Saturday, March 08, 2008

Arnold Shwarznegger is destroying the world!

I say cut the guy some slack. After all, how many times has he saved the world from terrorists, aliens, and robots?
Star Pulse:
Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has come under fire from environmentalists for regularly commuting more than three hours to work by private jet. The California Governor lives with his family in Brentwood in Los Angeles County, while his office lies 380 miles to the north, in Sacramento, California.
His commute by Gulfstream jet, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, has upset environmental groups, who are angry the anti-global warming politician is setting a bad example to his constituents.
And although Republican Schwarzenegger offsets the carbon dioxide his mode of transport causes by purchasing 'pollution credits' - which fund efforts to reduce greenhouse gases - green campaigners are still upset.
Denis Hayes, the president of environmental group Bullitt Foundation, tells the Los Angeles Times, "He has been very bold on all these (environmental) initiatives, so it is sad to see him undercut that. If you are going to be talking about an issue, you should be living the reality you are trying to embrace."
Schwarzenegger recently defended his airborne commute, arguing it allows him to see his children on a daily basis.
He said, "The question is how can I be with my family, because that is extremely important, to be with my kids. They are all growing up. They are in their teens. They need their father around. I felt it took a toll on my family not being at home every day. So what I am trying to do is find that balance between the family and running the state."

Did Spencer cheat on Heidi?

Oh the horror! Now she'll probably cope by having 12 more plastic surgery operations......
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt creates drama for The Hills. In the sneak preview of the upcoming season of the MTV reality show, the couple gave the audience a glimpse on the tension the two have.
Montag says on the clip: "When we get back to L.A., I need you to move out. I gave up everything for you! I'm not the one who wanted to see other people!"
In the latest issue of Us Weekly, the two have opened up what is happening to their relationship.
The 21-year-old aspiring singer says, "Spencer and I have really had our ups and downs this past year. I've definitely been betrayed by friends before, but I've never had a boyfriend do this to me."
"Spencer and I may differ on what it means to cheat."
Meanwhile, Pratt gives a less revealing statement on what happened saying, "We're definitely on a roller coaster. I'm not too happy about a lot of things."

Keira Knightley to sing 3 songs in her new movie....but she can't sing!

Is there no end to Keira Knightley’s talents? The noted actress and beauty is turning singer in her new movie.
The British star will sing three songs in her upcoming feature ‘The Edge Of Love’, although she admits she needed some persuasion - not to mention a few lessons - to agree to unveil her singing voice.
She says, “I can't really sing. I had to have a few lessons, but once I started doing it, a sound emerged that wasn't too disagreeable."
You can hear her warble 'Blue Tahitian Moon', 'Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much' and 'Drifting And Dreaming' in the new film, which tells the tale of poet Dylan Thomas‘ romance with two women, and also stars Sienna Miller.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Links that are jukebox heroes!

Foreigner performing "Jukebox Hero" live in 1981. Lou Gramm in his prime!!!

Jared Leto hits the streets. Celebrity Puke

Tina Fey's parade! Celebrity Smack

First look at Jlo's twins! LOL! Circus Hour

New couple alert! Hayden Panettiere and...Larry King???? Hayden's Countdown

Alyssa Milano poses for Jezebel. NewsToob

Ashton Kutcher takes about his Bruce Willis phobia! Sexy Sandy Says

Streaking can be bad for your health!


Jennifer Aniston is dating a grip who's a ladies' man!

I may be the only man on the planet that Jennifer hasn't been linked to...............
Jennifer Aniston is dating the key grip on her new movie 'Traveling', it has been claimed.
The former 'Friends' star - who split from husband Brad Pitt in 2005 after five years of marriage - was recently linked to her 'Traveling' co-star Aaron Eckhart, but it has now been revealed she has found love with another worker on the set, Brian Bourma.
A film insider said: "They met on the set of 'Traveling' in Vancouver, where he was in charge of moving lights and other heavy equipment. He's actually quite a ladies' man. He's dated actresses before."

Kelly Rowland won't cover up her breast implants!

Honesty is refreshing..............
Kelly Rowland is being refreshingly upfront about her recently enhanced boobs.
The Destiny’s Child star has been snapped sporting a fuller cleavage of late but, rather than deny the obvious (paging Victoria Beckham!), the songstress has 'fessed up to her breast op.
She tells the latest issue of People: "I simply went from an A-cup to a B-cup. I didn't want double Ds and be a little bitty size 2. That would look nuts."
As for the motivation behind the upgrade, Kelly says she had her eye on "this one really hot House of Dereon top - I just wanted to fill that out!"
Now, it seems that she can
"And that House of Dereon top? I put it on and I looked SO good!" I'm so happy. I feel complete," says Kelly.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

"Dancing with the Stars"'s Julianne Hough's new song is stuck in my head!!!

I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of Country music. It's not my bag. But I am a fan of Julianne Hough! And after listening to her debut single "That song in my head", I'm very impressed! Not only is she easy on the eyes, a fantastic dancer, but that pretty lady can sing!
Listen for yourself here!

Brett Favre weeps goodbye.

Very classy to the end.

"Deal or No Deal" women answer "Real or not Real" question!

I feel faint.

Natalie Morales announces her pregnancy!

Why didn't she say the baby is mine? Is she ashamed of me????......But, seriously, congrats Natalie!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get into shouting match over wedding plans.

My own opinion is that Angie doesn't give a crap about Jennifer Aniston. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to have her walk her down the aisle.........
There's trouble in Brangelina paradise. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly gotten into a screaming match over their marriage plans.
The 32-year-old actress allegedly wants a small private wedding ceremony in France to pay homage to her late mother Marcheline Bertrand's ancestral roots. However, the "Ocean's 13" star wanted a big one in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina's biggest hit, to help it get back to its former condition.
But the issue did not stop there. Reports claim that things got worse when Pitt told his partner that he had asked his mother Jane to help with the preparations and arrangements, which Jolie did not take lightly.
An insider tells Star magazine: "They ended up going to separate bedrooms and slamming doors. Angelina was so frustrated, she was crying."
The actress is apparently insecure of Jane's friendship with Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. She even got more upset when Jane suggested to invite Aniston in the wedding.
The source adds, "Brad tried to reassure Angie that she wouldn't show up. Still Angie's furious. Anytime Jen's name is mentioned, she gets jealous."

Did fight with son over alchohol send Eddie Van Halen into rehab?

So sad.......
LATEST: Rockers VAN HALEN cancelled a string of comeback gigs so guitarist EDDIE VAN HALEN could return to rehab to be treated for alcoholism, according to reports.The band rescheduled two concerts in Virginia and Georgia at the end of last month (Feb08) and another this week (beg03Mar08), prompting internet reports claiming all tour dates had been pulled indefinitely.Representatives for the rockers insist the tour is still on, despite announcing Van Halen "is undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures." Now sources tell the National Enquirer the 53-year-old guitarist checked himself into a clinic near San Antonio, Texas, so he could detox for a week after a furious backstage bust-up in Florida with his 17-year-old son and bandmate Wolfgang.An insider says, "It was the big what-if of the tour - whether Eddie could stay sober."Wolf hates it when his dad drinks. He knew Eddie was drunk onstage that night, and was acting cold to him, which set Eddie off. Eddie went beserk and started yanking guitar cables from the pedal boards and throwing cigarettes around onstage."At the end of the concert, Eddie was so mad at Wolf, he punched the amp speaker, knocking it over." Van Halen enjoyed a stint in rehab last year (07), which delayed plans for the comeback tour.

Lindsay Lohan is called a generous slob!

Who would have guessed?................
Lindsay Lohan’s former roommate, Courtenay Semel, has revealed she moved out of the home they shared because the actress was so messy.
The couple reportedly shacked up together because it was thought that sober Courtney Semel would be a positive influence on the recently rehabbed actress.
However things didn’t quite work out, according to pals.
“They’re better as friends, not roommates," one tells In Touch.
Another former roommate of the Razzie favourite says: “Lindsay was always a mess. She had piles of clothes on the floor and on her bed all of the time.”
There was, however, some benefits to living with the out-of-work actress.
“She wouldn’t care if people borrowed stuff from her,” says the source. “Lindsay couldn’t keep track of anything, anyway.”

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Links that are surrounded!

Dream Theater performing "Surrounded" live in 2007 presented in 2 parts. Fantastic dueling guitar/keyboard moments! The gents also move into a cover of Marillion's "Sugar Mice" at the end. James has sung better, but the tune is magic!

Coco is classy. Celebrity Pictures

Christina Aguilera sells jewelry. Celebrity Smack

Simon Cowell turned down $2 million to sell Viagra...or did he? :) Circus Hour

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds to shack up? Hollyscoop

Miley Cyrus plays with her dog! NewsToob

Mel B. will pose nude! Right Celebrity

Molly Parker will be swinging on CBS! Televisionista

Paker Posey thinks Keanu Reeves is excellent???

I love Parker! She could do worse than Mr. Reeves..........
On Feb. 25, an eyewitness spotted Matrix hunk Keanu Reeves cozying up to the queen of indie films, Parker Posey, at swanky L.A. hotel the Chateau Marmont. "They were sharing a seat and sitting very, very close," the source tells OK!. "It was probably the oddest couple I've ever seen."It's hard not to see what 39-year-old Parker likes about the Speed star. But despite his obvious good looks, Keanu, 43, is a bit of a departure from the type of men Parker has been known to date. Her past boyfriends include rocker Ryan Adams and author Thomas Beller.The last time we saw Keanu getting jiggy with anyone, it was with Sandra Bullock on the set of their movie, The Lake House. Perhaps Parker is taking the name of her new sitcom The Return of Jezebel James (premiering March 14 on Fox) to heart.

Robert Plant kills Led Zeppelin tour!

You still never know.........
Melodic Rock
I'm sure many have seen this, but for the record - Disappointing news, as I have been hearing that a tour was planned for after Plant wrapped up his tour with Krauss. Still time for this to change....Plant says No to a world tour.. and £100M / By Sean Hamilton Showbiz EditorRobert Plant has turned down an extra £100million fortune to take Led Zeppelin on a world tour. The rock legend wants to concentrate on his new partnership with US country singer Alison Krauss... spelling the likely end of the famous band. Led Zep fans had been longing for a tour announcement since last year - when the 1970s superstars reformed for a one-off show at London's O2 Arena.Surviving members Plant, Robert Page and John Paul Jones were offered a guaranteed £100m each for a tour of North America and Europe after a million fans applied for O2 tickets. But after extensive talks Led Zep - best known for the song Stairway To Heaven - decided against the moneymaking opportunity. Guitarist Jimmy Page, 64, was keen to do the tour this year and was backed by bass player John Paul, 62.But singer Plant, 59 - already worth an estimated £70million - wants to concentrate on his new success with US country singer Krauss. The pair's duet album Raising Sand went to No 2 in America and Britain and they are starting their own tour in April. A band source said: "Despite the enormous offer, the decision did not come down to money. They always said they would do the one-off show and then see how they felt."Jimmy had enjoyed the concert in December enough to want to tour. He argued they still had something to offer. He likes the idea of another chapter in the band - the grown-up tour." John sided with Jimmy. He loved making music with the others again. "But Robert wanted to leave last year's concert as their legacy. They had proved they could still do it and that was enough. He has other commitments and is happier looking forward to those. Robert put the mockers on the tour."

Hillary Clinton hints at sharing ticket with Barack Obama.

Good for Hillary!!!

Rod Stewart is officially an old geezer!

I posted this old picture of shirtless Rod for Sr. Mary JJ. May she remember Rod in all his youthful glory!
Rod Stewart was left fuming after a fellow hotel guest kept him awake by playing loud music - and then cheekily offered to play one of Rod''s own CDs instead.
The 'Maggie May' singer was staying at Sydney''s InterContinental Hotel when the noise from another room got too much for him and he phoned reception to complain.
However, when staff asked the man to turn the music of Italian heartthrob Eros Ramazzotti down, the unimpressed guest told them: "If Mr. Stewart wants to send one of his up, I'll put it on."
A source at the hotel said: "Rod was trying to get some sleep so called reception to complain. A member of staff called the man, who also happened to be a big name in the music promotion business, and asked him to turn down the music."
"But the guy wasn't willing and instead made his cheeky offer. Nobody was surprised Rod turned him down."
Luckily for Rod, the guest eventually relented allowing him to get to sleep.
Rod, 63, is currently in Australia on tour and has played concerts in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Kirsten Dunst is getting action in rehab!

The staff is trying to separate them? Why aren't they taking pictures and selling them?
It seems that Kirsten Dunst is finding romance as well as (hopefully) sobriety in rehab.
The 25-year-old actress was admitted to Utah’s Cirque Lodge earlier this month, following a week of hard-partying at the Sundance Film Festival.
Since then, Kirsten has reportedly been taking it one day at a time with a mystery male rehabber at the facility.
“The staff has asked the two to separate more than enough,” an insider tells In Touch.
“She sits on his lap while smoking cigarettes, they take walks together."
The magazine also claims that Kirsten’s new man/smoking buddy is getting his mom to send flowers to the actress at the centre on his behalf.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Links that are in the heat of the moment!

ASIA's video for "Heat of the moment". The video that started it all! Visit for tour dates and info on the upcoming masterpiece "Phoenix"!

Ricki Lake in Hollywood! Celebrity Puke

Mariah Carey gets airbrushed. Celebrity Smack

Sideshow Candy is sweeter than pie....unless you are a celeb! Circus Hour

Kate Hudson is no Mischa Barton! NewsToob

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon spend & spend! Splash

Milo Ventimiglia poses for GQ! Televisionista

Mischa Barton bares her tiny rear for new movie.

How do I say this delicately? Ummm..... What butt?? The screen will have to be pretty large to see that boney behind.......
Mischa Barton was so comfortable with director Richard Attenborough she let him shoot her butt.
The former 'O.C' star, who agreed to go topless in last year's 'Closing The Ring', was happy to go a little further on Attenborough's relaxed movie set.
She said: "You do see me topless in that film. I would never do full body but I did let Richard Attenborough get a brief behind shot as well."
Mischa, 22, insists she is happy to show off her body on the big screen if the role requires it.
Mischa - who showed off her enviable figure in 2006 comedy 'The Oh In Ohio' - said: "I take it project by project. In that film it was really necessary. You don't see full boobs or anything. I was wearing underwear. I don't mind nudity. I just don't do it that often."

Van Halen tour is on, off, on, off and on again!

Oh the drama! I love the humor and frustration presented by our friends at Melodic Rock.
Melodic Rock:
VAN HALEN - WTF?:It seems the Van Halen tour rolls on...albeit with some rescheduling.Here's an update to the update about the update. I'm getting feedback from all over the place. Like sands through the hour glass....Yes, the Van Halen tour is back on. Why am I saying back on? Well, because I am standing by my report of yesterday stating that the tour was off. But that was yesterday! My information yesterday actually came from someone directly involved in the tour - a long time source who has been 100% accurate in all previous dealings. A completely trusted source!It seems my initial hunch this morning was correct and I'm hearing that a massive amount of maneuvering behind the scenes has been taking place to keep this show on the road for the remaining scheduled dates.In the words of one source: “Azoff and company supposedly salvaged a total cancellation. Seems they bought a week of down time...Too much $$$ at stake.”I wouldn't expect any father dates to be added to the currently announced set and I'm yet to hear anything back from my best source, so expect more updates…Clearly something is up from the statement issued by Van Halen - "The Van Halen concerts in Dallas, Cincinnati, Raleigh, and Baltimore have been postponed. According to Eddie Van Halen's physician, he is undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures.............................................................................
Well, that's the update and you can read the spin....something still stinks here and I'll get to the bottom of it eventually. Dare I say check local listings for all future VH concerts for possible updated or changes?? Right now I'm going back to resume banging my head against the wall.

Kate Hudson starts a catfight with Katherine Heigl!

No word on whether a cage match is imminent.............
Kate Hudson has taken a sly swipe at Hollywood rival Katherine Heigl – by pretending not to know who she is.
Katherine is undoubtedly one of the biggest new stars of the past year, thanks to roles in Knocked Up and most recently, romantic comedy 27 Dresses.
But, when asked what she thought of the current darling of the box office, Kate feigned ignorance.
She told Elle magazine, "Who is she?... Oh, that girl in 27 Dresses? I just don't think about that stuff."

Monday, March 03, 2008

G.I. Joe movie executive producer reveals secrets from the set!

Grandparents may remember the original 12 inch dolls? Oh God. I'm old...........
Your grandparents remember a rah-rah line of 12-inch dolls with kung-fu grip, providing a male alternative to Barbie. Your older siblings (or, gasp!, parents) grew up with a highly stylized, action-packed, endearingly goofy cartoon franchise fueled by 3 3/4-inch action figures. You might recall anything from G.I. Joe Extreme to the Classic Collection, to pop-culture references like "knowing is half the battle."
Now, a star-powered G.I. Joe movie has begun filming. But the question remains: What will the movie's Joes be like? For the answer, we went straight to the only man who commands both Destro and General Hawk.
Brian Goldner is the chief operating officer at Hasbro, which first introduced Joe to action-minded adolescents in 1964, and is also the executive producer on the "Transformers" and "G.I. Joe" movies. " 'G.I. Joe' has just gone into filming this past week, with a great cast and a tremendous story all based on the comics and the animation," Goldner said. "I think fans, and fans to come, will really love what we're doing."

Links that like anything she does!

Genesis video for "Anything She Does". I love the song, Benny Hill not so much.......

Hillary Duff sells phones or something. Celebrity Pictures

Keri Russell and Zach Braff sign autographs. Celebrity Puke

Selita Ebanks gallery. Celebslam

Heidi Montag duet with Britney Spears....Wha??? Circus Hour

Paris Hilton does 944 mag. Hot or not? NewsToob

"Lost" Spoilers! Televisionista

Johnny Depp gives David Hasselhoff his "Sweeney Todd" chair!

I'm sure Hoff begged to be in Depp's next movie........
Star Pulse:
Johnny Depp has delighted David Hasselhoff by presenting him with the barbers chair used in his movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.
The former Baywatch star was stunned by Depp's kind gesture after the Pirates Of The Caribbean star learned of Hasselhoff's battle to get his antique barber's chair back from his ex Pamela Bach's Los Angeles home.
The pair has been locked in a bitter dispute over their divorce settlement for some time - with Hasselhoff trying to regain access to the former family home ever since to take back his beloved chair. However Hasselhoff is no longer bothered about getting his original chair back - he's more than happy with Depp's movie prop.
His lawyer, Melvin S. Goldsman, says, "David is just so pleased to have the matter behind him."

Rihanna is in love with her butt!

She has a future in marketing...............
Rihanna says her butt is her best asset. The sexy singer admits she loves to show off her curvy derriere in tight-fitting clothes because it drives men wild.
She said: "I absolutely love my bum, and I keep working at it because I want it to be perfect. It makes my clothes look good, and guys like it!"

Jack Nicholson's video of support for Hillary Clinton edited by Meathead!

Effective or a Rob Reiner disaster? You decide.......

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday Night Live hits the nail on the head! Hillary Clinton is being treated unfairly!

Is Evan Rachel Wood about to make the biggest mistake of her life???

No!!!!!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!!
What’s that on Evan Rachel Wood’s ring finger? The actress was spotted on the set of the film The Wrestler in New Jersey, wearing some bling. Could she and boyfriend Marilyn Manson be ready to tie the knot?After taking up with the 20-year-old actress, 19 years his junior, following his divorce from Dita Von Teese, the rocker said, “I’ve found my double, my twin, with my new girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood. She understands I like to get up when night falls and go to sleep at dawn."

Lindsay Lohan talks about her dead movie career!

It's a tragedy that one of the best actors of our generation is looking for work....
Lindsay Lohan admits she’s “scared” by her new life as an out of work actress.
The roles have dried up for Lindsay following her string of personal problems, with her last film sweeping the boards at last month’s Razzies.
And now Lindsay admits in a new magazine interview that she’s wondering where the next job offer may come from.
“Right now I just want to find a great script, a great role,” she says. “I was so used to working and working and working and for a few months there was nothing for me to do.
“Now I know what it's like to be an out-of-work actor, and how much it scares me."

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