Saturday, October 20, 2007

Anthony Hopkins has advice for Paris, Lindsay and Britney.

There is no truth to the rumor that Britney Spears will play Hannibal Lecter's daughter in the next Hannibal movie....
Hollywood elder statesman Sir Anthony Hopkins has blamed the antics of stars like Paris Hiltom, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan on getting too much too young.
Hopkins, who is himself a recovered alcoholic, says the young stars' much publicised bad behaviour is due to Tinseltown success making them "go a little nuts".
He explains, "When you get too much money, you take yourself too seriously.
"When you get too much publicity, you end up in jail or driving cars drunk as a mother.
"I think it's to do with money and power, prestige and fame, and I think people go a little nuts. It sad, but I'm not making a judgment. Actors do take themselves seriously."

CSI fans start save Jorja writing campaign.

Worst career move ever....
Star Pulse:
Fans of TV drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation have started a grassroots online campaign to persuade departing castmember Jorja Fox to stay.
Fox announced she was leaving the show in an interview with TV Guide magazine last month, sending shockwaves through the program's avid global fan base.
Her character, Sara Sidle, is a fan favorite and website has been asking fans to send in letters voicing disapproval over Fox's departure.
The unnamed fan behind the site then promised to forward on the letters to producers.
He has already live up to his word - producers claim they've received over 3,000 unhappy letters from Sidle fans.
Fox has been a regular on the show since 2000. She is quitting in November after failing to agree terms on a new deal.

Classic Rock interviews ASIA's John Wetton.

John talks about ASIA's history, reformation, his battle with the bottle, and his recent heart surgery. A truly honest and interesting interview with a living legend! Classic Rock

Friday, October 19, 2007

Links that know no evil.

The Flower Kings have a new CD and tour! Mr. Mister/King Crimson legend Pat Mastelotto joins them on the tour on the drums!
Britney Spears TV promo. BritneySpears Blackout

Daisy Fuentes looking fine in black. Celeb Pictures
Tara Reid is hairy. Celebrity Smack

Lunch with Lauren Holly. Celebslam
Jennifer Connelly must have eye problems. Holy Candy

Josh Hartnett has Star Trek sideburns. It's All Good...Gossip!

Gemma Atkinson lingerie pictures will make your day! NewsToob

Kate Moss looks.....well like Kate Moss Seriously? OMG! WTF!

"24" sneak peek at season 7 to premiere soon. Televisionista

Uma Thurman see through gown! The Star Blogger

Brokeback Mountain 2 in the works?

Not gonna happen. I call this story bs.....
Have you ever wondered what happened to Brokeback Mountain's closeted Ennis Del Mar after the heartbreaking loss of his lover Jack Twist? Wonder no more: A sequel is in the works!Although we won't be seeing hi spal Jake Gyllenhaal, 26, Heath Ledger, 28, is currently in negotiations to reprise his role as Ennis. "It will follow the nasty process of being openly gay in 1963 Wyoming, an insider tells OK!. "Ennis will finally come out of the closet."We hope the Ennis realizes he's in the wrong profession: He could be the cowboy from the Village People. He's got the outfit already, hasn't he?

Paris Hilton wants to be frozen and live for thousands of years.

Somebody call Mr.Freeze.......
A Socialite's Life: Paris Hilton says that cryogenics could "extend her life by thousands and thousands of years". She's planning on getting frozen with her dogs and has invested large sums of money in the Cryogenics Institute. Can she go now? Seriously, get in the freezer, sweetie.

Nikki Sixx is on his knees begging for Kate Moss.

Perfect couple. End of story....
Star Pulse:
Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has a new crush and the object of his affections is British supermodel Kate Moss. The 48-year-old rocker has given up dating Playboy Playmates after he married and divorced two of them in the last ten years and now insists that Moss would be a much better match.
He says, "No more playmates. I'm on my knees begging for Kate Moss. Why'd you think I'm in London? I'm stalking her."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Links that listen to songs from the highway.

Neal Morse has found God, but hasn't lost his edge. Neal Morse
Eva Longoria's new ads. 7 Confessions
Britney Spears visits Larry Rudolph. Britney Spears Blackout
Jessica Alba is double her thumb. Celebrity Puke
Mel B gets offended by judge. Celebrity Smack
Caroline Francischini gallery. Celebslam
Claire Danes has issues. Holy Candy
Oprah loves bees. It's All Good...Gossip!

Eva Mendes in Maxim. NewsToob
Debra Messing has a new gig. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Dirty Sexy Money star's eating & cutting disorder. Televisionista
Lindsay Lohan ruined my life! The Star Blogger

Lindsay Lohan hires ex-Israeli Army tough guy to guard her.

Wouldn't it be great if we all just ignored her......
Star Pulse:
Lindsay Lohan is getting serious about her security - she's hired an ex-Israeli Army specialist as her new henchman. The star now has a mean guy fronting her security detail, so she can keep paparazzi at bay while she's out shopping or partying.
And, in typical Israeli Army fashion, her new minder has no name and rarely cracks a smile.
One snapper, who has already come face to face with the bruiser, says, "This guy means business. He's deadly serious about his job. He approached me recently while I was waiting for Lindsay outside a dance studio and left me with no doubt that if I didn't move on, there would be trouble. He's the real deal."
Lohan isn't the only celebrity turning to the special forces to protect them - one Hollywood security firm has hired a band of ex-Israeli Army tough guys and rent them out to stars for specialist events.

America Ferrera's fear of stalkers made her seek a new apartment.

There are worse reasons to move....
America Ferrera has been driven out of her home because she is scared of stalkers. The 23-year-old actress - who plays clumsy PA Betty Suarez in hit U.S. TV show 'Ugly Betty' - was advised by the program's bosses to move into a more secure apartment after they realized how easy it would be for obsessed fans to get into her property.
America said: "There was a big security issue. I was living in an apartment in Hollywood where the windows faced the street. I always left them open because there was an air conditioning unit hooked up to the outside."
"My bosses told me that was probably not such a good idea. Anyone could look straight into the apartment, so I decided it was time to move. I do try to keep as low key as I can, and be safe as I go about my daily routine. But luckily it takes a lot to shake me up."
America - who last month won the Best Actress in a Comedy Emmy for her performance in the show - also said some fans find it hard to distinguish between her character Betty and the real her.
She said: "The line gets blurred. You just have to deal with that every now and then and be safe and be careful."

Was Katie Holmes Father brainwashed by scientology?

His change of heart seems quick....
Katie Holmes has patched things up with her father after their relationship turned sour as a result of her conversion to controversial religion Scientology.
The devout Catholic Marty was also upset that his daughter had gotten pregnant while she was still unmarried.
However, Katie invited her papa Marty, Mama Kathleen and brother Martin to Germany earlier this month to visit her and her husband Tom Cruise as he filmed Valkyrie.
A family friend tells British magazine Star: "Marty came back raving about how Katie was so happy. He was delighted to connect with his family. He's never been more enthusiastic about spending time with Tom and Katie."
We reckon seeing how cute TomKat’s daughter Suri is made Marty forgive his daughter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Links that know that Video Killed The Radio Star.

From his days with the buggles to Yes to ASIA, Geoff Downes is a keyboard legend!
Britney Spears x-rated jacket. Britney Spears Blackout
Lindsay Lohan is back in Hollywood. Celebrity Puke
The evolution of Carrot top. Celebrity Smack
Lunch with Scarlett Johansson. Celebslam
Superman is so busted. Holy Candy
Ellen's dog issues. It's All Good...Gossip!
I think I love Jackie Degg. NewsToob
Veronica Mars turns into a Hero on Monday. Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Prison Break news. Televisionista
Pete vs. Kate. The Star Blogger

Star magaine reports on Gioia joining Paul Abdul and American Idol.

Star Magazine is reporting on a Story that Geno's World first broke weeks ago. Gioia from Expose is campaigning hard for a seat on American Idol!
Geno's World archive:
October 4, 2007:
Exclusive: Expose in talk with American Idol Executives
October 4, 2007:
Exclusive: Gioia meets with Clive Davis and Denise Rich to get support for Idol seat.
October 5, 2007:
Exclusive: Interview with Expose's Gioia. She dishes on American Idol, Simon Cowel, Paula Abdul and performing for Perez Hilton!
October 7, 2007:
Gioia spotted with Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest at Miami hotspot!

2 scantily clad women refuse to pay for parking after spending the night at Derek Jeter's Penthouse.

He should have a ticket system worked out with the front desk. Any lady that presents a "Jeter ticket" gets her parking for free. Everyone would be happy.....
IF Bronx Bomber Derek Jeter wants to keep his sex life a secret, he should learn to tie up any post-tryst loose ends.
Our spy in the lobby of the Shore Club in Miami early Sunday morning spotted "two scantily clad women screaming at the front desk because they had spent the night at Jeter's penthouse and were then charged for parking."
"The girls were wearing what looked like the same clothes they wore the night before - a tight cocktail dress and a mini-skirt. They were making a huge scene because they were asked to pay for parking.
"Obviously, they'd spent the night there," giggled the onlooker, who noted that one of the overnight guests was screaming into the phone, "After last night, he'd better [bleep]ing take care of it!"
After a bit of insistence, "they eventually left happy. I assume he paid for their parking after all," said our snitch.
Tongues in Miami are wagging over Jeter's stint in Miami, where he was spotted Friday night dining at Nobu, then partying it up with Timbaland at Skybar. "They took over the table in the back and drank Grey Goose all night," said a fellow reveler. "Five girls were dancing around him, but he didn't seem interested."
Jeter was spotted acting equally detached later that night at Set, where he was "surrounded by throngs of women five rows deep. He was hanging with a guy friend, though, and didn't seem to take much interest in the hordes of ladies."
Evidently, the Yankee captain likes to keep his conquests behind closed doors, because there were no Jeter sightings Saturday night.
"I heard he was staying in the penthouse at the Shore Club," said one Miami source. "He checked in solo Friday, but nobody saw him Saturday night . . . and everyone down here talks when big names come to town. Maybe he was holed up in his suite all night?"
Jeter is notorious for his off-field plays - he's been linked to the likes of Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster, Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johansson, Vanessa Minnillo and Gabrielle Union. Shore Club reps had "no comment," and a Yankee rep did not return calls.

Peter Gabriel named BMI Icon.

Any award Peter Gabriel receives is well deserved. From his early days with Genesis to his 80s pop success to his stunning music today, Gabriel is a true icon.
Star Pulse:
Peter Gabriel, K.T. Tunstall, James Blunt and Natasha Bedingfield were among the stars honored by the Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) in London on Tuesday. Gabriel was named the BMI Icon for his "influence on generations of music makers," at the ceremony, which recognizes artists whose songs break airplay records in the U.S.
Tunstall was awarded two BMI gongs for her hits Black Horse And The Cherry Tree and Suddenly I See. Natasha Bedingfield also picked up two gongs for Single and Unwritten - which was named Song Of The Year.
Blunt was awarded the Internet Award for track You're Beautiful, as it was the most downloaded tune of the previous year.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Links that never say "And your little dog too!"

Toto still rules! Toto
Britney Spears Japan import. Britney Spears Blackout
Steve-O nude for Peta. Celebrity Smack
Sammy Hagar is 60??? Holy Candy
Jake Gooberballs. It's All Good...Gossip!

Holly Vallance....just because. NewsToob
New Duran Duran video! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Brad Pitt was a stripper. Sexy Sandy Says
Paris Hilton gets holy. The Star Blogger

Lennon speaks to his son, the Beatles and Oasis from the grave.

If only he would speak to President Bush...
John Lennon has visited his son Julian Lennon from beyond the grave. Julian was left shocked by the haunting moment which occurred more than 25 years after the Beatles legend's death while he was shooting a new film in Australia recently.
Julian, who agreed to take part in an ancient ceremony with an Aboriginal tribe, was left speechless when he was handed a white feather by a tribe elder, a symbol of great significance to him.
A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: It may sound strange but that was a very weird and emotional moment for Julian. He was left speechless. Not long before he died, John had told him, 'If anything ever happens to me, look for a white feather and you will know I am there for you, always looking out for you.'"
Julian, 44, was in Australia to produce the film 'Whaledreamers' to raise awareness about the plight of whales and the Earth's oceans. He isn't the only person to have been visited by John since his death.
Fellow Beatle Sir Paul McCartney believes John appeared to the band in the form of a white peacock during the recording of the 1995 Beatles single 'Free as a Bird'.
As Paul, Ringo Starr and the now deceased George Harrison posed for a photograph outside the recording studio, the bird wandered into the shot.
Paul said: "That was John. Spooky, eh? It was like John was hanging around."
"We felt that all through the recording. We put one of those spoof backwards recordings on the end of the single for a laugh, to give all those Beatles nuts something to do."
"Then we were listening to the finished single in the studio one night, and it gets to the end, and it goes, 'zzzwrk nggggwaaahhh jooohn lennnnnon qwwwrk.' I swear to God. We were like, 'It's John. He likes it!"
Oasis singer Liam Gallagher also claims he was left in awe when John's spirit visited him in the middle of the night. The rocker - a self-confessed Beatles fanatic - said: "I was in Manchester at a friend's house having a sleep. I remember getting up and feeling really weird. I turned round and there I was, lying on the bed, and I sort of fell back into my body. There was a presence there and it was him, John Lennon."
John was shot dead aged 40 in 1980 by deranged fan Mark Chapman as he entered the Dakota building in New York.

Halle Berry likes it spicy!

Hot. Hot. Hot!
Pickles and ice cream? Not for Halle Berry.
The actress, 41, who is expecting her first child with model Gabriel Aubry, tells her pregnancy cravings include “everything hot! Spicy things . . . peppers. Hot food!”
Still, “I am working out, trying to eat healthy!” she said Monday night at the L.A. premiere of her new drama Things We Lost In The Fire. “I want to keep it together as long as I can!”
How supportive is her beau Aubry, 32?
“He's the best,” she gushed. “I couldn't ask for anything more. Very supportive.”

Tara Reid says she's not stupid like Lindsay or Paris.

I think all three are brilliant. Really.......really....
Tara Reid may be known for her love of partying but the former actress says she will never get into trouble with the law - because she isn't "stupid" like fellow party girls Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.
The American Pie star, 31, insists she is a reformed character and is no longer prepared to risk her career, insisting her work comes before her social life.
She says: "I think the reason I never ended up in as much trouble as Paris or Lindsay seem to is that I'm not stupid, so I'd never do a lot of the things those girls do, and I've always had good friends around me.
"They need to straighten up a little bit and make better investments. And they should surround themselves with better people who don't let them get themselves in trouble.
"You'll never read a story about me going out and partying when I'm supposed to be working. Nor would I show up on a set drunk or miss a day's work - never."

Monday, October 15, 2007

Justice League casting session continues.

Reading this stuff & getting excited about it solidifies my geek status........
The Hollywood Reporter:
This weekend, Young Hollywood stepped into the superhero hall of justice to see who will get the parts in the big-budgeted Warner Bros. tentpole movie "Justice League of America."Director George Miller flew in Saturday from his native Australia for a marathon casting session that started Sunday and continues Monday, seeing 35-40 actors test for roles in the comic book movie.

Links that can't get enough.

Whether singing with Free, Bad Company, The Firm or Queen, Paul Rodgers is THE voice!!

Rhianna's new Tatto is ummmmm....dumb? 7 Confessions

Britney Spears turns to Michael Jackson for parenting advice????? Britney Spears Blackout

Puking with the Kardadhians. Celebrity Puke

New S$x & The City photos! Celebrity Smack

Justin Timberlake shotguns a beer behind Dawson???? Celebslam

Castro is alive. Gay Socialites.

Bianca Gascoigne in lingerie. Celeb Pictures

Julia Roberts gets an award as Tom Hanks watches. Holy Candy

Anthony Kiedis explains his son's name. It's All Good....Gossip!

Kendra Wilkinsin pics & video. NewsToob

Cher without makeup. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Lindsay Lohan is broke. Sexy Sandy Says

Lilo Blows. The Star Blogger

I'd join this mafia.

Televisionista has a great group of pictures from Lucy Liu's upcoming ABC show "Cashmere Mafia".

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