Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jodie Foster opens up about her family. A little bit....

"The Brave One" opens in two weeks starring Jodie Foster. The buzz on the movie is big & will throw Jodie back into the spotlight. She doesn't let the spotlight shine too brightly on her kids, but she does reveal some tidbits....
Jodie Foster has said that even though her sons are only six and nine years old, she’s anticipating them growing up and leaving home.
She told More magazine recently: “When my kids were tiny, I was caught up in the identity of being a mom. You’re still changing diapers, and it feels like it’s going to last forever.”
She added that nine year old son Charlie is already beginning to drift away (”he’d much rather be with friends”) but there are advantages to him getting older too: “I like having these conversations with him where I talk about my passions and he talks about his.”
Jodie is keen to keep her own - and the boys - lives private and has yet to reveal the identity of the boys’ father or fathers: “My life is my life. I’m not going to change my life for anybody. I don’t have any problems with it. I just don’t talk about my health, my dad, who I voted for or what I think of the death penalty, because that would be trivializing my life, selling it for a magazine.”

Hayden Panettiere buys her identity back from con.

He's lucky she didn't sick the dog on him. It looks vicious....
Star Pulse:
"Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere was forced to "buy back" her identity after a fraudster posted fake information about her online. An internet prankster posed as Panettiere for several months and mislead fans by 'revealing' juicy titbits about the blonde beauty.
She says, "(One report said I was learning karate and kickboxing). No! That's bulls**t. That comes from a while ago - when I was younger, somebody stole my identity. They pretended to be me for a few months and made up a load of stuff before we realised."
The situation was soon resolved as the actress bought back her identity for a "fair amount."

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson vacation on the islands.

I truly believe Hayden is using Jedi mind control on poor Rachel! Can somebody save her??????
Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson have gone on a romantic getaway. The 'Star Wars' actor and 'The O.C.' star - who began dating in July after meeting on the set of new sci-fi movie 'Jumper' - took a business class flight from Miami to the idyllic Caribbean Turks and Caicos islands.
A fellow passenger told the New York Daily News newspaper: "They were very much together. On arrival they went through customs and were whisked off by a private driver."

Britney Spears asks "Who's Keira Knightley?"

Was Britney actually showing some wit? Or is she just a bit daft? Ya, I think she's daft........
Britney Spears has lashed out at Keira Knightley after hearing that the British actress voiced her disapproval over starlets who flaunt their lady bits at photogs on nights out.As Entertainmentwise reported yesterday, Keira revealed her distain for Britney et al’s undercarriage-flashing antics. “They’re real people proving they’re sluttier than everybody else because they don’t even wear knickers,” Keira told Empire.When told of the disapproving remarks, Britney went for the dismissive approach and responded with “Who’s Keira Knightley?”When it was explained that Keira is a world-famous actress, the popwreck - displaying a breathtaking of lack of self-awareness - replied: “I guess she must need the publicity.”

Friday, August 31, 2007

Britney Spears will pretend to sing tonight in Vegas.

Britney Spears is performing in Las Vegas tonight. Basically that means that she's going to lip sync and gyrate for a few minutes....24/sizzler

David Schwimmer hates English food. England responds by calling him Ross.

British citizens should get together and make sure that every time Schimmer is in England to shout "Hi Ross!" every time they see him. He loves that......
Star Pulse:
"You guys deep-fry everything. Even healthy British food like Shepherd's Pie makes you put on 20 pounds after every meal."

Ali Larter mistaken for Sienna Miller.

Ali is classier & better looking that Sienna. How could they have made such a mistake???
Daily Mail:
I step out of a hotel into a cab to take me to The Tonight Show. A load of paparazzi start chasing the cab. I'm thinking, "Oh my God, I can't believe this is happening to me." Finally I arrive at my destination and get out of the cab. These cars screech to a halt and the photographers get out. They look me up and down and one says, "Hey, you're not Sienna Miller!" Then they get back in their cars and drive off.

Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal!

If these photos exist, I predict it will take only about 48 hours or so until they surface on the Internet....maybe 24........Are they out yet????
National Ledger:
Vanessa Hudgens nude photos taken for her boyfriend Zac Efron have been leaked the National Enquirer is reporting. The magazine reports that pictures that star Vanessa Hudgens took were intended only for costar slash boyfriend Zac Efron – but have recently surfaced, and their discovery could bring down the wholesome Disney blockbuster that's captivated millions of teen fans.
"Vanessa took some suggestive shots of herself in the buff as a surprise for Zac," a source told the Enquirer. Now the scandal is threatening to destroy the "High School Musical" phenomenon sweeping America, Enquirer reports.
The Enquirer reports that it has learned that a third party has obtained the sexy pictures that were meant just for Vanessa and Zac. "Vanessa's only 18, so she had no idea how her flirtatious act could threaten the future of the multimillion-dollar plans Disney has for the show," said the source. "She just wanted to keep Zac interested."But the brunette beauty's naughty photos could throw Disney's massive marketing and production plans into complete turmoil."It's a kids' show, aimed a children, teenagers and their parents and starring a bunch of cute, wholesome youngsters," said a show insider. "Naked pictures of one of the stars would be catastrophic. "It could bring the whole 'High School Musical' franchise to its knees."

Amy Winehouse is trying to get pregnant.

What does a picture of a cat in a sneaker have to do with this story? I thought it's a better image that Amy trying to get pregnant.... "Shudder".....
So, what do the red-tops do when there isn't actually any new Amy Winehouse news? Yes, you get "a pal" of hers to give you some juicy gossip.Impressive stuff, considering Amy isn't actually on holiday with any pals at all - just hubby Blake. Still, that hasn't stopped her "friend" revealing that Amy and Blake have been rutting like rabbits in an attempt to get her pregnant."She really believes having a baby would help them put their troubles behind them," the "buddy" explained.Meanwhile, the rag quoted Girls Aloud's GMTV interview yesterday, in which footballer's wife Cheryl Cole offered her heartfelt support to Amy, saying, "It's an amazing album from a very talented singer."That should bring a smile to Amy's face, unless she's too busy making sex gurns.

Links that are working for the weekend.

Loverboy is still touring! Loverboy
Heather Mills is racking up the parking tickets. Celebrity Cowboy
Britney Spears leaves a Hair Salon in Beverly Hills. Celebrity Puke
If celebrities endorsed candy. Celebrity Smack
Danielle Lloyd does Maxim. Celebslam
Ashton Kutcher wears manpris??? dlisted
Celeb du Jour: Keira Knightly. Dotspotter
Anna Kournikova is one hot potato. Hollywood Tuna
Larry said/O.K.! said. Holy Candy
Britney Spears' new single. JJ's blog
Nicole Richie at Jamba Juice. Just Jared
Barnes & Noble says yes to O.J.. NewsToob
Jessica Alba and Cash Warren make out. Pop On The Pop
"Heroes" stars wearing....what???? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Cameron Diaz celebrates her birthday on set. Splash
Rihanna looks HOT for her new video. The Bastardly
Paris Hilton to Brandon "Eat my dust!" The Star Blogger
Desperate Housewives are flawless. Yeeeah!

A drunk Sienna Miller walked into walls last night.

Sienna Miller was a mess last night. She was a sloppy drunk and later irritated her neighbors with loud music. INFdaily has the pics and the story.

Bid on Britney Spears "Meltdown gown"!!

This is a great idea. And it's for a tremendous cause. If you've got the cash, go for it!
On July 19, 2007, Britney Spears shocked the OK! staff and the world with what can only be characterized as a complete and utter meltdown. What was meant to a beautiful shoot of the star turned into a frustrating day for all. In the aftermath, our staff discovered over $21,000 in missing and damaged clothing and accessories, including this gorgeous Versace gown from the Spring 2007 Collection. After reimbursing retailers for the damaged goods, we'd love to turn this once-negative into a positive by donating the proceeds of this auction to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.). We reacted to Britney's heartbreaking cry for help by chronicling the day in print for her and the world to see it was time for change. And now, we're asking that you bid heavily towards M.A.D.D. -- an organization who's call for change is something that we all admire.
eBay link

Victoria Beckham will suck the life out of "Ugly Betty".

"Ugly Betty" is a great show. The last thing it needs is Victoria Beckham ruining it....
Although her July NBC reality special Victoria Beckham: Coming to America failed to set the Nielsen ratings afire – commanding less than 5 million viewers – Mrs. David Beckham will join proven winner Ugly Betty this season in a role she was born to play: herself.

Ryan Reynolds says he has no parenting skills.

The ladies who love a challenge will love him even more.....
Canadian actor RYAN REYNOLDS has no plans to adopt an African orphan because he's certain he'd be such a terrible father the child would want to return home. The Smokin' Aces star recently travelled to Malawi to help build an orphanage, but insists he isn't a suitable candidate for adopting. He says, "Everyone asks when you come back, 'Were you tempted to get a kid?' "A) It's not that easy, B) If I did get a kid, I'm the last person who should have one. I'd be the only person in the history of orphanages in which the kid actually asked to go back to the third world country."

Lucy Pinder is outraged at sex comments on fake site.

I'm outraged! I'm angry! I'm......What was I saying....After looking at pictures of Lucy, I lose my train of thought.....
Daily Star:
MODEL Lucy Pinder has hit out at internet fraudsters who set up a site in her name glorifying drug use during sex.
The webpage on MySpace features a sexually explicit song about using cocaine.The site, which claims to be the 23-year-old’s official page, features a host of inaccurate information, listing her interests as “sex and shopping” and saying she is bisexual.The fraudsters even say she has joined MySpace to meet “hot, sexy people from around the world”. Shocked Lucy, from Winchester, Hants, is scared the page could “tarnish” her reputation. Last night she said that not only was she against any form of drug abuse, but she would never support any material that glamorised it.Lucy said: “I’m disgusted by the suggestion that I support the use of illegal drugs. I’m totally opposed to drug abuse.“The site has been set up without my permission. I didn’t know it existed.“It’s not the first time a site has been set up in my name, and I find it very odd that someone would try to deliberately tarnish my reputation.”Lucy’s manager has previously had to contact other websites, including MySpace, about removing pages that had been set up without her knowledge

Wentworth Miller German GQ photos.

Is he gay? Is he a diva on set? The tabloids and gossip sites have been all over Wentworth Miller. One things for sure, the guy has got a legion of adoring fans. His fans can enjoy his German GQ photos at Televisionista

The Big Brother cryfest ends as Amber is voted out.

I'm breathing a little easier this morning. Amber was voted out of the Big Brother house last night. No more tears!!!! Hallelujah!!! CBS

Will Smith laughs off gay rumors.

A good sense of humor is priceless.....
Star Pulse:
Actress Tisha Campbell has dismissed reports her husband Duane Martin is enjoying homosexual romps with Will Smith. Campbell was left amused by new internet speculation that actor and sports agent Martin, who she wed in 1996, has a secret gay life with Smith.
The 38-year-old insists there are "no problems" in her marriage and that the reports are "completely made up."
And Campbell, Martin, Smith and his actress wife Jada Pinkett Smith recently got together to share their amusement with the far-fetched story.
Campbell says, "They laughed. Will was like, 'Yo, how great is this?'"

Angelina Jolie's pregnancy turned Brad Pitt on.

If this is true, I wonder how he feels now that Angie looks like a undernourished skeleton......
Brad Pitt was really turned on by Angelina Jolie when she was pregnant.
The 'Tomb Raider' star - who gave birth to the couple's daughter Shiloh in Namibia last May - has revealed the pregnancy did wonders for her love life.
Angelina told Marie Claire magazine: "I loved being pregnant and fortunately I was with a man who found it sexy, too."
"In the weeks before the birth we'd have dinner in the dunes by candlelight. We would have tents out there and we had the ocean."

Mel B. is called a Media Whore.

Is this a step up from being called a straight up whore????
They’ve only been reunited a matter of weeks but rumours of Spice Girls in-fighting persist with news that Mel B has angered the other girls with her limelight-grabbing ways.
Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Mel C are said to be tired of Mel hogging all the publicity in recent months.
Mel garnered media attention with her high profile paternity battle with actor Eddie Murphy and received more publicity following her ‘secret’ marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte.
A source said: "Victoria isn't happy Mel has taken all of the attention away from their reunion tour. Victoria is trying to keep the peace and is encouraging the other girls to keep a low profile and prepare for their shows."
We’re assuming this week’s announcement that Mel will be joining other wannabes on US TV show Dancing with Stars didn’t go down too well either.

Charlize Theron is a "Deal or no Deal" fanatic.

I guess the way to her heart is to shave your head and offer her money in suitcases......
Charlize Theron is addicted – to Howie Mandel's game show Deal or No Deal, according to the actress's director, Paul Haggis. While shooting their new film, In the Valley of Elah, on location in Albuquerque, N.M., "I went to Charlize's trailer to talk to her about a scene, and I heard these really strange sounds inside," Haggis told PEOPLE Wednesday at a screening of Elah in New York's Sag Harbor. "I heard Howie Mandel's voice. Inside the trailer, she was watching the video-[game] version of Deal or No Deal."

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mary Kate Olsen pregnancy rumors.

Yet another way to stand out from your twin sister....Celebrity Cowboy

Owen Wilson's Sydney ex is stunned.

A convenient way for her to get into the news.....
Daily Telegraph:
THE Sydney based ex-girlfriend of recovering Hollywood star Owen Wilson has revealed her despair over the comedian's suicide attempt this week.Prominent fashion designer Stephanie Conley dated the Wedding Crashers star in 2005, with the pair remaining "very close'' friends after their break-up. So like much of the rest of the world, Conley was stunned and saddened to learn that the much-loved actor she once called her partner had been rushed to hospital after attempting to take his own life. "He's a very close friend and I am terribly upset about the situation,'' Conley told Confidential yesterday. "I was totally shocked to hear about it - I'm still struggling to understand what went wrong.''

"Dan" is hopeful about a "Deadwood" return.

Encouraging news for all my fellow "Deadwood" fans out there! The series needs a proper sendoff. The quality of the show isn't matched by many programs....
Remote Access:
W. Earl Brown, who plays Dan Dority on HBO’s “Deadwood,” sent me two MySpace messages Thursday to address recent exchanges with series creator David Milch.
“There is still a slight chance the show could come back,” Brown wrote. “I called Milch’s office regarding a separate matter (Thursday) afternoon. David got on the phone… his tone of voice about ‘the future’ was a bit brighter than it was when I saw him face to face. The word ‘Deadwood’ was never spoken, but it floated above every other syllable spoken. The next couple of weeks should let us know for sure.”

American Idol's Jessica Sierra to star in VH1's rehab show.

I love reality TV. But this thing kinda gives me the creeps....
At a court hearing Wednesday morning, Sierra's attorney said she was seeking help at a California establishment but declined to say where. About 5 p.m., VH-1 spokesman Scott Acord said the singer will be one of the stars of a new reality TV show called 'Celebrity Rehab.'
Although VH-1 has not disclosed all of the stars, Internet bloggers have mentioned names such as former female pro-wrestler Chyna, embattled movie star Tom Sizemore and TV nerd Andy Dick.
No broadcast date was given.

David Letterman to appear on Oprah for the first time.

I love Dave. Oprah? Not so much. Watching her show brings me down. After I realized that I had my head in the oven after each Oprah show, I stopped watching...until now. Dave will get me to tune in....
Hollywood Reporter:
CHICAGO -- Feud? What feud?Talk-show host David Letterman will make his first appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" next month, another sign the talk-show powerhouses have buried the hatchet after a rift that lasted more than a decade.Winfrey's production company says Letterman will appear on the show airing September 10.Letterman frequently joked about Winfrey through the years. And in 2003, Winfrey said she wouldn't go on his show because she was uncomfortable as the target of his jokes. Their reconciliation began in 2005 when Winfrey was a guest on Letterman's CBS' Late Show. They also appeared in a Super Bowl ad in February.

Halle Berry pregnancy is confirmed!

JJ's Blog has the scoop!

Rihanna says she is NOT dating Shia.

Our friends at The Star Blogger have the details!

Eve whines about alcohol monitoring device.

Hey kids don't drink and drive. Why? You might hurt someone? You might hurt someone else? You might get arrested? Well ya, but according to Eve the alcohol monitoring device she has to wear is really annoying. Awwwwwww. I feel horrible for her.....
"It's the most annoying thing," she told PEOPLE Tuesday night at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas. "When they told me I was getting it on, I thought it was going to be like a beeper, but it's like a pair of Bose headphones." The 29-year-old rapper was ordered to wear the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) after striking a plea agreement for her DUI arrest in April. Eve will be allowed to remove the device on Sept. 8.

Dancing With The Stars contestant Albert Reed to make hearts flutter.

Ladies (and some Gents), get ready for another reason to watch "Dancing With The Stars" this season. Albert Reed is featured in a comprehensive group of pics at our friends Televisionista

Links that enjoy silent lucidity.

Queensryche covers U2, Peter Gabriel on their upcoming CD. Queensryche
Denise Richards has a girl's day out. Celebrity Puke
Mariah Carey's Interview pics. Celebrity Smack
People really want to see Lindsay Lohan naked. Celebslam
Keira Knightly is a bugina. dlisted
Hot Spot: Angie, Fergie, Love, Wino & Crack. Dotspotter
The Hills girls in bikinis. Egotastic
Gwen Stefani is fat. Hollywood Tuna
Jennifer Garner WITHOUT a stroller. Holy Candy
Wentworth Miller at the airport. Just Jared
Jessica Alba in VIP magazine. NewsToob
Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr????? Seriously? OMG! WTF!
Ashton Kutcher winks at admirer. Splash
Hayden Panettiere in France. The Superficial

Catfight!!!! Jessica Simpson is jealous of Cameron Diaz.

Jello fight? Cage fight?
Jessica Simpson’s new color is green.
A source close to the singer tells Us Simpson is “really jealous” that ex John Mayer is seeing Cameron Diaz. “She had her mouth open a mile wide when she found out,” says the source. “She just freaked.”
Simpson, 27, parted ways with Mayer, 29, in May after dating him on and off for seven months, and “she thinks about him all the time,” says the source. “She is so not over him.”
Meanwhile, Simpson seems to be a distant memory for Mayer, who has continued his summer romance with Diaz, 35, in NYC. Though they spent August 22 and 23 apart (he hit the gym and recorded at a studio; she shopped and then lunched at Mary’s Fish Camp), they finally squeezed in quality time in the wee hours of August 24 at hot spot Socialista. The pair — who left at 4 a.m. through different exits — “were very cozy,” says a witness.
Echoes a source close to the new couple, “They’re happy.”
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Jordan says she doesn't get airbrushed.

O.k., right......
While airbrushing is de rigeur for the vast majority of celebrity photoshoots these days, Jordan insists that it’s not used on her pictures. The glamour model, real name Katie Price, said recently: “I look like myself in photos. I don’t need anything like that to look good.”

Audrina Patridge defends her relationship with caveman.

Joe Jackson sang it best. "Is she really going out with him?".....
Doubters be damned! The Hills’ Audrina Patridge tells Us she couldn’t care less if people are skeptical of the relationship she’s revived with her ex Justin “Bobby” Brescia.
“Of course we have our feuds and everything, but it’s fun having him part of the show,” says the Epic Records staffer, 22. “He is so cute!”

Geena Davis sues over "stolen idea".

I invented the Internet. Maybe I should sue Al Gore.....
Access Hollywood:
Geena Davis sued the owners of a Minnesota-based advocacy group for allegedly taking her idea for a charitable foundation and promoting it as their own. The actress filed her lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Joseph Kelly and Nancy Gruver of the Dads & Daughters nonprofit organization, seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

Chynna Phillips plays elaborate stalker prank on husband William Baldwin.

At first glance this seems bizarre. But I think it's actually a sign of a healthy (albeit offbeat) relationship....
Star Pulse:
Actor William Baldwin was left terrified when a woman began stalking him for three weeks last year, only to discover the obsessed fan was invented by his practical joker wife. The Backdraft star fell for his spouse Chynna's elaborate prank, despite the fact she continually carries out such jokes.
And Baldwin only discovered the stalker, 'Melissa Farrell', was made-up when his brother Stephen revealed all at a family Thanksgiving party.
He says, "I had a celebrity stalker for three weeks. Everybody was in on it - my doorman; my neighbours; my family; my manager; my agent. I ran a political non-profit organisation, the manager of that too. I'd come home, and my wife would go, 'Honey, she called again.' So I'd go to the answering machine and she would say, 'Billy, I saw you on Columbus Avenue today. This is Melissa Farrell talking and who the hell do you think you are? You looked at me and when our eyes met, you looked the other way. All I'm asking for is a little friendship and let me tell you something mister, I'll have it.' My wife would take the cordless (phone) and record the message, and then go back in the room and play it and if it didn't sound right she'd delete it and do take two until she perfected it. Then the head of my non-profit called and said, 'Some woman named Melissa Farrell called and she was flipping out... she was ranting and raving and screaming.'"

Zac Efron's future career is examined and examined and examined....

Every interview I read or watch of Zac Efron, the guy gets asked the same question. "How will you graduate to adult roles?"....Ehhhh...Leave the kid alone. He's a mega star right now & has the world at his feet. With some good career choices, he'll be fine.....
IS he the next John Travolta or Johnny Depp, or just another teenage fad, as ephemeral as Hula-Hoops, "Scream," "Dawson's Creek" and Leif Garrett? That's the billion-dollar question hanging over 19-year-old Zac Efron, the pimple-free star of Disney's "High School Musical" juggernaut.

Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan takes drugs in rehab.

This isn't funny anymore.....
Female First:
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been caught taking drugs in rehab.
The 'Mean Girls' star was allegedly forced to undergo a drugs test by staff at Utah's Cirque Lodge facility, and the results came back positive.
Lindsay, 21, has now been warned if she does not stay clean she will be thrown out of the centre.
A source is quoted as saying: "Lindsay got called into the director's office on August 15 and was questioned about drugs. When ordered to take a drug test, she reluctantly complied but screamed and cursed at the medical director before storming out the room. She was told that if she couldn't conform to the programme she'd have to leave."

Anna Nicole Smith movie photos.

JJ's Blog has a great set of exclusive behind the scenes photos of the upcoming Anna Nicole Smith movie. Check 'em out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jessica Alba's Korean cosmetics ad storyline revealed.

When will this hit Youtube?
Korean cosmetics brand Isa Knox has unveiled the story to its much-anticipated commercial starring Lee Hyo-lee and Jessica Alba....... Beneath the headline, "A woman's face is lies", a tearful Lee breaks up with a man while a smiling Alba does the same. Then, in the latter part of the ad, the situation is reversed and the copy tells us, "Now Lee Hyo-lee smiles" and "Jessica Alba weeps". The ad intends to suggest that women make no bones about telling a lie to finish with men. The company says the copy "A woman's face is lies" denotes that a woman's skin is lies, too.

Bobby Brown claims to have lived in his car while Whitney was in rehab.

God, I hope they get back together. They belong with each other....
"Extra” has the sensational secrets from Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s crumbling marriage in all-new divorce papers obtained by “Extra.”
The biggest shocker: Bobby claims he lived in his car while Whitney was in rehab!

You think your work day is hard?

Is the boss giving you a hard time today? Are you stressed out? How would you like to be my buddy Mr. G.? Mr. G recently worked at a paint ball tournament as a camera operator/human paintball target. As you can see by the pictures, he had to suit up after getting slammed by paint balls. Now Mr. G is a good dude, but getting hammered by paint balls got him slightly upset......No word on how 14 of the tournament attendees are doing in the hospital after Mr. G made them eat some paint......

Denise Richards releases statement #513

This is just sad stuff......
DENISE RICHARDS is speaking out to ET in reply to her ex-husband's recent statements about their current personal issues."I was disappointed to learn of my ex-husband CHARLIE SHEEN's current statement regarding our personal affairs. This was and should still be a private matter that we as responsible parents settled privately. I stand by that agreement and I will continue to do what is best for our children while attempting to keep this family situation a private matter."

Coutney Love was the voice of reason to Owen Wilson????

I never thought I'd see the day when Courtney Love is a stable friend with good advice.....
Owen started hanging out around the wrong people again," says a source.
To wit: At least two sources blame British actor Steve Coogan. The party boy rehab veteran was Owen's costar in Night at the Museum and Around the World in 80 Days.
"I went through it with Steve," rocker Courtney Love, who dated Coogan, 41, until an acrimonious split in 2006, tells Us.
"I was just out of rehab, and he was right there with the drugs," she says. "I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends ... I hope from the bottom of my heart that Owen stays the hell away from that guy."
Steve Coogan has hit out at ex-flame Courtney Love’s “unfounded” allegations that his lifestyle could have been partly responsible for actor Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt.The Alan Partridge star, 41, released a statement today calling the reports “unhelpful and hurtful”.

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