Rachael Ray talks about her fat butt when responding to plastic surgery claims!

Josh's office rap is funny enough to get my vote on "Total Pop Star"!

Tyra Banks makes blind boy sit on sidewalk as she humiliates his mother, a cancer victim!!??

Rachel Bilson likes to stay home with her dogs!

Dance War Finale airs monday on ABC!

Jennifer Waris will be welcomed to the "Total Pop Star" finals with "Open Arms"!

Jon Stewart's take on the Roger Clemens hearing is fantastic!

Ryan Reynolds gave alcoholic Tom Arnold a bottle of champagne!

Links that know even less is more!

Bono and friends raise money for charity.

"24" put on ice until 2009! Nooooooooooooo!!!

Janet Jackson gives thumbs up to threesomes!

"Lost" blew my mind and made me spill my beer!

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Taylor Manning's pipes will wow you at "Total Pop Star"!

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Jenny McCarthy's pregnancy announcement was a practical joke.

Big Brother contestant wakes up 15 people in the middle of the night to see who called him a snake!

Reese Witherspoon says she wants to shoot someone in the kneecap!

You should visit "Total Pop Star". Why? Marcus Terell!

Hey Oprah! I want Vanessa Hudgens to decorate my bedroom!

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Former Heroin user Natalie Ciole is a hypocrite for bashing Amy Winehouse!

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Dream Theater to release Greatest Hit CD. Yes....hit, not hits!

45 year old Penthouse pet outraged that she must share a sleeping bag with 29 year old man on Big Brother!

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