Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lacey Chabert stalked by creepy guy at benefit.

Seriously. Look at Lacey's face. She's screaming "Help me!!!!!!!!!!"
Pictures from Lacey Chabert Central

Victoria Beckham says her husband does not stuff his underwear with socks.

Right, and her breasts are 100% real..................
Contact Music:
Singer VICTORIA BECKHAM has slammed claims husband DAVID manhood has been digitally enhanced in his provocative new advertisement for Giorgio Armani. The new promotional campaign, which was unveiled on Monday (10Dec07) after the soccer star was named as the new face of Emporio Armani underwear, features the L.A. Galaxy player lying seductively across a bed, proudly showing off a bulging groin - which fans speculated was computer-altered. But the Spice Girl insists what's pictured in the pair of white briefs is all his. She says, "I'm proud I still have a really good sex life with David. He is very much in proportion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!"

Jessica Simson's new movie to play in a total of 8 theaters nationwide.

That's box office power! Ahhhh the poor thing............
Jessica Simpson's film Blonde Ambition, costarring Luke Wilson, will be hitting theaters after all – with a limited run in Simpson's home state of Texas, the movie's studio confirms to PEOPLE."The film is being released theatrically on Dec. 21," says Elizabeth Wolfe, a spokeswoman for both Nu Image/Millennium Films, the film's production company, and First Look Distribution, which will distribute the romantic comedy. Aside from Simpson and Wilson, the cast also includes Andy Dick, Rachael Leigh Cook and Penelope Ann Miller. News of the film's theatrical release comes following reports that the film was getting the direct-to-DVD treatment in late January, skipping theaters altogether. Says Wolfe: "It is being released in this crowded marketplace in eight theaters in Texas. The reason we chose Texas is the two stars are from Texas: Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson. As an independent studio, we, as a rule, don't have major wide releases. It's a very common release practice for independent studios." Wolfe adds that the studio isn't ruling out a wider rollout. "Once it opens, we'll assess how well it did." As for Simpson's performance, Wolfe says, "It is a very cute film that Jessica fans will love and be thrilled with. We've done a second film with Jessica, Major Movie Star [slated for 2008 release], and we have all the confidence in her."

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt knocked up?

I contacted Jennifer Love Hewitt's publicist this week to ask for a comment. She would not take any of my calls.........
Jennifer Love Hewitt does seem to be expecting her first child after all, despite dismissing rumours in October.
According to new reports, the curvy actress is expecting her first baby with fiance Ross McCall next June.
McCall is said to have got down on one knee and proposed to Jennifer following the surprise news last month.
A source explains, "Jennifer was shocked, but at the same time she was ecstatic with the news. It wasn't planned, but now that it's happened Jennifer and Ross are both very happy."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Quentin Tarantino wants Lindsay Lohan.

He's a very handsome man.......
He's transformed the careers of Uma Thurman and John Travolta, and now director Quentin Tarantino says that he'd love to work with Lindsay Lohan. Said Tarantino, "[Lohan] is one of the best actresses in Hollywood."
OK! caught up with the auteur during the 65th annual Golden Globes nominations ceremony yesterday where Tarantino helped announce the nominees.
When asked if he'd ever cast Lindsay in a Kill Bill-type role, Tarantino said, "I could cast Lindsay in almost anything!"

Links that love their father.

Peter Gabriel sings "Father Son" live.

Britney Spears "Piece of Me" preview. Celebrity Puke

Mad Russian says VH1 destroyed his life. Celebrity Smack

Carolina Ardohain is a revelation! Celebslam

Jayne Wisner is a cutie! NewsToob

Marcia Cross nude photos. Notorious News

4 Websites to make your day brighter!

As you may have noticed, I've added widgets for Geno's World's companion sites on the right of the page. Please visit these websites often. Why? You'll win money? You'll get a hot date? Ummmmmmmm. Naaa. You'll be healthier? Nope.....Then what's the point? You'll laugh, be entertained, learn a bit and have something cool to say at the water cooler, bar or even at church!

Please visit Sexy Sandy Says for the latest gossip from Sexy Sandy.

Fire Cubed The most beautiful women in the world on one site!

Hayden's Countdown All Hayden Panettiere, all the time!

and Mitt Romney Is The Devil: A satirical look at Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Deborah Gibson says she's had nose surgery "only in my dreams".

Any press is good press............
Star Pulse:
Pop star Deborah Gibson has dismissed speculation she's had cosmetic surgery, insisting her nose changes appearance depending on the direction she's facing.
The Only In My Dreams singer claims her nose looks radically different if photographed from various angles, which is the reason some tabloids have reported she's had plastic surgery.
Gibson says, "If I turn to the right, it has a slope. If I turn to the left, it looks more like a hook. (But) I'm comfortable in my own nose."
She adds, "I'm petrified of surgery. In L.A., everyone's got the same nose. I love that I don't look like every other girl."

The most disturbing picture ever!

I'm troubled. Very troubled.........
Holy Candy

Charisma Carpenter is broke and unemployed while undergoing a divorce.

If she started selling "Buffy" memorabilia on eBay, she'd make a mint............
According to Charisma Carpenter, the writers' strike is slaying her earning capacity.
The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star claims that the ongoing Writers Guild of America walkout has left her unemployed, and therefore without the means to afford the attorneys' fees pertaining to her current divorce proceedings, according to court documents filed Dec. 4.
In turn, Carpenter has requested that estranged hubby Damian Hardy be required to pay her legal bills.
Per her declaration, the last work the 37-year-old actress had was a Nov. 26 appearance on a TV show that has not yet been renewed or picked up. The nearly seven-week-long strike could go on for months and, even if it ends, the Screen Actors Guild contract is up for renewal in June and could prompt further labor action, she said.
Carpenter briefly guest-starred on Fox's Back to You as the single mother of a bully who has been terrorizing the daughter of the bickering news anchors played by Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammar. Grammar's character, Chuck, wants to give the kid's mom a piece of his mind—until he sees how hot she is, of course.

Mischa Barton loves nudity.

One word comes to mind. Skeleton..........
Mischa Barton wants to strip naked on screen.
The "St. Trinian's" star has no problem baring all if the role requires it, but claims she just hadn't the opportunity yet.
Mischa, 21, said, "I don't mind nudity. I just don't do it that often. It depends on the film and if I trust the director and if the context is emotional or just sexual."
The actress is rumored to have been offered the starring role in the new "Supergirl" movie, and admits she would love to play the sexy heroine.
She said, "It would be pretty awesome. But everybody in Hollywood goes up for those films. I haven't been offered anything."
The former star of "The O.C." has also spoken about her last appearance as rebellious teenager Marissa Cooper in the hit U.S. TV show.
Mischa admits she loved filming Marissa's car crash death scene and kept demanding it be made gorier.
She added to Maxim magazine, "You have no idea how much fun I had doing that scene. I was on the set, yelling, 'More blood! More blood!' She needed to go out with a bang."

Catholics blast idea of Britney Spears as the Virgin Mary.

Leaders of a Catholic group have responded in anger to news that Britney Spears is in talks to play the Virgin Mary in a satirical movie.
As Entertainmentwise reported this week, a French producer has approached the troubled pop tart to take the lead role in Sweet Baby Jesus, which tells the story of a pregnant 19-year-old who goes into labour alone on Christmas Eve.
We’re not sure that Brit could pass for a teenager these days but still.
Officials at America's Catholic League are apparently appalled that the single mother-of-two is up for the role.
President Bill Donohue tells the New York Daily News, "She is seriously miscast. She would be better suited to play the lead role in a flick called Monica (as in Lewinsky). “
Good to see that Bill has got his finger on the pulse of topical events.
He continues: “If she did, the Catholic League would be delighted to send her a box of cigars."
Perhaps Bill could play Clinton.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paula Abdul's urine stolen by deranged fan.

With the drug content of that urine, maybe he thought he could get high off it..............
Contact Music:
AMERICAN IDOL judge PAULA ABDUL once experienced theft at the hands of an obsessed fan - after a medical employee stole a sample of her urine. The 45-year-old was shocked when her doctor asked her to provide a second urine sample - because the specimen she had previously provided was taken by a member of hospital staff. She recalls, "Well, this is gross, but I was once at the gynaecologist and my doctor said, 'We asked you to do a urine sample, so where is it?' "I told him that I'd left it out in reception, and when he came back he said, 'This is really embarrassing but a man who works here is your biggest fan and he stole it.' Needless to say he got fired. In hindsight it's a funny story."

Vince Vaughn looks like he wants to kill Reese Witherspoon on movie set!

This sounds very true.................
NY Daily News
Spies working on Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn's new film, "Four Christmases," say the tension between the stars is even more entertaining than the script of the romantic comedy.
Famously alpha personality Reese — who named her production company Type A Films — is clashing with Vaughn's laid-back approach to work.
"Vince rolls onto set in the morning looking like he just came in from a night out, while Reese will arrive early looking camera-ready," says our San Francisco source. "Then Reese tries to force Vince into blocking out each scene and running through their lines as Vince tries to convince her that he's an ad-libber and wants to play around and see where the scene goes."
However, the movie, about a married couple who spend a Christmas with each of their four divorced parents, remains on schedule and on budget.
"She's a one-take perfectionist and Vince likes to try it a few different ways," snickers our snitch. "Sometimes Vince will be standing behind her and he has this look on his face that he just wants to kill her!"

Lost Season 4 trailer!!!

With many shows running out of episodes due to the writer's strike, the return of "Lost" will be bigger than ever! I can't wait...........

The Hoff falls off the wagon....twice.

Celebrity Smack has the details........

Congrats to Michael C. Hall for his Golden Globe nomination!

"Dexter" is THE best show on Television. Michael C. Hall's nomination is well deserved!!

Erik Estrada wants to be buried in his cop's uniform.

Does he want to be buried in the swampland that he pushes on TV?
Star Pulse:
Erik Estrada is so proud of his police roots he wants to be buried in uniform. The former CHiPs star is a reserve officer after completing training he started for reality show Armed & Famous, and now he thinks of himself as a lawmaker first, actor second.
He says, "I hope 30 years from now, God willing, that when it's time to put me in my grave, I'll go in my uniform and badge.

The Spice girls have all shared passionate kisses with each other.

A DVD would easily sell for $99.99........
The Spice Girls have all shared girl-on-girl kisses with each other.
Mel C has revealed the entire band - herself, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Emma Bunton - have all shared smooches with each other.
She said, "I have never kissed a girl in a sexual way apart from jokingly with the Spice Girls. A few of them have swapped kisses. But that's as far as it went, as far as I know - when I was in the room anyway.

David Arquette is jealous of Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Courtney Cox.

There's about 1.5% chance this is actually true..............but what fun!
David Arquette is reportedly fed up of having Jennifer Aniston hanging around all the time and has given wife Courteney Cox an ultimatum - it's "me or Aniston".
Courteney and Jennifer - who have been best mates since meeting on the set of Friends 13 years ago - are virtually inseparable, with Jen joining her friend for U.S. public holidays and even tagging along on 'romantic' breaks with her husband.
But now David has had enough of sharing his wife with another woman and is laying down the law.
A source said: "Somewhat understandably, David's now saying it's him or Jennifer. He's had enough and is drawing a line in the sand.
“He's asking that Jennifer's visits become less frequent and that there are no phone calls between midnight and 8am."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kiefer Sutherland is looking for pen pals in the slammer.

Dear Kiefer,
I've enclosed a 3,000 page manifesto on why President Palmer should be resurrected on "24". Can you comment on it and get right back to me?

Kiefer Sutherland was only allowed to bring two books for his 48-day stay in jail – but he's getting plenty of other reading material. "The guy's been getting a ton of fan mail," says Officer John Balian, spokesman for the Glendale City Jail. "Easily more than 100 letters a day." So far, the 24 star has only had one visitor: His lawyer.Sutherland, 40, is serving time for his second DUI conviction and for violating probation. The actor will be spending his birthday, Christmas and New Year's behind bars.

RIP "Journeyman".

Am I the only person that will miss this well written, well acted drama?????
Access Hollywood:
It appears the next jump for NBC’s “Journeyman” is into retirement.
NBC has pulled the plug on its sci-fi drama, the network announced on Tuesday.
NBC had until Tuesday to give a full-season pickup to the time-travelling drama, starring Kevin McKidd, but when that deadline came and went without a commitment, it all but sealed the show’s fate.
There are two remaining episodes, which will still air as scheduled, an NBC rep told Access Hollywood. The episodes will air on December 17 and 19 at 10PM.

Johnny Depp to play Pee Wee Herman???

Gems like this are in jeopardy because of the writer's strike???????
Johnny Depp is in talks to star in two forthcoming Pee-Wee Herman movies, playing the legendary kids' character.
Paul Reubens, who played ‘Pee-Wee’ in TV shows and films until 1990, has completed two scripts which he hopes to bring to the big screen in 2009.
Reubens hopes to reprise the role himself, however he admitted that he had also spoken to his ‘Blow’ co-star Depp about taking on the role.
"(He said) Let me think about it.” Contactmusic quoted Reubens, as telling MTV.
In addition to ‘Blow’ the duo is also linked through director Tim Burton, who is Depp’s good pal.
Burton directed the first ‘Pee-Wee Herman’ movie in 1985, which was titled ‘Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure’.

A moment of silence for Jessica Alba's pregnancy.

Gosh I hope this doesn't affect her huge box office success.............hahahahahahahaha!
Hollywood's ever-expanding baby brigade has a surprising new member. People reports Jessica Alba is expecting the pitter-patter of little feet with longtime boyfriend Cash Warren.
"I can confirm that Jessica and Cash are expecting a baby in late spring, early summer," her rep tells the mag.

Pam Anderson and husband of the moment to have their own reality series.

Us magzine has the scoop on this upcoming train wreck.

Tyra Banks denies saying that Britney Spears should kill herself.

I feel the love.........
Tyra Banks thinks Britney Spears should "kill herself", it has been reported.
The outspoken talk show host was overheard saying Britney - who recently released her comeback album 'Blackout' - should follow in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe and end her life by taking a drugs overdose.
A shocked onlooker said: "Tyra was saying, really loudly, 'Britney should just go ahead and kill herself after the album and go out like Marilyn, very grand. She should have done it after the last album.'
"It was terrible, nobody could believe she was saying it, let alone saying it without caring who heard!"
A representative for 'America's Next Top Model' host Tyra denied the claims, saying: "This is absolutely not true."

Madonna kicks instructor and 25 students out of yoga class.

I actually believe this. What a woman.........
Page 6:
WHAT Madonna wants, Madonna gets. The pop queen paid a visit to the Reebok Sports Club on Columbus Avenue Saturday morning for a yoga class. According to a member of the class, when Madonna started talking to the instructor and he told her talking wasn't allowed, she replied, "I need to speak to you," and then said to the class, "I want you all to leave." The teacher left with all 25 students. Madonna remained in the room practicing and wouldn't leave when a 10:30 a.m. dance class was to start. Madonna's rep said, "That sounds unlikely." The club declined to comment.

Victoria Beckham says she's not pregnant.

Those wanting to see Victoria Beckham and hubby David add to their already stunning brood will have to wait because according to the Spice Girl she isn’t expecting.
Posh – who already has eight-year-old Brooklyn, five-year-old Romeo and two-year-old Cruz with her soccer ace beau – told talk show host Larry King that the speculation surrounding her fourth pregnancy was just that.
“I have got three boys at the moment that are hard work" said the 33-year-old "They are very, very active."I think at some point a little girl would be great" she added "But at the moment I want to enjoy the children that I've got."The singer also revealed, in a little more depth, why she rarely smiles in photographs."I have quite a dry sense of humour" claims Posh "I think that is just the way I look in pictures. I know I do look very miserable and I do have to try and smile more, which is ironic really, because I'm quite a funny person. I will definitely try."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jessica Alba called bikini filler.

Ouch! I bet she'd rather called slut or tramp. It would sting less.............
She's been voted Sexiest Woman in the World this year by FHM magazine, and topped last year's list of 99 most desirable woman. Actress Jessica Alba's star is surely rising, but does the object of so many desires have any actual talent, or is she simply the bikini-filler du jour?.................In fact, Alba has only appeared in one movie with mosty-positive reviews- Sin City - and even in that one, she was playing a stripper. All of her 2007 films (Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Ten, Good Luck Chuck and Awake) have been overwhelmingly unpopular with critics.

Jennifer Love Hewitt plus size clothing line story is a fraud!

The following blog post by Jennifer Love Hewitt at Bloglines has no truth to it whatsoever. Surprisingly, It has started to get picked up by legitimate sites. It may give people a chuckle, but it is 100% false!:

Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose ass has more wrinkles than Mick Jagger’s face, announced on her website yesterday that she’s launching a new line of clothing for oversize women.Called Orca Fashions, Ms. Love Hewitt’s collection is designed to provide comfort clothing for ladies who have spent too much time around comfort food.“You don’t have to be a size 2—or even a size 22—in order to be beautiful,” wrote Ms. Love Hewitt. “If you want to improve your self image, no matter how many scales you’ve flattened, just wade into an Orca bikini and hold your chins up proudly.”
Available in basic black only, Orca Fashions bids fair to stand the notion of feminine beauty on its head. For example, instead of being offered in those fussy numerical sizes, Orca Fashions will be designated super petite, triple petite, and sumo petite.Ms. Love Hewitt, 28, was inspired to launch Orca Fashions after she had been savaged following the publication of photos taken while she was on vacation in Hawaii recently.“I couldn’t believe the hurtful things that were written about me. One person said the only way my fiancée can make love to me is to roll me in flour and look for the wet spot. That was the last straw. A size 2 is not fat nor will it ever be.”
Ms. Love Hewitt, who last saw a size 2 about the last time she saw her toes while she was standing up, urged “all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist” to stay strong.
In related news, although Orca Fashions will not debut until the spring, celebrities have raced to endorse the concept.“I think what she’s doing is wonderful,” said a newly “slim” Kirstie Ally. “I hope she’s got a sun suit in super petite.”"I'm looking forward to campaigning for your next president, Barack Obama, in something from Orca Fashions," added Oprah Winfrey.

Allie Is Wired has also run the fake story. allie is a top-notch site. I'm shocked that they got fooled by this!:
Jennifer has been battling weight comments ever since she went on a beach romp in a bikini. Janice Dickinson has even jumped on the PR wagon and pointed her withered finger at Tyra, calling her fat. In retaliation to the chunky comments, Hewitt has stated that beauty doesn’t come from a dress size. She is right. Neither Tyra nor Jen is “fat.”
“I couldn’t believe the hurtful things that were written about me. One person said the only way my fiancée can make love to me is to roll me in flour and look for the wet spot. That was the last straw. A size 2 is not fat nor will it ever be.”
She has also joined the fashion train and will be launching a line of clothing for plus sized women. Oddly enough the line is called “Orca Fashions.” Just to be clear here…. an orca is a WHALE. The species, most notable as Shamu and Willy, are also called killer whales. The entire line is “basic black” and comes in sizes super petite, triple petite, and sumo petite.
“You don’t have to be a size 2—or even a size 22—in order to be beautiful. If you want to improve your self image, no matter how many scales you’ve flattened, just wade into an Orca bikini and hold your chins up proudly.”
Am I the only one who finds this to be a slap in the face. Plus size or not, who wants to yell from the dressing room…”Hey can you find me the sumo petite Orca bikini?” I appreciate what she is attempting to do here, really I do. However, what moron wants to associate whales and the word sumo in their clothing line aimed at women who obviously are aware of their size? Can I get an Amen?!

Get judged by Deborah Gibson and Joey Lawrence!

From what I understand Deborah will not be modeling her Playboy outfits....
Total Pop Star Press day & LIVE taping:
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
8:00 AM -5:00 PM
Appointments and interviews scheduled throughout the day.

11336 Camarillo Street, Suite 200
North Hollywood , CA 91602
Phone: 818-761-9582
Media contact:
Jim Strzalkowski
Xtra PR

Did Madonna get a face lift?

Maybe it's her Christmas present to herself.....Oh ya, I forgot that she hates Christmas.......Bitch...
Star Pulse:
Pop superstar Madonna has sparked reports of a face lift after she was photographed leaving a New York medical building with two black eyes.
The Hung Up hit maker, 49, tried to cover up apparent evidence of cosmetic surgery by donning a pair of dark sunglasses, but the dark circles around her eyes were still clearly visible.
The singer has never publicly admitted to going under the knife, crediting her toned physique to yoga and a vigorous exercise regime.

2007's worst fashion choices.

Rachel Weisz and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are just 2 of the many horrors that you can view at MSN

Helen Mirren says breast implants look weird and unnatural.

Ummmm. Just say no?
Dame Helen Mirren says women with breast implants look like they have fruit in their bra.
The Oscar-winning actress isn't a fan of surgically-enhanced boobs as they look "weird" and unnatural.
She said, "Breast implants are weird to me. They seem a bit like hanging a pair of oranges around your neck."
However, the 62-year-old "The Queen" star insists she is not opposed to plastic surgery and would go under the knife if it made her feel better.
She added to USA Weekend magazine, "I absolutely believe in it! Why feel miserable if you can change something?"
Helen also spoke of her relationship with Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson, saying he taught her how to love.
"The Queen" star - who met the "Schindler's List" actor on the set of "Excalibur" - said, "He taught me a lot of things - Northern Ireland politics, how to make a very good colcannon, an Irish potato and cabbage stew. And he taught me about love."
Helen is now married to director Taylor Hackford.

George Clooney is not engaged, married or a commie spy.

Commie spy? Where did I get that? Voice in my head. It's usually right on 12 % of the time...
Dubai photographer sparked a media frenzy over the weekend when he mistakenly referred to George Clooney’s girlfriend as his fiancee.
The unnamed snapper got his facts mixed up when he called George’s girlfriend Sarah Larson his fiancee on pics taken for the world's leading picture agencies at the Dubai International Film Festival.
George attended festival along with the former U.S. reality TV star.
Things got out of hand when gossips jumped on the news, with some even suggesting the couple had wed in the Middle East.
George’s publicist has since branded the engagement story "a mistake".

Monday, December 10, 2007

Links that still love you now that you've gone.

Mike & The Mechanics "Now That You've Gone"

"Blade Runner: The Final Cut" spoiler! Celebrity Puke

Janice Dickinson acts low class on the Today show. Celebrity Smack

Aida Yespica makes me feel warm inside. Celebslam

Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis & Jeremy Piven pose together. Holy Candy

Mandy Lynn wishes you a Merry Christmas. NewsToob

Ricky Martin is outed by his beautician.

Daily Telegraph:
RICKY Martin's sexuality has been a very hot topic since he became famous but he has managed to keep people guessing.
The hip-swinging Latino heartthrob has never publicly confirmed or denied if he is straight or gay, despite years of speculation. He has never been publicly linked to any women.
But it seem he may have been accidentally outed by one of his beauticians, skin-care guru Ole Henriksen who was recently interviewed in a Swedish magazine, reports Ted Casablanca.When asked who he’d spend a romantic vacay with other than his partner, Henriksen replied: “I’d go for Stig Tøfting (former Danish soccer player) but since he’s straight, I’d say my client Ricky Martin.”

Pacey from "Dawson's Creek" is screwed by the writer's strike.

Say "Pacey" 10 times fast. I dare you.......
Star Pulse:
Joshua Jackson's first TV role since the end of Dawson's Creek in 2003 has been put in jeopardy by the Hollywood writers' strike. Jackson was to have guest-starred as a doctor in several upcoming episodes of Grey's Anatomy, but producers have now had to scrap the idea.
However, TV bosses hope to recast Jackson in another role after the strike ends.
The Writer's Guild Of America called on its 12,000 members to stop working in early November after representatives failed to resolve a dispute over royalties.

Ashlee Simpson gets ready to release "80's style" CD.

Does this mean that I'll actually enjoy it?
"Out of My Head (Ay Ya Ya)" goes to iTunes and other leading digital retailers on Tuesday. Like a good percentage of the new album, it was produced by Timbaland, who tapped into Simpson's love of '80s music when crafting the material."There's definitely influences here and there from it, but it's definitely not a full-on '80s record," Simpson says. "There's a pop/rock element as well," she notes, pointing to songs like "Never Dream Alone" and the sassy "Rulebreaker." Elsewhere, "Murder" will feature a rap from Gym Class Heroes member Travis McCoy.

Hugh Grant is embarrased after flirting with hookers in a spanish bar.

He didn't know? O.k...........
Hugh Grant was left "humiliated" after unwittingly flirting with prostitutes in a Spanish bar.
The "Love Actually" actor was holidaying in Puerto Banus when he visited the Habana Club - a nightspot often used by locals and tourists to pick up hookers.
Brazilian prostitute Alvina Sabino said, "He was a bit drunk and joked he would like to kiss me. My boyfriend was at another table so I told him I couldn't. He put me on his leg, and I was sitting on his knee and laughing that he would make my boyfriend jealous by kissing me. I was with him for an hour."
The 35-year-old working girl also said Hugh - who was famously arrested for lewd behavior with Los Angeles hooker Divine Brown - was chatting and dancing with other girls in the bar.
Alvina told Britain's News of the World newspaper, "Both of the other women he was talking to work as dancers and charge $430 to go back to hotels with men. They make really good money as they are very classy."
"They said they were very flattered that Hugh Grant wanted to spend so much time in their company. But they won't talk about what he said to them. All of us were giggling about it afterwards because he didn't know we were prostitutes!"
A source close to the actor said, "Hugh was humiliated and embarrassed when he found out what the girls did for a living. He said he definitely won't be going back to that club!"
Since splitting from socialite Jemima Khan, Hugh has been enjoying a bachelor lifestyle.
He was recently spotted enjoying table dances from at least three different women at London's Mamalanji private members club.

Lindsay Lohan left bloody syringes in hotel room?

Bloody needles? Not a sexy image...........
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been banned from a Santa Monica hotel after trashing her room and leaving behind some gruesome mementos from her stay.
It’s claimed that Lindsay is no longer welcome at Shutters on the Beach Hotel following a three-day stay with her now ex-boyfriend Riley Giles.
According to Star, the twosome left dirty towels and cigarette butts strewn about their suite – along with some “hazardous waste.”
A source tells the magazine, "It was a pigpen. There was filth everywhere and the room stank of cigarette smoke.
"There was also a bloody syringe that someone left lying on the bedside table on a room service tray.
“Hotel security photographed it before calling someone to remove it because it was considered hazardous waste."
Now, let's not jump to conclusions...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Spice Girls all seem to hate each other.

All my illusions about girl power are shattered!!!
I can reveal how GERI, POSH, BABY, MEL C and MEL B were at each other’s throats in rehearsals for the tour—just like the good old days.
The tensions have driven Geri to stick motivational Post-it notes on her head and around her dressing room to keep herself feeling positive.The girls have never quite come to blows, but as our man Ricky Hatton squared up to Floyd Mayweather, Ding! Ding!
I heard that:
ROUND 1: Mel B shouted at Geri for mucking up the dance routine for Stop. She yelled: "You’ve got to keep it together, if you spent more attention on your routines then it would be right."
ROUND 2: Posh had a pop at Mel B for dancing out of time to Spice Up Your Life. She snapped: "Next time we all have to stand in line and get it right."
ROUND 3: The others rounded on Posh for spending too much time chatting with pals TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES when they turned up to watch rehearsals with baby SURI.

Fergie says she's all natural.

I also would like to reveal that I'm 100% natural...............
Fergie has slammed an American magazine for suggesting she has undergone cosmetic surgery on her nose and eyebrows. Two pictures of The Black Eyes Peas star - one from the 1980s, and one from 2007 - are printed side-by-side in the current issue of Us Weekly, and a surgeon tells the publication it's likely Fergie has had a rhinoplasty procedure.
But the 32-year-old has denied the claims, and admits such speculation upsets her so much she has seen a therapist.
Fergie says, "One of those (celebrity) magazines says I've had a nose job and an eyebrow lift, which is completely untrue. Personally, I see a therapist. It's hard, it hurts my feelings. I call my hypnotherapist and cry and let it go. That's what I do (to cope). I think that they nitpick these days so much and it's just got to the point where it's ridiculous."
And Fergie isn't the only celebrity angry with this week's issue of Us Weekly - actress Scarlett Johansson is threatening the magazine with legal action over claims she had undergone plastic surgery on her nose

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