Media around the world are preparing Britney Spears' Obituary articles and TV segments.

Keira Knightley prepares to quit acting to go to university.

Scarlett Johansson wears no pants when attending Barack Obama Rally!!

Keith Richards receives pardon from Mike Huckabee.

Sienna Miller's "No smoking" resolution lasted less than 2 days.

Mariah Carey says she is not a nasty diva.

Conflicting reports about Vivica A. Fox's oral tape emerge.

Links that listen to the voices of babylon.

Avril Lavigne cries when she doesn't get New Years spotlight.

Angelina Jolie tells her kids not to wake Mommy!

Is Katie Holmes having trouble accepting Tom Cruise's sperm?

Johnny Fairplay, Yau-Man and other favorites return to "Survivor"!

Remember when Britney Spears was cute, "normal" and not about to be wrapped up in a straight jacket?

Scarlett Johansson says vote for Barack Obama or die!

Teenager spends $1 to see Jessica Simpson's new movie. She screams that she wants her $1 back!

Eddie Murphy's new marriage is called fake and invalid.

Tom Hanks is worried about being a 90 year old failure.

Reese Witherspoon is called a prude! She gets red faced due to "funny" love scene with Vince Vaughn.

Spider-Man storyline enrages comic book fans.

Mariah Carey's Stephen Hawking comments are insensitive and mind numbingly dumb.

Lindsay Lohan's ex apologizes to her and her father for selling Lindsay's bedroom tales for $120,000.

Tom Cruise spends money faster than he makes it.

Tape of Vivica A. Fox servicing a male friend on her knees turned over to police.

Vanity Fair exposes the secrets behind the new Indiana Jones flick! Why will critics and fans be upset?

Hillary Clinton's people get her primo "surprise" guest spot on David Letterman show.

Kim Kardashain denies engagement.

Neal Morse's new CD rocks and inspires!

Links that cover Rush and live to tell about it!

Page 6 hints that Nicole Kidman IS indeed pregnant. Watch her face crumble due to botox withdrawl.....

Brooke Burke talks about getting her uterus back to a normal size.

Rachel Ray is visited by cartoon strip serial killer.

I want Tyra Banks to adopt me!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are called cheap and "up their own arses" by club owner.

Pam Anderson left her kids in a hotel room, while she rang in the new year.

Uma Thurman says smoking almost killed her career.

Johnny Depp made $92 million in one year.

Kim Kardashian says she eats like crap.

Leo DiCaprio thinks his hot girlfriend is a great human being.

Billie Piper hopes Amy Winehouse can get rid of her demons.

Tom Brady tells Tony Romo to ban Jessica Simpson from football games.