Paris Hilton to spoof beastiality for Harvard magazine!

Kate Beckinsale says she would prefer to eat a vagina than sushi, because a vagina would be warm!

Links that will rock your MAMA!

Vanessa Williams admits urinating on her own face!

Tori Spelling already begging to be in Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff!

VIDEO: "The Office"'s Jenna Fischer walks the catwalk!

LeBron James and Tom Brady fight over Gisele! When is the cage match? Will Gisele be a ring girl?

Rihanna lets her friend fly coach while she enjoys first class!

Crazy Britney Spears texted boyfriend Adnan 100 times a day!

Governor Spitzer's call girl's "Girls Gone Wild" moment caught on tape!

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Jenna Jameson is hot for Charlize Theron!

Audrina Partridge nude photos are an eye opener!

Sarah Jessica Parker says calling her unsexy is insane!!

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Accordion players make the best lawyers!

Hot chicks with douchebags website makes me laugh!

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Is Drew Barrymore marrying "Mac"?

"Deal Or No Deal" women recreate "Heroes" scene!

Thief stopped in his tracks by frozen ham!

Kelly Clarkson says "Why'd anyone want a little thing up their butt when they can go free?"

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President Bush is pro prayer!

Jim Carrey to write depression self-help book.

Gwen Stefani mulls baby names.

Rachel Bilson designs jeans for DKNY.

Governor Spitzer announces his new career.....kinda :)