Friday, April 04, 2008

Evangeline Lilly is back to dating the hobbit.

I'm just jealous..........
Female First:
Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan have rekindled their romance.
The former 'Lost' co-stars - who split last November shortly after Dominic's rock star character Charlie Pace was killed off in the hit US TV show - have decided they can't live without each other following a series of intense phone calls and meetings.
A source told America's Star magazine: "They never stopped loving each other. She remained in Hawaii for the show, and he moved back to Los Angeles when he was killed off, so the distance took its toll. They decided to take a break, but it was really hard on them both."
Evangeline, 28, flew from Hawaii to Hollywood to support British-born Dominic at the opening of his photography exhibition on March 13.
The couple began dating in 2005, after meeting on the set of 'Lost'.
Last year, it was claimed Evangeline and 31-year-old Dominic were engaged after the 'Lord of the Rings' star proposed during a holiday in Hawaii.
A source said: "They want to spend the rest of their lives together

I will never make out with Perez Hilton.

There is a big Perez Hilton/John Mayer make out controversy brewing. I promise to the legions of Geno's World readers out there that I will never be involved in a Perez Hilton make out controversy......(Yes, I know that isn't saying much, since I like the ladies.) But still.... It got me thinking about who would be more desirable than Perez. An old nun? Sure. Gollum? Uhhhh... o.k. John McCain? I guess..... Barbara Bush...shudder.....but yes. Kelly Osbourne? Uhhhhhh..........Maybe.........

Links that are pulled under!

Dream Theater performing "Pull Me Under" live. Powerful......

Quentin Tarantino and Fergie's birthday party. Ayyyy

A piece of Bacon for sale on eBay. Candy Kirby

Rachel Stevens is a vision. Celebrity Pictures

Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting hitched. Celebrity Puke

Hulk Hogan's new girlfriend looks like his daughter. Celebrity Smack

Lindsay Lohan threw herself at Kanye West. Celebslam

Personal sandblaster! Circus Hour

Tom Cruise marijuana? Hollyscoop

Buy Jordin Sparks shoes! lovebscott

Amanda Bynes loves her Seventeen cover. NewsToob

Jimmy Kimmel sweats with Richard Simmons. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Lauren Conrad shops at Barneys. Splash

Sonny Bono was clubbed to death by hitmen? Death then staged as skiing accident????

Being clubbed to death does not sound like a good time..............
Sonny Bono was clubbed to death by hired hitmen, according to an extraordinary tabloid expose based on the investigations of a former FBI agent.
Cher's ex-husband's death was officially recorded as a tragic "skiing accident," with family and friends apparently satisfied he died after colliding with a tree on the piste in Nevada in January 1998.
However, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson - who has spent the last ten years investigating the case - claims top officials linked to an international drug and weapons ring arranged a hit on the singer-turned-politician because they feared he was about to expose them.
He tells America's Globe: "It's nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree. There's zero evidence in this autopsy show such an accident happened.
"Instead, there's powerful proof he (Bono) was assassinated.
"This was an evil plot that was carried out to almost perfection by ruthless assassins."
It's Gunderson's opinion that the experienced skiier was ambushed on the slopes by hired hitmen, who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision.
Despite the seemingly far-fetched nature of the claims and the fact that they appear in the Globe, Gunderson's findings have reportedly been backed by top forensics experts.
He is now calling for the authorities to open a homicide investigation.

Marc Anthony buys Jennifer Lopez $2.6 million earrings!

That's just insane. What a waste...............
Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony, has spent a whopping $2.6m on diamond earrings for the singer — to thank her for giving birth to twins Max and Emme, in February.
Anthony is having the expensive bling engraved with their babies’ initials — one for each ear.
A source said: “It’s no secret that J-Lo has expensive taste, so Marc was going to have to spend a serious amount to show her how he feels.”

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hollywood has officially run out of ideas: "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" to be remade.

Really? Really? Really..........
Star Pulse:
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter's cult comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is set for a remake, according to internet reports. This time around, the hapless duo's rock band is called Atomic Gorillas, not Wyld Stallions, and their time traveling brings them into contact with Gandhi and Calamity Jane, according to
The new film reportedly features an updated script with plenty of modern references and an homage to new Batman film The Dark Knight.
Casting details have not been announced but it's unlikely Winter or Reeves will play a part in the remake

In Touch Magazine unearths teenage Angelina Jolie photos. Hot? Cute? Disturbing?

O.k. The question of the day is are these photos of a 16 year old Angelina Jolie hot? Disturbing? Cute? You decide. In Touch has the full set of pics.

Diamond studded thong revealed!

A sure sign that you've run out of things to blow money on..........

Video: Jodie Foster talks about being lame!!

Links that are waiting!

Bankstatement performing "I'll Be Waiting" in 1989. Tony Banks of Genesis along with Allistair Gordan and JaymeyKilmek. They are "performing" to a track , but it's nice to see a rare snippet of this short lived group!

Candy reveals Mattress Moves for men.....and why they don't work! Candy Kirby

Kristen Davis gets a parking ticket. Celebrity Pictures

Britney Spears shops and causes a fuss. Celebrity Puke

Lindsay Lohan is working CHEAP! Celebrity Smack

Billy Joel talks about his girls....kinda! Circus Hour

Kristen Bell interview. In Case You Didn't Know

New Kylie Minogue track! Jam it or slam it? lovebscott

Lindsay Lohan picks her nose! NewsToob

New Kanye West video. Right Celebrity

NBC announces fall schedule. Televisionista

Ryan Phillippe sex tape exposed on Jimmy Kimmel!

Christina Ricci hungers for Jessica Biel's ass!!

Christina looks just fine.........
Move over, Justin. Jessica Biel has found a new No. 1 fan in Christina Ricci. The 5-foot-tall actress – who had to fill out a pair of barely-there hot pants for her upcoming role in Speed Racer, directed by The Matrix's Andy and Larry Wachowski – is full of praise for Biel's famously fit physique. "I asked my trainer, 'Can you give me Jessica Biel's butt?'" the actress – who starred with Biel's beau Timberlake in last year's Black Snake Moan – tells the U.K. edition of Elle. "I want a bigger butt." Alas, because of her tiny frame, "they said I couldn't," she laments. "Everyone wants what they can't have!" She may never be bootylicious, but Ricci – who battled anorexia as a teenager – says she's learned to love her body nonetheless. "Young girls have body issues and I was not exception, except that I happened to be famous," the 28-year-old says. "I conquered it, but it stays with you. I do not starve myself now – my weakness is candy and sweets. It's my only vice!" In fact, the Addams Family alum said she given up weighing herself. "I do not want to waste one more minute of my life feeling bad about the way I look," she explains. "If you're obsessed with how you look in your bikini, you're not going to have much fun at the beach."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Britney Spears' new OK magaine cover is disturbing, evil and bizarre!

She lost 15 pounds in just 4 weeks? No Pills? No Lipo? How about photo shopping, make up and digital technology?.......
It seems miracles really can happen. As the world watched Britney Spears' debut last week on How I Met Your Mother, it was obvious that the former pop star was looking good, dare we say it, even back to her old self!"It looked like Britney had lost 15 pounds in four weeks," a source close to the singer tells OK!. And sure enough — gone was the bloat, the ratty hair and the puffy face. In their place, a slimmer, fresh-faced girl with a smile on her face and determination in her step.
UPDATE: TMZ reveals that the cover photo is from 5 years ago! LOL!

Video: Elizabeth Berkley talks about her new reality show!

Eva Mendes says she's getting a lotta lovin'!

George must close his eyes to get himself through having relations with Eva......... I kid....
After spending several weeks in rehab, Eva Mendes says she's "taking a break and having a good time" by exercising and being with her family...... "I'm getting a lot of love in the love department, too," adds Mendes, who is in a longtime relationship with producer George Gargurevich.

Links that say never again!!!

ASIA's new track "Never Again" from their upcoming "Phoenix" CD. Outstanding! For all things ASIA visit

Eva Mendes shops! Celebrity Pictures

Mel B. shops for Gold. Celebrity Puke

Mariah Carey in London. Celebrity Smack

Gianne Albertoni gallery. Celebslam

George Clooney is terrified of going bald. Hollyscoop

Mariah Carey's "Migrate" track. lovebscott

Gisele makes white look....dirty! NewsToob

Paula Abdul takes photos. Popbytes

"Dawson" gets a new job! Televisionista

Video: Rolling Stones talk about their new Martin Scorsese flick.

Shakira denies sex tape reports.

Oh the drama.............
Shakira is the latest star to fall victim to a hoax sex tape - if you believe her reps.
Internet reports suggested that Shakira, boyfriend Antonio de la Rua and music collaborator Alejandro Sanz had been caught on video enjoying a threesome.
The rumours kicked off when Argentine DJ Javier Ceriani referred to online gossip on his Zona Cero radio show, according to
He said: "It's been said...there is a private video recorded on a yacht, one that could implicate Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Antonio de la Rua."
However, reps for Shakira and Sanz have called out the reports as bogus.
In a joint statement, they insist: "This is a false rumour. This is totally absurd any way you look at it. There is no possibility that such a video exists. It is a baseless and malicious rumour."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker eats like a fat pig.

And she says she stays thin because of predisposition? The female fans out there will love that..
She may cut a willowy figure – but Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't deprive herself in order to fit into designer duds"I eat everything," the actress, 43, told PEOPLE Monday night at a special screening of her new film, Smart People, co-hosted by Allure magazine's Linda Wells and The Cinema Society. "I'm just an eater. If it's free, I honestly eat everything." As if to prove a point, the Sex and the City star rattled off a list of all the food she'd consumed in the past 48 hours: "Last night I had steak and some lamb shank. And I had some roasted chicken and some cassoulet and some profiteroles and some ice cream and some cheesecake." And that's not all. On Monday, "I had two different tarts from Once Upon a Tart [in SoHo] and toast and a banana and a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese," she said. Oh, yeah: "And a glass of fresh orange juice." One thing not on the menu: Alcohol. "I'm just simply not really a drinker," she said. "It just doesn't occur to me. Tonight I'll have a glass of wine." So how does she stay so svelte? "It's predisposition probably," said Parker, who is also a Pilates devotee, despite her having not worked out in "a couple of weeks." Finally, "And running around New York City and having a five-year-old [son James Wilkie Broderick]." But her real stay-slim secret? "Anxiety!" she exclaimed.

Deborah Gibson to take over Atlantic City!

Take it from me, Deborah is a pro that puts on a great show!.................

Atlantic City, NJ -- In a show that's one part Broadway, one part pop, and one part new material, Deborah Gibson brings the best of all words to the Concert Venue at Harrah's for a three week performance, May 4 - 24, 2008.

Deborah Gibson exploded on the pop music scene at the tender age of 16. She quickly became the youngest person ever to write, produce and perform a #1 single ("Foolish Beat"), a record which she still proudly holds to this day. She has sold over 16 million albums worldwide to date. Her extraordinary career has garnered her #1 Billboard hits, Platinum albums, ASCAP Songwriter of the Year honors, sold-out audiences around the world and rave reviews for her starring roles on Broadway.

In 1992, Gibson took a star turn in the Broadway production of Les Miserables as Eponine. She broke box office records in the London West End production of Grease as Sandy, and then took the stage in the U.S. Broadway Tours of Grease and Funny Girl playing Rizzo and Fanny Brice respectively. Gibson also wowed critics as Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy, The Narrator in the national tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cinderella in the national production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Velma Kelly in Chicago, and Sally Bowlesin Cabaret. Adding to her accomplishments, Deborah is also composer and lyricist on her own Broadway musical, Skirts. She is an all-around entertainer and continues to be a driving force in the entertainment industry.

Show times for Deborah Gibson - "Pop Goes Broadway" are 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. (Dark on Mondays). Tickets are $25 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster at 1-800-736-1420 or online at For group sales of 10 or more, please call Arleen Kelso at 609-343-2719.

Jennifer Love Hewitt to be honored for being an outstanding role model for young girls.

She is squeaky clean indeed......
Jennifer Love Hewitt's official site:
"Step Up Women's Network announced today that this year's celebrity honoree for its annual gala Inspiration Awards event in Los Angeles on May 9th will be Jennifer Love Hewitt. The event celebrates philanthropic accomplishment, honoring celebrities, VIPs and members alike. Jennifer Love Hewitt was chosen as this year's honoree for her ongoing support of Step Up Women's Network, helping to raise critical funds for their programs, as well as for being an outstanding role model for young girls." ~ Read the full story here.

The Office site hacked for April Fools!!

Nice PR stunt by NBC! Pam as a Kiss member? I kinda like it...........
The Office

Links that are rewired!

Mike & The Mechanics got a bit funky with "Rewired". One of my favorites.....

Jennifer Lopez post birth. 7 Confessions

Minka Kelly is a cutie. Celebrity Pictures

Osbournes go shopping. Celebrity Puke

Adam Sandler broke his ankle. Celebrity Smack

Exclusive Star magazine cover. Circus Hour

New Mariah Carey tunes! lovebscott

Adriana Lima at GQ signing. NewsToob

Jenna Jameson is a zombie stripper. Popbytes

Ricky Schroeder and son. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

"Men In Trees" gets pushed around. Televisionista

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