Elijah Wood would love to be in "The Hobbit" movie.

Reese Witherspoon talks about her kids barfing on her shoes.

Paris Hilton is going to Harvard!

Eva Longoria says she's having great sex!

Dr. Phil lashes out at Britney Spears' family!

Sanjaya is getting his own show? Get the writers back! PLEASE!!!!!!!

I forgive Jessica Biel for going blonde, wearing no makeup and looking.......bad.

The new Journey press photo is revealed. Save it. It may be outdated anytime now........

Kevin Federline is looking more and more level headed.

Links that look at Judy staring at the sun.

"The Office"'s Rashida Jones and John Krasinki are dating.....again.

Thousands of men jump off bridges, weep openly and jump in front of traffic. They just learned that Rachel Bilson refuses to go nude in a movie.

Warren Malone of "American Idol" performs for Deborah Gibson and Joey Lawrence on "Total Pop Star"

Charlize Theron got her latest role by smoking in a back alley.

John Kerry dooms Barak Obama's campaign with his edorsement.

"Dog The Bounty Hunter" sidekick gets arraigned for spanking his monkey.

Zac Efron reveals he's never had a washing machine kiss.

Jamie Lynn Spears stiffs waitress making $2.37 an hour.

Snoop Dogg wants to collaborate with Bono, Madonna and Mick Jagger.

Links that know using montors to stand in for you was sooooo cool in 1982!

Jessica Biel is ready to be "Easy".

Katherine McPhee is the third American Idol singer to be dropped from their label in 3 weeks!

Rihanna hints that she may put Josh Hartnett through hell!!!

Avril Lavigne is going to be a Mommy?????

Jessica Simpson is too busy saving her career to go to Cowboys game.

Why are people stuffing their noses with these things?

Links who got me beggin' darlin' please!

How the hell is Lauren Conrad affording a $2 million mansion???

Justin Timberlake is primed to destroy Jessica Biel's next movie.

Johnny Depp drives Japan crazy!!!!!!!!!!

ABC is bringing back "The Mole". No Celebrities? Yay! No Ahmad Rashad? Yay! No Anderson Cooper? Boooooooooooo!

Megan Fox says she's not a slut or a dirty whore because she enjoys having sex all the time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt says she was sad, embarrased and hurt over fat comments.

Golf Channel anchor apologizes for saying Tiger Woods should be lynched in a back alley.

"Naughty Deaf Roomates" is the initial release from deaf porn comapny.

Links who feel fear of a blank planet.