Antonio Banderas contemplates sex change.

David Beckham drinks for 7 hours after soccer loss.

Joss Stone says that America has ruined her UK career.

Is Richard Simmons, Tom Cruise, Paul Reubens or Mr. T going to play Hugh Hefner in Hugh's movie?

Lance Armstrong must be ashamed or embarrassed of his relationship with Ashley Olsen.

Links that are hyperactive.

How much will Hayden Panettiere's bra or Milo Ventimiglia's boxers be auctioned for?

Paris Hilton's teenage love letters reveal her demons.

Angelina Jolie hates Jennifer Aniston's close relationship with Brad Pitt's Mother.

Pam Anderson refuses to serve homeless people turkey.

Jennifer Hurt makes Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Love Hewitt look like men.

Rachel Bilson to end war on the planet and solve world hunger.

Milo Ventimilglia fans take over the world wide web.

Geno's World readers scream "More Divini Rae!!!"

Ghosts turn the lights out at Jennifer Love Hewitt's mansion.

Heidi Klum wants to be naked one day a week.

Justin Timberlake pees his pants after getting attacked by bird.

Marie Osmond is a little bit country. Her 16 year old son is a little bit in rehab.

Michelle Marsh begs me to promote her 2008 calendar.

Zac Efron seen holding either "High School Musical 3" script or "He-Man" script.

Katie Holmes is going to get drafted into the war.

Hannah Montana fanclub sued by thousands of crazed, weeping teenage girls.

Jude Law does not regret cheating on Sienna Miller.

Don't worry guys. Aretha Franklin denies wedding reports.

Portia de Rossi says she hated filming her lesbian scenes for "Nip/Tuck"

Yoko Ono sold John Lennon to JC Penney.

Links that are alive and kicking.

John Stamos attacked by crazy woman on plane.

Darth Vader holds Rachel Bilson hostage at $4,000 a night mansion.

Metal Supergroup covers Journey, Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Mr. Mister and more on debut CD.