, 2009 release."
The Sands Of Time will be the first in a trilogy of films based on the games.

Complete 50 photo Audrina Partridge nude and non nude HOT gallery!

Geno's World gets amazing traffic whenever I post about Audrina Partridge. I'm no dummy, here's another one....check out Celebrity Pictures for a nice 50 photo collection of her latest HOT photo shoot.
Did you find Geno's World via a google search? Click here to visit Geno's World's homepage. Bookmark us & come back often!

LInks that have no reply at all!

Genesis' video for "No Reply At All".

Scarlett Johansson not hungry for kids. Ryan Reynolds is...Ayyyy!

So a lawyer walks intro a bra...... Candy Kirby

Paris Hilton photo shoot. Celebrity Pictures

Audrina Partidge's ex sells jewelry. Celebrity Puke

Buy a date with skanky "Frenchie" from "Rock of Love 2" Celebrity Smack

Fun with Botox. Circus Hour

Princess Di's death Dotspotter

Last will and testament 2.0 Guest of a Guest

Condoleezza Rice to be John McCain's Vice President? lovebscott

Kate Bosworth says hi! NewsToob

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