Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chris Squire gets in the Christmas spirit.

Legendary Bass player for Yes, Chris Squire has a new Christmas CD that is being released as we speak. Complete info at Chris Squire's official website. Chris will be part of the All-Star opening act for Led Zeppelin next month.......The video is a live performance of Chris' side project Conspiracy performing the title track from the CD of the same name.

Nicolette Sheridan's ex says her marriage to Michael Bolton is doomed.

"Tell all" books make me want to wash.................
Soderblom also believes that Nicolette’s marriage to singer Michael Bolton is doomed because of her black moods.
He said: "There were things about Nicolette's behaviour that struck me as very strange from the start, but I let them go. I was in love with her and I thought I was Superman, that I could save her from herself. But the truth is she is a very troubled woman who could not be more different from (Desperate Housewives character) Edie.
"Edie is a funny, flirty, sexy man-eater. Nicolette flirts and can be funny, but that's just to catch you. She likes the excitement and the challenge of landing a new man but it never lasts. She is just a lost, angry little girl who has never grown up.

Jerry Hall threatened Janice Dickinson with a gun.

Wouldn't bullets just bounce off all that plastic?
Star Pulse:
Model Jerry Hall warned her former love rival Janice Dickinson off her man Mick Jagger by threatening her with a gun, according the reality TV star's sister The models came to blows when Dickinson began an affair with Jagger after meeting him in the notorious New York nightclub Studio 54 in the late 1970s.
And Hall threatened violence when she rumbled the affair, according to Dickinson's sister Alexis Mayer.
Mayer says, "People used to strip and have sex on the balconies and clubbers used to ride on to the dance floor on motorbikes. Janice met Mick there. She said he was the best kisser ever, and one of the best lovers she every had Afterwards, she said she was warned off Mick by his girlfriend Jerry Hall. Janice says Jerry told her that she had a gun and knew how to use it. She got the message."

Friday, November 23, 2007

Links that live forever

Dream Theater performing "To Live Forever" live in the 90's. An amazing performance that culminates in a classic jam.

Kyra Sedgwick and other stars pimp magazines. 7 Confessions

Rachel Bilson in Hollywood. Celeb Pictures

Roxanne Pallet makes me want to be a better man. Celebslam

Anne Hathaway cuts her hair. Holy Candy

The Girls Next Door 2008 Calendar. NewsToob

Classic Christina Aguilera upskirt. Notorious News

"Heroes" spoilers. Televisionista

Lionel Richie confirms that Nicole is having a boy. The Star Blogger

Intimate Katie Couric pictures being held for ransom.

I admit that I'd love to see these.....
The latest issue of our favorite tabloid, The National Enquirer, has a story claiming that there are even more cringe-worthy photos possibly coming. 50 year-old gummy-grinning newscaster Katie Couric is being blackmailed for $1 million over photos that her 33 year-old boytoy, Brooks Perlin, left at a party. Katie’s camp claims they’re just friendly vacation snaps, but why would someone try to extort a million bucks out of Katie for some tame personal pictures?

Tori Spelling likes being fat.

Who needs to watch their weight when you are as as attractive as Tori?....I couldn't type that with a straight face...........
Tori Spelling is happier with her body since becoming a mother.
The former "Beverly Hills 90210" star - who gave birth to her first child, Liam, in March - used to feel under pressure to lose weight, but is now comfortable with her post-baby figure.
Tori, 34, said, "When I was young it's always that thing - you can never be too thin. Now that I'm in my 30s - I'm married, happy and have a baby - I realize I'm at a healthy weight. I don't want to get any thinner. This is what looks good."

Will Brad Pitt be sued?

The horror! The despair! The drama!
Brad Pitt faces possible legal action after pulling out of political thriller State of Play at the last minute.
Brad was set to play an investigative journalist in the new film, alongside Edward Norton, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn.
He was reportedly unhappy with the shooting script – which could not be changed because of the Hollywood screenwriters' strike.
Universal Pictures confirmed Brad’s exit in a statement:
“Brad Pitt has left the Universal Pictures production of `State of Play.’ We remain committed to this project and to the filmmakers, cast members, crew and others who are also involved in making the movie. We reserve all rights in this matter.”
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe are being considered as possible replacements for the star.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Imitation ASIA tries to steal the original ASIA's thunder.

When buying any ASIA concert tickets, CDs, DVDs or any merchandise, make sure you are getting the TRUE ORIGINAL ASIA of John Wetton, Geoff Downes, Steve Howe and Carl Palmer. These 4 gents are legendary musician whose careers have produced massive hits and inspiring recordings for bands such as Yes, GTR, King Crimson, The Buggles, Emerson Lake & Palmer in addition to ASIA. Recently a ASIA featuring John Payne website has emerged. Be aware that this group may share the ASIA name, but not the talent or legend of the true band.
Thanks to Bill for the heads up!

Christina Applegate lives in a zoo.

Just call her Noah..............
Vegetarian and animal lover Christina Applegate is encouraging holiday shoppers not to buy fur for the holidays in a revealing PETA e-card. The Samantha Who? star, 35, tells PETA that her house "has been basically a zoo" since childhood. "Everything I have has dog hair on it, and that’s just the way it is," says the actress, who poses on the card wearing red gloves with green trim – and little else.The card reads, "Cross cruelty off your shopping list by avoiding fur coats, collars, and cuffs (unless it's fake fur of course.)" Applegate says she turned vegetarian during lunch one day on the set of her former sitcom, Married with Children, when she was a teenager. "[I realized] I can't eat something that has been alive," she said. "So I stopped, and that was it. That was the last time."

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Links that rock to beats so lonely.

Charlie Sexton hit the big time as a 17 year old phenom in 1985 with "Beats So Lonely".

Kristen Bell does the "Today" show. Celeb Pictures

William Shatner breaks a sweat signing books. Celebrity Puke

Eva Longoria wolfs down a hot dog. Celebslam

Divini Rae's beauty can cause traffic accidents. Fire Cubed

Hayden Panettiere poses for GQ. Hayden's Countdown

Debra Messing wears a tent. Holy Candy

Louise Glover wears a see-through dress. NewsToob

Ugly Betty Christmas pictures & Videos. Televisionista

Nicole Richie wants dog urinals on the street.

If I could marry this story, I would.......
Star Pulse:
Nicole Richie is lending her name to a bizarre U.S. campaign to save street lights - from the dangers of dog urine. The star, who has two dogs - Foxxy Brown and Honeychild - has signed up to promote Swedish inventor Lennart Jarrelbro's latest creation, dog urinals, to stop the metal on the posts being eroded by the chemicals found in canine waste products.
She says, "They're so clever. It's a cute rubber cup attached to the post and a hose to pipe the urine into the gutter."

A lonely and depressed Jessica Simpson gains 10 pounds by gorging on french fries.

MMMMMMMMMMMM. Fries........
Jessica Simpson is comfort eating to cope with being single.
The "Dukes of Hazzard" actress, who recently split from U.S. musician John Mayer in the summer, is said to be feeling lonely and has started gorging on French fries to cheer herself up.
A source said, "Jessica jokes about wanting a boyfriend, but it isn't funny. It hurts her to see her exes moving forward. She keeps getting crushes on the kind of guys who will let her down. That triggers her cravings. She usually gives in to them at bedtime. When she is at a hotel, she will often order a plate of French fries as a late-night snack. She knows it isn't healthy, but she doesn't have a lot of willpower right now."
Jessica has reportedly gained 10lbs since September and has turned to close friend Mike Alexander to help get her back into shape.
The source added to the National Enquirer magazine, "Jessica recently binged on buffalo wings and cupcakes and gained some weight. She feels horrible. She is determined to work those pounds off - and she wants Mike to help her do it. He literally got her butt into shape for 'Dukes of Hazzard'."
"He will give Jessica the disciplined 'boot camp' workout she needs - lots of cardio, lots of lunges and weights. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in a romance with Mike. He has always been there for her. Jessica leaned on him when her marriage to Nicky Lachey fell apart. She feels safe when Mike is around."

Victoria's Secret model uses the "F" word when describing her relationship with Orlando Bloom.

Every man in the world hates to hear the dreaded "Friend" word from an attractive woman.......
Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr has denied rumors that she is romancing actor Orlando Bloom.The 24-year-old stunner told Australian TV show, A Current Affair that while the Lord of the Rings star is a "sweetheart", they are nothing more than friends."Well … you know, we're friends and he's a nice guy … he's a sweetheart” said Kerr. Yet despite the pair being pictured house hunting in New York City, and the models conversion to Nichiren Buddhism, a religion practiced by Bloom, she insists that she is enjoying life on her own."My whole life, I've pretty much had a boyfriend so far," she continued "So it's good for me right now to have some time for me."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Links that are holding on.

Kino performing "Holding On" live. (Kino features John Beck from "It Bites" and "ICON" and Pete Trewavas from "Marillion")

Hayden Panettiere is breathtakingly hot in black. 7 Confessions

Gemma Atkinson busts out at the beach. Celeb Pictures

High School Musical 2 DVD party. Celebrity Puke

Emma Griffiths gallery. Celebslam

Patrick Dempsy's doll has no "member". Holy Candy

Louise Glover in lingerie. NewsToob

Kelly Clarkson concert review w/pics & video. Popbytes

Get to know the "Celebrity Apprentice" candidates. Televisionista

Johnny Depp falls victim to strike.

"21 Jump St" is calling........
Hollywood Reporter:
Johnny Depp is the latest A-lister to fall victim to the WGA strike. Depp was scheduled to film "Shantaram" .....Also put on hold for Depp is "The Rum Diary," an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel for Warner Independent Pictures. Bruce Robinson, whose 1987 comedy "Withnail & I" gained a cult following, was adapting and directing.

LeVar Burton directs Lacey Chabert in a " Bust your balls...nice ass" movie.

Does he still wear his "Star Trek" visor when directing? Just wondering.....
Tempting Hyenas Official site

Madonna cancels Christmas for her children.

Maybe her heart is as tiny as the Grinch's was......
Madonna has "canceled Christmas" and refuses to give her children any presents.
The star's husband Guy Ritchie says Madonna - who is a devout follower of Kabbalah, a mystical off-shoot of Judaism - will not allow their seven-year-old son Rocco, two-year-old adopted son David, and the singer's 11-year-old daughter Lourdes to celebrate the Christian holiday.
Speaking at the London premiere of new Christmas movie 'Fred Claus' yesterday, Guy told BANG Showbiz: "We cancelled Christmas two years ago in our household."
"Once we canceled it we stopped all the presents, and once we stopped all the presents we started enjoying ourselves more."
Followers of Kabbalah only celebrate Jewish holy days. They do not recognize Christmas or Easter as they do not believe that Jesus is the son of God.
Madonna has been involved with Kabbalah since the late 90s. In 2006, it was revealed the 49-year-old singer had spent $2.4 million promoting her faith around the world in the previous four years.
Madonna changed her name to the ancient Hebrew name of Esther and has based her series of children's books on the faith's teachings.

Britney Spears started having sex at 14 years old.

And she hasn't stopped since........
Britney Spears lost her virginity at the age of 14, it has been claimed.
The troubled star - who once vowed to remain a virgin until her wedding night - allegedly had her first sexual experience with her childhood sweetheart Reg Jones while she was still a teenager.
Eric Ervin, who worked with Britney in the early part of her career, said her "virgin" image was a "PR blitz" and she was sexually active before she achieved pop superstardom.
He also claims in an article with Us Weekly magazine Britney's relationship with Justin Timberlake was intimate from the very beginning, despite the Toxic singer claiming otherwise.
It has also been revealed Britney's paternal grandmother, Emma Jean Spears, committed suicide in 1966 when she was just 31.
Emma, whose son Jamie is Britney's father, suffered from depression and shot herself in the chest at the grave of her infant son, who had died eight years earlier just three days after he was born.
A local newspaper article reported at the time: "The shotgun had been pressed against the woman's chest and she apparently pulled the trigger with a toe of the right foot from which a shoe had been removed."

Monday, November 19, 2007

Links that know what abacab means.

Genesis performs "Abacab" live in 1987.

Joanna Krupa likes comic books. Celeb Pictures

Carolina Ardohain is not average. Celebslam

Julia Roberts parks in a handicapped spot. Holy Candy

Hayden Panettiere is stunning in stripes. NewsToob

Is Charlie Sheen going to be a daddy again? Popbytes

"Dirty Sexy Money" blog launched! Televisionista

Fergie does "Allure". The Star Blogger

Jessica Alba wants 8 months off.....Is she pregnant???

It would be one great looking kid........
Is she pregnant or just burned out? Gorgeous, well-spoken, charming Jessica Alba, star this week of a new drama called “Awake,” wants an eight-month break.
Alba is probably not pregnant by boyfriend Cash Warren — or anyone else — but she told me the other night after the “Awake” premiere in New York that she’s ready for a break and she’s going to take it. The length of the break sounds like a maternity leave, but it’s not.
“I’ve worked the last two and a half years without stopping,” she said. “This is the time to do it.”
The 26-year-old actress is a little worried about burnout. This sounds a little premature for a young person, but she’s actually been working constantly since she was 13, including the two “Fantastic Four” movies, a hit series with “Dark Angel” and the long-ago remake of the series “Flipper.”
In “Awake,” Jessica gets psychologically heavy opposite Hayden Christensen and Lena Olin, but don’t worry, she’s still got her sense of humor. She’s filming “The Love Guru” with Mike Myers right now, which she says is as funny as “Austin Powers,” if not more so.
“I can’t keep a straight face most of the time because he’s doing what he can to crack me up,” Alba said.
She’s also got a thriller in the can called “The Eye” with Alessandro Nivola and Parker Posey. It’s co-produced by Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise’s partner for Lions Gate.
Jessica said the part came about from her meeting with Cruise to play the Keri Russell part in “Mission: Impossible 3.” She didn’t get it, but Cruise liked her so much he recommended her to Wagner for “The Eye.” Then there’s “Sin City 2,” which put Alba in an all-star cast.
And then it’s time for a break. What will she do, I wondered?
“Read,” she replied, among other things. “That would be nice.”

Scott Weiland to write autobiography before his death.

Hasn't ol' Scott been close to death one too many times? He should write quickly before another one of his overdoses.......
According to, VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland said on Sunday (November 18th) that he has a publishing deal to write an autobiography, but is feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of chronicling his eventful life to date. "It's a weird thing,"he told reporters backstage at the American Music Awards. "You make a lot of records, write a lot of songs, but all of a sudden you go into a whole different vein, and it's a little bit scary to dive into." Weiland, 40, said he would collaborate on the project with David Ritz, the "Sexual Healing" lyricist who has co-written autobiographies for the likes of Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and most recently Don Rickles. He did not reveal the name of the publisher. Weiland was accompanied by Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash, who just wrote a self-titled memoir with Anthony Bozza (EMINEM, TOMMY LEE). Slash's advice to Weiland? "Just jump in, and once you get going you can't stop."

Vote for the sexiest sportscaster.

Playboy is running a "America's sexiest sportscaster 2" contest. You can vote here. (Hazel Mae is the proper choice!)

Sarah Michelle Gellar is terrified at the thought of playing "Buffy" again.

I play "Buffy" in my local theater's production of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. Godzilla".....
Star Pulse:
Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar has ruled out starring in a movie adaptation of her hit TV show - because she finds the prospect too terrifying.
The series, which ran for six years, was originally adapted from the 1992 film of the same name which starred Kristy Swanson in the title role - but Gellar insists she would never take part in a second big screen version.
Gellar is convinced the show's ending was good enough and it would be hard to better its conclusion.
She tells, "I have to be honest. That thought really scares me. Buffy was a movie and it didn't work because her story was longer than that. This was about a girl that you had to get to know and it took so long to figure out how to crack the ending so that people weren't upset. Of course I never say never, so I'm not saying no, but my fear would be to open something like that up again, to only end it again."

Sunday, November 18, 2007

GTR: When The Heart Rules The Mind

Steve Howe +Steve Hackett=Air guitar heaven!

Jessica Biel's security guard destroys photographer's film of Biel visiting Justin Timberlake in Australia.

No class! If you don't want to be photographed, don't be famous............
Herald Sun:
HOLLYWOOD A-lister Jessica Biel sneaked into Melbourne on Friday to be with her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, as he wraps up his Australian tour.
The actor was reportedly backstage at her beau's gig at Rod Laver Arena on Saturday.
Biel's visit Down Under has been shrouded in the sort of secrecy and security reserved for heads of state.
One freelance photographer is believed to have snapped pictures of her in the surf at a remote Sydney beach, only to have the frames deleted by a burly security man lurking in the sand dunes.
The ultra-secret couple spent most of the weekend in Melbourne holed up in their luxury hotel.
JT wound up his final show last night, but it is believed the lovebirds will stay on in town for a few days before the tour moves to Auckland ahead of the next concert on Friday.
But Timberlake could be on the outer with his gal if there's any truth in magazine claims he enjoyed a "cosy poolside rendezvous" with one of his sexy female back-up dancers in Perth.

Britney Spears accuses her mother of sleeping with K-Fed.

A family that sleeps together stays together??....
Troubled singer Britney Spears has now reportedly accused her ex-husband of sleeping with her own mother Lynne.
Britney - who is at war with both K-Fed and divorced Lynne- is apparently furious that the pair have united against her, resulting in a furious row with her mum.
"I suppose you're sleeping with Kevin now as well?" the News Of The World reports she shouted at Lynne.
A source explains, "Britney is fuming that K-Fed has become so close to her mum."

Tom Cruise is fat, bald and hairy.

It's a good look for him.
Remember those rumours about Tom Cruise making a cameo in the upcoming Ben Stiller film, ''Tropic Thunder''?
Well, various sources are reporting that the Top Gun has been spotted on the set this week – and not just that, he’s wearing a fat suit, bald cap and beard. Either he’s secretly shooting a ''Born on the Fourth of July'' sequel in Hollywood – Kovic sells out? – or Cruise is fulfilling his commitment to Stiller.
Cruise is believed to be playing a studio mogul in the movie, which also features appearances from the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Katie Holmes and Tobey Maguire.

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