Jessica Simpson denies having anything done to her lips.

Elle MacPherson cuts like a knife for Bryan Adams.

Wayne Newton threatened to kick Johnny Carson's a$$.

John Travolta seen in Koreatown gay spa.

The new Wonder Woman is!

Van Halen does not jump for Rolling Stone.

Keira Knightly hates celebrity parties.

Michelle Rodriguez gets off on speed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged to a lover of big hipped women.

Lindsay Lohan owes me a couple of bucks.

Vanessa Hudgens whines about fame.

Nicole Kidman punishes her children for not calling her "Mommy".

Links that are never gone.

An open letter to Charisma Carpenter regarding her split from husband.

Journey adds another show to tour. Who will lead them? Patty Smyth????

Owen Wilson's suicide attempt leads to countless dates with hot, famous women.

Carson Daly is a scab.

Blind woman takes over as judge on "America's Next Top Model".

Jessica Alba is afraid of being plowed.

Paris Hilton wants to destroy children's lives just like Britney Spears.

Links that are sleepless.

David Beckham's limo blows exaust fumes in cancer kids faces as he denies them autographs.

Shirley MacLaine calls Nicole Kidman an alien.

Marilyn Manson wants to break record for bathing with snakes.

U2's concert drawing power is gone.

Britney Spears wants to kill 2 Chinese twin children.