Saturday, October 13, 2007

"O.C." and "Dirty Sexy Money" star enters outpatient facility.

I hope things work out for her. She's fantastic on "Dirty Sexy Money" as a Paris Hilton type character. Life imitates art again.....
Dirty Sexy Money star Samaire Armstrong has entered an "outpatient facility" due to "personal issues" but will continue to work on the show, her rep tells PEOPLE. "Samaire Armstrong decided to enter an outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues in a therapeutic atmosphere and is doing very well," the rep said in a statement Friday. "She continues to work on her show and will be completing her treatment in a matter of weeks. The nature of the personal issues wasn't revealed. Armstrong, 26, also appeared on The O.C. and Entourage.

Halle Berry talks about racism in Hollywood

A Halle Berry article that doesn't mention her pregnancy. Amazing!

Halle Berry has claimed Hollywood still has a problem with her colour, despite her glittering career.
The star became the first Afro-American woman to win an Oscar in 2002, when Tinseltown decided to have its ‘black year’ with the Whoopi Goldgerg presented awards also giving out Best Actor to Denzel Washington.
However, Berry says race continues to be an enduring problem in the industry, claiming she has to work extra-hard to secure a leading role.
She says, “It doesn't matter that I have an Oscar, an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Silver Bear.
"I shouldn't have had to try so hard to be considered. I should have to stop convincing studios I am right for it - it should be on my acting merit."

Inmate takes restraining order out on Britney Spears.

Star Pulse
A U.S. prison inmate is seeking a restraining order against pop star Britney Spears - after alleging the star held him at gunpoint forcing to him to commit an array of crimes.
Jonathan Lee Riches appeared in a 2006 TV documentary aired on CNN called How To Rob A Bank, and claims - in a handwritten lawsuit - Spears can be seen in the footage forcing him at gunpoint to commit identity theft.
He also alleges Spears forced him to pay for abortions, breast implants, cocaine and alcohol - and insists other footage shows the singer threatening to detonate chemicals worn around Riches' neck, reports
The inmate also believes the star is planning to visit him in prison to force him to rob other prisoners in order to pay for another abortion.
Riches is currently serving time for fraud at Federal Correctional Institution in Salters, South Carolina. He has previously filed lawsuits against various celebrities including President George W. Bush, Martha Stewart, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Links that look at scenes from a memory.

Mike Portnoy and Bill Bruford have played drums with 1,009 bands!!
Kylie Minogue's new video. 7 Confessions
Britney Spears remix. Britney Spears Blackout
Petra Nemcova picture gallery. Celeb Pictures
Orlando Bloom got into a car accident. Celebrity Puke
This week's gossip rag covers. Celebrity Smack
Ann Coulter is a stupid bitch.Gay Socialites
Maxim's list of women you don't want to boink. Holy Candy
Celebrity Anniversaries! It's All Good...Gossip!
Keeley Hazel's 2008 calendar. (I want this Santa!) NewsToob

Ghost Whisperer pays tribute to soldiers in Iraq. Seriously? OMG! WTF!

Paris Hilton wants to visit Kiefer Sutherland in jail? Sexy Sandy Says

Jesse Metcalf back on Desperate Housewives. Televisionista

Paris Hilton shops for Halloween. The Star Blogger

Eva Mendes gardens in the nude.

Ummm. I don't think it would be a good idea for her to reveal this. The neighbors might break out their binoculars.....
Eva Mendes loves gardening in the nude. The Cuban beauty is so comfortable in her own skin she even weeds her flowerbeds and prunes her bushes completely naked.
Eva said: "I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening!"
"We're Cuban, and it's a hot island. Why not go nude?"
The 'Hitch' star was not so comfortable stripping off in front of the cameras for her new movie with Joaquin Phoenix 'We Own the Night', which opens with Eva's raunchiest ever sex scene.
The 33-year-old Hollywood sex symbol was so nervous, she had to get drunk to shoot the scene.
She said: "It's not a natural thing on camera, so it's always going to be a little awkward."
"It was tough. That morning I was so nervous that the director was like, 'Why don't you put a little vodka in your orange juice?' So I did. It took the edge off."
"It's weird to see myself in bed with Joaquin up on the big screen. I told my mom she has to come 15 minutes late. She wouldn't live through that first scene - she'd have a heart attack. The poor lady would keel over in the movie theater."

Rachel Ray is called evil for endorsing Dunkin Donuts.

Somebody stop Rachel Ray! The horror! The evil! The donuts!
Page 6:
RACHAEL Ray is getting a royal dunkin' from Anthony Bourdain for her big-bucks endorsement deal with Dunkin' Donuts. The prickly chef and "Kitchen Confidential" author says of the Food Network cutie in next month's Outside magazine: "She's got a magazine, a TV empire, all these best-selling books - I'm guessing she's not hurting for money. She's hugely influential, particularly with children. And she's endorsing Dunkin' Donuts. It's like endorsing crack for kids." Bourdain adds: "I'm not a very ethical guy. I don't have a lot of principles. But somehow that seems to me over the line. Juvenile diabetes has exploded. Half of Americans don't have necks. And she's up there saying, 'Eat some [bleeping] Dunkin' Donuts. You look great in that swimsuit - eat another doughnut!' That's evil." Ray's rep shot back: "Anyone who knows Rachael and watches her on TV is aware she promotes balance and moderation, instead of living life in extremes. Her work addressing kids' and families' nutritional needs speaks for itself so we respectfully disagree with Anthony's opinion."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"My Girl" is engaged.

Oh God. I really am old.....
Anna Chlumsky is going from My Girl to soldier's bride. The 26-year-old actress, best known as Macaulay Culkin's gal pal Vada in the 1991 film My Girl, is engaged to Shaun So, 26, an Army reserve member who served in Afghanistan, she tells PEOPLE. The couple, who live in Brooklyn, N.Y., are currently planning a wedding to take place next March. "Shaun's family is Chinese, and my family is Catholic. So we're going to do a fusion of the two cultural traditions," Chlumsky said Thursday night at the Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards.

Sharon Osbourne blows kisses to the Hoff.

It's like Sharon has experience with helping someone with addictions....
Digital Spy:
Sharon Osbourne has shown her support for her America's Got Talent co-star David Hasselhoff, after he was hospitalised following an alcohol relapse on Tuesday.The former Baywatch star, who has had a well-documented problem with alcoholism, checked himself into a Los Angeles facility when he suffered from alcohol poisoning and realised he still had a problem.Osbourne offered a message of support to Hasselhoff, saying: "David, I am very proud of you for taking the first step and to have you as my friend."


My friends at Notorious News sent me this photo. I am speechless.

Links that spend time on sentimental street.

Night Ranger is alive and well! Night Ranger
Britney Spears shopping video. Britney Spears Blackout
Hayden Panettiere appreciates art. Celeb Pictures
Disneyland dress codes? Celebrity Puke
Michelle Rodriguez is going to jail. Celebrity Smack
Proof that "The Hills" is fake. Celebslam
I think Bruce Willis looks cool regardless of the hair. Holy Candy
Eva Mendes, her tongue and those other guys in the movie.... It's All Good....Gossip!
Tara Reid in FHM. NewsToob
Is Britney Spears' hair falling out? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Jessica Biel is not pregnant with Justin Timberlake's baby. Sexy Sandy Says
Lindsay Lohan out on the town. The Star Blogger

Kimberley Stewart's nose job gets noticed.

Cityrag has the before and after photos.

John Edwards is confronted by affair allegations.

I like Johnny. I hope there's no truth to this.....
National Enquirer
Presidential candidate John Edwards is caught in a shocking mistress scandal that could wreck his campaign, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.Sources have come forward to charge that the "other woman" previously worked on Edwards' campaign and followed the 54-year-old candidate on trips across the U.S. A source close to the woman, whose name is being withheld by The NATIONAL ENQUIRER, says that she confessed to having an affair in phone calls and emails, saying that her work with Edwards soon exploded into romance. The shocking allegation — if proven true — could devastate the Democratic hopeful's campaign, especially because John's devoted wife Elizabeth is locked in a desperate battle with breast cancer. "The affair started about 18 months ago," a friend says the woman confessed to her. "When they met at a bar, sparks flew immediately. "She never expected it would turn sexual since John is married and is running for President. But it soon did — and she fell for him."

Joaquin Phoenix hangs up on writer after being a rude pr**k.

Does he think he's his "Gladiator" character? I believe so....
Page 6:
JOAQUIN Phoenix, notoriously cranky in interviews, set a new standard for surliness with Time Out New York's Laura Leu the other day. When Leu asked by phone how he prepared for his role as a drug-addled nightclub manager in "We Own the Night," Phoenix responded, "I never prepare. I think that's completely overrated. It's a very simple job. All you have to do is . . . stand in the right spot and say the line. So I don't really believe in preparation." When Leu pressed, "But you prepared for 'Ladder 49' by training with a fire academy," testy Phoenix replied, "I just said that because I thought it would sound good to the press. I don't know why it seems to be of note that actors do any kind of preparation. It's just what you're supposed to do in your [bleep]ing job. Do you think that because you did some research you deserve some special credit?" Then he hung up on her. Leu's editor, Alison Rosen, told Page Six, "Laura was really excited to interview him, but when he hung up on her out of the blue, she was disappointed. She was supposed to speak with him for half an hour, but was only given 10 minutes."

Lance talks about Justin and Britney in his new book.

I fell asleep just reading the short excerpt. Bad sign.......
In his new autobiography, Out of Sync, Lance Bass opens up about Justin and Britney's love affair. See an exclusive excerpt from the book below:
Justin Timberlake was still dating Britney Spears, his former ­“sister” Mouseketeer [in 2001]. At the time, she struck me as just this adorable little teenage girl at a perennial slumber party — staying up late and having lots of fun. She showed no signs of the turmoil she would eventually encounter, maybe because she was so in love with Justin she thought it was going to last forever.
I knew it wouldn’t. Justin already had a great love in his life — his career. He wanted to be a star, and no girl, no matter how great, was going to be able to distract him from that for more than a night or two between trips to the center of the spotlight.
But as I said, she seemed like the perfect girlfriend, especially when she wore her pajamas and hung out with the boys.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Links that get by with a little help from their friends.

Joe Cocker is so cool he has his own drink. Joe Cocker
Britney Spears X-rated "Gimmie More" video. Britney Spears Blackout
Hilary Duff in Denim cut-offs. Celeb Pictures
Superheroes on Hollywood Blvd. Celebrity Puke
Esquire names Charlize Theron sexiest woman alive. Celebrity Smack
Giada De Laurentiis does stuff. Celebslam
K-Fed's response to SNL parody. Dotspotter
What is Sarah Jessica Parker wearing? Holy Candy
Janet Jackson at her new movie premiere. It's All Good...Gossip!
Gemma Atkinson's breasts dominate her 2008 calendar. NewsToob
The first look at Season 5 of the L Word! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Secrets behind Perez Hilton's Shiner. Sexy Sandy Says
Dirty Sexy Money opened Monday Night Football. Televisionista
"Bros before Hoes" in the Democratic party? The Spewker

John Travolta wants to be the Spice Girls' pilot.

Travolta is a big Spice girls fan? That fits.....
John Travolta wants to fly the Spice Girls around the globe for their forthcoming world tour. The 'Pulp Fiction' star, who is a qualified pilot, is keen to jet the reunited girl group from venue to venue on their lavish private plane, nicknamed 'Spice Force One'.
John said: "It sounds like an amazing plane. I have been flying since 1974 so maybe I could help out. I was always desperate to be a pilot, every cent I had went on flying lessons."
The actor also reportedly wants to host the girls' wrap party at his Florida estate - which boasts its own runway - when the tour finishes in January.

Maura Tierney buys uniforms for "ER" crew's softball team.

She's cute, famous and generous? Marry me.
National Enquirer: "There are no actors on the team this year, but that didn't stop Maura from donating money to outfit the crew guys in grey uniforms with black lettering." a show insider told The Enquirer. "Maura's got no ego. She's a regular woman who treats everybody like they're somebody."

Letterman doesn't ask Jennifer Lopez about pregnancy. Do we care anymore?

Enough already. When and if Jlo announces her pregnancy, all bloggers and media should ignore it. After a while, I just don't care anymore. US magazine cares and is convinced, even though JLo continues her silence.
On the same day that Jennifer Lopez avoided discussing her rumoured pregnancy on Good Morning America, the Glad singer has again shunned the topic of her clearly apparent baby bump on Tuesday’s taping of the Late Show with David Letterman.
Indeed, Us has confirmed from multiple sources that Lopez is about four months pregnant with her first child. Or children -- a source tells Us Lopez's mother, Guadalupe, 61, "is proudly telling people she's having twins."

Kim Raver has a baby boy.

They named him Leo? Not Zucchini or Carrots or Space Junk? Wow. A normal name for a celeb baby. Good for them!
24 actress Kim Raver gave birth to her second child, a boy named Leo Kipling Boyer, in New York City on Tuesday, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. "Kim and baby Leo are happy and healthy," says publicist Jennifer Shoucair. "The Boyer family is thrilled with their new addition." Raver, 40, and her husband of six years, French filmmaker Manu Boyer, also have a 5-year-old son, Luke West, who has "anxiously been awaiting the arrival of his new sibling," says the rep. The family recently moved back to New York, where the actress (who was pregnant for part of the filming) will costar in the new NBC show Lipstick Jungle, set to debut next year. On the show, based on the book by Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell, Raver will play a fashion editor in Manhattan.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ben Affleck pimps out Jennifer Garner to meet Manny Ramirez.

I love all three of them.....especially Jen......oh yes. And know that I know that she's Manny's favorite, I like Manny even more. Go Sox!!!
Jen's Free Throws:
On the Tonight Show last night, Ben Affleck talked about Manny Ramirez having a thing for his wife, Jennifer Garner. He said that Manny stated in Sports Illustrated last year that she is his favorite actress. So what did huge-boston-fan Ben do? He used his wife to meet Ramirez, dragging her to a game and having her walk up to Manny.
Affleck said : “Manny started to blush when he saw her walking up. He kind of had his head down, looking at his feet. He was totally star struck by her. I was totally star struck by him. He had like no idea who I was.”

Davi Hasselhoff hospitalized due to severe drinking relapse.

I guess money, looks & fame aren't everything......
National Enquirer:
David Hasselhoff has fallen off the wagon again, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is reporting exclusively. The 55-year-old actor has suffered a severe drinking relapse and was readmitted to a Los Angeles hospital to detox on Oct. 8, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports in its new issue. "David does so well staying sober and then something kicks in and he's back drinking," a close source told the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Weak and trembling, David was readmitted to Cedar Sinai Medical Center, where doctors began the detox process."He looked awful when they brought him in," said the source. "His color was ashen. He felt sick. It was just so sad."

TV Spoilers!!!!

Kristen at E has a great post with tons of spoilers for your favorite TV shows. If you want to be surprised, don't read 'em!

Links that go their separate ways.

Journey's Neal Schon can rock a stadium or a ballpark! Neal Schon
Victoria Beckham's bizarre photo shoot. 7 Confessions
Nicky Hilton, her purse and Paris Hilton's sour puss. Celebrity Puke
Hillary Duff in her Cyndi Lauper outfit. Celebrity Smack
Jessica Simpson and her calves. Celebslam
Hayden Panettiere and Milo go to a hockey game. Dotspotter
Diddy gets sued. Gay Socialites
Lindsay Lohan's OK Interview. Holy Candy
Jennifer Lopez still Mum on Motherhood. It's All Good...Gossip!
Elizabeth Hurley speaks out on breast cancer. NewsToob
Smallville hottie in Stuff. Seriously? OMG! WTF
Jessica Simpson loves New York. Sexy Sandy Says
"Chuck" and "Journeyman" are plunging in the ratings. Televisionista
The Star Blogger introduces Britney Spears Blackout!

The fifty best breasts in movie history.

Filmthreat has a great post regarding the 50 best breasts in movie history. The site is doing this to promote breast cancer awareness.
Visit the American Cancer Society for more info.

Are you ready for "Goonies 2"?

The original was a classic. Why screw it up? Why?
Back in August, the “Goonies” rumor mill went into overdrive when Corey Feldman revealed to MTV News that talks had resumed for a possible animated sequel to the classic 80s flick. Now his co-star Sean Astin has weighed in, exclaiming that as far as he’s concerned, “Goonies 2” is an “absolute certainty.”

Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard's PDA make fellow gym patrons squirm.

If Kate Hudson wanted to make out with me in public, I would not put up a fight.
Kate Hudson has shocked her fellow gym-goers by enjoying steamy kissing sessions with her boyfriend Dax Shepard in between workouts.
The Almost Famous star – who is in training for her new movie The Bachelor No. 2 - managed to include the comedian in her exercise routine at The Sports Club in Boston, Massachusetts.
An eyewitness tells Irish newspaper the Sunday World, "In between sets they would make out."She was on one side of the bench and he was on the other and every time she'd finish a set they'd have these long, long make-out sessions.
"If anyone else was doing it I think someone would have asked them to stop."
Kate has been dating Shepherd since she split from her You, Me & Dupree co-star Owen Wilson earlier this year.
Pictures of the couple kissing are rumoured to have been behind Wilson's attempted suicide attempt in August.
The actress is currently divorcing her husband rocker Chris Robinson.

CEO who called Lindsay Lohan discourteous and unprofessional says he'd hire her again.

If it would get him press for a borderline movie, he'd be a smart man to hire her......
Page 6:
THE death knell for Lindsay Lohan's career was sounded too early - Morgan's Creek CEO James Robinson says he'd hire her again in a second. During the making of "Georgia Rule" last year, Robinson blasted Lohan in a widely publicized letter calling her "discourteous, irresponsible and unprofessional" and saying she acted "like a spoiled child." But now he tells Page Six, "I would absolutely work with her again. I'd treat her like one of my own kids. She has all this fame and no one in her family to reel her in, no one to guide her, and one thing led to another. She is very, very talented and was never a diva on the set." Lohan is back in L.A. after being released from rehab.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Ashley Tisdale talks about doing it again and again at different angles in front of lots of people.

Kissing of course. What were you thinking, you pervert?
"The director [Stephen Herek] is so much fun to work with, he's done so many movies with Angelina Jolie, Kiefer Sutherland, Keanu Reeves," Tisdale says. "[But] I do a couple kiss scenes. I was really uncomfortable, not used to it. ... I was like, 'This is so weird.' " The problem is, she says, "You have so many people watching you. I had done it on my TV shows, but usually it's so different from a movie. You have to do it over and over and over, and every different angle."

Links that have a magic power.

Rik Emmett continues to amaze with his guitar skills! Rik Emmett
2 Spears are better than 1! 7 Confessions
Heidi Klum, Seal, Courtney Cox and....pumpkins! Celebrity Puke
Paris Hilton and Nicky celebrate Nicky's 25th birthday. Celebrity Smack
Yu Hasebe is adorable...and hot! Celebslam
Cook! Read! Watch! Dotspotter
Celebs who are famous for no reason. Holy Candy
Celebrity Anniversaries! It's All Good...Gossip!
Hilary Duff mega gallery! NewsToob
Family Guy reaches 100! Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Crazy Lady throws coffee at Britney Spears' car. YAY! The Star Blogger

Jessica Alba gets nervous around men? Please!

I call bs.
'I get all squirmy and giggly,' she tells the Daily Record. 'I never know what to say. My mouth gets all dry and my heart beats fast.'

Prince Harry inhales vodka and risks brain damage.

Isn't he getting a bit old to be doing this stuff? News of the world has the full story and shocking pictures!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gioia spotted with Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest at Miami hotspot!

Is this sighting a preview of what "American Idol" viewers will see this January? Gioia seems determined to land a spot on Idol. Her people seem to have her in the right place at the right time! A patron of Quattro in Miami on Wednesday night spotted Exposé diva Gioia Bruno on the scene. Steve Thiessen spied on fellow patrons Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest as they enjoyed themselves. He believes he witnessed Gioia Bruno hobnobbing with with the two American Idol stars. "Gioia looked like she was having a great time," said Thiessen. "She appeared to be laughing and enjoying Randy and Ryan's Company as if they were old friends!"Paula continues to be missing, but Gioia is popping up everywhere. To be continued...

American Idol's website

Gioia's official website

There will never be a President George Clooney.

I can also safely say that I will not run for the oval office.
Star Pulse:
Hollywood superstar George Clooney has ruled out a career in politics, just days after pal Brad Pitt tipped him to become the President Of The United States.
The Michael Clayton actor admits he wouldn't like the networking involved in politics.
Clooney tells American magazine Time, "No. As an advocate, I can take a side and stand by it and not have to worry about ticking off some constituents who helped get me elected. I don't want all those kinds of strings attached."

Michelle Rodriguez wasn't proud of "Lost".

I came across this Michelle Rodriguez interview from a week or two ago. Highlights include:
"Girlfight is the only project I'm proud of to date."
"I am in love with arugula parmesean salads."
"I'm deep into house music."
"My favorite [scientist] at the moment is [Stephen] Hawking."
You can view the interview at theStreamtv

Kid Rock slams Sean Penn over the war

Maybe it was Tim Robbins......
WE'D love to see a debate on the war in Iraq between Kid Rock and Sean Penn. Rock didn't name Penn in his interview with Penthouse magazine, but he seemed to be aiming at the actor when he said, "These kids [U.S. soldiers] are very young and a lot of them think people who oppose the war are against them. You have to be very careful with what you talk about - especially when you are some Hollywood [bleep]er. Just because you made a great movie doesn't make you are an expert on foreign policy." Rock spent Christmas with the troops and met then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, whom he defends. "I was at the White House drinking a Beam and Coke, shooting the [bleep] with Rumsfeld, when [President] Bush came by and gave me five like we were on Seven Mile and Van Dyke in Detroit," he told Penthouse. And Rock is a big proponent of firearms: "If it weren't for guns and people who know how to use them in America, we'd all be sitting around with swastikas saying, 'Heil Hitler!' "

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