Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kathryn Morris is cute cute cute!

"Cold Case" star Kathryn Morris was absolutely adorable at the environmental media awards. Check out the complete gallery at our friends Celeb Pictures

Natalie Portman makes an album for charity.

Thank God she's not singing herself.....
Star pulse:
Natalie Portman has compiled an album of 16 of her favorite songs to raise money for charity. The star has selected tracks by artists including Norah Jones, Devendra Banhart and The Shins for the disc, the proceeds from which will go to FINCA International, an organization that provides financial services to low-income entrepreneurs.
The album, Big Change: Songs For FINCA, will be available to buy on website iTunes from October 30.

Katie Holmes turned down for Broadway role.

She would be great for the role. It's a shame....
Katie Holmes is devastated after being turned down for a role in a new musical film, it has been claimed. The former "Dawson's Creek" star - who last year married Tom Cruise and gave birth to his daughter Suri - was desperate to appear in the movie adaptation of hit Broadway show "Nine", but director Rob Marshall reportedly decided she wasn't right for the role.
A source said, "Katie desperately wanted to be in 'Nine'. It would have taken her back to the singing and dancing she did when she was growing up. She thought working with Rob would be a career breakthrough. She was heartbroken when she didn't get the part."

Puppy love ends for Emma Watson.

It doesn't get any easier with age Emma......
Harry Potter star Emma Watson is nursing her first broken heart after splitting with boyfriend Tom Ducker.
Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the hit films, is said to be "distraught" after breaking up with the up-and-coming rugby player, also 17.
A pal tells The Sun, "She is very upset. He was her first love.”
However, a spokesperson for Emma was more circumspect in explaining the reasons behind the split, explaining, "They just drifted apart as teenagers do. Emma is now just concentrating on her A-levels and the new film.”

Friday, October 26, 2007

Links that are true survivors.

John Wetton is a true legend! John Wetton
Yahoo loves Blackout. Britney Spears Blackout
Gemma Atkinson is pleasant with her fans. Celeb Pictures
Janice Dickinson remembers her old lips. Celebrity Puke
Nicole Richie hates Hilary Duff. Celebrity Smack
Ana Beatriz Barros needs a shirt. Celebslam
Invasion of the Coochie snatchers starring Helen Mirren. Holy Candy

Mariah's fans tattoo M on their wrists? It's All Good...Gossip!

Megan Fox is not ugly. NewsToob

The Nip/Tuck guys make Popbytes swoon!

Ghost Whisperer makes me swoon. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Kirsten Bell and others at the Fredrick's of Hollywood show. Televisionista
Amy Winehouse performs in Amsterdam. The Star Blogger

Mariah Carey bans fans from touching her.

$300 for a photo? No hug? Bah. Someone has lost touch with reality.
Mariah Carey banned fans from hugging her at the New York launch of her new perfume M.
The pop diva's most devoted supporters paid $300 for "VIP access" which allowed them to pose for a personal photograph with Mariah - as long as they didn't get too close, at the fragrance launch in Macy's department store.
One source said, "Mimi wouldn't let her male admirers put their arms around her waist during picture time - and absolutely no hugs. One young guy tried to get to close and was quickly shown to the exit."
The crowds gathered outside the store to catch a glimpse of Mariah - who arrived in a Rolls Royce - were so huge that a heavy police presence was drafted in to hold them back.
Around 200 fans were allowed into the store to pay $130 for a bottle of marshmallow scented M in the "Hero" singer's presence, while 75 forked out the extra money for VIP access.
Mariah was seen politely speaking to two female fans who were proudly showing off elaborate M tattoos on their wrists, which they had had done in tribute to Mariah.

Lauren Conrad is a bitch when the cameras aren't rolling.

Why am I not surprised?
According on insiders, it’s not just the storylines of MTV ‘reality’ TV show The Hills that are staged – it seems that Lauren Conrad’s good-girl image is too.
Lauren debuted her self-named clothing line in New York recently and sources say that she turned into a right little diva as soon as the cameras stop rolling.
"Lauren was in the booth and rolling her eyes the entire time she was there when the cameras weren't on," a spy at the Coterie trade show tells Gatecrasher. "She was obnoxious to buyers as they were shopping in her booth and refused to say hello. But when the cameras turned on, Lauren immediately perked up and pretended to be interested."

"Lost" Star Daniel Dae Kim arrested for DUI.

Is there an open bar on set or what?
Star Pulse:
Lost star Daniel Dae Kim has been arrested for driving under the influence in Hawaii. The actor, who plays Jin-Soo Kwon in the hit series, was stopped by police at around 3 a.m. on Thursday in Honolulu where the show is filmed, according to local newspaper the Honolulu Advertiser.
Kim was booked at the Honolulu Police station and was released at 5:05 a.m. after posting bail, although full details of the arrest have not been released.
It marks the latest in a string of DUI-related arrests to plague the "Lost" cast in Hawaii - castmates Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez were arrested for DUI in December 2005. Both actresses, whose characters have since been killed off the show, pleaded guilty

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Links that take it on the run.

REO Speedwagon are cool. I don't care what you say! REO Speedwagon

Supernatural hotness. 7 Confessions (Never say I don't cater to the ladies!)

USA Today likes Blackout. Britney Spears Blackout

Angelina Jolie magazine cover gallery. Celeb Pictures

Will Smith's new movie preview. Celebrity Puke

Ellen & Portia breaking up? Celebrity Smack

Halle Berry is getting big..... Celebslam

Is Jordan selling vibrators? Holy Candy

Dan In Real Life premiere. It's All Good...Gossip!

Leo DiCaprio dropped her? He is an official moron. NewsToob

Should Ronald McDonald retire? Popbytes

A young lady has Red Sox logos on her breasts. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

"24" season 7 preview. (It looks awesome!) Televisionista

Scarlett Johansson gave Ryan Reynolds her wisdom tooth for his birthday.

Nobody has ever given me a tooth. I'm glad........
Scarlett Johansson gave boyfriend Ryan Reynolds her wisdom tooth for his birthday.
The "Smokin Aces" star turned 31 on Tuesday but Scarlett held an early celebration for him at Los Angeles' Chateau Marmont hotel last week where she presented him with her tooth, which had been dipped in gold and made into a necklace.
A source told E!, "She'd just had her wisdom teeth removed, so she had one dipped in gold and strung on a necklace for him."
Scarlett - who recently flew to Canada with Ryan to meet his parents sparking rumors they are engaged - also organized another special treat for his birthday. The 22-year-old "Lost In Translation" star paid for Ryan to have a full body massage with all of David Beckham's bodyguards present.
The soccer ace is said to have his muscles kneaded to perfection while his security team watches to ensure no body part is missed.
Scarlett's representative said, "Scarlett was out of town for Ryan's birthday but she gave him a gift this weekend in private. There was no one else there."

Rupert Evans to play Superman in Justice League movie?

They still haven't asked me.....
Dark Horizons:
"About three weeks ago some casting sessions took place in London's SoHo area for a movie called Justice League. I didn't know what it was until I saw the character list later. I would have figured it out earlier but with a movie like that one they don't let them actually read from the proper script until they're officially cast.Anyway after going through a whole bunch of British actors, I heard today that one of them has been cast as Superman. Anyway, the guy everyone is talking about is called Rupert Evans."The 30-year-old baby-faced British thesp is best remembered as rookie agent John Myers in Guillermo Del Toro's adaptation of the comic "Hellboy" in 2004. His other credits include "Guantanamero", TV movies "North & South" and "Fingersmith," and guest spots on sitcom "My Family" and sci-fi series "Lexx".

Natalie Portman says she'll never be nude for a film again.

Who wants to see her nude anyway?.....O.k. I do............
Natalie Portman has said she will never get naked again on the big screen after regretting a nude scene in her new short film Hotel Chevalier.
Directed by Wes Anderson as a prelude to The Darjeeling Limited, her saucy on screen antics were posted on the internet earlier this years, many months before the movie hit festivals in September.
The actress said she felt awkward about doing it, and has vowed to not participate in any flesh baring scenes again.
WENN reports Portman as seeing: "I'm really sorry I didn't listen to my intuition. From now on, I'm going to trust my gut more. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is say no."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Links that are caught up in you.

38 Special is alive and well! 38 Special
Fashion face off: Jessica Alba vs. Hillary Duff. 7 Confessions
EW loves Blackout. Britney Spears Blackout
Kirsten Dunst photo shoot. Celeb Pictures
Mira Sorvino and family shop for pumpkins. Celebrity Puke
Lindsay Lohan to host New Years Eve bash. Celebrity Smack
Danielle Llyod promotes skis in a bikini. Celebslam
Britney Spears to sing with Oscar the grouch. Holy Candy
Christina Aguilera's baby shower. It's All Good...Gossip!
Xtina Noel is a fine looking woman! Newstoob
Angelina Jolie & her "lies". Popbytes
Peter Petrelli is such a female. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Jennifer Garner gets ready for Broadway! Televisionista
Reese & Jake go public. The Star Blogger

Heidi Klum tells Oprah she fell in love with Seal's package at first sight.

Why the heck do stars say things like this to Oprah or Barbara Walters? Bizarre. But thank God they do!!!
If Seal and Heidi Klum's children ever ask about how their parents fell in love, the couple may have to make something up. "I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow," Klum tells Oprah Winfrey on her show's Superstar Couples episode set to air Thursday. Wow, as in Seal was wearing bicycle shorts."And I pretty much saw everything," says Klum. "The whole package." From that moment on, the passion never died. The couple, in a rare joint television interview, say on The Oprah Winfrey Show airing Thursday that they've worked to keep those early feelings alive. "The most common hiccup," says Seal, is when the first child comes along. "And it turns into all about the kids, which is understandable because they're miraculous. But then you've got to put each other first. You know, she will always be number one for me." "Is it true?" asks Winfrey. "I have the most romantic husband," says Klum. "I do."

Art imitates life for Larry David.

Larry David underwent a divorce from his wife recently in his real life. Only the comic genius of David would have his character on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" have his wife leave him mere months later. The episode was an instant classic. Tivo, no fly underwear, Larry's large testicles and.....a date with Lucy Lawless! Pure TV gold! HBO

It's not easy being Leann Rimes.

She caught a cold shooting a video? The pain! The horror!
People: It's not easy being sexy, but someone's gotta do it. And it was country singer LeAnn Rimes's job to sacrifice her own health to get a music video shot with Jon Bon Jovi. "We stayed up to 6 a.m. I was in a nightie in the middle of the street. It was freezing," she tells PEOPLE at Redbook Heroes: The Strength & Spirit Awards in New York Monday night. "I got a little bit of a cold from it."

Ex-Britney Spears employees organize to urge fans to boycott her CD.

They have my full support. Have I ever bought a Britney CD? No. And I will continue my lifelong boycott. Power to the people!
A group of displeased former employees of Britney Spears have joined forces and urged fans to boycott her latest album “until she’s better.”A bodyguard, a dancer and a make-up artist, who once worked for the 25-year-old, have created the Be Proactive To Help website, which tells fans to embargo her upcoming Blackout album - until she recovers from her downward spiral.The website reads: “This is just an idea, a suggestion, that may be exactly what Britney needs. As we can all see things aren’t going great for her and there have been many attempts by many people to help in any way they see necessary. It’s not working.
”Let’s show Britney how much we love her and support her by NOT BUYING HER ALBUM…for now."A spokesman for the site also echoed these sentiments in a statement released to the press: "Our message is simple - don't buy her stuff until she's better."The site also offers ideas about how fans can get their message to Spears by imploring her record label bosses and writing to her management.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marisa Tomei proud of doggie style bedroom scene.

Got your attention huh? Me too. And then I read that the scene is with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I may have nightmares picturing this. Anyone seen my nightlight?....
Star Pulse:
Oscar winner Marisa Tomei is begging her parents to stay away from her new movie Before The Devil Knows You're Dead - because it features a doggie-style sex scene with co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman.
The actress insists the scene was very carefully and sensitively shot by director Sidney Lumet, but it's still likely to shock her family.
She says, "I'm grown up now, so I guess it'll really hit home. I spoke to mom about it the other day and I said, 'I don't know if you really want to come to this or if you want to see it.' I'd rather you didn't. She said, 'We heard already, we know about it.'"
Tomei admits she was initially worried about performing a graphic sex scene - but Lumet was a "class act."
She adds, "Having the Sidney factor balances it out; he's a mensch. I felt even more comfortable than I did just acting fully clothed. I seem to tap into these kinds of women, the ones you call 'slut'."

Gioia and Paula Abdul to meet in Hollywood?

Meow! A little bird tells me that Gioia's people are reaching out to Paula Abdul's people to arrange a meeting between the two. Gioia has been campaigning hard for a seat on American Idol and it seems that she wants to make nice with Paula and tell her face to face the truth behind the rumors. My birdy tells me that Paula hasn't been happy with all the Gioia/Idol talk & has placed "orders" to kill the story. Hmmmmmm. Let's see what happens when the two possibly meet in Hollywood next month. The two have a history together as they were both represented by the same publicist when the pair were both at Arista records. Is there room for Gioia on American Idol? Stay tuned!..............

Gioia's website

Paula Abdul's website

Links that enjoy systematic chaos.

John Petrucci continues to amaze on the guitar! John Petrucci
Rihanna's dog is what breed? 7 Confessions
Blackout spoilers! Britney Spears Blackout
Kelly Carlson at Nip Tuck premiere. Celeb Pictures
Nicollette Sheridan spent how much on a purse? Celebrity Puke
Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Lee on the Interview cover. Celebrity Smack
Petra Nemcova got a job. Celebslam
Jennifer Lopez fights limo bill. Holy Candy
Joshua Jackson is joining Grey's Anatomy. It's All Good...Gossip!
Shana Marie is so hot she melted my screen! NewsToob owes me a monitor!!
Mariah Carey gets waxed. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Sarah Jessica Parker & the ladies backstage pictures! Televisionista
Hayden Panettiere avoids a crotch shot! The Star Blogger

Barak Obama gossips with Kate Walsh about her new show.

Barak watches TV dramas? Cool, but I'm still voting for Hilary....
Barack Obama may be out campaigning for president, but he’s not completely out of the pop culture loop.
When he spotted Kate Walsh at his October 20 fundraiser in Hancock Park, California, he couldn’t help but make his way over to the actress, 40, to dish about her new ABC megahit Private Practice.
“So great to see you!” Obama, 46, gushed. “How's the new show?”
“It's going really well,” replied Walsh, who was there with her husband of nearly two months, film producer Alex Young.
So what’s his prognosis on the show? “I'm always out campaigning — I haven't been able to watch it so I can't give you a review,” he admitted, “but I’m sure it’s great.”
Obama will have plenty of opportunities to check out the series: It was recently renewed for a second season.

Alicia Keys opens up about lesbian rumors.

She played a lesbian in "Smokin' Aces". That probably didn't help matters....
RnB superstar Alicia Keys can understand why she was labelled a lesbian at the beginning of her career - because she was "rough around the ages".
The singer's sexuality has the subject of much speculation ever since the release of her 2001 debut album Songs In A Minor. Although Keys rubbishes the gay rumours, she admits her appearance and attitude may have led people to draw their own conclusions.
She says, "I was definitely rough around the edges. I look back at certain interviews and I'm like, 'Damn! Did I have to look that hard? Did I have to do my hair that way?'
"I could see why people couldn't see the diamond in the rough. I didn't take it to heart. I know what I am. I know it's not true."

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gioia and Pam Anderson talk to each other about screwing Chris Amerouso in the back of a car!

Expose singer Gioia recently ran into Pam Anderson-Saloman at the Valet Station at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas. Gioia and Pam said "hi" to one another and reacquainted themselves. Gioia and Pam have a lover in common - celebrity photographer Chris Amerouso. Gioia told Pam "By the way Pam, did you know that we both have Chris Amerouso in common?" Pam responded "Huh?" "Yeah, we both screwed him in the back of a car!" Gioia shot back and laughed. Pam was shocked and could only say, "Oh really?" Pam said her goodbye to Gioia and quickly jumped into her awaiting car!

In related Gioia news, EW ran a story this weekend about Gioia's quest to become an American Idol judge. I have some interesting news to share about Gioia's quest that I'll share tommorow. Stay Tuned!..............

Gioia's official website

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