Audioslave's Chris Cornell's wife in trouble for pillowfight on airplane.

Topanga is a drunken mess!

Lil' romeo is the father of Jamie Lynn Spears' baby?

The L Word returns!

Make a loved one truly happy this Christmas! Send them a face hugging alien!

Borat is dead.

Watching a Marisa Tomei nude video may make you feel guilty enough to donate money to kids in need.

Leonardo DiCaprio talks about watching people have sex in alleys and being cornered by a crackhead in a trenchcoat.

Jessica Alba postpones wedding due to pregnancy.

Links that aren't afraid of sugar mice.

Ashlee Simpson thinks Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy will hurt Ashlee's CD sales.

Milo Ventimiglia stays positive after "Heroes" is snubbed by Golden Globes.

An engaged (?) Jessica Alba refuses to be photographed nude while she is pregnant.

Dave Grohl can't listen to Nirvana.

Eva Mendes says she would never wear a dead dog.

G.I. Joe casting news!

Despite Playboy's airbrushing skills, Jennifer Love Hewitt refuses to pose for magazine.

Links that are the secret of my success.

Mitt Romney Is The Devil blog hate mail pours in from Mitt supporters AND foes alike!

William Shatner may be in the new Star Trek movie after all.

Lindsay Lohan has to answer the lesbian whispers again.

Online bookmakers taking bets on Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy.

Angelina Jolie talks about looking like a skeleton.

New York Magazine calls "Geno's World" a lesser blog than Perez Hilton, Radar and VH1.

Peter Jackson to produce, not direct the two new Hobbit films.

Links whose satisfaction is guaranteed.

Zac Efron kisses male rapper on his mouth in bathroom.

Ashley Tisadle cancels concerts due to her new nose.

An engaged Ali Larter looks forward to being home with babies.

Jennifer Lopez is horrified about her pregnancy weight gain.

Nice hearted lunatics run the streets in their speedos and santa hats.

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Speculation abounds that Pam Anderson will become a lesbian after her impending 27th divorce.

Tom Cruise is faced with gay question again after attending Celine Dion concert.

John Travolta given over a million dollars NOT to act in a movie.

X-rated X-Files scene under fire from cast.

Fergie strips on webcam!

Adrien Grenier volunteers at soup kitchen.