Jessica Biel's body is at the top of wish lists at plastic surgeon's offices.

ABC says nude buttocks are not a sexual organ in attempt to avoid $1.4 million fine.

New Kids On the Block are back!

Scarlett Johansson announces her engagement to Barack Obama!

Secrets from the new James Bond movie!!

Tara Reid slams Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan!

"Bronze the Fonz" cry is heard!!

Mary Kate Olsen speaks about Heath Ledger's death.

Links that say "You better wait!"

Steve Perry's studio visits inspired the new Extreme CD!!

Chris Klein is rumored to be the father of Suri Cruise!

Scarlett Johansson to release debut CD in May. To increase sales, a full-size bikini poster should be included.

Slyvester Stallone endorses John McCain. Will a cage fight with Chuck Norris be in the future?

Jillian Barberie Reynolds shows off her bikini, 6 months after giving birth!

Angelina Jolie's rep says "Kiss my a$$!!" to pregnancy rumors!

Ryan Reynolds rates the kissing abilities of his leading ladies!!

Carrie Underwood joins Beyonce, Foo Fighters and The Time(!!!!) on list of Grammy performers.

Links that have learned to live.

John Ritter's widow says John's death could have been easily prevented.

Eddie Murphy is compared to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!!

Charlize Theron loves playing the beast!

Gwyneth Paltrow hates America.

Jessica Alba paranoid about breastfeading and gaining weight.

Alyssa Milano is going to get tackled, take a slap shot and slam dunk!

Links that give sage advice to Sister Christian.

Lenny Kravitz says he hasn't had sex in 3 years. Pepa reveals she has been celibate for 2 years!

Oscar nominee Ellen Page is grateful that she wasn't a child star.

Stars react to Heath Ledger's death.