Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rachael Ray talks about her fat butt when responding to plastic surgery claims!

Rachael also took the knife to rumors that she's had plastic surgery.
"I really laughed at the one that said I had a brow lift," Rachael says. “If I were to have the week off you think I’d spend it under the knife? If was going to cut something off don’t you think it’d be my butt not my forehead?”

Josh's office rap is funny enough to get my vote on "Total Pop Star"!

I love Josh's sense of humor! Check out his "Bored in the office" rap at "Total Pop Star". We've all been there Josh!

Tyra Banks makes blind boy sit on sidewalk as she humiliates his mother, a cancer victim!!??

Ugh. Not exactly the best pr............
39 year-old single mother of two, Jodi Hughes, has stage 4 cervical cancer and Lupus. She was on Tyra’s show for a scheduled makeover set up by her children. Her kids were not allowed in the studio when she was getting the makeover, and were left to sit on the curb for hours without ever being fed or checked up on. Her ten year-old boy is even legally blind. Hugh’s makeover was just a new dress, makeup and very painful hair weave that left her with severe complications. She was told exactly what to say about how Tyra made her feel like a woman again, but all she felt was tired and used. Then she got dropped off at the airport with her kids eight full hours before her plane left.
Jodi, who lives in Bettendorf, Iowa, says things went bad the minute they stepped off the plane in Los Angeles to tape the show.
Jordan, 17, and Nick, 10 - who is legally blind - were left sitting on a curb outside the studio lot for hours with no food, no phone and no money while Jodi underwent her “transformation” - which included nothing more than the services of a professional makeup artist, a new dress and a cheap, painful hair weave, she says.
Tyra’s producers scripted her lines for the show, Jodi says. “The producers told me to say: “Thank you, Tyra, for making me feel like a woman again.’ That was the most humiliating part.”

Rachel Bilson likes to stay home with her dogs!

Rachel Bilson would rather stay at home with her dogs than party in Hollywood.
The 'Jumper' star admits she went through a wild phase in her teens, but insists she now prefers quiet nights in.
She said: "I like to lay low. I did that whole thing when I was younger, trying to get into clubs when I was 15 and it was so silly looking back. Now I want to be at home with my dogs and friends."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dance War Finale airs monday on ABC!

300 x 250 Banner

Is it just me that thinks Carrie Ann could take Bruno out with one punch? I'm just saying...

In any case, check out the cool behind the scenes videos from the show. I'll be practicing for the next season. My trainer says I'm almost ready. Another 20-30 years and I'll be a pro...........

Jennifer Waris will be welcomed to the "Total Pop Star" finals with "Open Arms"!

Jennifer Waris is close to getting the votes she needs to advance to the finals. Check out this future star singing "Open Arms" at "Total Pop Star" and help her get the votes she needs!

Jon Stewart's take on the Roger Clemens hearing is fantastic!

Roger is guilty! Love the Bush/Clemens comparison!

Ryan Reynolds gave alcoholic Tom Arnold a bottle of champagne!

They look so similar.........
Star Pulse:
Ryan Reynolds humiliated pal Tom Arnold on U.S. TV - and then tried to tempt the recovering alcoholic with a bottle of booze.
Definitely, Maybe star Reynolds confessed to talk show host Conan O'Brien on Wednesday that his last appearance on the late night show had ended in disaster - as far as his friendship with Arnold was concerned.
He said, "I came on the show and you showed a picture of my abs, and I said, 'Yeah, when I breathe out I'm Tom Arnold.' I left the interview, flew straight back to Los Angeles, walked into my building and Tom Arnold was there. He'd just lost 50 pounds."
"I felt so bad; I ordered him an expensive bottle of champagne. I saw him the next day and he said, 'You know Ryan, you must be the only guy in the United States who doesn't know I'm a recovering alcoholic.'"

Links that know even less is more!

Porcupine Tree performing "Even Less" live in 2001.

Janice Dickinson best kept at a safe distance! Ayyyy!

New Indiana Jones trailer! Celebrity Puke

Chriss Angel looks like Osama! Celebrity Smack

Holly Valance puts the H in Hot! Fire Cubed

Hayden Panettiere and Ryan Reynolds make a hot couple! Hayden's Countdown

Candy wants to spy on Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston! Holy Candy

Brooklyn Decker is quite a city! NewsToob

The kids love Tom Petty! Sexy Sandy Says

Desperate Housewives spoliers! Televisionista

Bono and friends raise money for charity.

He's got a great heart. I hear watching him in the 3D U2 movie is somewhat frightening. Some things shouldn't be seen in 3D..........

"24" put on ice until 2009! Nooooooooooooo!!!

In the meantime, I pledge to spend the next year imitating Jack Bauer on a daily basis.
Jack Bauer has been thrust into captivity -- this time by FOX execs! -- until next January, the Associated Press reports. The network has decided to air "24"'s seventh season on consecutive weeks, and if it began doing so now, the season finale wouldn't hit small screens until this summer -- a time when TV networks are wary of airing their top-shelf shows, according to the AP.
Also, although eight new episodes were shot prior to the writers' strike, producers would have had to rush to complete the new season, the news agency reports.
In the meantime, '24' fans can catch series' star KIEFER SUTHERLAND in the upcoming horror flick 'Mirrors' -- premiering in 2008!

Janet Jackson gives thumbs up to threesomes!

Daddy issues? What daddy issues?
Janet Jackson thinks threesomes are "cool".
The 'Together Again' star - who has been dating record producer Jermaine Dupri since 2002 - sings about the experience of having sex with multiple partners on her new album 'Discipline'.
She said: "I think whatever you're into, as long as you both are into it, it's cool."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Lost" blew my mind and made me spill my beer!

I won't give away any details, but I found tonight's "Lost" episode to be fantastic. Sayid's scenes kicked ass. And the ending? Brilliant..............

Links that lift me up!

Yes performing "Lift me up" live in 1991 on the Union tour. The Union tour featured both Alan White and Bill Bruford on drums, Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin on guitar, Rick Wakeman and Tony Kaye on keyboards along with Chris Squire on Bass and Jon Anderson on lead vocals. A crowded stage filled with Yes history!

Mandy Moore sparkles! Celebrity Pictures

Jane Fonda says "See You Next Tuesday" on live "Today" show! Celebrity Smack

Zoo Time! Fire Cubed

Hayden Panettiere bends over and causes a riot! Hayden's Countdown

Holy Candy TV Valentine edition. Holy Candy

Kanye West's new video. lovebscott

Lily Allen fists herself?????????? NewsToob

Check out photos of the "American Idol" top 24! Popbytes

How is "Big Brother" doing in the ratings? Televisionista

Taylor Manning's pipes will wow you at "Total Pop Star"!

Watch Taylor's cover of Christina Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man" at "Total Pop Star"! What soul!!

Video of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit premiere party!

Why should you watch? It will make you a better person, save lives, teach a lesson to the children, solve global warming and it will defeat the terrorists. Amen.

Will Ferrell causes a bigger scene at Boston College than Kanye West!

Love that Will!!
The Heights:
Donning a Notre Dame sweatshirt, Ferrell strutted on stage to a booing crowd, only to bring forth an explosion of cheers as he ripped it off to reveal a BC sweatshirt. From that point on, Ferrell served as a pseudo-emcee for the night, introducing each comic before they took the stage. Before each introduction, however, he would spend time interacting with the crowd, including a question-and-answer session, and a "Valentine's Day interview" with a selected female from the audience."I've never seen Conte this packed before, not even for Kanye," said Erica Reisenwitz, UGBC executive director of campus entertainment and A&S '08. "Even the standing room was filled." The 6,500 available tickets were on sale starting at 7 a.m. on Jan. 29, and by approximately 11:30 a.m. the next day, they were all sold, resulting in a massive turn out.

Hugh Jackman talks about the new "Wolverine" movie!

I'm excited! Yes, I am a total geek.............
USA Today:
As if a guy with temper issues, iron blades for fingernails and a penchant for cage fighting needed it, Wolverine is about to get even surlier.
"I know it seems odd given, you know, the guy is already half animal," says Hugh Jackman, who revives the character in Wolverine, due in theaters May 1, 2009. "But with all the success of the X-Men, you feel the pressure to keep pushing it further."....................
Jackman is tight-lipped on plot details, though he says the film will hardly be a one-mutant story.
Wolverine's nemesis Sabretooth "is going to play a big part in it. And there will be a good bit of cameos" of new and familiar mutants, he says. "But you can't give too much away, because fans are pretty hard-core. Their expectations go up a level every time you come out with a new film."

Jenny McCarthy's pregnancy announcement was a practical joke.

No word about whether the long relationship between the two is real............
Is Jim Carrey about to become a father again?
The blazing hot rumor of the day is that Jim's gal Jenny McCarthy is pregnant!
Chelsea Handler made the surprise announcement on her show, saying, "Jim Carrey wants me to tell you that Jenny McCarthy is pregnant."
But hold the stork! Reps for the two told “Extra” that there is no truth to the baby news and that Chelsea was just playing a joke on her good friend, Jim.

Big Brother contestant wakes up 15 people in the middle of the night to see who called him a snake!

Reality TV can be a funny thing. What would you do in real life if someone shook you in the middle of the night and asked if you had called them a snake? Reality TV also provides classic screen shots like the first shot above. Watch Big Brother online at CBS.

Reese Witherspoon says she wants to shoot someone in the kneecap!

2 words. Anger issues.
Mother-of-two Reese also revealed she is desperate to follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie by starring in an action movie.
She told E! online: "Why does the leading man always get to shoot the bad guy in those films? I want the girl to shoot him!"
"I love watching Angelina Jolie kick a** in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' and I can't wait to see her in her new film 'Wanted'. I would love to shoot someone. In the knee cap or something, just to stop them! That would be great!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You should visit "Total Pop Star". Why? Marcus Terell!

Marcus Terell's original song "Why" showcases his great talent! Check him out at "Total Pop Star"! Would Geno's World (The official "Total Pop Star" blog) lead you wrong? No!

Hey Oprah! I want Vanessa Hudgens to decorate my bedroom!

Dear Oprah, My name is Geno. I'm a thirty-something blogger that needs help with my bedroom redesign. I saw you had Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron donate some items for a bedroom redesign. I want in on this. You can leave pretty boy Zac at home. Just send Vanessa and a boatload of cash. Thanks, Geno

Links that want you to come back!

The mighty J. Geils Band's video for "Come back".

Hillary Duff gets a manicure. Celebrity Pictures

Nickelback's Chad Krueger hits the clubs. Celebrity Puke

Kathleen Turner seems drunk all the time! Celebrity Smack

Dakota Fanning pulls out of movie because she won't shave her head. Holy Candy

Will Ferrell wrestles Heidi Klum! NewsToob

No Playboy for Christina Aguilera! Sexy Sandy Says

"Lost" spoilers! Televisionista

Britney Spears shops with her Mom. We Love Celebs!

Pick the least offensive Hooters girl!!

There is a contest called Pick Your Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl. Really. I kid you not. I'm so offended. I spent 2 hours at the site looking at the videos before I left in disgust.

Former Heroin user Natalie Ciole is a hypocrite for bashing Amy Winehouse!

Celebrity Smack has the goods!

Scarlett Johansson is upset that the media has "blown up" rumors about a wedding to Ryan Reynolds!

What a cute couple.......I have to vomit.
Scarlett Johansson is tackling rumors about an upcoming wedding to rumored beau Ryan Reynolds - and she says they're simply not true.
"I think it's unfortunate when the media blows things up so huge when you wish other issues were highlighted," she says.
Scarlett, currently starring in "The Other Boleyn Girl" with Natalie Portman, is also opening up about how the two bonded on set. Plus, Eric Bana speaks out about fellow Aussie Heath Ledger's death.

Dream Theater to release Greatest Hit CD. Yes....hit, not hits!

Dream Theater is well known for having great talent, great live shows, a great work ethic and a great sense of humor! Info on their new CD can be found at their official website.

45 year old Penthouse pet outraged that she must share a sleeping bag with 29 year old man on Big Brother!

Poor Adam. O.k., maybe he's not Brad Pitt. But Sheila whining to America and her houseguests about being stuck with him was cold.........very cold....
Watch the first Big Brother 9 episode at CBS

PETA says hamburgers have made Britney Spears crazy!

How long before criminals start using the hamburger defense?
Animal activists at People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) have a theory that Britney Spears' apparent mental problems could be down to excessive meat and dairy intake.
PETA president Ingrid Newkirk has written to her parents, Jamie and Lynne, suggesting they overhaul their troubled daughter’s Toxic diet, which seems to consist largely of burgers and Starbucks coffee.
Newkirk writes: "We have heard that Britney asked for ice-cream while she was in the hospital. There could, in fact, be a connection between her diet and her mental-health problems.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12 year old Jessica Sanchez is a "Total Pop Star" Sensation!

Jessica is a star in the making! Check her version of Beyonce's "Dangerously in Love" at "Total Pop Star"!

John McCain says "No you can't!"

Can I continue my blog under the McCain administration? John? John?...........

Links that feel it again!

Honeymoon Suite's video for "Feel it again". Love this song!

Keira Knightley is not a lesbian! 7 Confessions

Emma Watson's boyfriend is on social security. Ayyyy!

Rachel Bilson at the "Jumper" premiere looking cute! Celebrity Pictures

Misha Barton has fun in Beverly Hills! Celebrity Puke

Bobby Brown is an urinating sleepwalker! Celebrity Smack

Sports Illustrated's new swimsuit edition! Celebslam

Melissa Puente is a dream! Fire Cubed

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are addicted to love! Holy Candy

Paris Hilton's cat ran away. In Case You Didn't Know

Dress like Rihanna! lovebscott

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo vacation in Hawaii. NewsToob

Listen to the B-52s new track! Popbytes

Britney Spears on tour? Are you nuts? Splash

"Lost" to film 5 new post-strike episodes! Televisionista

Valentine lingeire sneek peek!

I feel dirty.

Reese Witherspoon talks about being a four eyes as a kid!

REESE WITHERSPOON produces as well as co-stars in the quirky comedy 'Penelope,' featuring CHRISTINA RICCI in the title role, and she tells ET's JANN CARL what drew her to such a unique project!
"It's about what we perceive to be ugly, not necessarily what is [ugly]," says Reese about the title character, who was born with a nose that literally looks like it belongs to a pig.
And Reese reveals she had her own insecurities growing up, saying, "I wore giant Coke-bottle glasses as a kid, so I was 'four-eyes,' and I was so short, I was the last one to develop [in my family], which is a horrible thing to be as a girl; I could never make the sports teams."
'Penelope' opens in theaters February 29.

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