Video: Behind the scenes with Kathie Lee Gifford. Ya, she's still irritating.

Video: Elderly folks perform Ramones, Coldplay and the Clash!

Evangeline Lilly is back to dating the hobbit.

I will never make out with Perez Hilton.

Links that are pulled under!

Sonny Bono was clubbed to death by hitmen? Death then staged as skiing accident????

Marc Anthony buys Jennifer Lopez $2.6 million earrings!

Hollywood has officially run out of ideas: "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" to be remade.

In Touch Magazine unearths teenage Angelina Jolie photos. Hot? Cute? Disturbing?

Diamond studded thong revealed!

Video: Jodie Foster talks about being lame!!

Links that are waiting!

Ryan Phillippe sex tape exposed on Jimmy Kimmel!

Christina Ricci hungers for Jessica Biel's ass!!

Britney Spears' new OK magaine cover is disturbing, evil and bizarre!

Video: Elizabeth Berkley talks about her new reality show!

Eva Mendes says she's getting a lotta lovin'!

Links that say never again!!!

Video: Rolling Stones talk about their new Martin Scorsese flick.

Shakira denies sex tape reports.

Sarah Jessica Parker eats like a fat pig.

Deborah Gibson to take over Atlantic City!

Jennifer Love Hewitt to be honored for being an outstanding role model for young girls.

The Office site hacked for April Fools!!

Links that are rewired!